Marvel Vs. DC: Which Is Better?

  • Published on May 9, 2016
  • Marvel or DC? In this video I tackle the question of which is superior. WARNING: This video contains my opinion.

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  • Nelson Adventure96
    Nelson Adventure96 8 hours ago

    My opinion is the same. I don't hate DC. I just like Marvel more.

  • Abigail Vonbargen
    Abigail Vonbargen 8 hours ago +1

    Marvel everybody says that dc is better for games but have you seen the new spiderman game and other than dc's superman and Batman marvel is more I comic and I love Stan lee

  • Rukkey
    Rukkey 9 hours ago

    Oh and if anyone knows this name I’m DCNerdUltra

  • Rukkey
    Rukkey 9 hours ago

    Well wait *COUGH dc .. cough * oh sorry needed to cough I go for DC

  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 21 hour ago

    Dc used to have better shows but now marvels definitely caught up.

  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 21 hour ago

    Marvel has better movies. Dc has better video games.

  • Kodukula Anirudh
    Kodukula Anirudh 2 days ago +1

    DC anyday

  • Unique Little panda
    Unique Little panda 2 days ago

    But I’m on team Marvel because I love Spidey

  • Unique Little panda
    Unique Little panda 2 days ago

    I watch DC but I watch more Of Marvel

  • Lincoln Voice
    Lincoln Voice 2 days ago +1

    Marvel wins:
    Dc wins:

    So the winners are Marvels 100%

  • Elton Darcie
    Elton Darcie 2 days ago

    I like DC because of Superman

  • Paul Mcalonan
    Paul Mcalonan 4 days ago


    UGNĖ KORŠUNOVĖ 4 days ago

    Who think marvel better thn DC,like this comment

  • Jacob Avila
    Jacob Avila 4 days ago

    DC is better

  • ratul khan
    ratul khan 4 days ago

    Marvel for ever

  • ZombieSlaya007
    ZombieSlaya007 4 days ago

    So bias

  • Comic Animations
    Comic Animations 5 days ago

    DC rules!

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Movies: Marvel cause The DCEU is shit and The MCU rocks
    Small screen: DC cause Iron Fist and The defenders are just shit and The arrowverse is awesome
    Animation: DC but I really like Marcels Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble and Hulk agents of S.M.A.S.H. but DC has had SO many great animated movies and JLU is awesome
    Games: Both cause Marvel’s PS4 Spider-Man game is good and Marvel contest of champions too, but DCLegends is a really fun game and has great graphics

  • Zeedware
    Zeedware 5 days ago

    While I do agree that DC cartoons are much better than marvel. I disagree with the live-action series. Shows like Arrow and Flash are so shallows compared to Daredevil and Jessica Jones. DC rely on easter egg and cameo while marvel rely on overall plot.

  • hypocritical Kurbo
    hypocritical Kurbo 6 days ago

    I like marvel more
    But only like the DC comics

  • Linkesh Linkesh
    Linkesh Linkesh 6 days ago

    Always DC fan

  • Roar Im beast
    Roar Im beast 6 days ago

    Daredevil s2 and punisher s1 are btter than all the dc shows combined

  • Jerry The Can :D
    Jerry The Can :D 6 days ago


  • gamertjee Gametjee
    gamertjee Gametjee 6 days ago

    its true marvel is better

  • Minion Slayer
    Minion Slayer 7 days ago

    I'm here for doctor strange (don't hate this comment DC Fans)

  • Tammy Kat
    Tammy Kat 7 days ago

    Marvels best hero Spider-Man dc Batman ........

    Cage match?

  • cktod
    cktod 7 days ago

    Marvel is better

  • Kendrick Theng
    Kendrick Theng 7 days ago

    I like dc come on who doesn’t like powers

  • Super pixel warrior 99

    Marvel all the way, if you ever do a part 2, you should go with their video games

  • Suraiya Parveen
    Suraiya Parveen 7 days ago

    No heroes of dc are much better than marvel

  • The Darth Knight
    The Darth Knight 8 days ago

    i like marvel a bit more than dc, but batman will always be my favourite superhero

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 9 days ago

    Marvels walking around like they have an S on their chest.

  • Boi singhn
    Boi singhn 9 days ago

    the only good super heros from dc are batman flash and dr mahnhattan marvel rules in everything else

  • Angela Bennett
    Angela Bennett 9 days ago

    HERE we go......

  • sinthum studios
    sinthum studios 9 days ago

    Marvel for life

  • actor. com
    actor. com 10 days ago +1

    This is maybe a bit strange but I actually prefer dc's movies my top 15 superhero movies is like this
    3.v for vendetta
    4.batman begins
    6.the winter soldier
    7.watchmen of steel
    9.spiderman 2
    11.road to perdition panther
    13.wonder woman

  • Alexandra Sigurdson
    Alexandra Sigurdson 10 days ago +1

    Marvel my brothers
    But I mean Teen Titans was good
    Not the new one
    The new one is full of shit

  • Matthew Xavier
    Matthew Xavier 10 days ago

    Dc has better games gotta give that to them espiccaly batman games but spiderman games including the brand new ps4 spiderman game better than Batman Arkham knight but marvel has better movies

  • The One And Only Jake
    The One And Only Jake 10 days ago


  • Justin Sobrian
    Justin Sobrian 10 days ago

    I definitely prefer marvel they have better storylines especially with spider man and the spider verse

  • iiArcticWolf
    iiArcticWolf 11 days ago


  • DaFilipinoBoi
    DaFilipinoBoi 11 days ago

    favorite marvel tv show agents of shield
    favorite marvel movie infinity war

  • Awesomemohawk 45
    Awesomemohawk 45 11 days ago +1

    I find dc characters are stale (one or two acceptions) and I only like there games. But this is my opinion and I just love marvel so much.

  • MAHAN 195
    MAHAN 195 12 days ago

    easy: they're equal.

  • necra gaming
    necra gaming 12 days ago


  • Delsyn Robinson
    Delsyn Robinson 12 days ago

    The I like neither of them I just enjoy reading comics

  • Avelyn Engleman
    Avelyn Engleman 12 days ago


  • Albert Pette Pajunar
    Albert Pette Pajunar 12 days ago


  • C. M.
    C. M. 12 days ago

    I'm definitely the biggest Marvel fan in the world, but I also think that the DC Villans are better and really cool.

  • Finnian E
    Finnian E 13 days ago


  • TF2Fan101
    TF2Fan101 13 days ago

    Marvel is more or less killing it in the live action department.
    DC was doing relatively well with its live action stuff, but I've heard that Arrow and the Flash have had some negative reception in regards to their recent seasons, and Supergirl... Yeah, I don't have much positive to say about Supergirl after Season 2 happened.

  • Ethanol 3310
    Ethanol 3310 13 days ago

    These comments will be world war 3

  • Melinda Dollar
    Melinda Dollar 13 days ago


  • Melinda Dollar
    Melinda Dollar 13 days ago

    Marvel is better

  • RTballer231 Baller
    RTballer231 Baller 13 days ago

    If marvel and dc fought each other than dc would definitely win just think about it

  • Blank2 Bla
    Blank2 Bla 14 days ago

    tbh tho, DC live action has craaaaaaaap cgi that just ugh lmao. Especially today compared to 2016, we got Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, Defenders, SHIELD and Agent Carter.

  • Bleumask
    Bleumask 14 days ago

    DC is still the best in my heart

  • James Gbarwea
    James Gbarwea 15 days ago

    Fuck you your not a professional you don’t know what your talking about

  • LPS Cat Summer Side
    LPS Cat Summer Side 15 days ago

    Marvel. Duh. I’m a girl and I like marvel. YEAH I SAID IT

  • neon neon
    neon neon 15 days ago


  • neon neon
    neon neon 15 days ago

    I agree with you when you say Spider-Man is the most popular Marvel hero in the world

  • rajat vlog gears
    rajat vlog gears 16 days ago

    both are same bro its a myth that marvel is better than dc!

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva 16 days ago

    Yea marvel is beter it has better movies and tv shows like agents of sield

  • Young Swavvy
    Young Swavvy 16 days ago

    And thanos has the gauntlet ways good....JK😂😂

  • samuel nasiboye
    samuel nasiboye 16 days ago

    Supermans planet died, Bruce wayne is an orphan, the flashes mother died and his dad is in prison, Marshian man hunters family was burned to death.This is way more tragic than marvel characters origin.

  • Krishna Manoj
    Krishna Manoj 16 days ago

    marvel always

    IRON SPIDER MAN 17 days ago

    Marvel 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Lynxgirl
    Lynxgirl 17 days ago


  • Bitten Muffin
    Bitten Muffin 17 days ago

    marvel would win against dc

  • padala saivijay
    padala saivijay 18 days ago

    This whole video is of your own perspective. It doesn't make sense. The dumbest comparison ever seen in my life

    • Gabriel Barbadillo
      Gabriel Barbadillo 14 days ago

      padala saivijay I’m a DC fan but sadly marvel is stronger no matter what especially thru the comics like seriously they can make my favorite superhero Batman look like trash honestly he would get destroy even if iron man didn’t had his suit he would still beat up batman and than rape his bat ass with some lube in it 😥😥😥nooooo why is marvel so much stronger I’m really mad they are .especially cz I’m a DC fanboy

    • seto kaiba
      seto kaiba 16 days ago

      It being his opinion doesn't make it a bad comparison dumbass

  • Sam Closa
    Sam Closa 18 days ago

    you should do Justice League vs Avengers

  • that boy V
    that boy V 18 days ago

    Marvel #1

  • diki musadie
    diki musadie 18 days ago

    LETS GO MARVEL !!!!!

  • gold shine
    gold shine 19 days ago

    Dc hell yeah

  • gold shine
    gold shine 19 days ago

    You like marvel you crap your pants

  • Appletreedork miss nuggets

    also i'll like to add this is only his opinions, which he wasn't even being fair.

  • Appletreedork miss nuggets

    Games and comic goes for Dc, And for marvel it's movie. Dc movies except for sucide squad made me fall asleep. And marvel games are just omg and the comics is blah. Be honest i choose dc :/

  • Nate Isaac
    Nate Isaac 20 days ago

    Marvel W H O O O O O O H O O O O O O

  • kimani brown
    kimani brown 20 days ago

    i was a dc fan growing up because of their wonderful cartoons. but since lately i have turn a marvel fan because the movies they are making, just look t the so exciting

  • A-Mae-Zing
    A-Mae-Zing 21 day ago


  • Carlitos Balde
    Carlitos Balde 21 day ago

    WOW! Marvel beat DC. I can’t believe it.

  • redvictor312
    redvictor312 21 day ago


  • Avo Patel
    Avo Patel 22 days ago

    #MARVEL for the win!!!

  • Kosta Stankovic
    Kosta Stankovic 23 days ago

    6:55 Wait, wait, wait. Slow down. WHAT ABOUT THE MOVIE VILANS, like Loki, Ultron, A FN PLANET (Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2).. and so on
    I have nothing against DC that just pissed me off

  • Nicky Plays
    Nicky Plays 23 days ago

    Dc is better i dont care

    • seto kaiba
      seto kaiba 16 days ago

      That's your opinion and an unpopular opinion

  • Rebecca Venessa
    Rebecca Venessa 24 days ago

    Marvel, Marvel, Marvel wooohooo

  • Jonn Mark Maniti
    Jonn Mark Maniti 25 days ago

    Fuck you dude . You're a bias fucker

    • seto kaiba
      seto kaiba 16 days ago

      Lmao salty fuckboy who can't accept someone's opinion

  • Charlie Clancey
    Charlie Clancey 26 days ago

    Dc forever

  • Creeper Hunter5
    Creeper Hunter5 26 days ago

    Clearly you haven’t been reading the garbage comics marvel has been putting out

    • seto kaiba
      seto kaiba 16 days ago

      The comics may not be good, but the movies and tv shows are easily better than dc shows and movies

  • Luke Wagstaff
    Luke Wagstaff 26 days ago

    Nah, dc is like the cheap BTEC version of marvel.

  • Rebecca Flood
    Rebecca Flood 27 days ago

    2:35 they are near perfect heros without any flaws
    Thats funny

  • Zeus
    Zeus 27 days ago +1

    I'm not a Marvel or DC fan, I am a superhero fan.
    This whole "Marvel // DC is better" bullshit is just stupid.
    DC has great animation, some enjoyable TV, comic books and older movies are great.
    Marvel has great TV, good animation, and breath-taking movies!
    Both superhero companies provide you with something, something we need.
    Why stay with one and bash the other, when you can enjoy both and have even more superhero content you want!
    Please, just reconsider and try to enjoy both companies, trust me, it will be great.

  • Braden Parker
    Braden Parker 28 days ago

    The 1.8k dislikes are DC fans

  • The 80's Wolf
    The 80's Wolf 28 days ago

    Marvel good. MCU cancer.

  • NintendoPlushWorld
    NintendoPlushWorld 29 days ago

    I personally find DC’s heroes to be much more interesting.

  • Ignis the Ultimate
    Ignis the Ultimate 29 days ago

    For Me (my opinion fanboys):
    Comics: Marvel (overall, though DC is definitely better in the present)
    Live-Action TV Shows: DC (The Netflix Shows, Runaways, and Cloak and Dagger are great, but the Arrowverse tops that for the same reasons the MCU was originally so unique and great, a universe of TV shows was created slowly mostly using their less popular characters)
    Animated TV Shows: DC (Marvel has made some amazing shows, and some of are better than DC's shows, like Spectacular Spider-Man, X-Men: Evolution, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but they just aren't as consistently good as DC's shows. Marvel's shows under Disney have also been far worse than older shows, while DC is still making good shows. They just can't compare to DC's consistent successes, such as Batman: TAS, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, Green Lantern: TAS, Teen Titans, and Young Justice)
    Animated Movies: DC (no need to explain, Marvel just gets slaughtered by DC in this area)
    Live-Action Movies: Marvel (Marvel definitely wins, though Sparky makes it seem as if Marvel has more of an advantage than it does. Marvel didn't actually make the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, Amazing Spider-Man series, X-Men films, Fantastic Four films, or Blade Trilogy. DC's current movies aren't all that good, besides Wonder Woman and arguably Man of Steel, but before they tried to copy the MCU, they had The Dark Knight trilogy and classic Superman films)
    Games: DC (probably not by much, though, both companies have great games. Marvel has Ultimate Alliance, the Amazing Spider-Man games, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, and LEGO Avengers. DC, however, is more consistent and has the Arkham trilogy, as well as Arkham origins, Injustice and Injustice 2, the LEGO Batman series, which was the first LEGO superhero game series and pioneered literally almost every mechanic in later series.)
    Heroes: Marvel (it's honestly close, Marvel has more good heroes, but I think that the characters DC does well are usually done better, especially when it comes to Batman and the Flash)
    Villains: DC (DC is just good at making villains, which Marvel noticed and based many of their villains off DC's. Marvel has some of the best villains of all time: the Mandarin, Ultron, Loki, Thanos, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Norman Osborn, Baron Zemo, the Enchantress, and Apocalypse, but DC just flat-out has more iconic villains than Marvel does, such as: Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Brainiac, Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash, Trigon, Ra's al Ghul, the Anti-Monitor, Sinestro, and Superboy-Prime)
    Marvel: 3
    DC: 5
    No, I'm not hating on Marvel for any fanboys coming to talk about how "Marvel is the best, you're just stupid". I actually like Marvel more. It's more iconic and nostalgic to me, but you can't write off DC.

  • ArmedWorm 670595
    ArmedWorm 670595 29 days ago


  • Tamás DM
    Tamás DM 29 days ago

    I love them both. Love the jokes from marvel movies but dc has a certain seriousness which i love as well. So , keep them coming both.

  • The Jeffy Llama
    The Jeffy Llama 29 days ago


  • Hur Gamer
    Hur Gamer 29 days ago +2

    Marvel: Games,Movies. (Strong Character's)
    DC: Animated,TV. (Alot characters)