Marvel Vs. DC: Which Is Better?

  • Published on May 9, 2016
  • Marvel or DC? In this video I tackle the question of which is superior. WARNING: This video contains my opinion.

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  • Ahmet Adar Irmak
    Ahmet Adar Irmak 16 hours ago

    I would give TV to Marvel and give Comics to DC. Because of the writing for both of em

  • Meesam Meesam
    Meesam Meesam 18 hours ago

    Marvel all the way!!!

  • God Like
    God Like Day ago

    Marvel > DC
    TV Shows
    DC > Marvel
    DC > Marvel

  • Manija Mannan
    Manija Mannan Day ago

    Rip Superman haha😁😂😂😂

  • Manija Mannan
    Manija Mannan Day ago

    I am a marvel fan and i don't like DC so get lost DC

  • Spinx
    Spinx 3 days ago

    Ur dumb

  • cookie cruncher
    cookie cruncher 3 days ago

    The most popular super heroes of all time are superman and Batman. I think marvel movies maybe slightly better but i like the darkness in dc.. plus dc comics are way better than marvel

  • Alexandra Ghosn
    Alexandra Ghosn 3 days ago

    Wheres my marvel people?

  • Gamer Face
    Gamer Face 4 days ago

    You only looked at three heroes for DC. All the watchmen are very flawed and depressed in some way

  • Baxter Milsom
    Baxter Milsom 4 days ago

    As for film marvel are better but for tv shows dc are way better. The animated show like the comics dc are way better. As well as the dc characters. I prefer dc cause to me marvel is to light and more for family and is to much fantasy and typical superhero. Dc is dark and gritty with the esscent of superhero fantasy. Like with the batman in the real world the possibility is very any one with the right skills and training can be like him so in way what im say is that it not over powering with make belive dc mix fantasy with real life marvel dont .

  • Bro Latias
    Bro Latias 4 days ago


    LIGER ZERO 5 days ago +1

    How about both?

    - Mexican taco music plays -

  • Sam Carrillo
    Sam Carrillo 6 days ago

    Let's not act like Netflix Daredevil alone isn't one of the best show ever made not even just as a superhero show

  • u arrowverse
    u arrowverse 6 days ago


  • ronin 2019
    ronin 2019 6 days ago

    Marvel comics

  • Sir, Knight The Devout.

    in cartoons
    and cartoon movies
    Oh, and comics.

  • kuba piasek
    kuba piasek 7 days ago

    DC is better

  • Pete wentz the Gerard way

    I mean.. Marvel has Loki... so.. that speaks for its self

  • N4TI Tv
    N4TI Tv 9 days ago

    Bruhh marvel is better than dc because marvel has stronger superheroes

  • Chantip Chea
    Chantip Chea 9 days ago

    I’m salty as hell marvel suck

  • RandomVideos !
    RandomVideos ! 10 days ago

    Deadpool vs DeathStroke

  • Hannah Metzger
    Hannah Metzger 10 days ago

    Is it safe to say that I love both DC and Marvel? 😅.

  • Brody Emigio Canlas
    Brody Emigio Canlas 11 days ago

    Marvel is better

  • Dylan Mangezvo
    Dylan Mangezvo 12 days ago

    Guys it doesn't really matter who is better

    PS: I'm team Marvel

  • Shogunchris
    Shogunchris 13 days ago

    To be fair, the Marvel TV show are connected to the movies. If Charlie Cox is Daredevil in his show, then its most likely he's the MCU's daredevil. They cant hire another actor.

    JULIA GARCIA 13 days ago +1

    DC fans, was I the only one started freaking out when the Flash and Supergirl meet? Or when Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, the Flash, and Supergirl had those crossovers? Just me? Ok

  • Jadon Smith
    Jadon Smith 14 days ago

    marvel is much better

  • Aidan O'Donnell
    Aidan O'Donnell 14 days ago

    Marvel has better live action tv shows than dc
    Dc has better animated tv shows than marvel

  • GamingNCrap
    GamingNCrap 14 days ago

    Team Marvel!

  • Checkers Step by Step
    Checkers Step by Step 14 days ago

    i think marvel is better but the best super hero out of them all is batman

  • EZ YT VideoZ
    EZ YT VideoZ 14 days ago

    WHAT?!?!?! DC IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MARVEL!! MARVEL COPIED DC SUPERHEROES!! Vision is a copy of Marsian Manhunter, Black Cat is a copy of Catwoman, Hawkeye is a copy of Green Arrow, Quick Silver is a copy of flash, and more!

  • Alyasa Al Mughairy
    Alyasa Al Mughairy 14 days ago

    DC is better much better than Marvel and marvel is boring

  • Devon Aguirre
    Devon Aguirre 14 days ago


  • Littlest Bts
    Littlest Bts 14 days ago

    Yeeeeaaaahehehehe Marvel fam forever

  • Edward Kenobi
    Edward Kenobi 15 days ago

    MARVEL 4 life

  • Spookypichacat
    Spookypichacat 15 days ago +1

    Batman is not god like by any means

  • Spookypichacat
    Spookypichacat 15 days ago +1


  • Spookypichacat
    Spookypichacat 15 days ago +1

    I have become the saviour of my city, but my parents were killed?
    I found a planet with a sun that makes it so I can use my powers, but my planet was destroyed with all of my people?
    Like seriously you have to be kidding me right?
    You can’t see that there are consequences there?
    But at least you weren’t blind and decided to give dc the villains point

  • Abhinav Kayastha
    Abhinav Kayastha 15 days ago

    Nah! DC is better

  • Spandex 101
    Spandex 101 15 days ago

    Well Superman isn’t like any other hero because he was born with his powers he can never be like normal people he is afraid of losing his humanity so he becomes a superhero to inspire other people to take action and do the right thing

  • Spandex 101
    Spandex 101 15 days ago

    I love the heroes of golden age dc comics star man especially #jacknkight

    YASMINE OFSTIE 16 days ago

    What if I told you...

    Batman is better than Superman.

  • Zak Abdul
    Zak Abdul 16 days ago

    Marvel has better movies I get it but in comics DC wins

  • Zak Abdul
    Zak Abdul 16 days ago

    Dc must win comics

  • Zak Abdul
    Zak Abdul 16 days ago

    Dc must win villains

  • Breanne Christiansen
    Breanne Christiansen 16 days ago

    I love both sides rhought i perfer marvel. Did it not bother that he only talked about a couple of charaters in marvel like please there are other characters same goes with D.C there are so many of them. Okay im done ranting.

  • kid screwup
    kid screwup 16 days ago


  • Roywebster 1
    Roywebster 1 16 days ago

    Lanton corps dumbass

  • Roywebster 1
    Roywebster 1 16 days ago

    Bruce is a billionaire playboy who gets all this girls and abuses his money but bman really doesn’t

  • Roywebster 1
    Roywebster 1 16 days ago

    I’ll give it to marvel they have amazing super powers like spider sense so creative but my spider sense tells me that dc is better better BETTER than marvel soooo in conclusion if you disagree ermmmm we’ll fight me

    • Roywebster 1
      Roywebster 1 16 days ago

      Dc wins in every category for me and also batman tas is the greatest thing everrrrr

  • TheCretaceousKid
    TheCretaceousKid 17 days ago

    Marvel is much better in many ways. Also there are great villains in MARVEL like ultron and Loki.

  • Lolbit The memer
    Lolbit The memer 17 days ago

    I like both

  • pinky Pinky
    pinky Pinky 18 days ago

    MARVEL forever YEAH

  • rzxuu mjoty
    rzxuu mjoty 18 days ago

    Marvel all the way

  • Famous Joker
    Famous Joker 18 days ago

    Fuck off
    Do u know Robin are not same
    Jason Todd Red Hood...Dick Rickson Nightwings
    ......Damian Wayne Robin
    and Flash are also Multiverse

  • Cade Spencer
    Cade Spencer 18 days ago

    I lOVE DC! And don’t care about marvel bring on the hate I don’t care

  • R Islomzoda
    R Islomzoda 19 days ago

    I love Marvel and I just like DC.

  • RCNow
    RCNow 20 days ago


  • Vishal Desour
    Vishal Desour 20 days ago +2

    Bias on the heroe character list. You should have pit the appropriate ones against each other.
    Thor - Wonder Woman,
    Iron Man - Batman,
    Flash - Quicksilver
    Ant Man - Atom
    Hulk - Grundy
    Mr Fantastic - Plastic Man
    Brainiac - Ultron
    Namor - Aquaman
    Vision - Red Tornado + Martian Manhunter
    Black Cat - Catwoman
    Sandman - Clayface
    Thanos - Darkseid
    Angel - Hawkman
    Hawkeye - Green Arrow
    Magneto - Polaris
    Dr Fate - Dr Strange

  • VinellAD
    VinellAD 20 days ago

    MARVEL is the best, DC is too serious... Cmon Marvel's has comedy and fun, and always wins

  • Connor Brown
    Connor Brown 20 days ago +3

    marvel comics are harder to get into than DC. if you pick up, say, infinity war, youve missed 2/3 of the story and need to go back. if you pick up the dark knight returns or all star superman, you dont need to go back and read prior issues. they are self contained. hell, for winter solider, you need to read caps first stories from the 40s to understand why its such a big deal that bucky was alive. even death of superman is a self contained story and if somebody read it who knows nothing about superheroes or superman would still get something out of it.

    also batman is a flawed character. he is a deeply angry and sad and paranoid control freak with some serious trust issues, if he were a marvel character youd like him.

  • Meme dirigma
    Meme dirigma 21 day ago

    I've been watching marvel movies since I was a kid but honestly until now thor Ragnarok is the only movie I really like
    Marvel movies has the same routine with their movies where the hero defeats the villain, but for me what makes it interesting is when the all of them are teaming up which is really great
    While DC also have the same routine where the hero always defeats the villain, but in DC they will make you think how the heroes are going to beat the villain ( especially if you're not familiar with the comics)
    Marvel might have many movies out there and many heroes that are already introduced into he big screen
    While for me DC comics makes some quality movies ( but I'm not saying that suicide squad or justice league is great) but goddamn aqua man and wonder woman is really great and batman v superman is at least half decent

  • Please Just Forget About Me


  • Arman Ranjbar {Morecurry}

    Theres supposed to be 100s of green lanterns

  • Arman Ranjbar {Morecurry}

    Batmans motivation is vengeance not justice

  • Electrical Gamer
    Electrical Gamer 22 days ago

    Marvel is way better

  • Dog Dude
    Dog Dude 22 days ago

    Both 1 like. Reply marvel or dc

  • Caden Gibson
    Caden Gibson 22 days ago

    Favorite dc show flash favorite marvel show captain America civil war favorite show supernatural

  • Caden Gibson
    Caden Gibson 22 days ago

    Dc is better because they just have great actors that nailed the characters like grant gustin nailed being the flash they have better superpowers they got better actors they have better villains they have better theme songs they have good special effects that make it more realistic while marvel just is not that realistic the special effects sucks on marvel and dc it’s just more funny they have great character stories so i go with dc dc is better people but there both great but dc is better in my opinion

  • Ruby Ornelas
    Ruby Ornelas 22 days ago +1


  • Ruby Ornelas
    Ruby Ornelas 22 days ago +1

    Close match

  • Indukalpa Deka
    Indukalpa Deka 22 days ago

    Haha loved it... I don't hate DC but cmon have you seen the justice league movie.. All this damn cgi

    XXYUNG GOD 23 days ago

    dc just gets shit on cause of the movies they make now

    XXYUNG GOD 23 days ago

    movies marvel tv dc get it

  • CartoonBeast
    CartoonBeast 23 days ago

    I used to HATE people who liked Marvel, but now I love Marvel. I like DC TV shows like Teen titans, Young justice, Supergirl and The Flash, But I really like Marvel Runaways. And I like both of Marvel and Dc characters. But kinda like Marvel character a bit more tho lol

  • devendra patel
    devendra patel 23 days ago

    marvel entertainment subscriber:10,280,379
    DC subscriber: 1,815,014
    who wins

  • Anakin the cat
    Anakin the cat 23 days ago

    That dude :marvle is much better than DC

    Me: triggered

  • Arnav Vyas
    Arnav Vyas 23 days ago

    Marvel is the best
    Way to go marvel

  • Mohammad Was A PEDOPHILE

    Shonen Jump, Kodansha,etc. Marvel,DC,and Image are dumpster fires. 90% of all western made fair ,post 2008 is trash.

  • The movie Maker
    The movie Maker 24 days ago

    Marvel is way better

  • Eli Tsk
    Eli Tsk 24 days ago

    Dc is better

  • Znj JnJ
    Znj JnJ 24 days ago

    I don't hate marvel, but you know what? Go fuck your grandma marvel fanboys

  • ZEkoru -
    ZEkoru - 25 days ago

    Is this even a question

  • Manuel Bowman
    Manuel Bowman 25 days ago

    Marver is better than bc comics

  • Alma Brown
    Alma Brown 25 days ago

    Marvel since the beginning 👶🏽

  • Robo
    Robo 25 days ago

    But think, cyborg was a accident, the flash was a accident, the arrow was sorta a accident, and supergirl and super man weren’t born with the powers they only got them when they can to earth because of its yellow sun. Where for on Krypton they were just normal and had no powers because of its red sun, so they were also sort of a accident as well.

  • Mildred Mendoza
    Mildred Mendoza 25 days ago

    booo i hate marvel 👎👎👎👎

  • Mildred Mendoza
    Mildred Mendoza 25 days ago

    dc becaus marvel are copycat marvel are bad

  • Jayson Muñoz
    Jayson Muñoz 25 days ago

    Marvel has the X-Men, so Marvel wins. I do enjoy both though, but X-Men is, in my opinion, the best thing that ever happened to superhero comics.

    JAMAL SPARTAN 26 days ago

    Ofc you would prefer Marvel.
    Why did i even bother
    Your brain is too small for Dc comics
    Marvel noob.

  • Tämä Jäbä
    Tämä Jäbä 26 days ago

    i have to say that Marvel movies are better, but i like DC comics and TV shows MUCH MORE than Marvel's

  • big red
    big red 28 days ago

    I like DC

  • Favian Ayala
    Favian Ayala 28 days ago

    Fuck you bich

  • Xavier Knox
    Xavier Knox 28 days ago

    Shut up stupid DC always will win

  • Kash Blissett
    Kash Blissett 28 days ago

    There are certain characters that can tear up the whole dc universe like if u agree

  • TheDinosaurExpert
    TheDinosaurExpert 29 days ago

    Marvels strengths: Movies, Heroes, Money, popularity.
    Weaknesses: Tv Shows.
    DC Strengths: Tv shows, Villains
    DC weaknesses: Movies, Superman, Money.
    But they both are good/bad on Video Games
    And btw, Both Marvel and DC have Godlike Characters. and both have flawed
    But in all contest: Marvel ftw. Honestly, the only heroes i like in DC are Batman and The Flash

  • Golden Bonez
    Golden Bonez 29 days ago

    i like dc's tv shows but i like marvel's movies

  • Kathleen mckenna
    Kathleen mckenna 29 days ago