Marvel Vs. DC: Which Is Better?

  • Published on May 9, 2016
  • Marvel or DC? In this video I tackle the question of which is superior. WARNING: This video contains my opinion.

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  • Sommer
    Sommer Hour ago

    Neither of them. Both are awesome. Everyone have different opinions. Some people love DC, some love Marvel or sometimes we love both. You cant say this is better or this is.

  • ଚଧଡଂଅଃ ଚଂଟଡଷ

    I like DC but I love Marvel

  • Lil Hammy
    Lil Hammy 14 hours ago

    I think marvel is a lot better

  • Raydene Younger
    Raydene Younger 16 hours ago

    Marvel rules

  • Samuel L Jackson
    Samuel L Jackson 17 hours ago

    Rip Stan lee

  • Art With Cam
    Art With Cam 17 hours ago

    Batman fights for justice and for the death of his parents though

  • Fortnite is lit 54
    Fortnite is lit 54 20 hours ago

    Dragon Ball Super fuck off

  • SniperSpy10
    SniperSpy10 Day ago

    The better one is the one with Captain Marvel

    Have fun discussing that one

  • JustinE 123
    JustinE 123 Day ago

    dc way better

  • Helga Syre
    Helga Syre Day ago



    Marvel's movies beat DC. But DC has better comics, TV shows and villans

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts Day ago

    Marvel films overall are better but for games, and any tv shows DC wins by far, plus I far prefer dc for its gritty attitudes

  • BL/-\ZE
    BL/-\ZE 2 days ago

    Marvel : "we got Captain America"
    DC : "we got Wonder Woman"
    Marvel : "we got Iron Man"
    DC : "we got Batman"
    Marvel : "we got Spider Man"
    DC : "umm.......
    we have Black Spider?"

  • Josh Mc grath
    Josh Mc grath 2 days ago

    Marvel easy

  • Josue Cazares
    Josue Cazares 2 days ago

    I love spiderman

  • Sarangi Ratnayake
    Sarangi Ratnayake 3 days ago

    dc is muchhhhhhhhhhhhh better in my oppinion #marvelsucks

  • Nicholas Redman
    Nicholas Redman 3 days ago

    There tied to me

  • Michael Buonomo
    Michael Buonomo 3 days ago

    Marvel is the best

  • darius hernandez
    darius hernandez 3 days ago

    Marvel is better movie wise, dc is better tv and animated movie wise. No question about it

  • Funtime Freddy
    Funtime Freddy 3 days ago

    Do not judge me, but i think that DC is better, because *most* of their heroes makes sense.

  • Vishal Nagaraj
    Vishal Nagaraj 4 days ago

    DC heroes are NOT PERFECT. That point is ridiculous. I'm sorry

  • Nepobedivi Game player

    dc is better

  • ULtra FroSTy
    ULtra FroSTy 4 days ago

    DC better having one season like 17 epoisde and a movie is just a 2hour

  • RC-1138
    RC-1138 4 days ago

    Hulk-seen as monster
    Iron man- develops PTSD
    Captain America- becomes wanted fugitive
    Black widow- becomes wanted fugitive (after telling the government to kiss her ass)
    Ant-man- lays low like Hawkeye
    Hawkeye- lays low like ant-man
    Spider-man- seen as menace
    Black panther- tries to lead a country, be black panther, hide his identity as black panther, kill for basically no reason and keep Bucky Barnes hidden from society
    Falcon- seen as fugitive
    Vision/scarlet witch- hide in Scotland
    Thor- learns of his sister, has to deal with adopted brother “killing” himself, learns the hammer is holding is power back , watches Odin die and has no choice but to destroy Asgard
    Daredevil- gets sensory powers at the cost of his eyesight
    Iron fist- well let’s all agree he is a liu kang rip-off

  • David Raftery
    David Raftery 5 days ago

    Batman doesn’t do it for justice, he does it to avenge his parents. Shazam got his powers from an accident as well. This is completely biased and you only focus on one viewpoint

    • David Raftery
      David Raftery 5 days ago

      You literally explained how dc comics tried to make sense while marvel just didn’t care then went with marvel

    • David Raftery
      David Raftery 5 days ago

      Also many heroes were taken from dc such as Hawkeye from green arrow, Ironman is a knockoff of Batman, Thor is like Wonder Woman or Superman, quicksilver from the flash

  • Jaco Charzuk
    Jaco Charzuk 5 days ago

    Dc tv shows and animated movies, marvel for comics movies and characters

    ALEX BRINE 6 days ago


  • Asyrief Ikmal
    Asyrief Ikmal 6 days ago +1

    I like marvel.But I like DC better.Marvel also copy quite a lot of characters from DC though.

  • Jeff Memes
    Jeff Memes 6 days ago

    Marvel is better

  • Squrtle Wayne:batman

    I dont care who won i just like both so yeeeeee woohoo

  • Cris cross
    Cris cross 6 days ago

    DC imo

  • mohamed aljassmy
    mohamed aljassmy 7 days ago

    Marvels is better IMO

  • Crenler
    Crenler 7 days ago

    U forgot le spectacular spider man

  • Igor Cheng
    Igor Cheng 7 days ago

    DC is better because of arrowverse

  • A B
    A B 7 days ago

    I liked marvel comics but it got boring over time for me

  • I_billistic
    I_billistic 7 days ago +1

    the god like role models of dc or the actual god of thunder in marvel

    • SniperSpy10
      SniperSpy10 Day ago

      or the god of Speed in DC, and the devil him self

  • Ant
    Ant 7 days ago

    See it's annoying as most people only know movies and it's annoying. I also don't relate to comic's location as it's always in the US.

  • Ant
    Ant 7 days ago

    I love both! But based of child hood, DCAU, animated movies, comics and other things its DC.

  • Dominic Yong
    Dominic Yong 7 days ago

    Accept for sparky

  • Dominic Yong
    Dominic Yong 7 days ago

    All they say is that

  • Dominic Yong
    Dominic Yong 7 days ago

    DC sucks marvel is the best bla bla bla

  • Dominic Yong
    Dominic Yong 7 days ago

    I feel like you all no need to post videos because all they do is I like marvel more than DC bla bla bla

  • AimeeTube 04
    AimeeTube 04 7 days ago

    I like both but I like dc more

  • Zobayer Hossain Tonmoy

    you had me until the last part .

  • God
    God 7 days ago +1

    Movies: marvel
    Tv: dc
    Comics: tie

  • dragonslayer xray97
    dragonslayer xray97 7 days ago

    l like both because well my favert dc cariter is the flash and my favert maval superhero is spiderman

  • DC Ari
    DC Ari 7 days ago

    There is like so many Spider-Man’s

  • Naufal Joker
    Naufal Joker 7 days ago

    “You just started a war”

  • TheFinalJedi 478
    TheFinalJedi 478 8 days ago

    Ok saying dc loses because of multiple people taking up the mantle of a character is plain ridiculous, the 5 robins have their own identity, the Barry Allen died and wall y got trapped on another earth, and there are supposed to be hundereds of green lanterns because its a green lantern CORPS and dc has more heroes on the top ten heroes list than marvel

  • chris gessner
    chris gessner 8 days ago

    While Thanos was the first to make it to the big screen (in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) Darkseid made it to comics first in Forever People #1 in February 1971. Thanos wouldn't make it to the pages of Marvel comics until 2 years later in Iron Man #55 in February 1973.

  • chris gessner
    chris gessner 8 days ago

    black cat was created before cat woman Catwoman came in 1940 while Black Cat came in 1979

  • Reinhardt the Chicken Mc.nuggets

    If you're a marvel fan like if your a dc fan reply if both reply again! XD

  • A A L I Y A A B D I
    A A L I Y A A B D I 8 days ago

    The Flash
    Killer Frost
    Fire Storm
    Black Canary
    White Canary
    Hawk Girl
    Hawk Man
    Captain Cold
    Heat Wave
    Kid Flash
    Jessie Quick
    Excess ( the flash’s daughter )
    Martian Manhunter
    Black Lighting
    The reason I like DC more is because there are so many heroes that have their own special abilities in their own way and that could take a lot of creativity due to the amount of heroes on DC and the fact that every DC show has either 3 or more seasons or a movie is amazing.

  • A A L I Y A A B D I
    A A L I Y A A B D I 8 days ago

    Me and my friend Hamdi were arguing about this at Summercamp.

  • Tiki Tiki
    Tiki Tiki 8 days ago

    This is a load of bullshit. In my eyes they are equal, except for one thing. Deadpool

  • Jonathan Frakes
    Jonathan Frakes 8 days ago


  • Gaming Pro's and Noobs

    i perfer DC but there are two words that make it a tie for me X-Men they are the best franchise ever! excluding the nolan batman series.

  • Mr funny jeudy
    Mr funny jeudy 9 days ago +2

    Green lantern was not born with his powers and he doesn't even have powers,he has a ring

    • The Joker
      The Joker 2 days ago

      So what is that supposed to mean

  • gambanimal 413
    gambanimal 413 9 days ago

    marvel is the beast

  • gaming S
    gaming S 9 days ago

    Morvel is beter

  • nithe nithe
    nithe nithe 10 days ago

    i prefer dc

  • Crazy diamond King
    Crazy diamond King 10 days ago


  • The Marauder
    The Marauder 10 days ago


  • FIFA Lion4
    FIFA Lion4 10 days ago

    Dc FTW

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas 10 days ago

    dc may have better animated shows but marvel has the live action shows

  • samurai
    samurai 10 days ago

    So what im getting from the comics section you basically said that continuity doesnt matter which is just false if it didnt they could just do anything they want without reprecussion where as with dc everything has a reason everything has a story

  • samurai
    samurai 10 days ago

    Liaten most of what you said was true however when it got to the heroes you went in depth with marvel but with dc you stopped with batman super man and wonder woman. Where as the flash got his powers on accident and shazam also wasnt born with his powers even hreen arrow who was born a snobby rich kid morphed into a bow weilding badass after being stranded on an island green latern also got his powers early into his adult based on his will power alone while he was gifted it he progressed to be a way better hero cyborg waz also a freak accident caused via his father and many other takes on his origin while marvel may have more relateable heroes as you said they werent all born with their powers but otherwise great video

  • Kadyn Bennington
    Kadyn Bennington 10 days ago

    go fuck your self

  • Tasos Orfanidis
    Tasos Orfanidis 10 days ago

    Marvel !

  • Mas Tim
    Mas Tim 10 days ago

    You said: “There are hundreds of Green Lanterns”, but did you know there are also red lanterns, and yellow lanterns, and blue lanterns, and black lanterns, and purple lanterns, and white la..........

  • Lmj Lmj
    Lmj Lmj 10 days ago +1

    Marvel is just dominating. DC just sucks in my opinion

  • Titan
    Titan 10 days ago

    Feels a bit biased . Anyway, DC is better

  • Zalkeriuz
    Zalkeriuz 11 days ago

    Tbh Marvel is more popular and DC is being frowned
    A lot of people criticize DC for no reason because mArVeL iS tOo pOpUlAR

  • Tristan Cul
    Tristan Cul 11 days ago

    He admits he prefers marvel in the video there fore biased, he even admits that the fact that there are 5 different robins is "confusing" witch in no way makes sense as they all have a clear story and relation to batman and robin is not a character but a mantel and you can tell as you go through the video he only has a base level understanding of dc comics while he has an intricate knowledge of marvel and this becomes really apparent in his criticisms of dc. You never even began to address the flaws in the marvel movies, you used the original Spider-Man trilogy as an example not bothering to point out the third film. You also praise the xmen films while later on in the video you complain about continuity, you also put dc down for bad films and you just ignore marvels failures like Thor the dark world, age of ultron or half of the xmen films. You also complain about heros being born not forged in dc and while your point is valid for superman and wonder woman your example of batman cannot ring less true, yes batman inherited the money but that alone doesn't make him a hero nor is it his greatest asset while he did uses his money to become the batman it is not his main strength, that lies in his intelligent and cunning mind and his mastery of combat witch he spent years pushing himself to peak physical condition to achieve. Side note if the marvel films are so great then how come not one of them has ever won an oscar while dc has with ledger getting one for best supporting actor. Ps I forgot to mention the amazing Spider-Man 2,
    And sorry for bad grammar In a rush.

    • Tristan Cul
      Tristan Cul 11 days ago

      Also anyone pointing out the DCEU is bad compared to the MCU and using that as their main argument, the films are a product of the studio not the comics nor DC they are just warner brothers trying to pocket some cash from a pre established franchise

    SHADOWLESS SHAWON 12 days ago


  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 12 days ago

    Marvel wins movies but DC wins TV series.

  • Spacey Lacey
    Spacey Lacey 13 days ago

    Not to sound like a triggered dc fan but was anyone else a bit irritated when he said batmans biggest super power was his money 😕😑 no hate tho. Also, spiderman sucks. Just my opinion.

  • Thomas Bontuyan
    Thomas Bontuyan 13 days ago

    i like marvel comics too!

  • Sophie Fyfe
    Sophie Fyfe 13 days ago

    kill your self

  • Speedy Time
    Speedy Time 13 days ago

    Your rating is flawed because it's based on preference.

  • Ishka Mackenzie
    Ishka Mackenzie 13 days ago

    i like both the same

  • Jeydon Leong
    Jeydon Leong 14 days ago


  • Toxic Dioxide 10
    Toxic Dioxide 10 14 days ago

    I do watch the arrowverse but its so cringe to watch but when i watch the daredevil tv show its doesn't feel cringe that"s just me

  • Sankhadeep Biswas
    Sankhadeep Biswas 14 days ago

    dc hero origin story is much more better than Marvel

  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla 14 days ago

    Marvel Movies, Dc shows but I still do like some Dc movies

  • cody roy
    cody roy 14 days ago

    Marvel movies are better DC has better shows (but marvels Cloak And dagger is bomb)

  • Joseph Puentes
    Joseph Puentes 14 days ago

    I'm a DC fan and St first didn't agree with the heroes topic but then you elaborated more and you do have a point. I grew up watching Justice League and reading DC comics so ill always prefer DC more, but Marvel does also have tons of awesome heroes and great movies. I like both lol

  • Nathaniel loves batma n arkham knight

    Dc gets tv shows

  • Dr comedy
    Dr comedy 14 days ago

    Marvel is better than DC 😏

  • mikael karas
    mikael karas 14 days ago

    Only reason for dumb up because marvel won 😂

  • Trailer Time
    Trailer Time 14 days ago

    I couldnt find any dc fanbois in the comments

    DARK FLAME 15 days ago


  • Yer Gang
    Yer Gang 15 days ago


  • Joey O'Connor
    Joey O'Connor 15 days ago

    My Friend thought I liked marvel better for their movies, I like marvel for Iron-Man

  • Diora Eliopoulos
    Diora Eliopoulos 15 days ago

    It’s obvious marvel is was better

  • Jared Silvestre
    Jared Silvestre 15 days ago

    marvel doesn't feel fun anymore, marvel deletes everything that you bond with in their comics! how is that ever fun? they reboot more than dc and you only pointed dc's reboots what about marvel's? i love marvel but they're really starting to piss me off because of the sjw thing

  • Sierra Quinn
    Sierra Quinn 15 days ago

    I like the DC heroes but when it comes to putting them in an amazing movie I have to give that one to Marvel.

  • Cameron Dalgleish
    Cameron Dalgleish 15 days ago

    The cities are like characters imagine batman in New York with little kids saying are you always so awsome in Gotham batman blends in the city is made for him

  • Syeda Sabika Rizvi
    Syeda Sabika Rizvi 15 days ago

    Dc is better than anything

  • spastic llama
    spastic llama 16 days ago

    I like DC more