Oleksandr Usyk's heavyweight debut 💪| Oleksandr Usyk vs Chazz Witherspoon | Full Fight

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
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    Oleksandr Usyk makes his heavyweight debut against Chazz Witherspoon in Chicago.►TWITTER: skysportsboxing
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  • Firell Parker
    Firell Parker 23 hours ago

    So many casuals here. It's his 1dt fight he has to get used to different weight, speed intensity power range difference etc etc. Hes not going to figure that all in 1 fight. He still looked good technically. You cant gage much from this

  • Wendy McAnena
    Wendy McAnena Day ago

    Usyk U SUCK

  • Wendy McAnena
    Wendy McAnena Day ago

    FUCK usyk

  • Owen Denchy
    Owen Denchy 7 days ago

    Usyk wasn't even trying and he's been out for ages too. He's put on a bit more weight now I've heard. He'll be fine, he has more experience than all the heavyweights bar Fury.

  • Owen Denchy
    Owen Denchy 7 days ago

    Notice all the kids in the crowd can't keep their heads up? Too used to having their faces glued to their phones, including the white haired dick, chocolate who's one step up from logan paul in the ring.

  • D C
    D C 7 days ago

    I give Usyk a good chance to beat any heavyweight if he's on form

  • Danny Riley
    Danny Riley 8 days ago

    Please let Usyk fight Fury and the rest very soon!

  • Bizzle GTi
    Bizzle GTi 13 days ago +1

    38:10 "I am very feel!" I love this guy! I'm sure he's saying that on purpose now lol after he's been ripped relentlessly for it in the past

  • arrogrant cortez
    arrogrant cortez 13 days ago

    wilder will have to knock out usyk in 5 rounds if not he will be in trouble thats when usyk intensity goes off the roof with combos

  • Март Author
    Март Author 15 days ago

    a good sparring session. the moves like in an amateur 3 rounds fight but the punches like in a professional one.
    the most proper opponent for him after 2 fights like this one is Tyson Fury. a man of moves and clowning around.
    if he beats Fury he can wait for any champ to meet.
    but i have a feeling that Fury is a man of a strangely rich financial resource.

  • The SuperBike Tour
    The SuperBike Tour 20 days ago

    Chisora will beat him

    • Март Author
      Март Author 16 days ago

      Chisora is a fucking pig who shouldnt be allowed to meet people

  • Past Tense
    Past Tense 22 days ago

    I like the sound of Usyk vs Chirosa (even more than Usyk vs Takam) Witherspoon did manage to land some punches on Usyk, so it'll be interesting to see what happens when Chisora connects.

  • Kyle-_-
    Kyle-_- 25 days ago

    Usyk the over rated piece of shit
    No one knew who he was until he fought tony bellew 🙃🙃🙃😂😂

  • adil patel
    adil patel 26 days ago

    Usyk vs fury next plz

    • Март Author
      Март Author 15 days ago

      that could be good. but better first to pass 2 tall younger opponents like this one

  • willy big show
    willy big show Month ago +4

    Bt would have uploaded when Usyk was still a twinkle in his fathers eye

  • kinganthony1984
    kinganthony1984 Month ago

    Incredible boxer proves weight means nothing

  • Rusty Rancher
    Rusty Rancher Month ago

    How could they keep their eyes on each other???

  • zzzpip
    zzzpip Month ago

    i feel i very feel.

  • Samuel Keay
    Samuel Keay Month ago

    they say they found his opponent in the front of the taxi that usyk took to the arena

  • Utopian Dreamer
    Utopian Dreamer Month ago

    Wilder hasn't boxed anyone. This guy is a 'proper' boxer. Fury is a fraud. Usyk is my 'real deal'. Trust me!! Tweet me next year when the 'serial killer' unifies the Belts!! 😎😎

  • Utopian Dreamer
    Utopian Dreamer Month ago

    People judge. But, a massive unit is hard to finish. Armchair boxing critics have patently never fought a big man!! Usyk may be light, but he's a highly skilled boxer and hard as fuck!! Anyone who underestimates this guy is a mouthpiece. It's not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog!!

  • Louie Dewar
    Louie Dewar Month ago

    why witherspoons eyes on the side of his head lmao

  • Alex Dalex
    Alex Dalex Month ago

    When Usyk changed his name to LIZA? :)

  • Majki Mo
    Majki Mo Month ago

    Sorry but true is that, Usyk
    in heavyweight he will never be a champion.

  • Gareth
    Gareth Month ago

    To say Chazz took this on a few days notice, he did really, really fucking well. My proverbial hat comes off for that guy. He clocked Usyk with a hook to the side of the head in the 1st round to wake Usyk up! It wobbled the fuck out of him and put Usyk on counter-attacking instead of coming forward! What a boss! If Chazz would've pushed Usyk really hard then I think he would've won.

  • Alex Felton
    Alex Felton Month ago

    What one heavywight fight and he gets a shot....wtf

  • William Farrow
    William Farrow Month ago

    hahaha bellew chattin crap again ?? erm what fight was he watching that showed any class by usyk to suggest he can mix it with the big heavyweights ?? usyks rigid sideway stance will be cannon fodder for even the most average heavyweight...he willed defo get nailed before he gets anywhere the top heavyweights......bellew says he himself is a boxing historian n knows evrything about boxing ?? thats crap n he was crap just like usyk....ya need to get real instead of suckholing a cruiserweight who has no chance at heavyweight

  • Demud
    Demud Month ago

    DDD is gonna stop usyk in few round.

  • Harry Arteza
    Harry Arteza Month ago

    Any of the big top 4 would have had Chazz out in 3 or 4. This fight makes Usyk look very average at HW.

  • leeboy29680
    leeboy29680 Month ago

    under power, sloppy, knackered. i like usyk so i hope he steps his game up

  • Steve S
    Steve S Month ago

    Not a heavyweight..

  • Mariusz Miś
    Mariusz Miś Month ago

    hell do nothing in heavy weight....

  • John Turner
    John Turner Month ago

    Don’t see what all the fuss is with Usyk. I recon any of the top heavyweights would beat him.

  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson Month ago

    Thi guy didn’t hit USA a real heavy weight will kill him don’t let him eddy he will die

  • PhantomX93
    PhantomX93 Month ago

    Ruiz vs Usyk?

  • Sneddz Seddon
    Sneddz Seddon Month ago +1

    wonder if Tony bellew got home safe to his wife and kids

  • Beau Taylor
    Beau Taylor Month ago


  • MaDDeXTeR1
    MaDDeXTeR1 Month ago

    sorry but this guy would lose against AJ or Ruiz not sure about Fury

  • Joshua Stephenson
    Joshua Stephenson Month ago

    If this is what he’s like vs Witherspoon imagine upper tier heavy weights hahaha

  • kevin spalding
    kevin spalding Month ago +5

    He's not gonna go anywhere...when he meets a fully fit top heavyweight he'll get battered .

    • arrogrant cortez
      arrogrant cortez 13 days ago

      @name surename there's gears to usyk he wears you down first 5 rounds then after you see intenstiy

    • name surename
      name surename Month ago

      After how chisora is performing, I feel bad for Usyk. He would be eaten alive

  • B M
    B M Month ago

    Usyk looks like a young Hugh Laurie on steriods.

  • Zion Defender
    Zion Defender Month ago

    Anyone else want Usyk to get knocked out

  • Ras James
    Ras James Month ago

    As soon as he gets use too this weight your gonna see a big difference

  • James Evans
    James Evans Month ago

    Witherspoon looks like Adonis Creed with Down syndrome

  • AW88
    AW88 Month ago

    Well fuck...if the fighter and the two dudes either side of him walking in ain't family I'm teresa may

  • Baz H
    Baz H Month ago

    Typical Usyk performance. He breaks you down until you collapse of give up. Usyk is s great fighter👊❤

  • MO RTM
    MO RTM Month ago

    Usyk box's smart. Floyd heavy weight

  • Blickey
    Blickey Month ago

    Not impressed...Love Usyk but his power is fucking shit.

  • Daza Essox
    Daza Essox Month ago +1

    once the big hitters start on him gonna be a different game

  • Darren Fry
    Darren Fry Month ago +5

    Usyk is just trying to get the mega bucks at heavy but can't see him beating the best, lacks power to trouble the big guys

  • 18 88
    18 88 Month ago

    Very good performance considering he was a year out he beats them all he's just gifted boxing wise they won't be able to land a meaningful punch on him simple

  • Konrad U
    Konrad U Month ago

    Negro ugly face beaten :)))

  • rogersevers123
    rogersevers123 Month ago

    Need to ban boxing as soon as possible. Another soul has been taken away after getting his brains bashed in. End this disgusting "sport"

  • DirtyMusic
    DirtyMusic Month ago

    Witherspoon done well because Usyk was feeling him out, it's heavyweight, he was probably aware and knows he could get KO easy, gives him a couple of HW fights and he'll be sound! Usyk ain't scared no one, but once he works you out and realizes you can't hurt him, he then just picks you apart and increases the intensity each round and changes it up. his IQ and technical boxing ability is amazing!

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back Month ago +40

    You could probably fit an actual wetherspoons pub inside those shorts.

  • steve bell
    steve bell Month ago

    Usyk not big enough, not enough power to worry the big boys.

  • Bash Khan
    Bash Khan Month ago

    Good fighter..hes gna have to seriously power up n become ferocious to survive in that league..deontays n ruiz are fast power punchers

  • Wzc Jix
    Wzc Jix Month ago +1

    War of the wonky eyes

  • Catherine Martin
    Catherine Martin Month ago

    He’s gonna struggle with the big big heavyweights.

  • Ali
    Ali Month ago

    Usyk should have stayed a cruiser. Hes going to get demolished by the heavies. #derickchisora #dyllianwhite