"Joking Bad" - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)


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  • JimiTalentX
    JimiTalentX 2 days ago +1

    Makes me wanna Watch #BreakingBad again for the 5th time LOL

  • jacob hull
    jacob hull 2 days ago

    Terrible, TERRIBLE SKIT! Least you could’ve done was get hank as the DEA agent

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is a cyborg.

  • Avinash Shukla
    Avinash Shukla 3 days ago +2

    I was shock af when I saw Bryan and Aaron

  • buddypowe
    buddypowe 3 days ago

    Jay Leno LOLOLOLOL

  • Wagner Rosa
    Wagner Rosa 4 days ago

    This is the best thing i ever seen

  • Candyce Evette
    Candyce Evette 5 days ago

    Lord I miss this mf show!

  • LordiGodess
    LordiGodess 5 days ago

    what you wore is a bit to bright for the stage that the bald walter with a beard like that is in
    but ima let you go on this one
    anyone who knows what im talking about give a like BITCH

  • Родион Турундаев

    Daaaam, beaaaach!!!
    It was worth watching all five seasons even just to watch this parody after all!!!
    I'd say it's 99,1% purely funny!!!

  • mad maddy
    mad maddy 7 days ago

    tight tight tight

  • Satyam Soni
    Satyam Soni 9 days ago

    That pizza had me die laughing 😂

  • Gucci Kam
    Gucci Kam 9 days ago

    anyone watching in 2019?

  • Don't Reply
    Don't Reply 10 days ago

    It should have been
    "Jimmy, you have 6 months to live"
    "Oh shit, well I guess I should start cooking meth!"

  • Crispy Crunch
    Crispy Crunch 11 days ago

    I'm so glad I found this. XD

  • Filmy Fliks
    Filmy Fliks 12 days ago

    9:58 love it

  • Menguhan Bulut
    Menguhan Bulut 12 days ago

    fuck fuck fuck, the greatest show ever,

  • Bhaskar Anjana
    Bhaskar Anjana 15 days ago

    I miss BB sooooo badly 😭😭

  • Mark Kerce
    Mark Kerce 15 days ago

    This Is the best thing Fallon’s ever done. I hate him usually but this is undeniably great.

  • *internal screaming*
    *internal screaming* 16 days ago +1

    They actually got Saul and that makes me happy

  • Gaurav shakya
    Gaurav shakya 16 days ago

    that was fun...

  • Jeff Roberts
    Jeff Roberts 18 days ago +3

    Breaking bad was greatest show to ever exist

  • A CL
    A CL 18 days ago +1

    Who still watch in 2019 ??

  • pfdrtom
    pfdrtom 19 days ago

    Best parody EVER!!!!

  • IamEm
    IamEm 20 days ago

    "What it look likes bish... I'm selling jokes."

  • jacob hull
    jacob hull 20 days ago

    Wasn’t that good. And all the laughs are fake and the audience isn’t real.

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo 20 days ago +1

    God made the world. And then he made Breaking Bad.

  • Cody Janssen
    Cody Janssen 20 days ago

    I know it’s Saul but is that his real screen used office

  • jlgurry
    jlgurry 21 day ago

    this video is hilarious!
    pizza scene was historical
    5:16 Jimmy did a perfect WW impression

  • Heat Ice
    Heat Ice 21 day ago +1

    İt is fantastic

  • taylor drn
    taylor drn 22 days ago

    see people jimmy is not completely useless

  • Carmella Roberts
    Carmella Roberts 22 days ago


  • Amer Etawa
    Amer Etawa 22 days ago

    3:43 hey yo bitch 😂😂😂

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    @ "...BOO bitch"!!!

  • Deniz Lombardo
    Deniz Lombardo 23 days ago


    CD PROJEKT 24 days ago

    This must have been in the parody
    "Ten jokes in a week.That makes 20.000 dollar per week.yea, that's what I need that's what I ... Wait I earning much more in my show."end

  • Chris Murawski
    Chris Murawski 25 days ago

    I was waiting for them to make a joke about the pamphlets being blue. missed opportunity. nonetheless, fantastic skit.

    • Chris Murawski
      Chris Murawski 25 days ago

      I am the one who knocks should have been a knock knock joke. Damn, I should have wrote this sketch. Still hilarious.

  • Vital Butinar
    Vital Butinar 25 days ago

    I laughed so much. This was so funny! I wish Breaking Bad would make a comeback. :)

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 25 days ago +5

    breaking bad is the best show of all time

  • MsPerfume25
    MsPerfume25 25 days ago

    lolllll this is hilariousss

  • Jessie Girls
    Jessie Girls 26 days ago

    Oh my god jimmy i think i change my mind i don't want to merry😁😅

  • Mangokingemphasis
    Mangokingemphasis 27 days ago

    I fucking lost it with the pizza

  • Shibui
    Shibui 28 days ago

    God damn i need that Jimmy's outro track at 0:47. Is it just a pure jam or some track with a specific name?

  • Mad Lad McLean
    Mad Lad McLean 29 days ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Awe Some
    Awe Some Month ago

    boo boo! Love pink.

  • Kcoop215
    Kcoop215 Month ago

    can anyone tell me why he threw a pizza?

  • Kcoop215
    Kcoop215 Month ago

    who throws a pizza, honestly

  • 86sith
    86sith Month ago

    Ugh can't stand his stupid ass smug face I wanna throw a brick at his fucking face

  • Nolan Sparks73
    Nolan Sparks73 Month ago

    The pizza killed me!😂😥

  • PolaroidFreak 600
    PolaroidFreak 600 Month ago +2

    That laugh track was so annoying

  • C X
    C X Month ago

    wow this is idiotic

  • Matias Steffensen
    Matias Steffensen Month ago

    The freaking pizza

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Month ago +1

    I want to speak to my teacher like Jesse

  • sudhanshu kathoch
    sudhanshu kathoch Month ago

    Just saw this Video

  • Appy Bhattacharya
    Appy Bhattacharya Month ago

    How'd I miss this so far? This is too good! =D

  • Bobby Chervenov
    Bobby Chervenov Month ago

    Saul and Jay saved me from falling asleep

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator Month ago

    Everytime I died of laughing when he said BITCH

  • Jon Do
    Jon Do Month ago

    That pizza moment XD

  • Chz3Cream Productions

    that Gus is spot on!

  • Rhesa Samuel
    Rhesa Samuel Month ago

    I thought it was actual bryan Cranston in the thumbnail. Jimmy nails these parody looks

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega Month ago

    That annoying haha crowd God damn it

  • morgan freeman
    morgan freeman Month ago

    "whatever, bitch. I'm makin fat stacks yo"

  • harold winesse
    harold winesse Month ago

    This sucks

  • haider almatry
    haider almatry Month ago

    Throwing a pizza 🍕 😂😂😂

  • DimitrisFioras
    DimitrisFioras Month ago +1

    This, could be easily another season

  • Im Sorry Rj Angus
    Im Sorry Rj Angus Month ago

    Your not funny, any one who thinks your funny is retarded. There I said it

  • Piru Perkele
    Piru Perkele Month ago


  • HASAN AL-ghamdi
    HASAN AL-ghamdi Month ago


  • Sapa Inti
    Sapa Inti Month ago

    The scene with hank had me screaming such great acting

  • Elkin Saravia
    Elkin Saravia Month ago


  • Maicy Ru
    Maicy Ru Month ago

    January 2019 lol

  • Sol Tamaris
    Sol Tamaris Month ago +2

    Los Pollos "Humanos"

  • Ali Ahmad Olumee
    Ali Ahmad Olumee Month ago



    my god breaking bad is the best tv show in the world and this is the best fane made video too

  • zeeshan Faraz
    zeeshan Faraz Month ago

    better call saul

  • Tarık İslam
    Tarık İslam Month ago

    The fucking last scene !!! lol

  • Marmike
    Marmike Month ago


  • Joy Okwuonu
    Joy Okwuonu Month ago

    This is Gold!!!!!
    Btw the guy playing Hank sounds just like Hank.

  • The Rageaholic
    The Rageaholic Month ago

    and yet he's never been funny

  • Titou 1er
    Titou 1er Month ago +51

    2019 anyone else ??

  • oxXRockXSugarXxo
    oxXRockXSugarXxo Month ago

    This is choice, yo! Hahah so hilarious boo, bitch! *throws pizza lmao

  • oxXRockXSugarXxo
    oxXRockXSugarXxo Month ago +3

    “This is choice!” (;

  • Ange Alexiel
    Ange Alexiel Month ago

    i like Jimmy, but that was not really funny at all....

  • MicahiLove
    MicahiLove Month ago

    Jay Leno is the icing on the cake! Perfection hahaha

  • Edgar’s Heir
    Edgar’s Heir Month ago

    This dude playing hank is killing it

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Good to see Colin Quinn in this horseshit

  • ihave asiancheekbones


  • Charles Dan Docto
    Charles Dan Docto Month ago +6

    Start your 2019 right folks

  • TKGoat
    TKGoat Month ago

    Ok that was funny lololol

  • Martin Marchena
    Martin Marchena Month ago +4

    Good parody ..." Los pollos Humanos " XD

  • قناة ازناكن

    I would love to see jimmy playing the professor in la casa de papel

  • Joel Sebastian.k
    Joel Sebastian.k Month ago

    9:50 didn't see that coming

  • Criselda
    Criselda Month ago

    Watching this after finishing the last episode of season 5 is the best thing ever. Sad (because the series ended) but so dang happy to find this.

    • Criselda
      Criselda Month ago

      NCC-1701-HUFFLEPUFF they really are! We even get to appreciate the jokes more because our memory is still fresh. So awesome.

      NCC-1701-HUFFLEPUFF Month ago

      Criselda Just finished the series about two months ago. I still can't believe I finished it. This is hilarious though. These impressions are spot on!

  • KAN
    KAN 2 months ago

    blah blah blah bitch !

  • Imane Fouatih
    Imane Fouatih 2 months ago

    The best thing in all this the seane of bryan and aaron .. booooo biiiitsh

  • Alexander Guess
    Alexander Guess 2 months ago

    How many cameos has Jay Leno made now since?

  • is this name taken
    is this name taken 2 months ago +5

    anyone almost shed a tear as they were remembered of the beautiful memories 'breaking bad' left in our hearts?

  • duc khoa nguyen
    duc khoa nguyen 2 months ago

    Honey momo!!!!!

  • Prakhar Pandey
    Prakhar Pandey 2 months ago +2

    This video is so funny I *laughed my ass off*

  • J C
    J C 2 months ago +2

    This is Au

  • Rajkumar Panthoiren
    Rajkumar Panthoiren 2 months ago

    Fuck off Jimmy asshole