Food mascots I could beat in a fight

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Do you think you could beat these food mascots? Do you think you would win in a fight against me? I honestly doubt any of you could take on me or people of my ilk....just sayin...
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 16 892

  • Wewden Snarple
    Wewden Snarple Hour ago

    he now looks like a 50 year old pedophile whos raped a bunch of catholic kids for "Ritual" Purposes

  • Aquatheem 101
    Aquatheem 101 Hour ago

    Totally disagree on the bear, polar bears are known for being extremely violent towards humans. This is because they are one of the few animals that actively hunt and kill humans, and they have balls of steel they are known for running into cars.
    Oh and because of his Tik Tok dad appearance I have a suspicion-that he would probably rape you before he kills you

  • Melini
    Melini Hour ago


  • Sydney Brooke
    Sydney Brooke Hour ago

    "I haven't watched an iDubbz video since his last content cop I wonder what he's posting latel- " ...

  • FrogMan
    FrogMan 2 hours ago

    tobias fünke headass

  • True Bandit
    True Bandit 3 hours ago

    Idubbbz will probs do a vid with anthony fantano next.

  • nonoseacrest
    nonoseacrest 3 hours ago

    I think he's wrong about Ronald, i've seen him, he can get pretty aggressive man

  • Scout Anderson
    Scout Anderson 3 hours ago

    Look how the massacared my boy's hair.

  • Stewiiee -
    Stewiiee - 3 hours ago

    plz upload on idubbbzgames

  • R U M H A M
    R U M H A M 4 hours ago

    As a Canadian, I can confirm that a native woman would absolutely disembowel you Ian.

  • RIFT Tanton
    RIFT Tanton 4 hours ago

    Wtf is with ur hair

  • Sturdy Potato
    Sturdy Potato 4 hours ago

    I don’t think the raisins are black, it think they are Hispanic

  • neon-strat
    neon-strat 4 hours ago

    Edups grow your hair back out please youre scaring the kids

  • MP G
    MP G 5 hours ago

    Is he dead

  • Tiffany Batey
    Tiffany Batey 5 hours ago

    this was too good, please do this again!

  • malibu hercules
    malibu hercules 5 hours ago

    u forgot about kool aid man

  • CarsonDoesStuff
    CarsonDoesStuff 7 hours ago

    anthony fantano?

  • ByDruxy
    ByDruxy 8 hours ago

    Dear mr.duBBBs, Just thought I'd congratulate you for your success in destroying "leafy" aka waste of fucking matter. I recently saw a video explaining his sudden departure from TheXvid - a triumph they wrongly awarded to his well-known shit content. I, personally, thought you deserved the recognition in actually being that leading factor. Thank you for your service, have a phenomenal day.
    - a good man

  • liam real
    liam real 9 hours ago

    You look like heisenberg from braking bad but with his son's face

  • Chj Chack
    Chj Chack 9 hours ago

    no not the hair NOOOOOOO PLS

  • BBAppleCrunch
    BBAppleCrunch 9 hours ago

    This is what Dale from King of the Hill would be like in real life

  • Tommy Kavanaugh
    Tommy Kavanaugh 9 hours ago

    Never saw that goose video before lmfao holy fuck dude legit just grabs it and throws it like its nothing lmfao holy shit

  • Navor Trap
    Navor Trap 10 hours ago

    Leafy will be back

  • SyphonEXP
    SyphonEXP 10 hours ago

    Land lakes lady if history repeats itself I would give her small pocks

  • S V
    S V 11 hours ago

    The ICE bear would win

  • Taryn Lutz
    Taryn Lutz 11 hours ago

    Those headphones are sick af

  • Joshed Santos
    Joshed Santos 13 hours ago

    Convince Joji or filthyfrank to the god tier vids with you and mx again

  • Julian Banuelos
    Julian Banuelos 14 hours ago

    What about the cheese wheel from cheeze it? That is the ultimate challenge his horrible jokes would make u crack

  • Breadlord
    Breadlord 15 hours ago

    Idubbz looks like flash’s teacher from the incredibles

  • Miscellaneo and Toby
    Miscellaneo and Toby 16 hours ago

    His attack points go up against Ronald for every age past 18. He gained 500 points. Idubbbz is 68.

  • Hrvoje Tonkovac
    Hrvoje Tonkovac 17 hours ago

    What the FUCK happend to your hair

  • Samin Khan
    Samin Khan 18 hours ago +1

    I like how his hair is cut like headphones...

  • Thomas Crew
    Thomas Crew 18 hours ago

    Your hair looks nice

  • ImpatientxStew
    ImpatientxStew 18 hours ago

    I miss the Idubbz who use to play overgrowth😂

  • Broken Liez
    Broken Liez 19 hours ago

    3:33 3:54

  • Reinzelle Loureen Reyno

    What the hell happened to your hair

  • dodge ram 1500 1996
    dodge ram 1500 1996 22 hours ago

    Is this channel dead yet or am I just really late to the notifications?


    what a fuck with your hair man

  • CC Clan Official
    CC Clan Official 23 hours ago +1

    Idubbz. Who hurt you?

  • RoBbob Daniels
    RoBbob Daniels Day ago

    Pedo alert

  • The Funksersquad

    What happened to filthy Frank

  • junior214223
    junior214223 Day ago

    I keep thinking his hair is some kind of beanie or something.

  • Jinx
    Jinx Day ago

    Song name?? 1:11

  • Darktyl
    Darktyl Day ago

    He looks like if Anthony Fantano went crazy

  • I do stuff In Slo mo

    Don’t be a chicken ayy some chickens will kick your ass especially roosters you’ll run from them I live on a farm i work with chickens every day you can get flogged they Will kick your ass

  • Justin Steave
    Justin Steave Day ago

    Polar bears are no joke. He would rip your asshole out for fun.

  • Barney the thiccc Purple dino

    Make a vid fetureing every dilldo youve ever been sent

  • Cnel 003
    Cnel 003 Day ago

    Wait so he’s 68 years old from the clown logic. He added 500 points

  • Will Whitaker
    Will Whitaker Day ago

    Please don’t stop uploading

  • Jaxon Forgues
    Jaxon Forgues Day ago

    You should do a morgz content cop

  • Dark Dream
    Dark Dream Day ago

    That's you hell of a comb over you got!

  • Captain Skater
    Captain Skater Day ago

    1:30 oh so they're boomers ok

  • thomas moran
    thomas moran Day ago

    A badlands chugs documentary would be top tier

  • Doran Clerinx
    Doran Clerinx Day ago

    I think they are black and in a jazz band hahahah yeah that will do you dirty

  • illuminate- vhybz

    You forgot to put staypuff and all the McDonald’s mascots

  • Vita Eve
    Vita Eve Day ago

    You look like the guy who took my virginity.

  • xProphecy
    xProphecy Day ago +1

    upload more fuckhead

  • Protoka
    Protoka Day ago

    What if the nesquik rabbit could turn the water in your body into chocolate.

  • inn
    inn Day ago

    nobody notices his Anthony Fantano look alike? ...

  • spotted dick food

    iDubbz looks like a pedophile with his balding and a moustache.