Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - 10 Things Players HATE

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is here and we love it. Like with every big game, we like to have fun and point out minor fan complaints and annoyances.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx  20 days ago +690

    Just another heads up: minor gameplay spoilers, if you care.

    • Sami de Jong
      Sami de Jong 3 days ago

      Brian Scott I mean the order 66 level

    • Brian Scott
      Brian Scott 3 days ago

      @Sami de Jong order 66 has already been initiated right before the game starts you off that's why you were on junk planet and the inquisitors are after you in the first

    • Gigga Vega
      Gigga Vega 5 days ago

      Hey Vern, great video Vern. Know what I mean Vern? 😆

    • Josh Jacobs
      Josh Jacobs 5 days ago

      I liked and subscribed because you asked so nicely at the end of the video

    • Dildo Teabaggens
      Dildo Teabaggens 7 days ago

      gameranx I got my ass kicked by ogboggo so many time I put it on Jedi knight to beat him

  • D. corpsegrinder17
    D. corpsegrinder17 28 minutes ago

    Just got the game
    try to avoid all game guides
    went straight to dathomir
    Get my ass kicked for 3 hours
    Gave up
    Drop the difficulty

  • zNet
    zNet 46 minutes ago

    When I first unlocked dathomir, I went to get the double bladed lightsaber straight away. It took me 2 hours fighting this damn nightbrothers.

  • zNet
    zNet 56 minutes ago

    My only complaint is that the main story is too short...

  • Dark Magician
    Dark Magician Hour ago +1

    Fun fact, you can actually counter enemies unblockable attacks. You just hit them before they get the chance to hit you

  • Shaq eel O kneal
    Shaq eel O kneal 5 hours ago

    Greezskin kind of looks like uncooked chicken

  • Blue00
    Blue00 6 hours ago

    I don’t like cere

  • Tom Welch
    Tom Welch 6 hours ago

    The game is very good but a lot of this stuff did annoy me 😂

  • Ken Groenstein
    Ken Groenstein 6 hours ago

    The pink Pancho is not

  • Dommy Gunn
    Dommy Gunn 7 hours ago

    Pointless video

  • Derek Evans
    Derek Evans 8 hours ago

    Ur comparing that frog to dark souls bosses? Are you serious? This game is child’s play compared to dark souls blood borne or noih. It’s not enough like those games to be compared to them anyway. This game is good but it’s more like tomb raider then dark souls

  • Andres Ornelas
    Andres Ornelas 9 hours ago

    With all of the bugs it has it’s still one of the best Star Wars game out there

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 13 hours ago

    I kept waiting to see if my main complaint would appear and it didn't: why the pancho?! I just wanted eventually to get to wear a robe! Just one simple robe! Like Jedi are so famous for. But no, it's this pancho the whole game.

  • YoAlpha
    YoAlpha 14 hours ago

    I thought he looked like the guy from Gotham

  • Quang Phước Đoàn
    Quang Phước Đoàn 15 hours ago

    I really hate Dathomir's map because I can't find my way back to some certain areas and we can't fast travel to Meditation spots

  • LS 1400 gaming
    LS 1400 gaming 15 hours ago


  • Sk8er _JvT
    Sk8er _JvT 16 hours ago

    Right after Zeffo I watched a video on the double sided light saber and went to dathomir... it sucked

  • Noru Killer
    Noru Killer 18 hours ago

    being able to land on like unaccecable places and losing your xp. but you cant get it back or you can but then there is no way to get back to the normal ground

  • Frikanih FX
    Frikanih FX 20 hours ago

    To me this game is great, the reward in exchange for Disney fucking up Star Wars 1313, Battlefront 3 and the Darth Maul game. The only thing that I really HATE is first thing that you mentioned, the fact that the maps are soooo big and sometimes the "I gotta go back to the ship!" moment gets so annoying, having to constantly be opening the map to see which path should I get. And yeah, they could have putted more budget on the clothing instead of those ugly ass ponchos lmao.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention, loved the edit on this video, really fluid!!

  • Money Mann
    Money Mann 22 hours ago

    I’m stuck on 2nd sister 2nd boss fight an I din kno to explore to get more health injections wen I started playing... every time I watch video of someone fighting her they have 3 or more injections an I only have 2....I have no way to get back to my ship to explore for more health injections 😩😩😩

  • Gmanunit13vers2
    Gmanunit13vers2 23 hours ago

    I hated the *spoilers*

    Undead witches....they aren't hard but they swarm like a mofo

  • Lou Card
    Lou Card Day ago

    the damn spider pisses me off !!!

  • carBon yt
    carBon yt Day ago

    Was it just me, or did anyone else feel so sad when it ended... like I knew it had to happen and the ending was incredible but I didn’t want it to end so freaking badly more than any game I’ve ever played...


  • WorstGaming 123
    WorstGaming 123 Day ago

    I honestly gave up and switched to story mode to defeat him😂😂😂

  • Haydn M
    Haydn M Day ago

    The worst enemy for me by far were those Imperial Security Droids (the K-2SO droids). Just the overuse of the pick up and throw down attack that they had, which was unlockable, really just grinded my gears, especially when there were more than one to fight

  • Tony Turbo13
    Tony Turbo13 Day ago

    This game is cool, but I'm beyond frustrated with it and I'm actually considering returning it

  • GuiZus ChRisT
    GuiZus ChRisT Day ago

    Who else went to dathomir just to get lightsaber upgrades

  • Dan Nolan
    Dan Nolan Day ago

    Am I the only one who didn't know oggdo bogdo existed (I'm past dathomir, zeffo, and kashyyk) until I saw this

  • Hance Howard
    Hance Howard Day ago

    Story was to short

  • Scottyboii and A Pup named Leo

    Dathomir was not tht hard and it was the second planet I went to

  • tiGZ
    tiGZ Day ago

    Was the pink poncho from a scomplink chest? Cause all i recall getting was the force echo (beat him early in game, literally before completing the first mission) pink ponchos a big slap to the face tho lol

  • D T
    D T Day ago

    The game has ZERO replay value. It's a once and done kind of thing. I still play the original Kotor.

  • Darren Paul Frye II

    Wouldn’t another complaint consist of not being able to jump backwards when climbing a wall?

  • NESguy94
    NESguy94 Day ago

    Dathomir is a pain in general. It did a good job bringing in elements from the books and shows but it's just not fun for me.

  • Jeffrey Staten Jr.

    Is it just me or does anyone else hate the fact that there is literally no health cartridges anywhere in those vases or just laying around? If you run out of those stem cannisters its a wrap until you hit the next meditation spot (do not go to a previous spot or you will get punished again).

  • Cookies
    Cookies Day ago

    I hate the giant spider enemy, they’re terrifying. I stopped playing skyrim cause of them

  • MeCash
    MeCash Day ago

    The combat. I like Dark Souls and it's combat, but Dark Souls is centered around combat and the challenge. In an action adventure game, with puzzles it just doesn't fit, it's too slow and overly complicated. Something fast, similar to Shadow of Mordor or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance or God of War would been so much better.

  • jeremy Mizer
    jeremy Mizer Day ago

    I hate zeffos map, and by hate I mean I want to nuke the planet

  • Earl Smith
    Earl Smith Day ago

    those little killer plants on kashyyyk the ones that follow you, I can deal with the massive venus flytraps I like the hold storm troopers into them

  • Wojtek
    Wojtek Day ago

    Ahhh, so the fact that we got a small 20 hours long game for a price equal to big AAA games is not an issue for authors of the video? Color of poncho is an issue? Not the fact that customization is pathetic (you can wear poncho or poncho, or maybe - if you like - a poncho). The game is a very lazy cash grab before Rise of Skywalker. Each DLC to Witcher 3 had more content then this whole game for fraction of the price (and whole W3 with DLC's pass was cheeper then Fallen Order) . Even last 2 Assasin's Creeds have many times more content.

  • Jeffrey Flores
    Jeffrey Flores Day ago

    Oggdo Bogdo fucked up 2 hours of my life cuz I've never really played these type of parry dodge games

  • J.A.R TV
    J.A.R TV Day ago

    i was gonna return the game cause i had no clue i had to go to zeffo 😭😭 and i got so frustrated

  • BetterTelevision

    i love spiders

  • My Bad Highlights

    As someone who played a lot of sekiro this game easy as shit on grandmaster

  • ILBananas
    ILBananas Day ago

    Dont you love it when u get trapped in a corner?

  • Dusan Radovic
    Dusan Radovic Day ago

    Dialogs and time lost traveling between planets.

  • Minev
    Minev Day ago

    Why isnt the loading time mentioned?

  • Triforce1
    Triforce1 Day ago

    i went to dathomir first, and i was like "holy crap this game is rough!" But i ended up getting the cool upgrade, and was happy i did. Fare warning tho it can be frustrating if you do!

  • T Time
    T Time Day ago

    Naw here is the real #1. NO NEW GAME PLUS...Like you collect all this stuff but u can’t replay the story with it like what is the purpose then

  • T Time
    T Time Day ago

    I totally agree with the fast travel. I bet the game and I been looking for all the chest and when I finish one planet and I have to go back to the ship I get sooooo mad cuz I’m on the other side of the damn map...I hope they fix that

  • d e a t h d r e a m

    Really the only thing im a bit perturbed about is his stance and some of the animations which doesn't usually bug me in games that much but can't help but think "You're a jedi, act like it"
    Other than that its a great game. Certainly not a game the way the force unleashed was, Now that one holds a hell of a special place (I guess my fanboy ass is showing)
    But if you haven't played it yet you're in for some pretty cool experiences.
    Oh and if you're playing on anything less than a X-box X you're stuck with annoying long load time texture pop-ins ....Xbox one S talking here

  • Hippieana Jones
    Hippieana Jones Day ago

    Also why is the underwater animation for the crates the same as if BD jumps into it on land. He doesn't get in the crate underwater but it still opens, closes, shakes around and then opens again...

  • Hippieana Jones
    Hippieana Jones Day ago

    I was so happy when I went to Dathomir the first time, sure the enemies were OP and you could only go so far but the upgrade you find there is so worth the hassle.

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor Day ago

    Personally I didn't find this game all that difficult. I started on Knight but quickly went up to Master and played 95% of it like that. I finished it on Grand Master then re-played it like that. I only died like half a dozen times in my first playthrough and only 3 in my next one. One thing I did struggle with for some reason was the sliding. Freakin missing that bloody rope.

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 2 days ago

    "It's worth it if you find and earn... Some certain things." I know exactly what you're talking about... And yes.

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 2 days ago

    7:10 That's hilarious but also accurate

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 2 days ago

    5:23 Yeah that sounds about right. Like the Vader appearance... I wouldn't have known he was in the game until I experienced it for myself but nope...

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 2 days ago

    Glad i'm not the only one who though the box opening thing felt off... Like every time "Okay then" or something of the sort...

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 2 days ago

    Oggdo Bogdo is a biiitt-

  • Jordan S.
    Jordan S. 2 days ago

    Never really understood the complaints about ogdo bogdo... Yeah he does massive damage but he literally only has 5 attacks. 4 of which are extremely easy to avoid. The charge attack is the only "tricky" one but really it's bc ppl are dodging too early. He's really not that difficult even on the grandmaster setting.