Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Ryu vs Final Boss Evil Ryu [HARDEST]

  • Published on Jan 12, 2017
  • Inspired by Daigo's Ryu, I decided to make a video on [Ryu vs Boss Evil Ryu]
    And here it is!!!
    Difficulty: Hardest
    Rounds: 3
    All credits go to Capcom.
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  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr Month ago

    You are god or algeishon parecideishon?

  • Lundell
    Lundell 2 months ago +1

    *Ryu v Poison in a nutshell*
    Crazy man spotted throwing a cop around the street

  • kuanlimputera
    kuanlimputera 2 months ago

    ryu is a rascal if he just knows only fighting. it's only his life. he needs a real job or go to university, gouken is a bad influence for his life.
    or at least he could sign up to MMC fighter.

  • Drum Stick Da Great
    Drum Stick Da Great 3 months ago +1

    Wow the final boss wasn’t oni

  • Elie Sader
    Elie Sader 3 months ago

    14:15 Seth got karma XD

  • miss you
    miss you 4 months ago

    im boring to use repeatedly exactly same move

  • TheMasterRiolu15
    TheMasterRiolu15 4 months ago

    Nice job!

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 4 months ago

    rip capcom's AI

  • flying Mike
    flying Mike 5 months ago

    1:47 busted a fat one

  • AvangionQ
    AvangionQ 5 months ago

    @ 17:05 Rather enjoyed that finish ... Metsu Shoryuken defeats red focus

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas 6 months ago

    damn evil ryu looks badass

  • HatsuneMiku170/Medic!!!!!892

    Is a TAS playing because this is godlike

  • Brandon mitchell And dominic coleman

    I still play SF3. Lol😆😆😆

  • Big C COMBO
    Big C COMBO 7 months ago

    For Evil Ryu and Oni does it have to be on Hardest?

  • Nhôn Nhao Ôn
    Nhôn Nhao Ôn 7 months ago

    10:02 that face of Ryu :))

  • Abhishek Sethi
    Abhishek Sethi 7 months ago

    2:34 is she saying bastard or faster? Lmfao

  • Mickey Tatertots
    Mickey Tatertots 7 months ago


  • Illidari Slayer
    Illidari Slayer 7 months ago

    10:00 Ryu: NANI

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming 7 months ago +5

    I still prefer SFIV over SFV

  • Miguel Anghel
    Miguel Anghel 8 months ago

    poor hugo

  • Hilda Edmond
    Hilda Edmond 8 months ago

    Pure beast

  • Juan Diego Jiménez Sánchez

    Arcade mode on hardest

  • Juan Diego Jiménez Sánchez

    Ryu all rounds with perfect

  • Nuclear Atom
    Nuclear Atom 11 months ago


  • The King Of Nostalgia
    The King Of Nostalgia 11 months ago


  • NXM nxm
    NXM nxm 11 months ago

    Man you make such good vids

  • The Programmer of video games

    15:47 this fight is basically represents gouken vs akuma. But instead of brothers,it's one person (this fight isn't canon anyway,)

  • L.I.O.
    L.I.O. 11 months ago

    WOW evil Ryu Is to fast to launch hadoken AND shoryuken .

  • captin wolf
    captin wolf 11 months ago

    I will destory anyone with Dudley

  • Jordy Pantoja
    Jordy Pantoja Year ago

    14:15 Ryu mita desgraçadamente!

  • OmegaSpartan3168
    OmegaSpartan3168 Year ago

    Right on man, fuck work.

  • Lyr Blackwell
    Lyr Blackwell Year ago

    Clean ending

  • Xander Ex
    Xander Ex Year ago

    Well this is going to be almost impossible. Because Seth spams me too much!

  • The God Pro HD
    The God Pro HD Year ago

    Para hacer combo básico lo hago pro cuadrado con salto equis y me lo hacen gavee

    YDK_SAM Year ago

    I hope you make more videos

  • Malachi Taylor
    Malachi Taylor Year ago

    Spamerr u suck

  • Marissa Ochoa
    Marissa Ochoa Year ago


  • Widaal Graal
    Widaal Graal Year ago +1


  • Skeye 14
    Skeye 14 Year ago

    Not a difficult level

  • sa suke
    sa suke Year ago

    Chin li didn't get u a chance to get perfect

  • Captain X
    Captain X Year ago

    Do deejay plz

  • KEN tv TURBO
    KEN tv TURBO Year ago


  • Mike Stadisfield
    Mike Stadisfield Year ago

    "I cannot give in to this power" ~Ryu
    *Uses a metsu shoryuken to defeat himself*

  • محمد سعيد ابو المكارم ابو المكارم

    orginal games very very good new applction for play

  • Michael Gomez Cruz

    The Best game Ultra Street Fighter IV

  • Wayne Barton
    Wayne Barton Year ago

    If you want to train HARDER then work SMARTER.

  • Wayne Barton
    Wayne Barton Year ago +3

    A top tip for RYU in becoming the ULTIMATE WORRIOR just simply stay MGTOW MONK 👊.

  • Lord Sairight / Denny

    I have a request:
    Dan vs Final Boss Oni [HARDEST]
    I wanna see that one so bad 😁😁😁

  • Tueem Syhu
    Tueem Syhu Year ago

    MAN, Ryu's Ending movie is WEAK!I know his quest is "never-ending" but at least give us a decent ending movie for Ryu.

  • Davon Benson
    Davon Benson Year ago +15

    So it seems like the battle with Evil Ryu took place in Ryu’s mind.

  • MonsterOverflow
    MonsterOverflow Year ago

    Dear fuck, for a woman who fronts like such a badass, C. Viper has a pathetically girly ass scream.

  • Serris
    Serris Year ago

    3:32 people who use Ryu for the first time in a nutshell.

  • Anime Fan and Gamer

    Ryu VS Evil Ryu = WTF...

  • Sweetness Jones
    Sweetness Jones Year ago

    The ending fight reminds me of Kazuya vs Devil in Tekken 2.

  • jeff
    jeff Year ago

    Try a bison video

  • Altar Sp!ke
    Altar Sp!ke Year ago

    wow, this ryu is EXCELLENT!!

  • Phipham Vo
    Phipham Vo Year ago

    2:52 Whoa! Is Poison a magician?

  • NNJAS 3
    NNJAS 3 Year ago

    Wow your so good at street fighter
    Keep on dude! :D

  • Wloe
    Wloe Year ago +2

    i used the hadoken strat on my friend and he couldn't move LOL

  • Andrew Kazama
    Andrew Kazama Year ago +2

    Ryu and Ken r very good sparing partners

  • Lazy Akuma
    Lazy Akuma Year ago

    Evil ryu is if female akuma and ryu had a baby lol

  • Rayhan Ameer Canedo

    3:14 pick somebody your own size noob

  • OhB0Y3AM
    OhB0Y3AM Year ago

    I got a joke.

    *In the Capcom offices, Street Fighter Department*
    SF4 Dev: hmmm we need a menacing name for this guy that the artist drew.
    *shows concept art of seth*
    SF4 Dev2: hmmm how about bob
    SF4 Dev: Nah too generic
    SF4 Dev3: How about Victor?
    some make a wish kid: HOW ABOUT YOU NAME IT SETH!

  • The Blake Check
    The Blake Check Year ago +3

    Go Ryu go

  • JJ209th
    JJ209th Year ago

    Why no ghetto ryu tho? Also, how do you access alternate rivals? Because I remember that ryus regular rival is sagat

  • Jose Angel
    Jose Angel 2 years ago +5

    How to beat Hugo: Spam hadoken without stop
    How to beat every single CPU: Focus attack+throw,then repeat it always

    • rei dragor
      rei dragor Year ago

      helmiboboy lmao I'm about to comment that

    • helmiboboy
      helmiboboy Year ago

      Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto someone who called Max Maxillion

    • Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto
      Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto Year ago

      helmiboboy wut, that Ryu player lost, that sucks

    • helmiboboy
      helmiboboy Year ago +2

      Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto I definitely having that flashback from certain guy who got KO by Hugo while launch his full power hadoken...His screaming is glorious.

    • Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto
      Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto Year ago +1

      Jose Angel This is the legitimate answer, especially against cpus focus attack into a throw and repeat always works for me

  • Girth
    Girth 2 years ago

    You should try for a no damage ryu

  • Raze Box Animations
    Raze Box Animations 2 years ago

    Lol u spam hadoken on hugo

  • Mathieu Randrianjanaka

    why ur opponents have low damage, fake difficult level.

  • Mathieu Randrianjanaka

    not difficult

  • PeacetoYall P.S. I'm Not Jamaican

    spam hadokens

  • Raymond Bermea
    Raymond Bermea 2 years ago

    Looks like Ryu defeated his evil self and stopped the Satsui no Hadou from controlling him. For now, that is.

  • dedikerN
    dedikerN 2 years ago

    Your Ryu is pretty good! :) love ur vids cant get enough of them, but i would like to see a Guile playthrough. did u plan to play with him in the next videos?

  • Ade Ade
    Ade Ade 2 years ago

    you are not taking damage as much as your opponents

  • Serco
    Serco 2 years ago

    damn ure killing it bro, keep it up!