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  • se we
    se we Minute ago

    what kind of drugs do you have to be on to create this

  • Nitronik Lol
    Nitronik Lol 33 minutes ago

    I can't sleep anymore...dude...

  • Master of Nothing
    Master of Nothing 38 minutes ago +1


  • Lilac Lily
    Lilac Lily 42 minutes ago

    Youre embarrassing me

  • Callum 2006 boi
    Callum 2006 boi 51 minute ago +1

    The moment you realise he is from A KIDS MOVIE

  • TheGreatRSD
    TheGreatRSD 51 minute ago

    watch it had 1.25 and 1.5 and 2

  • Louise Greaves
    Louise Greaves Hour ago

    This is the new m&m. watch the video at speed 2

  • Mr Mistyeye
    Mr Mistyeye Hour ago

    why is one my recommended videos "The Story of Ebola" ?

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones 2 hours ago

    0:33 DAB

  • kitteh catto
    kitteh catto 3 hours ago

    *calls 911

  • kitteh catto
    kitteh catto 3 hours ago

    They say this is the last image a person sees before death.
    Could this be God himself?

  • The Eyeball
    The Eyeball 3 hours ago +1

    Is this thing hanging out in my local library?

  • O C T A H E D R O N
    O C T A H E D R O N 3 hours ago

    God left

  • zimshowfan
    zimshowfan 3 hours ago

    this is a big nigger

  • SunshineTan 456
    SunshineTan 456 4 hours ago

    I dare you to watch it in 2x

  • astaroth _
    astaroth _ 5 hours ago +1

    Wtf did i watch XD

  • Rumor Raven
    Rumor Raven 5 hours ago

    What is happening....

  • the awesome youtuber
    the awesome youtuber 5 hours ago


  • Onion-kun Studio
    Onion-kun Studio 5 hours ago

    To be a meme

  • la zorra y agustina Muñoz


  • Chicken _Mun
    Chicken _Mun 6 hours ago

    Wtf have I gotten myself into

  • clover ajpw
    clover ajpw 6 hours ago

    Over weight body

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood 6 hours ago

    Kenye West’s mind:

    I got it! “Woopy di scoop”

  • _destyniThePotato_
    _destyniThePotato_ 6 hours ago

    This is gonna give me nightmares **Shivers** 😑🤮

  • Teopy
    Teopy 7 hours ago

    I wanna have a sexual relationship with him

  • greenlight 58
    greenlight 58 7 hours ago

    I Fear No Man... But That THING... It Scares Me..

  • Cupkawii
    Cupkawii 7 hours ago


  • Alyssa Bentley
    Alyssa Bentley 8 hours ago

    I Have Reached The Weird Side Of TheXvid Agian

  • Frodio the gamer
    Frodio the gamer 9 hours ago

    What the fuck

  • LeTs PLay!
    LeTs PLay! 9 hours ago

    R A P G O D

  • FlavTheGamer
    FlavTheGamer 9 hours ago

    Im on the wrong side of youtube again.

  • Precious Nkhata
    Precious Nkhata 9 hours ago +1

    Cancer in a nutshell

  • EnricoJulzRBLX YT/23
    EnricoJulzRBLX YT/23 10 hours ago

    Shut up glob

  • ph11 ki
    ph11 ki 10 hours ago

    After that, i cant sleep

  • Trần minh tài
    Trần minh tài 11 hours ago

    This guy is creep me out

  • Explodo -kills
    Explodo -kills 11 hours ago +1


  • Galaxy Darling Dae
    Galaxy Darling Dae 11 hours ago


  • samouflage99
    samouflage99 11 hours ago

    Why does his...IT' sound like how you would write the sound of someone drowning? I can't do this anymore, internet

  • Dusty Paws
    Dusty Paws 12 hours ago

    Work of the devil..

  • do you know da whae
    do you know da whae 13 hours ago

    Wtf is this

    RUGGS 14 hours ago

    that smexy fat man xD

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  • Josh Ferrer
    Josh Ferrer 15 hours ago

    Aliens must fear us

  • Ella Hattum
    Ella Hattum 15 hours ago

    So funny

  • Nathan Y
    Nathan Y 15 hours ago


  • mirko salinas
    mirko salinas 15 hours ago

    My brain in the school

  • AllTimeGaming
    AllTimeGaming 15 hours ago +1

    Is this a meme?

  • Wow Such name
    Wow Such name 15 hours ago

    I was at an art camp and this girl showed this to me. Now we're meme friends. Camp is over now and I don't even know her name... She will forever be known as meme girl..

  • The DerpyDonut
    The DerpyDonut 16 hours ago

    What movie is this? Its very *splendid*

  • Lofty Smalls
    Lofty Smalls 16 hours ago

    Can I die now?

  • Creeper Dude
    Creeper Dude 16 hours ago

    WHO MADE THIS,?!?!

  • Moon Pool
    Moon Pool 16 hours ago

    As soon as this started my cat put his head up

  • Janny The killer
    Janny The killer 17 hours ago

    My bf told me about this... wtf does he do when we not texting?

  • Mezzadri Mezzadri
    Mezzadri Mezzadri 17 hours ago

    Just no.

  • DJohn Vlogs
    DJohn Vlogs 17 hours ago


  • KidPlayZYT
    KidPlayZYT 17 hours ago

    Fuck it this is shit

  • TheDerpyMightyena 8
    TheDerpyMightyena 8 17 hours ago


  • Tio Spike
    Tio Spike 17 hours ago

    De onde veio isso?...
    Filme? série?...

  • Michael Rahaman
    Michael Rahaman 18 hours ago

    Da faq is this and y

  • Maija Holopainen
    Maija Holopainen 19 hours ago

    Wallace, is that you?

  • TheFlyingBowser
    TheFlyingBowser 19 hours ago

    Only a real memelover can watch this at 2 speed

  • Crescendo Gaming
    Crescendo Gaming 20 hours ago

    I am the Globglogabgalab i love books, and this bacement is a true treasure trove i am the Globglogabgalab the schible wabble dibble dabble dab im full of schimple wimper kind i am the east of yeast and mind hmm splendid! Simply delicious I am the Globglogabgalab schibble dibble dib a dab dab ahhhh

  • hola q hace
    hola q hace 20 hours ago

    What the fuck

  • Paul . Alexeyenko
    Paul . Alexeyenko 20 hours ago

    Mr stark, i don't feel so good

  • Ali Plays
    Ali Plays 21 hour ago


  • Cooper
    Cooper 22 hours ago

    Patiently waiting for his debut album

  • RodZa Gaming
    RodZa Gaming 22 hours ago

    Im lost

  • Andrew EW
    Andrew EW 22 hours ago

    Hi mutated slug! :D

  • Mr. sloth gamer
    Mr. sloth gamer 22 hours ago

    Kill me pls

  • Andrew EW
    Andrew EW 22 hours ago

    Very disturbing

  • Wolf Animates
    Wolf Animates 23 hours ago +2

    I am physically and mentally disturbed

  • Asifa Rehana
    Asifa Rehana 23 hours ago

    He turns into a rapper if you put at max speed

  • JDMlove
    JDMlove 23 hours ago

    *proof God exists*

  • selena page
    selena page 23 hours ago

    does anybody have bleach for my eyes

  • Karina Carvalho
    Karina Carvalho 23 hours ago

    Q desgrama fudida e essa

  • LpsUnicorns
    LpsUnicorns 23 hours ago

    the most amazing thing i've ever watched.

    It brung tears to my eyes.

  • Bleed
    Bleed 23 hours ago

    Shouldnt have watched this before sleeping

  • Kayoko_Chan :v
    Kayoko_Chan :v Day ago


  • Rory the rormon
    Rory the rormon Day ago +1

    jubba the hutt?

  • Rory the rormon
    Rory the rormon Day ago +1


  • Esther Hoffman
    Esther Hoffman Day ago

    Previously on my 600 lb life🤣😂🤣

  • Polar Plays
    Polar Plays Day ago

    what do you do if this comes out of your closet?

  • khemi sk
    khemi sk Day ago

    Im scared.

  • Cotton the cotton panda?

    If u play super fast then normal it gives you nightmares;-;

  • RackyDox
    RackyDox Day ago +1


  • Pincake
    Pincake Day ago

    Lmfao start it at x2 speed

  • Electronnic_ \MLG/
    Electronnic_ \MLG/ Day ago +1

    Ты тоже в поисках русского комментария?

  • Азамат Лайпанов

    Why this video recomended to me?

  • Sam Teinert
    Sam Teinert Day ago

    Who ever wrote this was on something and I want some

  • No, It's Fine 'TOTTY'

    Ooooh ok he's a BOOKWORM

  • Alyssa J
    Alyssa J Day ago

    ...why and how????

  • Aninha fofs
    Aninha fofs Day ago


  • MagicBunny 19
    MagicBunny 19 Day ago

    Eu n leio mais livros 0-0

  • Curious QT's vlogs

    And it's in a kids movie

  • Popufur
    Popufur Day ago

    Mom, I'm scared...

  • A. Gümüş
    A. Gümüş Day ago


  • AlfiePlays
    AlfiePlays Day ago

    Already dead. :l

  • selcouth
    selcouth Day ago


  • PurpleDood 344
    PurpleDood 344 Day ago

    I have another reason to commit suicide