Is Maguire Worth £90m? | Man Utd Transfer News

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
  • Reports today that Manchester United have had a £70m bid REJECTED by Leicester City for Harry Maguire!
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    Manchester United have had a £70m bid for Harry Maguire rejected by Leicester City according to multiple reports today.
    Is Harry Maguire the man to sort United's defence?
    Is he worth the £70m+?
    What are the alternatives if Leicester City do not budge on the price?
    It is believed the Englishman wants to join United but as of yet will not hand in a transfer request. Will he look to force a move through to United?
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Comments • 254

  • shmurda69
    shmurda69 28 days ago

    I do not know why Man Utd are in a hurry to get big name players. In the state that they are in, they are in re building mode. The purpose is to carefully evaluate targets and buy, not just buy to satisfy the fans.
    Ole brought in James as a pacey winger in which the club needed and Wan Bissaka as a right back which was desperately needed. So far it's a decent transfer window. Would have been good if either Jones or Rojo would of departed, but hey. Paying 90 million for an overpriced and overrated centre back is beyond dumb when you Axel Tuanzede to evaluate this season in a re building project. Patience is key.

  • DanWillsXXX Gaming
    DanWillsXXX Gaming Month ago

    He’s not worth 90 mill Leicester are trying to have our trousers down fk maguire go Ruben Dias

  • Mohammed Aroz
    Mohammed Aroz Month ago

    Maguire isn't even worth 50m. Error and injury prone. Why not buy kouliably for 10m more?? Kouliably is in the top 3 CB's in the world! There are other options- umtiti, Ruben Dias and De ligt is still available. Why waste time with maguire when we could've signed Bruno already. Poor move by the board

  • Joe Goh
    Joe Goh Month ago

    Nope .... buy Shane Duffy for 20M. He will be as good if not better than Maguire. Duffy's stats are actually very good considering that he is playing for Brighton! And he scores goals!

    BOY DILA Month ago

    Maguire's transfer price is getting ridiculous.. We need to move on to other defenders..

  • Hollaifyahearme
    Hollaifyahearme Month ago

    35 mill

  • Little Dan McNamara

    Denis Irwin!! Please tell me there's an interview coming

  • Bassam Hakami
    Bassam Hakami Month ago

    Mckola for The DOF position

  • Stan Gable
    Stan Gable Month ago +1

    I can remember that day as clear as day, a decision had to be made for my sanity, I had to walk away.
    Man u had my support after the 1999 treble win but after the moyes and lvg debacles I decided to give up and switch my support to MAN CITY 😄🤣and boy am I glad that I did !!
    No longer am I the butt of all jokes from family friends and colleagues and signing these no mark players ain't convincing me either 🖕

  • Asif Sabri
    Asif Sabri Month ago

    Give me 65 million and I’ll get a defender . Utd are awful are recruiting.

  • Asif Sabri
    Asif Sabri Month ago

    Your telling me we can’t find a defender in the whole world who isn’t as good as Harry maguire .

  • Asif Sabri
    Asif Sabri Month ago

    Killed it Edwood woodddd the nob head 😂

  • Spaceman X
    Spaceman X Month ago

    give them martial and 50 million

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones Month ago +1

    No. To Utd he is worth around 80 - 100 Million. Utd are diabolic at the the back. Lets face it guys, Utd are in big trouble defensively.
    Plus he has 3 years left on his contract, Leicester do not need to sell him.
    So you are going to have to pay over the odds! (From a Leicester fan :-P)

  • Ironhide Steel
    Ironhide Steel Month ago

    HE IS NOT WORTH £90MILL but knowing our stupid owners they'll pay that much for him

  • BarebackBarbarians - Podcast

    Rashford is a bang average forward... Kane and manè get a little over 200k a week they are world class, rashford is nowhere near them 2... United have a horrible wage structure.

    • BarebackBarbarians - Podcast
      BarebackBarbarians - Podcast Month ago

      Liverpool got Matip for free from shalke.... Now as partner to Virgil he's played like a boss this season. You can easily find other CBS for much cheaper then Mcguire that can do a job

  • aaron Hayden
    aaron Hayden Month ago

    Not worth 50 million never mind 70 fucking joke

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner Month ago

    Hope manutd get him to join the club

  • Roberto Gonzales
    Roberto Gonzales Month ago

    Update your transfer ins - AWB 🙌

  • Bryce Miller
    Bryce Miller Month ago

    the question isn't whether he's worth 90 million, it's whether he's the centerback we need in the first fucking place. Like, money aside is he even that good? If he's not the best available defender, then it's not worth the back and forth, go find someone else. The price never comes into play for me.

  • BlzE 94
    BlzE 94 Month ago +1

    Thank god it was rejected!

  • abudianto
    abudianto Month ago

    I don't get why there's a lot of doubts around Maguire when he's had a great 2 seasons under LC. Whether you like it or not he's one of the best England CBs in the game, he showed that in the world cup. Yes he's pricy but you have to expect that with every England players now. He's only 26 and at the prime years of his career and he will get us more clean sheets, which means more points and hopefully gets us into the top 4.

  • Erick Tavares
    Erick Tavares Month ago

    I'd rather have koulibaly for 100M

  • PermanentMerka
    PermanentMerka Month ago

    All this wanking of VVD he hides to much to for me. This is why makes few mistakes. But great CB's have more defesive attack about them. King, Rio, Terry, Woodgate all superior just to name a few english examples.

    • Sassy Ranma
      Sassy Ranma Month ago +1

      Good point. I've yet to see a defender as good as King, Rio, Woodgate and Terry in the current era. They were different class.

  • Shrekt m9
    Shrekt m9 Month ago

    No, he's not worth it.

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson Month ago

    We are looking at at the wrong Leicester player? WE SHOULD WANT YOURI TIELEMANS!

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ Month ago

    Diop for me...🤔

  • Gareth Keenan
    Gareth Keenan Month ago +1

    I don't get this attitude of "I don't care because it's not my money". You should care because the budget is finite every year. First, doing an expensive bad deal means there no more money for other transfers. Second, that bad deal will hurt the club's finances in the long run.

    • Mike West
      Mike West Month ago

      Why should you care? these owners are all millionaire/ billionaires do you work for Man Utd? are you there accountant?

  • Kudakwashe Phillie
    Kudakwashe Phillie Month ago +1

    if they decline a 70million then he`s not our guy now let`s move on to Ruben Dias as early as possible

  • Herve Bayaram
    Herve Bayaram Month ago +1

    Tell Leicester city to keep him , at 90 millions united can buy 2 or 3 decent centre back .

  • MJM
    MJM Month ago

    Another joke of a transfer window. No midfielders (we needed 2). No Right wing, no striker, no CB. Joke

  • Kyle Howie
    Kyle Howie Month ago

    Adam. Why. Do. You. Always. Talk. Like. This.?.

  • robertlee7788
    robertlee7788 Month ago

    Rueben dias ???? Much cheaper and very good

  • Rex Banner
    Rex Banner Month ago

    £10 million more than ronaldo, what a joke.

  • Robert Mansell
    Robert Mansell Month ago

    Well Vidic cost about 7mil so take inflation into account and Maguire’s worth about 5mil 90million is a complete joke especially as he would prefer to play for City in the CL

  • Peka Fanchun
    Peka Fanchun Month ago

    Absolutely not worth 90M.

  • sotiris Gardelis
    sotiris Gardelis Month ago

    Is he fuck. 50-60 max

  • Karson Wilson
    Karson Wilson Month ago

    Not good for us Leicester will be loving this cause city and Utd going head to head for maguire and bids could get crazy and a don’t think he’s worth 90m

  • D Knight
    D Knight Month ago +3

    I understand your principle of not caring about the money, but Glazers will have a budget in mind and that budget won't be number of players! So if you overspend on Maguire, other areas don't get addressed and we get Mata on the wing! And static Matic in DM

  • random#342
    random#342 Month ago

    Maguire is not an average center back. He gets overlooked because people say English players are overrated. He averaged 7.05 in the league last season. Closest to him is Laporte and he cost city 60 two years ago. 70 mill is just. 90mill is not. All you hating on him is Cruz hes a slabhead lol

    • random#342
      random#342 Month ago

      In comparison the two lovely foreign center backs at tontenham a better team. Averaged under 6.9 so yeah



  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    If he's worth 90m, then I am worth 10m.

  • Jonas Loïc
    Jonas Loïc Month ago +1


  • Adam Burgess
    Adam Burgess Month ago


  • Good Ebening
    Good Ebening Month ago

    As overrated as an English man!

  • Lavaneesh Sharma
    Lavaneesh Sharma Month ago

    Nope, De Ligt is a better one, I'd sign that check with my eyes closed. I'd bring in some youth talent, use of united academy

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green Month ago

    Funyun how Jonny Evans plays with McGuire

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green Month ago

    McGuire is as good as Ste Bruce it gary pallister

  • Cheslyn Owens
    Cheslyn Owens Month ago +1

    I think United should go for Toby. And next year or two for De ligt.

  • Madman Moz
    Madman Moz Month ago

    If Juventus sign De Ligt then go get bonucci???

  • Gary Jackson
    Gary Jackson Month ago


  • Madman Moz
    Madman Moz Month ago +1

    Koulibaly is £100m, if united have approach koulibaly and he doesn't want the move to united then fair enough. If £90m is what we have to pay for our 2nd choice defender then thats what it takes. McGuire isnt worth £90m, imo i would ealk away and sign Toby and play Alex Tuanzebe as his understudy beacuse Tuanzebe is a good solid player!

  • Jebon
    Jebon Month ago

    90 million baht ???

  • Ridzuan Sufian
    Ridzuan Sufian Month ago

    Overhype and overrated player.. against fast opponents he'll suffer badly coz he's slow no speed at all. 70mil.. that's just bulls..t. Much better of with youth like tuanzebe or fosu mensah imho to partner with lindelof or baily though injury prone..

  • Keshav Maghoo
    Keshav Maghoo Month ago +1

    United should look to exchange him for one of our defenders (rojo, smalling or jones) + 60m. Benefits us as we'd have to offload a centre back anyway and it would take the pressure off mcguire as well, not being the most expensive centre back. Benefits them as well as they get an experienced CB that matches their level of play. The question is tho whether they'd want any of them three

  • Studio Reeves
    Studio Reeves Month ago

    Super overrated seriously 😑

  • vijaydeep singh
    vijaydeep singh Month ago

    He’ll go to city

  • Casey Gayle
    Casey Gayle Month ago

    Hello I just read that the scousers are in talks now with koulibaly. The reasoning behind this is because Napoli has just picked up two Defenders, what are the fenders and some guy named manolas a Defender from Roma. So basically the article was saying that, Napoli is open to talks for koulibaly because they just picked up two Defenders. Have you heard anything on your end? I really don't give a shit about scousers, I'm just wondering if this is going on why are we in the koulibaly market?

  • Grande Mys
    Grande Mys Month ago +1

    Overrated English.. max 50mill for him

  • The_wavy1
    The_wavy1 Month ago

    The sad thing is I can see us not playing Maguire and Victor together week in and week out like we should

  • Henry Mitchell
    Henry Mitchell Month ago

    I dont get why were not using axel tuanzebe he had a great season last season put him In hes much better then smalling and jones

  • Henry Mitchell
    Henry Mitchell Month ago +19

    90 mil for Maguire I'd buy koulibaly for the extra 10mil

  • Willness to Wellness

    david moyes was right. we need to aspire to be like manchester city. the greatest team the premier league has ever seen. i wish we could be like man city

  • Mahone
    Mahone Month ago

    Keystone Kops: the sequel
    In cinemas near you in early 2020

  • Andy Gomes
    Andy Gomes Month ago

    90m that's Harry Kane money not Harry Maguire

    • Dave Davidson
      Dave Davidson Month ago

      Harry Kane would go for much more than 90m.

  • AUG_pete
    AUG_pete Month ago +1

    Dani Olmo and Kai havertz two young top European upcoming stars being linked to united, I like it.

  • Wengi Simmons
    Wengi Simmons Month ago +6

    Harry Maguire is worth no more than 30 million. Like everyone is saying he is slow and just an average center back. You put Maguire with Lindelof two slow center backs together and you are looking at a nightmare.

    • BarebackBarbarians - Podcast
      BarebackBarbarians - Podcast Month ago

      Yup he's a bang average CB that's just good on the ball. He's not dominant in the air like van dijk or commanding even Toby is better even if u only get a few more years out of him

  • James Brown
    James Brown Month ago

    It'll be great see the fulltime devils in Perth 😁

  • Notorious Nerd
    Notorious Nerd Month ago

    ᴋᴏᴜʟɪʙᴀʟʏ ᴏʀ ʙᴜsᴛ

  • Notorious Nerd
    Notorious Nerd Month ago

    ғɪɴᴀʟ ᴏғғᴇʀ 50ᴍɪʟ + ʀᴏᴊᴏ + ᴊᴏɴᴇs ғᴏʀ ᴍᴀɢᴜɪʀᴇ

  • Cleopas Bulinda
    Cleopas Bulinda Month ago

    Harry Maguire is all hype, yes he's good but there are better CB's in the league than him. I would trade Rojo plus cash for someone like Skriniar from Inter now that they have signed Godin

  • Irish Atheist
    Irish Atheist Month ago

    If maguire is worth 90M then jones is worth 80M

  • LeBoukari
    LeBoukari Month ago

    It s an old record. Maguire is now at 60 or 70M

  • Kervin
    Kervin Month ago +1

    I don't want that Spongebob-faced defender anywhere near my team jesus crist 70 mil?! I don't want that guy for 30. He can't even play the piano ffs.

  • Tarkan Huseyin
    Tarkan Huseyin Month ago

    Hes worth like 25m