The Tell-Tale Signs Of Aging. Karen Mills

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • The Tell-Tale Signs Og Aging are hard to ignore when they are everywhere. Watch "Pink Pants" by Karen Mills only at
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  • Jennifer Loving
    Jennifer Loving 4 days ago


  • beatleme2
    beatleme2 25 days ago

    Yeah, I woke up this morning and had a leg cramp, from sleeping!

  • Colin m
    Colin m Month ago

    Southern girl.

  • Step 4head
    Step 4head Month ago


  • Carla Austin
    Carla Austin 2 months ago +1

    Oh mercy. I so identify with this.

  • Susan Johnston
    Susan Johnston 2 months ago

    The parking lot story made me think of when cars had antennas & Amoco gave away bright, orange styrofoam balls to put on top of them. You had to say, "which of those 50 balls in the lot is mine?"

  • Richard Bedard
    Richard Bedard 2 months ago

    You're talking about my life! I can walk ten feet and then ask myself "why am I here?"

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook 2 months ago

    I always get a shopping cart for my purse 👜, it is too heavy! 🛒🎯

  • Darius Benson
    Darius Benson 2 months ago +3

    I’m only 38 and dying laughing... 🤣 it’s all so true, this is payback for all those times I laughed hysterically at my grandparents growing up🤦🏽‍♂️

  • noneof yourbusiness
    noneof yourbusiness 2 months ago


  • Betty Houk
    Betty Houk 2 months ago


  • Vesper Vesper
    Vesper Vesper 2 months ago

    Tough crowd!

  • Gwynneth McEachrane
    Gwynneth McEachrane 2 months ago

    Is it weird that I turn down the music to see better while driving.......and I’m 33?

    • A M
      A M 2 months ago

      Me too

  • Armetta Landrum
    Armetta Landrum 2 months ago

    Amen. Lol

  • willothewispl
    willothewispl 2 months ago

    So true.

  • Starya
    Starya 2 months ago

    I was waiting for her “ hi i am ellen “ joke

  • K Channel
    K Channel 2 months ago

    The part about “do you know who I am?” Was too funny lol

  • ronny raygunz
    ronny raygunz 2 months ago

    Joyce meyer

  • vincent schoenekase
    vincent schoenekase 2 months ago +10

    I found out I was getting older by the gray hair and getting bi-bifocals and started calling people in their 30's kids

    • Mary Cook
      Mary Cook 2 months ago +1

      vincent schoenekase Or when you see a police officer and he looks fifteen! 🚔

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV 2 months ago

    Not funny

  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson 2 months ago

    The other day I screwed the creamer spout cover back on. Then looked all over the counter, trying to find the spout cover to screw back on. Finally glanced back at the my own defence, I hadn't had so much as a sip of coffee yet.

  • Dawn Michelle
    Dawn Michelle 2 months ago +1

    That's so funny! I guessed she meant Matthew Brodrick, probably because I have practice with the "Try to remember this" game, lol.

  • Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis 2 months ago +1

    I have a couple of games I play in which I am the only contestant. One is called "Why did I come into this room?" and another is "Where is that thing that I had just a moment ago?"

  • Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis 2 months ago

    Finally! Something funny on this channel! That last one hits close to home.

  • Jeana Allison
    Jeana Allison 2 months ago +2

    I do that! When I'm driving in a new area I turn down the radio to see better! 😂😂 wtf?....

  • Kitty Clark
    Kitty Clark 2 months ago +1

    Now i know I'm not alone 👍😂😂😂

  • Karen M
    Karen M 2 months ago +2

    This audience is SO patheticly LAME. She has good material. I should know, she's describing me in most ALL of this. 💯☝️😆🤣😂🙃🤣😂

  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown 2 months ago

    Now you can just Google.

    • Dawn Michelle
      Dawn Michelle 2 months ago

      Google the actor with dark hair who married whatsername? I don't think even Google is that good. 😆

  • Connie Weisman
    Connie Weisman 2 months ago

    Girl you are good...

  • Chrisser
    Chrisser 2 months ago

    Did anyone else get Matthew Broderick too? I laughed so hard when she said it

  • borednow
    borednow 2 months ago

    not funny at all, southern ellen should stop worrying about her health and more about her jokes and routine

  • Patti Shannon
    Patti Shannon 3 months ago +3

    Has she been watching me in my classroom? I can't understand the kindergarteners anymore without my glasses on! Thanks for the chuckle, Karen! Love your work!

  • shymickey6
    shymickey6 3 months ago

    Boring, but pretty.

  • David Lucey
    David Lucey 3 months ago

    I mean shoulder pain
    Not the purse

  • David Lucey
    David Lucey 3 months ago

    Welcome to my world

    MILDRED PIERCE 3 months ago

    I just recently had a "wrong car" moment. I went to the grocery store and on my way back to my car, I push the remote to unlock the door and I opened the door and was about to get inside. Then realized the inside is clean. What happened to all that stuff that was inside? Then I realized I was at the wrong car. My car was a few spaces away.
    That wasn't the first time that I opened a car that was identical to mine.

  • confusedwhale
    confusedwhale 3 months ago +4

    It's not so much comedy as it is grim reminder of what is to come for everyone in that room if they are "lucky" enough to live that long.

  • G Blake
    G Blake 3 months ago

    She’s really great. Likable

  • Springs Choice Welcome Service

    💯 on the buggy for the 👛 😅😂

  • Rusty Alcorta
    Rusty Alcorta 3 months ago

    Exactly...I'm 68

  • Unsugarcoated Revs
    Unsugarcoated Revs 3 months ago +1

    If it makes you feel better, I was still a teenager when I discovered that I couldn't understand someone talking to me a few feet away if I didn't have my glasses on.

  • N'otha chicka
    N'otha chicka 3 months ago +1

    I never travel alone anymore because I need at least one other to fill in my blanks! get 3 of us together and it sounds like that African tribe that speaks with clicks! We can talk for hours and laugh like crazy at our own stories but if anyone was listening in, they would have no clue what the heck we are talking about! We lose our nouns at a certain age. If you're a person, place or thing? forget it! we just fill it in with a tongue click or a finger snap! We never remember names and barely remember faces. In fact, once when chatting with a friend she told me a story about someone she knew and it was hilarious! We laughed and laughed, and it wasnt until later that I realized that I WAS THE FRIEND IT HAD HAPPENED TO! I had told her and we had both forgotten who it had happened to! I have to have a notepad by my bed so when I wake up and remember all the nouns I had forgotten I write them down! In the morning my list reads like this: BREAD! PETER! BARN! CHICKEN BREASTS! SAM! SALT! Even trying to describe things eludes me sometimes. Like: ya know that stuff that's white and tastes salty? What's it called? My sister was staying with me for the summer a few years ago and she asked me to go out to the big freezer in the garage and get some chicken breasts for dinner. I said sure, and got up. I got as far as the garage door and forgot why I was there! Soooo I went to the bathroom, cuz that's what ya do when you forget why you got up when youre my age, then I went back and sat down. My sister looked at me and asked where the chicken breasts were! I just gave her blank stare and asked, what chicken breasts! Its a terrible thing when a mind goes to waste! I should hire a kid just to run around after me and write down where Im putting things so I can find them back again! And to take the bag of potatoes out of the freezer and my purse out of the microwave. I kid you not! I put my purse in the microwave! Id love tell you it was a prank by one of my kids but it had to me cuz my kids are all gone and my husband says it wasnt him. Id like to believe it was him buuuut....

  • MM
    MM 3 months ago

    I can relate. lol

  • Yasmin K
    Yasmin K 3 months ago

    Nice, clean humor 😁👏🏻

  • Shaida Phillip
    Shaida Phillip 3 months ago

    Brilliant!! 👌🏽😂

  • LinuxCharms
    LinuxCharms 3 months ago

    That quick KKK joke she snuck in was so slick.
    Fantastic comedian. Love her TED Talk.

    • elines acevedo
      elines acevedo 2 months ago +1

      @LinuxCharms ooh I guess I see it now. Thanks for having the patience to explain it to me. I would have never caught that on my own. 👍

    • LinuxCharms
      LinuxCharms 2 months ago +1

      No, no, that's not what I mean.
      The Kia joke is a secondary joke to the main one. I'm saying she says the words "K-K-Kia (three Ks)" and jumps to "I guess I can't see color", as in the KKK sees color, but she does not because she doesn't agree with them.
      Hopefully that cleared it up for you.

    • elines acevedo
      elines acevedo 2 months ago +1

      @LinuxCharms i guess I don't understand the relation between kias and the kkk...

    • LinuxCharms
      LinuxCharms 2 months ago

      Start listening at 3:03. She mentioned the "K-K-Kia" then went right into "I guess I can't distinguish colors now".
      The Kia joke was also a play on the Chia Pet, which I love the double-fold writing she did right there.

    • elines acevedo
      elines acevedo 2 months ago

      Kkk joke?...

  • InstantCrazy1
    InstantCrazy1 3 months ago +2

    Not even 50, and I have to put my glasses on to hear. Good thing I don't have dentures. Who knows what I'd lose if I didn't have my teeth in.

  • Peace&Love
    Peace&Love 3 months ago

    I thought she was talking about me! hahaha I like her! This is a great channel.

  • Sabrina Parker
    Sabrina Parker 3 months ago +4

    ...aint that the truth. I get a buggie just to tote my purse😂😂😂

  • Pamela Haling
    Pamela Haling 3 months ago +2

    She certainly pegged it. I can’t remember any actor or anything they played in.

  • noc noc
    noc noc 3 months ago

    I like Karen.

  • Russel Mills
    Russel Mills 3 months ago +1

    Hi Karen. I think I have the same surname as you but I can't remember what it is.

  • Tom Voke
    Tom Voke 3 months ago +4

    So it's not just me.

  • Marcia White
    Marcia White 3 months ago +2

    Omg that's me with pain

  • Freedom First
    Freedom First 3 months ago +10

    Sometimes, when you get are just in pain. I am only fifty........can't even fathom living until my eighties.

    • saividhyakannan
      saividhyakannan 2 months ago

      I'm not 40 yet. 'm not looking forward to my 80s either

  • I am Blue
    I am Blue 3 months ago +1

    Yes , simple words escape me and later at a random time escape my mouth .

  • Saul Goode
    Saul Goode 3 months ago +1

    This poor thing. God bless her heart.

  • cmmahoney21
    cmmahoney21 3 months ago +23

    That purse thing. Lol. I had to stop carrying a purse because it hurt my back. Purse in the baby seat of a shopping cart and only buying one item? Yep. Been there, done that.

  • Andrea L Moseley
    Andrea L Moseley 3 months ago

    Can relate

  • Stella Dallas
    Stella Dallas 3 months ago +7

    She looks like Joyce Meyers