• Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • ABSOLUTE SCENES AS BOLTON SCORE A LAST MINUTE GOAL TO GET A POINT | Bolton vs AFC Wimbledon - Bolton 2-2 AFC Wimbledon goals and highlights! #EFL #BWFC
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  • Thogden
    Thogden  Month ago +220

    Things I love to see: Thogdad winding up the away fans 😂

    • dean sheridan
      dean sheridan Month ago

      could you auction that shirt for zacs family exspenses

    • Oli Playz 10
      Oli Playz 10 Month ago


    • Trump
      Trump Month ago

      Thogdad is immense

    • Harold herrera
      Harold herrera Month ago

      I was sat next to the Belgium trotter and he has spoken to verlinden’s agent and verlinden has said he want to stay

    • Harold herrera
      Harold herrera Month ago

      We should of won that game
      With the players we have we didn’t play our strongest team because we rested players for Accrington on Tuesday

  • Tobeoman Gamer
    Tobeoman Gamer Month ago +1

    Whenever you go to Accrington Stanley why do you always lose by stupid margins ,7-1 Bolton ,I'm a Portsmouth fan 4-1 😭 like so Thogden can see

  • Arne Müller
    Arne Müller Month ago

    Nice video and I‘m quite a bit jealous that you could actually watch Thibaud Verlinden playing in an official league match. He was on loan to my favourite club in Germany almost two years ago but never made it into the squad. Keep up your good work!

  • MaidstoneUnitedFC Fan

    Sorry to say this thogden and thogdad but I think Bolton are going Down agian

  • Arohbeebee-eyeyee Heichyoopeejayee

    7:32 just imagine Thogden as a commentator 😂
    i'd rewatch the game even if my favourite team loses 100-0

  • why bother
    why bother Month ago

    All this happiness then they check the next fixture away to Peterborough the dangerous eisa and Toney lol

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson Month ago

    Bobby Jones what a hero

  • Connor Rigby
    Connor Rigby Month ago

    Bolton Wanderers

  • Cog_rye X Jaeky3
    Cog_rye X Jaeky3 Month ago +2

    Ur gunna struggle to record at Peterborough the stewards are knobs

  • BlaDe RayZ
    BlaDe RayZ Month ago

    Its mad u see barely any fans at the bolton home games when they have just had an amzing recovery. You shoulg go watch leeds they have a sellout croud nearly every game

  • mick harrison
    mick harrison Month ago

    League two here you go, 😉😂, we're Blackpool fc, loving it 👊

  • Alex Maxwell
    Alex Maxwell Month ago

    Don’t get me wrong I love your channel but this is not limbs mate 😂😂😂

  • HJG Bros
    HJG Bros Month ago


  • Änglarna från Göteborg

    5:20 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nathan Pitts
    Nathan Pitts Month ago

    #thogdenArmy #thogdadArmy

  • Caleb gaming 13
    Caleb gaming 13 Month ago +1

    Bolton v AFC Wimbledon proper football 😂😂

    EFC ETERNITY Month ago

    Is it just me or do Bolton always Score in last minute

  • vencislav dimitrov
    vencislav dimitrov Month ago

    Helloooo, i wonder what is your reaction to the racism at the Manchester derby. I guess the english people are not racist huh?

  • YoghurtGaming 432
    YoghurtGaming 432 Month ago

    Wow what a game come on bolton and he gave you his shirt

  • Football Fantv
    Football Fantv Month ago +1

    I had to make a vid about u because your such an underrated youtuber and are an inspiration not just to me but to lots of other people too

  • Regan regan
    Regan regan Month ago

    Thogdad army

  • Kerry McHugh
    Kerry McHugh Month ago

    Thogdad 😂

    FROG FARTS Month ago

    Love that from verlinden from a Liverpool fan I respect him a lot and think he is quality and wouldn't mind signing him in the future 😉😉

  • Emerson Luehr Smith

    I support Afc Wimbledon well done for the last minute snacter

  • Barney Ralph
    Barney Ralph Month ago +1

    Wothout injures would of been r game 10 points im 5 games COYWM

  • Red Flame
    Red Flame Month ago

    Your channel sucks bro

  • Red Flame
    Red Flame Month ago

    I hate this fucking dude

  • Josh Seal
    Josh Seal Month ago

    hi theo, with your mate sadly passing does he support a football team and if so could you get a minutes applause?

  • Fifa Womble
    Fifa Womble Month ago

    Fair play to you guys. Fair result in the end. Good luck for the rest of the season

    RAMBO ALPHA Month ago

    "Absolute limbs"

  • Blair 123
    Blair 123 Month ago

    That one was for your mate 🙏🏻

  • Gokdeniz Gorur
    Gokdeniz Gorur Month ago

    Bolton is the most random team to support

  • Felix Sheppard
    Felix Sheppard Month ago +1

    Live the video bro, stay strong🙌

  • yCharlie 1379
    yCharlie 1379 Month ago

    Hnoestly can’t wait for verlinden to return to us we need him and he will get the game time he deserves for us🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Ryanod 1888
    Ryanod 1888 Month ago +1

    I hate Bolton they are bad nearly died and el hadji diouf played for them

    • Ryanod 1888
      Ryanod 1888 Month ago

      @Ben S-B so

    • Ben S-B
      Ben S-B Month ago

      Ryanod 1888 But... you are in Scottish league

    • Tyler Wright
      Tyler Wright Month ago

      @Ryanod 1888 we could do that in your league, it's shit.

    • Ryanod 1888
      Ryanod 1888 Month ago

      @Tyler Wright ha very funny have u won 10 trophies in a row Naw are you in the pl Naw so shhhh EDOUARD would score 10 Leeds are crap💩

    • Tyler Wright
      Tyler Wright Month ago

      @Ryanod 1888 I support Leeds mate and I'm not being funny but we'd slap you and Bolton would probably shit on yous too, Daryl Murphy > Odsonne Edouard

  • Alan Walden
    Alan Walden Month ago

    2-0... How did Southend bottle a two nil lead....

  • Blake Portman
    Blake Portman Month ago

    Mate that’s so Sick because he gave u his shirt

  • CHE_KO_ 21
    CHE_KO_ 21 Month ago

    Love Bolton but still have to support the Finnish striker Markus Forss who scored both of the Wimbledon goals. Im also finnish🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮💙💙

  • Antonio Fernandes
    Antonio Fernandes Month ago

    ‘Absolute Scenes🤣🤣’

  • Sonic Lee
    Sonic Lee Month ago

    Why do you support Bolton yet you live in london

  • Keith Beswick
    Keith Beswick Month ago

    2 knobheads who run on a pitch and you make heroes of them. Typical Bolton!!!

  • Ben AWC
    Ben AWC Month ago

    That’s class from Werlinden. Hope you boys do bits this season. From a Gunner ❤️. Keep your head up Thogden x

  • wilba
    wilba Month ago

    What a top lad for doing that for you , love to see things like that in football 👍 up the Bolton .

  • stephen pope
    stephen pope Month ago

    If there is one thing I can't stand is fans walking out before the end that's no true fan that either support your team to the final whistle or dont support them at all

  • stephen pope
    stephen pope Month ago

    Your team let me down for 3 grand today

  • Kyle McHugh
    Kyle McHugh Month ago

    You didn’t deserve it. Ref gave far too much time

  • Charles Beaumont
    Charles Beaumont Month ago

    Is it me but my favourite part is the thogdad beer reviews

  • reilly jobson
    reilly jobson Month ago +4

    So sad to hear about Zac, every time Theo speaks about him or the situation you can hear the emotion in his voice hope you’re good man 💙

  • the English Rocker
    the English Rocker Month ago

    These are the scenes when a point feels like a win, I remember those days with my club the wolves,you are going to stay up i can feeling coming you are going to start getting 3 points very soon

  • Marcus Crisp
    Marcus Crisp Month ago

    Honestly I don’t mean to be a dick I mean no offence by this but I’m a Cardiff fan and a season ticket holder and I went to Cardiff v Barnsley today which was a really hard game to watch. Before you see this look at the goals and when they were scored to understand my frustration. And considering the games coming up I’m shitting myself😂 but then I watch videos like this and see we haven’t got it anywhere near as bad as you and I realise how lucky I am as a fan. Credit to Bolton if we see you stay up that’ll be class. And Madine scores his first goal for us today but it was fucking off side😂

  • David O'Connor
    David O'Connor Month ago

    Where's Stunt Pegg these days?

  • Joshua Browne
    Joshua Browne Month ago


  • Pasha Cavalera
    Pasha Cavalera Month ago


  • Knox Hardly
    Knox Hardly Month ago

    Great video even better ending, all the best thogden my thoughts are with you! Much love & respect - KH

  • Tom Powell
    Tom Powell Month ago

    I was sat behind him on this vidio

  • samuel FRANKS
    samuel FRANKS Month ago

    Limbs? Are u taking the piss shaking your camera around doesn't takeaway the fact that half your fans are standing still clapping their hands

  • David May
    David May Month ago

    Probably the right result today, we threw it away today but well done to Bolton for not giving up on us, good luck for the season and hopefully we see you later when we play at our home, hope Bolton survive, I've always had a soft spot for you, from a Wimbledon fan.

  • c_hanman _
    c_hanman _ Month ago

    Respect for Bolton for I guess looking out for Thogden. You love to see it

  • We are Hibernian FC
    We are Hibernian FC Month ago +2

    Thogden you were at the game hibs turned around there hole season!🟢🟢🟢

  • Extra Yt
    Extra Yt Month ago +1

    Thogden if u had to support a premier league team. Who would it be