Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • So we melted one of every lipstick from CVS together. Once again, a big thank you to Honey! Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸ My subscribers have saved an average of $57.32 on stores like Amazon, Target & Sephora!
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    So as you all know, I have done many frankenmakeup experiments over the past couple of years - and about a year ago, I made a mega-franken-lipstick by melting every lipstick from Sephora together - to see, roughly, what the "average" lipstick from Sephora would look like. And I've always wondered if that "average" would vary from store to store - so I ransacked CVS and bought one of every lipstick they sell there to make into a mega-franken-CVS lipstick. And then we melted down those 500 lipsticks, and made 400 to send to you all!
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  • Kylee Jonesburg
    Kylee Jonesburg Day ago

    Plz do mixing nail poles

  • Suzi P
    Suzi P Day ago

    Every bath and body works Han sanitiser

  • Maz faz
    Maz faz Day ago

    I really like this safiya, your brilliant and funny

  • Victoria Rundle
    Victoria Rundle Day ago

    I stayed up all night and all day

  • Lemon Puffs
    Lemon Puffs Day ago

    I feel like if the lipstick had a name, “The berry butthole” would be a good name

  • Samantha Semsem
    Samantha Semsem Day ago

    Wahhhh she's so pretty I'm neww and definitely subscribing

  • hazratali1001
    hazratali1001 Day ago

    There are people in korea, Bangladesh who are starving and here she is

  • hazratali1001
    hazratali1001 Day ago

    How to waste your money
    The youtube course

  • Tanvi Dugar
    Tanvi Dugar Day ago

    Please do a video on mixing matte lipsticks!

  • Jessica Bell
    Jessica Bell Day ago

    augustus nude for the nude-y one
    close for the purple one
    but no cigar for the brown one

  • Malchu
    Malchu Day ago

    one day safiya will have enough frankenlipsticks she can make a video: mixing all my frankenlipsticks together

  • miithridite on ig

    Grey blue should have been shark boy and the red should be lava girl

  • Shenoa Satterlee

    Safiya you should sell these

  • Terin Toliver
    Terin Toliver Day ago


  • Lyricsunpeeled
    Lyricsunpeeled Day ago

    You should melt all of the Jeffree Star lipsticks and see what the color would be ❤️

  • Ashlin Gunderson

    I just want that sparkly black lipstick

  • Anonymous Cat
    Anonymous Cat Day ago

    The color and the shimmering of the lipstick is so beautiful 😍

  • Colleen Higgins
    Colleen Higgins Day ago

    "Look, I'm Megan Markle!"

  • Lucy Claire
    Lucy Claire Day ago +1

    How much did it Cost at the end lol?

  • Cloude Kreame Gacha

    *mega drug*

  • The gamer girls Yass

    Can I please have one 🤗👌💋

  • Icy Mango
    Icy Mango Day ago

    I LOVE the franken-purple color!!!!!!

  • emo chlorine
    emo chlorine Day ago

    can i just say, those receipts are taller than me.

  • Custom Critiques
    Custom Critiques Day ago +1

    Jaclyn hill’s company watches video -
    Jaclyn hill’s company: Get the notepads!! The pens! And your wallets! We’re going to take notes and go to the local CVS for lipstick!
    Jaclyn: no! Use the fuzz, metal, and mold and put it in the lipsticks so I can make an apology video to fool the fans to think “nothings wrong” with the lipstick! NOW!

  • Ankica Molnar
    Ankica Molnar Day ago

    Safiya: i am gona buy all tha lip stiks i cvs
    Bank : o com on way way way
    Love you

  • Emilia Janus
    Emilia Janus Day ago

    Oooohh, Lawd!! Multi multi coloured Franken-penises!!

  • James Shearer
    James Shearer Day ago

    name ideas:

    1.berry nightmare
    2. beige issues
    3. barbie blood
    4. bunicula
    5. violet you're turning violet
    6. Augustus gloop
    7. neon tang
    8. alien goo

  • Crazy Panda ^-^
    Crazy Panda ^-^ Day ago

    Ooooooh im sooo bummed that i missed the lipstick give away. I looove that red!!

  • Alexa skalos
    Alexa skalos Day ago

    20:53 "The revenge of the murumuru butter"-Tyler Williams 2K19 XD

  • Noelle Q
    Noelle Q Day ago

    30:31 Saf sounds pretty tired of tyler's nonsense lol


    It’s amazing how Safiya can pull of all of the shades (she looks amazing😍😍😚)

  • Madi Bootsman
    Madi Bootsman Day ago

    Next: melting all of my friend together

  • Nicola Muir
    Nicola Muir Day ago +3

    Orange: Orange tang
    Misc: Midnight mist
    Pink: Barbie shine
    Brown: Chocolate Shimmer
    Purple:Violet Bloom

  • Fatima Elayan
    Fatima Elayan Day ago

    I am new to the squad and I love your video!!!😃😃😄😁🤜🏻👍🏻

  • P h å n t ø m T ē á r s

    27:08 Card Against Humanity.

  • avalon autrey
    avalon autrey Day ago

    name the misc area 51

  • Layla Joslin
    Layla Joslin Day ago

    You should mix all of the flavors of marachan ramen together.

  • Annaclaire Looney

    I want one

  • Panic! At the social section

    I like how almost everyone of safiyas videos are about the same length of a anime episode.
    My favorite anime 👀

  • Olivia Remund
    Olivia Remund Day ago

    I ❤️ the office

  • Mateo the band trash

    Nude: Breakfast at Safs
    Pink: Escape The Pink
    Orange: Tangy Realness
    Misc: Nightmare
    Purple: Fever girl
    Brown: Crusty
    Red: Cherry Bomb
    I love you and your channel (and Tyler and crusty💋💄)

  • NoahJKPlays
    NoahJKPlays Day ago

    My crt us hug trm so hqrd tepe

  • Madison Dane
    Madison Dane Day ago

    Nerdecrafter turned you into a bat

  • Karim Rupshi
    Karim Rupshi Day ago

    29:09 the one that’s Greyish you should name it the twilight zone

  • Hanna
    Hanna Day ago

    i desperately want the alien blood shade 😂

  • Katelyn Holmes
    Katelyn Holmes Day ago

    u r sooo funny

  • Itz Potato
    Itz Potato Day ago

    Can you make a Franken-I’ve cream?

  • M. J Ford
    M. J Ford Day ago

    I would have liked to try for the blueish grey one :) that was pretty

  • khadija belarbi
    khadija belarbi Day ago

    Jaclyn Hill:lipstick is made in a professional lab and is filled with hair and bits of glass
    Safiya:makes perfectly sanitary lipsticks in her own kitchen

  • beagles for life

    I want to see the receipt
    edit: OMG there were four

  • Samara Summer
    Samara Summer Day ago

    I would go to America to buy this*nods head*

  • Mother Nature ,
    Mother Nature , 2 days ago +1

    U should put them under a microscope

  • Leah Kaur
    Leah Kaur 2 days ago

    Electric eel

  • Annette Kamoss
    Annette Kamoss 2 days ago


  • Emmy Gull
    Emmy Gull 2 days ago

    In the world of glamor I adore your simple videos which are perfectly thought out... You are different ❤️😍

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    Safiya is litterally my inspiration!

  • Katrina Wu
    Katrina Wu 2 days ago

    As soon as she said giveaway I’m was in

  • khadija belarbi
    khadija belarbi 2 days ago

    ThE RevENge oF The MurMUru BUttEr

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  • Erica Coronado Amaya

    Can you make a list of everyone you bought because I love this color... 😩

  • Grace Thurman
    Grace Thurman 2 days ago

    I think it’s time you invest in a heat gun.

  • Veronica Ferris
    Veronica Ferris 2 days ago

    The weird colors look like the Bruce color from the Anastasia Beverly Hills video.

  • Erica Coronado Amaya

    How can you stand so long Saf?!

  • Erica Coronado Amaya

    This is so satisfying

  • Erin McClements
    Erin McClements 2 days ago

    NerdEcrafter turned you into a bat! 😀 🦇

  • Suzan Emmons
    Suzan Emmons 2 days ago

    I am not slowed to have intagragm

  • Rose L.
    Rose L. 2 days ago

    SAY you should do a franken face or Franken makeover with all your Franken makeup

  • Zane Gaba
    Zane Gaba 2 days ago

    You should see what happens if you mix only a few different lipstick groups, for example: all the nudes and miscs.

  • Olivia Lucretia
    Olivia Lucretia 2 days ago

    Girl what is her zodiac sign bc the organization and perfect fluidity is hurting my head