Twilight Saga Couples in Real Life 2019

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
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    Kristen Stewart
    Robert Pattinson
    Taylor Lautner
    Ashley Greene
    Nikki Reed
    Peter Facinelli
    Kellan Lutz
    Jackson Rathbone

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  • toptenfamous
    toptenfamous  Year ago +18

    you can suggest next video at toptenfamousfan page.

  • *-•itzstarie Gacha-•!*

    I hate it about how ian and Nina was a couple and then Nikki came and had ruined it they were friends but Nikki and Ian didn’t tell her about there “relationship” it’s just i feel bad for Nina rip Damon and Elena couple 😕

  • come on eileen
    come on eileen Day ago

    Pollyanna does not look happy and this music it terrrribleeee

  • Prince Brelliant Abellano

    Sad nmn naging lesbian si Bella

  • Phone On Li E
    Phone On Li E 2 days ago


  • Tinee Gonzales
    Tinee Gonzales 8 days ago

    I know this was posted a year ago, but Nikki Reed just won the ultimate lottery. Kellan is still hot, and I still love Taylor Lautner. Lol.

  • Autumn Wicinski
    Autumn Wicinski 11 days ago

    wait hold up I didn't know Kristen was bi

  • Aeman brahem Alshmre
    Aeman brahem Alshmre 11 days ago

    زوجه ادوارد ما لايكتله بيلا لايكتله اكثر

  • Smiley babycorn
    Smiley babycorn 12 days ago

    Why is Bella a bad girl😭 and not with edward 😢😢😭

  • Margaret Asoka
    Margaret Asoka 15 days ago

    Why is Kristen a lesbian?????😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Atiya Zahara
    Atiya Zahara 16 days ago

    I wish Edward and Bella were couple👫

  • Roman Empire
    Roman Empire 16 days ago

    In Movie Twilight there are two heroes dying for Marry with her ...and in real she've relation wid a Girl....huhhh

  • Sharinn Harry
    Sharinn Harry 17 days ago

    Miss the old belle

  • Rohit Thakor
    Rohit Thakor 18 days ago

    Nice movi

  • Mariafernanda Martinez

    Me encanta Alice muchos besos y abrazos 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😻😻❤️💖💕💞❣️♥️

  • Zara Watson
    Zara Watson 23 days ago

    5:53 Damon from the vampire diarys aha🤣 I love him

  • Sajed He
    Sajed He 24 days ago

    Omg Bella is guy😣😢

  • •Akari•
    •Akari• 24 days ago +1

    Awwwwe what happend to Kristen stewart!And shes with a girl😢😢😢
    Well let her be....!!!

  • Sugar SweetTutorials
    Sugar SweetTutorials 25 days ago

    Damon Lmao he look old doe 😗

  • Kolu Bilopi
    Kolu Bilopi 27 days ago +1

    Kristen is a lesbian oh my gosh

  • Kolu Bilopi
    Kolu Bilopi 27 days ago

    Ian somerhalder don‘t Play in twilight 🤨

  • amamaalwaz quadri
    amamaalwaz quadri 27 days ago +1

    Love the duo of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki❤️

  • azzie atikah
    azzie atikah Month ago


  • Arianna Hiralal
    Arianna Hiralal Month ago

    I hate Bella so much now 😡


    Big why??? Bellà is lesbian 😭😭😭

  • Chelsea Harridass
    Chelsea Harridass Month ago

    I wish Bella and Edward were a couple they look so cute together plus she'd look better if she didn't cut her hair I don't like Edward's fiance niether Bella's either the only couples I liked we're Jasper and his wife and Jacob and his girlfriend 😃💓👍

  • Grace Rebekah
    Grace Rebekah Month ago +3

    What the heck what is going on with Bella

  • brianna Hughes
    brianna Hughes Month ago

    Like that down below if you agree

  • brianna Hughes
    brianna Hughes Month ago

    Wow bella is a lesbian wow and sje looks soooooooo different omg 😱

  • brianna Hughes
    brianna Hughes Month ago +1

    I only like the twilight people i watched it soooooo many times

  • TBFPurFlame123 Roblox

    I’m not being rude but the thumbnail shows Kristen with a girl is she lesbian

  • My taste in music is your face

    Nikki reed... I’m so jealous 😍

  • Анна Петрова

    Почему у меня сердце болит? 💔💔

  • Creative Geeks
    Creative Geeks Month ago +1

    WOAH WOAH WOAH HOLD THE PHONE is Kristen Stewart gay???!!

  • Creative Geeks
    Creative Geeks Month ago

    why tf is Ashley Greene so unimaginably pretty?!?!?!?

  • สุพรรณษา เกิดจันทึก

    จัสติน สจ๊วด ไม่น่าเป้นเลสเบี้ยนเลย😭

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan Month ago

    Why Taylor Always Date Taylor?

  • HxneyBee
    HxneyBee Month ago +4

    how many people wish Bella (Kristen) wasn't lesbian and didn't cut her hair (like if you wish that)

  • Meiga e Brava
    Meiga e Brava Month ago

    Como Taylor Lautner namora duas Taylors???? Wtf is that?!

  • Nur Aliya Maisarah Mohd Azlan Shah

    Waitt .. don't tell me that kristen lesbian ?

  • Nela
    Nela Month ago

    A decir verdad me cuesta ver a Kristen como Lesbiana.

  • Purple Sprinkles 10

    I miss the old Kristen (Bella) I can't believe she has a girlfriend...😭😭😭😭

  • TheCrazyOne !
    TheCrazyOne ! Month ago +1

    I miss the old Kristen and the fact that she was with Robert😭😔😔☹️

  • Ya Neko
    Ya Neko 2 months ago

    Je sais pas vous mais pour moi la Bella d'aujourd'hui à un peu détruit ma vision des films.... elle est devenue "BadGirl" clairement pas comme dans le film ;-;

  • Cecilia Löfgren
    Cecilia Löfgren 2 months ago

    The terrible “music” is killing me! Sooooo annoying!!

  • Malia B
    Malia B 2 months ago +1

    Ian is from vampire diaries, what a coincidence they’re both in vampire movies also, I like Bella with short hair actually....

  • Rina Ahmed
    Rina Ahmed 2 months ago

    Kristen destroyed herself

  • Tecumseh Sherman
    Tecumseh Sherman 2 months ago +2


  • Dreamer_ Baby
    Dreamer_ Baby 2 months ago +13

    I wish Bella and Edward were a couple

  • Ethan the king Jabez
    Ethan the king Jabez 2 months ago

    What the f*** kristen is gay

  • Ari Turnbaugh
    Ari Turnbaugh 2 months ago

    They are together but edword is in here same as bella

  • Em H
    Em H 2 months ago

    If Kristen Stewart reads these comments I’m going to laugh so hard. And also she’s happy so who cares. Happiness is happiness so who gives an F.

  • Sonia Kamal
    Sonia Kamal 2 months ago +10

    I miss the old Kristen Stewart (Bella)😭 Sory, Kristen😩

  • Garie Ramos
    Garie Ramos 2 months ago +3

    The new Kristen kills me inside

  • priti shukla
    priti shukla 2 months ago

    who is gay here at the end of video

  • My blog Lala tma
    My blog Lala tma 2 months ago +1

    Bella come on realize, wake up

  • cirelle and dishian fun vlog

    What the heck kristen Stewart is like being a boy shes so beautifull 😫😫😫 I like the old kristen that she is beautiful and a girl

    • marie castan
      marie castan Month ago

      short hair doesn't mean she's a boy. stop with a type of hair belonging to a gender, she has the haircut she wants and she's still a woman

  • Jenmac Navarro
    Jenmac Navarro 3 months ago

    Kristen is a lessbian

  • little cloud
    little cloud 3 months ago +9

    Only Robert and Kristen😭🥺🍎😍💏

  • April-lheR Gunzales
    April-lheR Gunzales 3 months ago

    congrats to all of you guys