Twilight Saga Couples in Real Life 2019

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
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  • toptenfamous
    toptenfamous  10 months ago +15

    you can suggest next video at toptenfamousfan page.

  • Selah Casey
    Selah Casey 5 hours ago

    how many people wish Bella (Kristen) wasn't lesbian and didn't cut her hair (like if you wish that)

  • Meiga e Brava
    Meiga e Brava 3 days ago

    Como Taylor Lautner namora duas Taylors???? Wtf is that?!

  • Nur Aliya Maisarah Mohd Azlan Shah

    Waitt .. don't tell me that kristen lesbian ?

  • Nela
    Nela 7 days ago

    A decir verdad me cuesta ver a Kristen como Lesbiana.

  • Little Wølfie
    Little Wølfie 8 days ago

    I miss the old Kristen (Bella) I can't believe she has a girlfriend...😭😭😭😭

  • TheCrazyOne !
    TheCrazyOne ! 8 days ago

    I miss the old Kristen and the fact that she was with Robert😭😔😔☹️

  • Ya Neko
    Ya Neko 15 days ago

    Je sais pas vous mais pour moi la Bella d'aujourd'hui à un peu détruit ma vision des films.... elle est devenue "BadGirl" clairement pas comme dans le film ;-;

  • Cecilia Löfgren
    Cecilia Löfgren 16 days ago

    The terrible “music” is killing me! Sooooo annoying!!

  • L 0 S E R
    L 0 S E R 20 days ago +1

    Ian is from vampire diaries, what a coincidence they’re both in vampire movies also, I like Bella with short hair actually....

  • Rina Ahmed
    Rina Ahmed 23 days ago

    Kristen destroyed herself

  • Tecumseh Sherman
    Tecumseh Sherman 24 days ago +2


  • Kezia Jennings
    Kezia Jennings 27 days ago +4

    I wish Bella and Edward were a couple

  • Ethan the king Jabez
    Ethan the king Jabez 29 days ago

    What the f*** kristen is gay

  • Ari Turnbaugh
    Ari Turnbaugh Month ago

    They are together but edword is in here same as bella

  • Em H
    Em H Month ago

    If Kristen Stewart reads these comments I’m going to laugh so hard. And also she’s happy so who cares. Happiness is happiness so who gives an F.

  • Sonia Kamal
    Sonia Kamal Month ago +3

    I miss the old Kristen Stewart (Bella)😭 Sory, Kristen😩

  • Garie Ramos
    Garie Ramos Month ago +3

    The new Kristen kills me inside

  • priti shukla
    priti shukla Month ago

    who is gay here at the end of video

  • My blog Lala tma
    My blog Lala tma Month ago +1

    Bella come on realize, wake up

  • cirelle and dishian fun vlog

    What the heck kristen Stewart is like being a boy shes so beautifull 😫😫😫 I like the old kristen that she is beautiful and a girl

    • marie castan
      marie castan 6 days ago

      short hair doesn't mean she's a boy. stop with a type of hair belonging to a gender, she has the haircut she wants and she's still a woman

  • Jenmac Navarro
    Jenmac Navarro Month ago

    Kristen is a lessbian

  • little cloud
    little cloud Month ago +5

    Only Robert and Kristen😭🥺🍎😍💏

  • April-lheR Gunzales

    congrats to all of you guys

  • Shadow and Rose
    Shadow and Rose Month ago

    My god Bella is a lesbian?!

    • Shadow and Rose
      Shadow and Rose Month ago

      Julia JD ohh ok XD

    • Julia JD
      Julia JD Month ago

      Kristen not Bella !!!! Donc mic characters and actors!!!
      And she’s bi

  • Darcee Nipperess
    Darcee Nipperess Month ago

    You know how Taylor Lautner and Taylor dome are together if the get married they will both be Taylor Lautner that would be weird

  • gloria Mmitso
    gloria Mmitso Month ago +1

    Is Bella a boy now😢

    • Julia JD
      Julia JD Month ago

      Daaaaaaamn it’s Kristen ffs not Bella don’t mix things up.
      She’s bisexual idiot

  • GryffindorVampire
    GryffindorVampire 2 months ago

    Omg I can’t believe Bella

  • emmanuel galo
    emmanuel galo 2 months ago

    I was expecting robert pattinson to be a gay, but it turns out the other way

  • 『Arctic Wolfie 』
    『Arctic Wolfie 』 2 months ago +8

    Robert and Kirsten for life.
    Like if you agree.

    • 『Arctic Wolfie 』
      『Arctic Wolfie 』 Month ago

      Julia JD never

    • Julia JD
      Julia JD Month ago

      😂😂😂😂😂 yeah right. Just get over it.
      He’s very happy now. I think Suki is the one.

  • Sarah Padilla
    Sarah Padilla 2 months ago +1

    Who else thought Edward Cullen was hot when you first saw him in the movie?
    I did😂😂😂😂

  • Nieewputri Kekey
    Nieewputri Kekey 2 months ago +1

    Kristen Stewart yg aku idolakan membuat ku kecewa dengan cara hidupnya yg sad

  • Geeta Trapathi
    Geeta Trapathi 2 months ago +1

    What is wrong with Bella ..plzzz god help her....
    .I can't understand .....

  • nomi nouman
    nomi nouman 2 months ago

    After watching this I hate Bella

  • nomi nouman
    nomi nouman 2 months ago

    Anyone tell the name of playback track

  • Haya khan
    Haya khan 2 months ago

    I wish Edward and bella would get married in future.

  • Weronika Wójcik
    Weronika Wójcik 2 months ago

    Everybody are just : oh no KS is bi and omg ian and nikki they're so cute BUT look at Jackson and Sheila!!

  • Luciana Martins
    Luciana Martins 3 months ago

    Puxa a bella não está mais bela ta mto feiiooaaa

  • jeffrey banggay
    jeffrey banggay 3 months ago

    Pansin ko lang... Parang mahilig talaga c Lautner ng Taylor🤔

  • jo cuesta montallana
    jo cuesta montallana 3 months ago

    Is bella is a girl..i need an answerrrrrrr😑😑😑😕😕😢😢

  • Jeff Kraus
    Jeff Kraus 3 months ago

    Damon and Rosalie both vampires

  • mr.jhay05 Toledo
    mr.jhay05 Toledo 3 months ago

    Ahhh naka kamiss ang twilight sana my comeback movie sila pwu kay jacob syaka renesmee naman the continue pala ❤❤❤❤

  • Meylin Cabrera Olivares

    Sincerandome, entre Rob y Suki no hay nada especial lo siento pero no les veo química y con respecto a Kristen extraño más a la antigua Kristen ya perdió la esencia. Ojalá en un futuro puedan volverse a acercar ella y él.

  • Syee GamingTv
    Syee GamingTv 3 months ago +2

    I miss the old Bella like why I miss u

  • Tamar Sabag
    Tamar Sabag 3 months ago

    what?! kristen has a girlfriend😱

  • Dhan maya Kumari
    Dhan maya Kumari 3 months ago

    I miss u Old Bella 😓😢😢 and i hate u Edward

  • Kristel Layman
    Kristel Layman 3 months ago

    I wish kristen and robert are couple now

  • Sylvia Hansen
    Sylvia Hansen 3 months ago

    Ian Sommerhalder von the Vampire Dairys der der Damon Spiel
    Und ehrlich ist Kristen Stewart echt eine lesbin

  • zahra ouaziz
    zahra ouaziz 3 months ago +3

    Oh Nooo Why kristen has a girlfriend😭😤😢

  • Daria Cutaia
    Daria Cutaia 3 months ago

    WTF?! В фильме она чуть ли не трах.... С Робертом.... Да и потом встречалась с ним ..... Всмысле она лесби???? Нет я не против ЛГБТ и очень уважаю их выбор, но бл это неожиданно, а насчёт Роберта они на фото даже друг от друга далеко стояли , не разу не обнялись...мне кажется , что они были просто друзьями ..... ЛОЛ, я хз...

  • my victory
    my victory 4 months ago +6

    OMG bella with a Girl?! UNBELIEVEABLE

  • Meg Levin
    Meg Levin 4 months ago +5

    Nikki reed and ian somerhalder 😻💕

  • Fotini nnr
    Fotini nnr 4 months ago +1

    How old is Taylor Dome?

  • Katka Bendig
    Katka Bendig 4 months ago

    Kristen is lesbian ??!

  • KAvisha idk
    KAvisha idk 4 months ago

    WTF happened to bella...aww mannn....i really love her i thought she would be how she used to be in Twillight but is ok i am happy for her i wished bella and edward was a thing

  • Aurora Alice Lovefoy
    Aurora Alice Lovefoy 4 months ago +5

    Ashley is so beautiful, I love her

  • Siti Suharyati
    Siti Suharyati 4 months ago

    Bella is she lesbi?

  • Matilde Eleonora Micciché

    Kristen Stewert is ugly

  • Ah Moua
    Ah Moua 4 months ago

    I missed Kristen and Edward. Better match than their current.

  • I am a parson not a UwU 1355

    I wonder there kid gonna be Taylor are tay