Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett lead Duke to ACC championship over FSU | College Basketball Highlights

  • Zion Williamson leads Duke with 21 points and gets help from RJ Barrett who scored 17 points and Cameron Reddish who knocked down a huge 3-pointer as the Blue Devils beat Florida State 73-63 to win the ACC championship.
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Comments • 80

  • Benjamin Bandy
    Benjamin Bandy 20 days ago

    Duke university cheats

  • Fricken Buddy
    Fricken Buddy Month ago

    4:40 Zion is a bully

  • Tom Cleaveland
    Tom Cleaveland Month ago

    3:03 Zion just added the baller stone to the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • M 2
    M 2 2 months ago +1


  • Anthony Zarb
    Anthony Zarb 2 months ago

    Tre jones's best game
    Rj's had all good games
    Zion was mvp of the tournament he can pass some what shoot and he athleticism says it all he just need to improve on some weight and a good 3 shor

  • asian Boii
    asian Boii 5 months ago

    I remember screaming so loud with joy my neighbors knocked on my door to see if i was okay😂🔵😈💪

  • vSickoo
    vSickoo 6 months ago

    Imagine waking up to your coach saying “you have to guard Zion”

  • Jason Icaranom
    Jason Icaranom 9 months ago

    Cant wait to watch you in NBA zion

  • King Paso
    King Paso 9 months ago

    1:51 LOL look at number 41‘s Jersey

    ZEAU MEDIA 10 months ago

    Pleaseee pelicans, do the right thing and trade for RJ. Zion + RJ = Magic

  • R M
    R M Year ago

    Wym lead if they won cuz the other team
    Missed the last shot

  • DJ Golf
    DJ Golf Year ago

    Who else but RJ Barrett gets the winning basket, dude has mamba mentality #killerinstinct #clutch

  • Robi L
    Robi L Year ago

    Zion reminds me to Zach Randolph in a TOP version

  • Geraldo Belarmino

    Acompanho a ascensão do Zion e Cia desde as primeiras aparições em partidas do colegial e agora sagrou se campeão. Bela trajetória que tem tudo para ter um desfecho brilhante na NBA.

  • FH
    FH Year ago


  • temeti to
    temeti to Year ago +1

    All this hype about Zion is shit we have seen before. The NBA is whole different animal, that's where the real playas play, hes just playing with little kids.

  • Hero Miles
    Hero Miles Year ago

    Tre Jones is going to end up getting drafted higher than Cam Red

  • Football Planet
    Football Planet Year ago

    ESPN mixup leads to Women's NCAA tournament bracket spoilers
    Resd More Here: www.click2watch.net/2019/03/march-madness-espn-mixup-leads-to.html

  • Shiv Mathur
    Shiv Mathur Year ago

    duke looks unstoppable

  • Duany Addison
    Duany Addison Year ago

    Zion is a easy first round pick. He's 100% gonna be in the top 3.

  • Jim B
    Jim B Year ago

    I like this kid Jones... Reminds me of Scottie Pippen

  • Lei J
    Lei J Year ago

    They should get paid a salary. This is robbery in broad daylight!

  • monti miller
    monti miller Year ago

    The Blue Devils have it all, The Coach~Coach K~, The Players~Zion, Barrett, Reddish, Tre~, The Tradition, The Championship Banners(5), The History! Now all they have to do is go out an win the damn thing!!!

  • Mein Kampfer212
    Mein Kampfer212 Year ago

    Zion Williamson > this season Lebron


    Unpopular Opinion: Cam Reddish is the key to Duke winning the tourney and will surprise a lot of people at the next level just like Devin Booker did

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty Year ago +1

    Zion is a mix of Anthony Bennett and George Lynch

    • Clay Johnson
      Clay Johnson Year ago

      Hell naw Barkley,Larry johnson labron

  • Kid Sleepless96
    Kid Sleepless96 Year ago

    If Shaq and Lebron did the DBZ fusion dance Zion is what you get. Dude is an unstoppable force of strength and athleticism

  • cash me outside
    cash me outside Year ago

    RJ is nothing without Zion it proved it when Zion wasn't playing

  • Lu
    Lu Year ago

    That left hand bounce pass in transition from Zion was RIDICULOUS.

  • Dominic Calla
    Dominic Calla Year ago

    yo zion, you cold but you gotta fix that jumpshot.

    TMVTHEKID TV Year ago

    thexvid.com/video/e_bH4ggAVfU/video.html 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dominic Fleming
    Dominic Fleming Year ago +1

    Is tre jones related to tyus jones that won a chip with duke?

  • DJNate TopNotchEnt

    The only time they like us black folks

  • H F
    H F Year ago

    RJ is much better when he goes to the hole instead of jacking up 3 after 3

  • Isaac Magdaleno
    Isaac Magdaleno Year ago

    Zion will remain the same. His only down factor will be if he ever lets the hype get to him!👌🏽

  • Sports Central
    Sports Central Year ago

    Please don't send Zion to LeToxic and The Lakers

  • Justin T.
    Justin T. Year ago

    Cant wait to see you in a Lakers Jersey, Zion

  • Tiito Motivs
    Tiito Motivs Year ago

    Daim bro. I heard Zion has a term paper due tonight smh

  • Juanillo Rios
    Juanillo Rios Year ago

    What if Zion is a bust in the NBA?😨

    • Hero Miles
      Hero Miles Year ago

      The only way that happens is if he suffers a career ending injury. He should have at least a Shaq-like career at the very worst. Hopefully better than Shaq

  • crip
    crip Year ago

    2:49 the best fuckin pass i've seen in college, so clean... if you slow it down frame by frame or just super slow you can see how precise he had to be in order to land that pass, too much to the right by literally half a foot and he'd have hit a foot.

  • Leroy Rodgers
    Leroy Rodgers Year ago

    Remember, Lebron is watching.

  • Shneider Accilien

    zion gonna make the NBA a lot of money if he doesnt get hurt; lebron 2.0 (in terms of NBA exposure)

  • King K
    King K Year ago

    Tre jones had a dope game,wouldn't have won with out him. I feel like he's not getting enough credit for that win.

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown Year ago

    Something is telling me Cam will come alive in the tourney 💪🏿

  • Janeer Rodgers
    Janeer Rodgers Year ago

    This whole game 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Garryn Wingfield
    Garryn Wingfield Year ago

    Zion and Mitch Robinson would be a scary combo for the Knicks. Knick fans better prey hard haha

  • Lonkey D. Muffy
    Lonkey D. Muffy Year ago

    What about tre Jones? Man killed it

  • ill will
    ill will Year ago

    So special

  • Pennywise Wadford

    According to ESPN pregame, in game and after game Duke was the only team playing. I love how we were up 27-18 then the refs start blowing the whistle. EARLY EXIT FOR DUKE. They need to chill out with the Zion cock sucking. I Like Zion. But they giving him the LeBlame treatment. And I actually am cheering for the guy. FEAR THE SPEAR.

  • Mr. Crouch The free agent

    Is it me or is Zion's effort level (alone) just different from the rest or is he just too athletically gifted than all the rest... The NBA will soon see..

  • Cain Bradley
    Cain Bradley Year ago

    every Team should Just tank by 100 points for ZION its the time to make moves haha

  • William Bai
    William Bai Year ago

    Luka the GOAT Doncic >>>> Horny Fat ass Zion Zionists

    • William Bai
      William Bai Year ago

      @Grant420 luka is probably more like a shorter KD while zion is more of a Lebron/Griffin/DeAndre Jordan type. Trae is gonna be the next steph.

    • Grant420
      Grant420 Year ago

      I like Luka but I think Zion will be better, probably MVP one day

  • Sonny Bocala Jr.
    Sonny Bocala Jr. Year ago

    4:40 the dude tried😂

  • Jack Thebox210
    Jack Thebox210 Year ago

    Zion is a tank who can literally play all five positions.Ball handling, rebounding, passing, post game, and while he does need to work on a outside shot I’ve seen him get streaky. I can really see him developing a shot. I think he will need to lose a little weight because 82 games is a lot of wear and tear on the body but that shouldn’t be a issue because any NBA team is going to want the best for this kid. I really see the next big superstar in the making with this guy as long as he doesn’t get hurt.

  • lah_red 3
    lah_red 3 Year ago +1

    Please don’t Anthony Bennet, please don’t Anthony Bennet, Pleeassee don’t Anthony Bennet😂

  • guy lamson
    guy lamson Year ago

    He's the evolution of Wes Unseld, Barkley etc he can defend shoot and dahhhhhhhhhh

    ZEAU MEDIA Year ago

    Is it just me or NCAA basketball is so much more exciting than the NBA this year. I’m just so sick and tired of those prima-donnas of the NBA.

    • Grant420
      Grant420 Year ago

      Golden State ruined the NBA

  • Bradley
    Bradley Year ago

    Good thing they BARELY beat UNC

  • The 2K GVDZ
    The 2K GVDZ Year ago +1

    I don’t see reddish that much in any of these highlights. I feel like his draft stock is dropping..

    • 1301407gl
      1301407gl Year ago

      It should he's been pretty bad all season

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor Year ago +1

    For Duke to win National championship Jones have to play like he did against Florida State. When Jones plays like that you can’t beat Duke!

  • Femi Alex Williams
    Femi Alex Williams Year ago +2

    One thing I love is Zions motor. He wont fail in the NBA


    *Zion getting use to that New York Life*

  • John Hawks
    John Hawks Year ago

    You gotta give them credit for winning but if they didn't have Zion they never would have been there to start with.

  • mooncountry1017
    mooncountry1017 Year ago +6

    FSU: We have an army
    Duke: We have a hulk

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Year ago +1

    I got Temple winning the east region in the tournament temple Owls

  • Axiebuoy Lifestyles

    Thats antoine walkers son

  • Your mommas Fav
    Your mommas Fav Year ago

    Damn... Im a fsu but im happy we made it this far but i mainly care about our football team. Witch also isnt good right nos but we will get there

  • Jian Yang
    Jian Yang Year ago

    This made it seem like Zion scored 40 points and too this game all by himself...

  • Derrick Williamson

    I guess once again you idiots think if you just keep telling a lie over and over as if it were the truth we the fans will just mindlessly repeat this nonesense . but not!!!! we actually have our own eyes and our own minds and opinions . so stop it with the bull shit . his attributes during that game way out ways ba Barrett's

  • Carrie Davis
    Carrie Davis Year ago +1

    That pass from Zion was sick!!!

  • Derrick Williamson

    How can you say that with a straight face ? Wow

  • Derrick Williamson

    Dude soon williamson had the same amount of points he had so get your hating asses out of here . you people really are some idiots you really should be ashamed I mean how can you live like that ?

  • Kristian Dotson
    Kristian Dotson Year ago +1

    so no mention of tre jones 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • kris jones
    kris jones Year ago

    Zion violated ncaa rules by accepting gifts from Nike. He is ineligible yet no one is talking about it

    • kris jones
      kris jones Year ago

      Jeremy Barnett. Bullshit. Nike sent a team to Durham to make Zion a custom sneaker. ESPN announced it during the Syracuse game. What other player in the nation has Nike done that for? Exactly... Ineligible..

  • LG-550 Xp
    LG-550 Xp Year ago

    Thank goodness Zion came back for coach K sake cuz Duke was doo-doo without him.. Would've def been eliminated in the first round of this tourney.

  • STH
    STH Year ago

    Tfw Duke's entire starting 5 is gonna get drafted this summer and their still gonna b just as good next year.

  • Blu-Ray
    Blu-Ray Year ago


  • 6ROVE 5IDE
    6ROVE 5IDE Year ago

    To all the retards that wanna call RJ the best on the team 🤦‍♂️😂 If u think he'll have a better NBA career you on crack

  • Melvin Yang
    Melvin Yang Year ago

    I would’ve liked to see Duke without Zion if he hadn’t signed with them. I’m sure Duke would be ranked as bad as Kansas this year if it wasn’t for Zion.

  • insomthegreat
    insomthegreat Year ago

    Thanos can hoop.