Are Disney Villains Going Extinct?

  • Published on Mar 1, 2017
    Disney Animation Studios has seen an uptick in quality and consistency in the last five years... as well as an uptick in red herrings and plot twists replacing the traditional villain narrative. Did the era of the Disney villain end a long time ago?
    Aforementioned cranky twitter:
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  • Medua
    Medua 21 hour ago

    I think all of the giants will be vegans except for the one evil, giant who eats bacon. They then throw the blood of an English-man on him and he melts. I want a 60% cut of all profits including merch Disney

  • Remy Jones
    Remy Jones 2 days ago

    Mother Gothel. She was crazy.

  • Covady
    Covady 3 days ago

    Your not going turbo are you?

  • Éowyn Salvador
    Éowyn Salvador 6 days ago

    If Disney is real big on this whole explore villains motivations from a sympathetic perspective, perhaps they should use this to fix their problematic history of villainizing queerness.

    • Éowyn Salvador
      Éowyn Salvador 6 days ago

      I'd love to see a Scar movie about how he was ostracized for being unnaturally feminine for a lion

  • Emergency Rapid Response Team

    You need to make a public apology to James Woods. Without James Woods Alyssa Milano's horses would have been BBQed. James Woods did a lot of work getting people safe and get assistance when needed. James Woods is not heartless, only people who are heartless are those that do not look themselves well in the mirror.

    • Emergency Rapid Response Team
      Emergency Rapid Response Team 4 days ago

      Japan lost The Battleship Yamamoto, they list their Naval Forces they lost their fighters and bombers. Russia was coming in and every country Russia touched turned Communist. The Cold War begun. Japan did not surrender fast enough. We were not going to lose Japan to Communists not Socialists. Commies and Socialists are good for one thing lots and lots of target practice.

    • Fingolfin Gondolin
      Fingolfin Gondolin 4 days ago

      Nope, you lost me on both replies.
      1) I was not talking about parties but ideologies. I don't like that subtle shift when either side does it.
      2) I am indifferent to which party institutionalized slavery because may change. I don't subscribe to the stupid Southern Strategy canard pushed by the left, but ideas can shift in a party over time. Ignoring that is foolhardy. It is my only criticism of D'Souza's most recent book. It would be better to discuss why "progressive" ideologies lend themselves to slavery (of various sorts) while the American version of the conservatism/libertarianism maximizes freedom.
      3) The Japanese in WWII were immensely cruel in their strategies and racist to boot. Calculations were made that to let the war continue would have actually cost more lives than dropping the bombs did. So dropping the bombs was a strategic act of compassion. You're looking at that much as a leftist would: only at the surface.
      4) The KKK is a result of identity-based politics, and its attempt at control is very much of progressive origin. But racism can exist in the camps of either ideology. The difference lies in the which group promotes a strong government with the power to impose racist policy on the people. A left-wing racist will create hateful laws that discriminate. A right-wing racist removes his own teeth/claws by saying, "Just leave me alone to my hate." But being on the right does not make you an angel. (Again, party is not the same as ideology.)
      5) And most egregious is your painting with a VERY wide brush, declaring all Democrats a "scourge" that "should be hung for treason." I firmly believe that there is a sect (elite leaders, radical AntiFa types, etc...) who know precisely why they believe what they believe and are OK with it. But most Democrats are just ignorant. I will not fault my neighbors who are duped by the media, because while I might hope them to be better educated, I cannot not hate them for their ignorance. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you know this and agree that a drywall hanger in Detroit is not fundamentally evil for being misinformed.
      6) While I agreed with your initial post about James Woods, you might want to consider lacing your strong, emotional rhetoric with a little compassion (there's that word again) for those who desire good and disagree on the methods to arrive there. Democrats or liberals may be wrong, but that doesn't mean their motives are not well-founded. (Most of them anyway; as I noted above, there is a contingent that knows precisely how horrendous their ideology/methods are and embrace it anyway under some Hegelian delusion of a perfect future. They deserve your opprobrium.)

    • Emergency Rapid Response Team
      Emergency Rapid Response Team 4 days ago

      The most heartless thing ever Democrats who created the KKK. Will never forgive Democrats ever and all should be hung for treason by creating racism in the Land of the Free and Brave. Democrats are a scourge to the United States Constitution and the Freedom and Liberty of the United States of America!

    • Emergency Rapid Response Team
      Emergency Rapid Response Team 4 days ago

      Only ones who are cruel are Democrats which institutioned slavery. There was NEVER a Republican Slave Owner. Heartless is Democrats who wanted to keep slavery alive and well in the United States. Heartless is Democrats creating the industrial military complex and dropping 2 Atomic Bombs on Japan.

    • Fingolfin Gondolin
      Fingolfin Gondolin 5 days ago

      By "heartless", I think she means, "I don't understand why his politics actually reflect his compassion." It is the same old axiom: conservatives understand how the liberals arrive at there conclusions, so can criticize without impugning motives. But liberals generally have no clue how conservatives arrive at their conclusions, so it must be a reflection of conservatives cruel nature. It does get old; particularly when I am trying very hard to enjoy her otherwise very engaging videos.

  • i m
    i m 10 days ago

    "they know each other, they hate each other, we dont know why-" coff bitter exes coff

  • Angelsgirl1621
    Angelsgirl1621 10 days ago

    i would love IF they did the fairy tales snow white cinderella Pinocchio ect as they truely are DARK and disturbing cinderella's step sisters cut of parts of their feet for crying out loud then had their eyes pecked out it wasn't snow whits step mother that hated her in one story if was her own MOTHER and snow made the queen dance in redhot shoes until she died she was no sweet princess sleeping beauty was asleep for 100 YEARS and was only woken up bu her own CHILD (she wasn't pregant before the curse) ekkkkkk ok tone down that part maybe a before and after thing the orginal beast in beauty and the beast was more of a lion so in other words go back to the true brothers grim orgins of disney Princesses oh yeah hans christen anderson's little mermaid the mermaid killed herself because the prince married another woman

  • Angelsgirl1621
    Angelsgirl1621 10 days ago

    give us disney movies where villians WIN would be intresting not talking live action gives us 2d awsome movies like the 90's

  • justabitofamug
    justabitofamug 10 days ago

    Remember that cartoon guardians that had all of the different holiday mythical creatures in it? And the boogeyman was the villain? I'm 16 and I still unironically watch that movie. Santa should always be portrayed as a buff russian

  • Cecilie Blondin
    Cecilie Blondin 11 days ago

    Is Kronk really a villain though? He's so sweet!

  • Ryan Ruesch
    Ryan Ruesch 11 days ago

    Why hate on James Woods? The man just speaks the truth

  • marie
    marie 12 days ago

    Gigantic?! Oh does anyone even say "Tangled"? It is Rapunzel. Rapunzel in the Tower. I cannot recall anyone ever referring to it as "Tangled". Just name the movie what it is please. Stop trying to be clever.

  • Zach Piper
    Zach Piper 13 days ago

    Thank god Gigantic didn't happen

  • azigz
    azigz 13 days ago

    Why don't you like mother gothel?

  • Staunts
    Staunts 14 days ago

    The false-flag sheep was a good villain and commentary on how some people need society to be worse than it actually is in order to justify their anger at perceived social inequalities, so they create a stark 'us vs them' mentality that contradicts the supposed goal of equality. Basically Mayor Bellweather exists to show us that not everybody who seems to act in the name of equality has their heart in the right place and that is a GOOD MESSAGE for today's youth.

  • Florent
    Florent 15 days ago +1

    The evil villain got the axe along with the knight in shining armor and graceful princess archetypes. They'll return because they are eternal, but probably not in the current climate.

  • Blue River Bane
    Blue River Bane 17 days ago

    If disney wants a real screenbreaking movie mAKE THE VILLAIN A PRINCESS

  • nandini upadhyay
    nandini upadhyay 18 days ago

    Maybe they should just do both, to make it even more complex. As in, the villains should be scary and evil, but also have a backstory which explains how they became that way. And the protagonist can be confused on whether they should spare the villain's life/empathise with them or still hate the villains cuz of their actions. I get why the evil, scary Disney villains have their appeal, but I also get that children need to be taught that it's not all black and white, and evil people are evil because of a reason. Now whether the protagonist (hence the audience) forgives the villain because they understand where they're coming from, or whether the villain never changes his ways and has to be punished in the end, that can depend from narrative to narrative. I just think it would be interesting to have villains who have a backstory with enough reasoning to why they are the way they are, but also make them really evil and scary.

  • CapitalCH
    CapitalCH 19 days ago

    i liked what they did with Tangled. Instead of making an evil witch, they made her passive aggressive and cutting. her insults about Rapunzel's weight and characteristics were more realistic and most people could relate to that kind of family member than a one note villain.

  • Monitor
    Monitor 20 days ago +1

    the villain of gigantic was John Lassetter

  • gabriel lopes
    gabriel lopes 22 days ago +1

    "We can probably safely assume that Gaston isn't gonna get much of a make over or a tragic backstory" lol oh i wish so

  • SoundofSapphire
    SoundofSapphire 22 days ago

    I don't mind a protagonist finding their identity. First, everyone goes through it, and young people are currently going through it. Second, because every person experiences it, that kind of story is relatable, meaning it's more marketable. As for villains, I think Disney is afraid of making them too real. You don't want a kid to recognize that bad things do actually happen in life, and you don't want them to see something that they could easily recognize as an evil in the real world. Some kids are going to watch that kind of movie and have the negative stick with them more than the protagonists journey or progression. There's also the issue of time. It can be difficult to have enough time to set up both a strong protagonist and a strong antagonist. To that, I say either put in the extra effort to make it work, or leave out the villain. We all know recent Disney films that didn't need one and most likely would've been stronger stories for trimming the fat. But Disney has a very successful and lucrative formula, and, at the end of the day, Disney is a company. It's a business. If they have a weak part of the film like a lazily written antagonist and give that very little screen time, audiences are more likely to overlook that and just enjoy the rest of the movie. Personally, I can't grasp the idea of forcing in a villain because that's "part of the formula" and not cutting them out to create more time to focus on really solidifying the good parts they already have in place.

  • tristonanan
    tristonanan 23 days ago

    I think that Tamatoa was really only in Moana so they could write a villain song and have someone who is over the top and *shiny* to market. No judgment for that, but either have a real villain or don't. Come on, Disney. I am so tired of the bait and switch villain because they often aren't written well. The best one that has come out of recent Disney is Te Fiti because I genuinely did not see that one coming. It was one of the few times it was genuinely unpredictable, or at least in my opinion.
    One of the worst written ones they wrote was Hans. Bellwether I can believe since she didn't have as much screentime and she seemed like she could genuinely be manipulative. Hans, however, came out of left field without a single hint that he was going to betray Anna until the "If only there was someone who loved you" line. I'm actually genuinely surprised that they didn't have a villain song. When I say that his betrayal came out of nowhere I also genuinely mean it. When he and Anna first met he actually genuinely seemed to like her. When her back was turned he smiled softly at her. This wasn't an "I'm going to manipulate her into marrying me and then I'll find a way to kill her sister so I can rule" sort of smile. That was an animator's way of showing "I am absolutely smitten with this girl" type of smile.
    What would have worked better for Frozen is if they had Elsa get more and more cold and bitter as the story progressed, turning herself into the Ice Queen and the villain who can then be turned back by ~sisterly love~ or whatever. Or the Duke of Weselton who said that Elsa's magic was evil. He could have very easily been turned into the actual villain.
    If they really wanted Hans to be the villain, then reveal to the audience that he isn't a good dude sooner. Hans could have been more adverse to Anna trying to save her sister, possibly sending the army after Elsa if he promises that he wouldn't. He could have teamed up with the Duke of Weselton to bring down Elsa.
    Modern day Disney seems to be adverse to making their villains straight up evil without there being a reason, as you said. Not every villain needs a tragic backstory and/or to be a twist. Some people are just messed up, or we just would never naturally learn their motivations if it wasn't for them saying why. Then again, Disney Pixar has been doing this since 1999 with Toy Story 2 (which is turning 19 two days after writing this too long comment). As long as we continue seeing their movies and giving them money they aren't going to really care, though.

  • Mr. RPG-Gamer
    Mr. RPG-Gamer 24 days ago

    Ok, I just need to quickly hop on here (I know this video is already a year old, but still). First off, great video, I love it. Interested to see where the whole villain thing goes (because I usually like good villains far more than the heroes). Secondly, I need to step in and kind of defend Mother Gothel here. I agree with some of the points against her: the lack of iconic outfit, the sort-of-ok song "Mother knows best". I wish they would have given more time to her true villain form, bet that's too late now. What really sold me on Mother Gothel as one of my favorite Disney Villains is that she is intelligent (well for as long as the story allows her to be that is), so very devious in giving off a caring presence whilst still showing her true feelings (IMHO I think it should have been more subtle and not so obvious that she is being "mean" to her in "mother knows best") but the thing that truly sold me on her, was the reprise of "mother knows best". Oozing with disdain and anger whilst still making her self seem like the victim. SO GOOD. I LOVE IT. Anyways, those are just my few cents on that "issue". ^^

  • Voldemort
    Voldemort 24 days ago

    i kinda feel like with a more dynamic and realistic plot line, having a character that is "evil" is impossible because real people arent just evil, and thats why we see the antagonists getting a backstory or a reason to their actions. A classic Disney villain really only works in a very simple story like the movies they exist in, they would feel out of place in a world of dynamic characters and appear flat in contrast.

  • jocontemporary
    jocontemporary 25 days ago +1

    This will get more funny the further we get away from 2017 and Gigantic still never happens

  • Special Agent Washing Tub

    They could do something a bit different an made Jack the villain. He's the focus, but he's the one causing the problems for the unaware giant.

  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 26 days ago

    OBJECTION! Dr. Facilier had to pay off his debt to the dark forces, he had to get those souls of New Orleans to pacify a greater threat. Tiana did not know this but did subvert a worse tragedy through her sacrifice. Also Elsa is a villain, she nearly killed her kingdom yet is loved like a hero when the real hero was Anna. And like most people that are beautiful they get passes by society due to their appearance. Elsa would not have been so popular if she was not deliberately drawn to be 10x more pretty than her sister and also that stupid sexy crap dress. Anna gets the shaft of this even though her sacrifice saved the day. Elsa is evil still in my opinion, she willingly let her people nearly freeze to death and hid from her responsibility as queen.

  • Samuel Ollesh
    Samuel Ollesh 26 days ago

    Sorry, what? Too distracted by Starscream and his crown behind you.

  • Cush
    Cush 27 days ago

    Will Disney characters ever have genitals? Or will they forever be as castrated as their story re-telling?

  • Lautael
    Lautael 29 days ago

    1:00 Is that Rantasmo? :o

  • Diy_CaT
    Diy_CaT Month ago

    Going out of fashion. They'll be back.

  • E.R.
    E.R. Month ago

    Disney's oeuvre can be understood in the framework of Pop Star Reputation. We're just in the what you've made me do era of Taylor's career right now

  • Max Winters
    Max Winters Month ago

    i love when people arent flat and 1 dimensional but go off i guess

  • onewingedraven
    onewingedraven Month ago

    Honestly, I think it's good villains aren't always just these evil people anymore. You have to remember that Disney is always targeting children, not adults. They try to make their content amusing for adults, but they'll always be going after the kids. Teaching kids from a young age that when someone is an asshole there tends to be more to them is pretty important. In a world where politics makes it them vs us I think it's important to make sure the next generation doesn't fall into the trap of things being good or evil. Sometimes compassion and understanding is what's needed to solve a conflict and sometimes it isn't. The important thing is to humanize the "villain" in a way that will help young kids grow up with that lesson already in their brains. The old way of the Disney villain may be fun to watch, but it's honestly outdated and can be potentially damaging to developing a child's understanding of good and evil.

  • Pluezil Vlk
    Pluezil Vlk Month ago +1

    But... He had friends on the other side !

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago +1

    I really liked Mother Gothel. She didnt seen unique enough in appearance, but as someone whos been subject to abuse she felt so real to me. Its letting kids see real life villainy that they need to learn to be wary of not a magician

  • Lukas Gregor
    Lukas Gregor Month ago +2

    1 year later...the frick is gigantic?

  • Anna Bunovsky
    Anna Bunovsky Month ago

    Awesome video, but I'm not sure Facilier crushing Ray is the worst thing a Disney villain has done. i'd say that point still goes to Frollo for cracking the skull of an infant's mother, implied mass genocide over the span of 20 years, and unambiguous sexual assault.

  • Caleb Hamilton
    Caleb Hamilton Month ago

    Did she call Moana a tight plot?! Ha what about the pirate coconuts? The realm of monsters? You call the crab the main villain? They just went to steal something and prank him? And then all the back story plot holes

  • iRinnda
    iRinnda Month ago

    I for some reason have a feeling that since Disney started with the basic "black-and-white" villains, and so far they've given them more character development and now we've well exploited the "surprise!-I-was-actually-a-villain!" trope, it might slowly turn to redeeming the villains. We've had it done maybe twice with Treasure Planet and Meet the Robinsons (that no one remembers), and so far that trope has been rather unsuccessful, because the movies where DIsney used that trope have been just _meh_ or badly marketed. However, with Wreck It Ralph giving the villainy a new point of view and Moana really not having a proper villain... I don't know if we should've taken Maui or Te'Ka as a villain, anyway they both turned out to be good, ok?
    So I have a hunch there might be a redeeming villain trope coming there somewhere, someday, maybe sooner than later? What do you think? Or should Disney just start all over with the black-and-white villains? :D

  • Nicholas Segura
    Nicholas Segura Month ago

    To me, Dr. Facilier was the most recent dark magic villain in Disney Animation. Almost 10 years later since his film and still no villains as diabolical as him. What is up with that?

  • Blue Ice-Tea
    Blue Ice-Tea Month ago

    Can't believe you forgot to mention Inside Out, a brilliant movie with no villain at all!

  • Philosopher 1215
    Philosopher 1215 Month ago

    Ok, I'm gonna say an unpopular opinion: I. Love. Mayor Bellwether.
    Not because she has any significant power, she doesn't. Not cause she is the most diabolical mastermind, she isn't, though she's clearly not ENTIRELY stupid.
    She couldn't lift a CANDLE to villains like Scar or Maleficent-- but she has one thing that I think Zootopia really screwed her on: backstory and development.
    Think about it: she starts off as seeming like the sweetest, timid, adorable little lamb. She continues this persona until the end of the movie when she shows her true colors, but the reason why so many people think her as a lack luster villain is no fault to bellwether herself, but the writers and producers. They wanted a twist villain, and wanted to focus on the main characters, sooo bad they totally neglected to give bellwether much screen time, thus building her character and understanding her motives. But we never do; we see her give a badge, use a computer, then boom, she's a sociopath! Not many people will really receive that positively because almost no time went into why she's evil. No time even went into any hint whatsoever that she could be the baddy. Some may say: "but that adds into the surprise!"
    No, cause Disney has ended up shooting itself in the foot by giving us such greats before, who had kickass development and character, so when you give us this disappointment, you should know exactly why we would see it that way!
    But onto why I love this character: potential. Bellwether has so much unrealized potential. The reason she holds so much hate in her heart can be dissected, we can look into her backstory, which is a mystery, we could go inside her mind, which is a mystery because we haven't the chance to. And she's still alive and now bitter, creating the perfect storm for maybe a comeback in a possible sequel. She's a blank check that, if cashed in, could be a very complex, sympathetic, or just admirably developed character. Do what you did for Judy and Nick, and do the same for Bellwether, and you could have a lovable villain.

  • Niyah
    Niyah Month ago

    if you are going to make an evil character make them evil they don't always have to be redeemable or have some tragic backstory. I love Cersei from Game of Thrones I mean her children with her Achilles heel they even then she was still terrible.

  • erm
    erm Month ago

    Rewatching this and just realized I have that same Maleficent pin. I got it in 2004 so I wonder how long Lindsay has had hers. I don't think they make it anymore.

  • Kerry
    Kerry Month ago

    Pocahontas is my favourite Disney movie... the hate hurt!

  • Ivar Labos
    Ivar Labos Month ago

    hell yeah The Peanuts Movie was a pretty cute movie at all, no threatening villain included and Released the same year Inside Out came (also has no villain), so no intimidating freak like frollo

  • Anthony Delfino
    Anthony Delfino Month ago

    So one slight point of note when it comes to Hans, if you're familiar with musical theater, like I am, I was able to pin Hans as the villain from the party scene. Disney couldn't seem to divorce itself from the classical musical theater trope of making your villain (if he's male) a baritone. If they really wanted to make sure people didn't see it coming, Hans needed to be a tenor.

  • Redleaf Boomer
    Redleaf Boomer Month ago

    So they can make them if they can steal the story from somebody else

  • Lucas Riedler
    Lucas Riedler Month ago

    I'd love to see what you think of Anne Rice. :)

  • El R
    El R Month ago

    I think Ratigan might have been one of the best villains of the older era cause it feels less like a battle of good and evil and more a battle of egos. Personally I like the newer trend of complexity in villains- not necessarily adding a tragic backstory or a plot twist, but just having more going on to them. Basil and Ratigan work so well cause there's such a dynamic and fun relationship between them that feels deeply personal. A villain doesn't have to be secretly sympathetic to be multi dimensional. Like just the fact that Basil has a portrait of Ratigan hanging in his study says so much and suggests a number of possibilities- ex lovers? Former professor and student? A Batman and Joker kinda thing? Or just two brilliant rodents who are driven to outdo each other for because that's what drives them? Also doesn't hurt that Vincent Price is probably the best celebrity voice actor in Disney history.

  • Becky Boncheveaux
    Becky Boncheveaux Month ago

    2018 is close to over...and there has been no gigantic...I've heard NOTHING Disney!!!!!!!!

  • Becky Boncheveaux
    Becky Boncheveaux Month ago

    ~see how I glitter~

  • Luluthekitty23
    Luluthekitty23 Month ago

    I actually did see the red herring for Moana. Thanks to my elementary school education (back when you got one) we learned lava good cause it makes plants. So... It was ok but predictable.

  • 811414182梦见
    811414182梦见 Month ago

    *See how I glitter* gets to make many appearances in your vids lol

  • Mitchel Smiffin' Dat A$$

    I think the stupid king should've left the flower alone. Mother Gothel wouldn't have been a villain if he didn't take it. Or, to be honest, why didn't she just make it into a tea and drink it herself? I'd love to know what kind of story that'd have been.

  • João Vítor
    João Vítor Month ago

    I miss powerful villans

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész Month ago

    Disney movies becoming more and more conformist I think. It's like they are going for the sub zero MPAA rating. Although that could be a general phenomena. It's like everyone is too careful about what we can show to kids.

  • New Order Future
    New Order Future 2 months ago

    >puts picture of Hitler while saying real world villains
    >proceeds to put unrelated image text on the picture
    Is Lindsay Ellis REDPILLED??

  • Cady Fitzgerald
    Cady Fitzgerald 2 months ago

    Not enough of these comments are talking about Scar, who is an absolute icon of a villain, and no one can tell me otherwise.

  • Alice Pope-Terry
    Alice Pope-Terry 2 months ago +1

    Gigantic is probably more so going to be a big brother little sister story. After all, the giant in the poster looks like a child and jack looks around 15-17ish (however Moana has the proportions of a 5-year-old so what am I to say).
    But I'm guessing it's going to be a story where she takes Jack and keeps him as a pet. He then tries to escape because he's scared for his life. But he sees that she's just a scared little girl in a messed up household (like absent parents or other similar child-friendly reason) so he'll decide to stay.
    We'll then see more of her life, maybe her Dad will be cold and distant after a human killed his wife, leading him to be emotionally abusive. This will prompt Jack and little miss gigantic relationship to slowly develop. Jack'll become a big brother type figure to little miss gigantic and little miss gigantic will protect Jack from her human-hating/eating farther.
    Then the father will find out about Jack and try to kill him. This will push him and his daughter further apart and make her even more scared of him. Which will give Jack the chance to talk to him. Then they'll be a big conclusion where the giant stops hating humans and becomes a much much much better dad to little miss gigantic.
    Not the best story but one with a lot of potential rich conflict and a relationship that hasn't really been given that much attention in Disney movies. However, my outline is a little lacklustre in the second half of act two; but that's nothing new for me.

  • Hecatonicosachoron
    Hecatonicosachoron 2 months ago

    I hope that black-and-white characters go extinct altogether. They fuel horrid ideologies. Hardly appropriate to be teaching that to kids. Yes, the didactic dimension is really important and it doesn't matter if your average idiot finds that lame. So Disney villains going extinct would actually be good news. But I am not that optimistic.

  • fataleflare
    fataleflare 2 months ago

    I have the Let Me Be Good To You pin!

  • merlinthetuna
    merlinthetuna 2 months ago

    With regards to Hades, I don't think it's _quite_ as bad as you're framing it here. I definitely agree with your premise from the Hercules video that the movie is a collection of interesting parts that don't add up into a coherent whole. But along the lines that Herc himself is Superman + Rocky, Hades is _Oedipus_ .
    In classic Greek tragedy tradition, Hades's plan would go off completely without a hitch if he would just _let go_ , but his own attempts to subvert the prophecy ultimately fulfill it. (Insofar as that scheme makes any sense to begin with. Work with me here.) Under that lens, it makes perfect sense that Hades is at least aware of Hercules's identity crisis; he's been spying on the kid for a while. And he has some interest in Herc being just a Regular Guy, because the prophecy only cites Hercules via his identity, not by some feats of strength or skill he'll contribute to the battle itself. Hercules is special because he's Hercules, so the key is to make being Hercules not special.
    If Hades could resist the urge to pop in and be a total dick to Herc on the eve of the battle, he could just route the Titans around Thebes and take Olympus; it's only his own mustache twirling that draws Herc into the conflict in the first place. The fact that they don't _really_ know each other is a key part of making that thematic element work. It could definitely have been executed more effectively (again, as you covered in the other video), but the idea, I think, is sound.

  • tree
    tree 2 months ago

    Why is the name and description of this halfly in Finnish

  • Doll-ish 17
    Doll-ish 17 2 months ago

    Mother gothel is an example of a modern villain that could fit into any classic disney villain

  • Suzette C.
    Suzette C. 2 months ago +1

    Gigantic was canceled, and meanwhile, we're getting Frozen 2 for 2020 *sigh*

  • LeAnn Kennett
    LeAnn Kennett 2 months ago +1

    I don’t Think the Disney villains are going extinct. Te Kah from Moana was a departure from your traditional villains in only the fact she was redeemed in the end when a confident and empowered Moana gave her back her heart. We still have Dr Facile, Hans, mother Gothel as most recent that come to mind.

  • James Belnap
    James Belnap 2 months ago

    Since when is Mother Gothel not well loved? She's my favorite Disney villain.

    • James Belnap
      James Belnap Day ago

      +Jeremy Jones She couldn't have a more memorable design because they needed her not to look too much like a villain. Her evilness was deceptive, and I actually think her design reflects that.

    • Jeremy Jones
      Jeremy Jones Day ago

      I think she's in the b-list in terms of disney villians. Still better than any of the "plot twist villains" though. It doesn't help that her name was only mentioned like once in the whole film. And I just think she could have used a more memorable design...same could be said for the rest of tangled too. Lmao. I think it's one of the stronger narratives in recent disney films but the character designs aren't exactly "inspired", let's just say that. And the name of the movie is dumb...and the marketing of the movie sucked....yeah, disney did that movie dirty.

  • 1917th BenisBrigade
    1917th BenisBrigade 2 months ago

    This video's title is in german on my phone, what

  • TheDizeazedKiller
    TheDizeazedKiller 2 months ago

    Treasure planet is probably the best done character driven movie disney has ever produced. Tis anything but.

  • Conglomeration
    Conglomeration 2 months ago +2

    "I think we can probably safely assume that Gaston isn't going to get much of a makeover or a tragic backstory"
    [laughter from the future]

  • Jonathan Craven
    Jonathan Craven 2 months ago

    Yeah, have a more nuanced view of good vs evil in the mainstream does sound exasperating. Who'd want kids growing up believing bad actor's think they're going good, all in the pursuit of some trend... Sorry, but you get to keep the classic Disney villians; those movies still exist. I hope my kids grow up scoffing at the notion of evil. Some people do bad things some do good. And you don't need sugar coat that for good story telling.

  • Ieago
    Ieago 2 months ago

    I dunno, Disney's villain population seems pretty healthy. They might be more subtle now. There no more Medusa from The Rescuer, willing to use a child slave or The Horned King from Black Cauldron. Keep in mind that Maleficent, for all her tragic backstory was totally okay with revenging herself on the family that violated her by killing their child almost 20 years after the crime. And Hans while was a great usurper, but Elsa and Anna's parents are the real villains of the movie. After all, they never told Elsa what they new of her powers and commissioned a pair of manacles to go over her hands if she got out of control. Speaking to your subversion point, I agree. I feel like Disney's directors are so wound up in subverting audience tropes lately that they are forgetting that you need to tell an interesting story first. Frozen was probably the best-balanced movie Disney has produced in that regard.

  • backroomgentleman
    backroomgentleman 2 months ago

    I think Silver from Treasure Planet may be my favorite Disney villain. He is a good person at heart and truly cares for Jim, but he's also cruel and brutal and also NOT really a good person...he's got a lot of depth

  • Bobby Arteaga
    Bobby Arteaga 2 months ago

    Is putting Willy the Giant from “Mickey and the Beanstalk” in the new Gigantic movie something Disney would do? Because I wouldn’t put it past them

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 2 months ago

    Where do you get those pins

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 2 months ago

    Why haven’t I subscribed yet 😰 I’ve been binging all day

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 2 months ago

    Was Ursula really a villain? She just gave the girl a choice and she signed the contract

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 2 months ago

    Villains bully and society frowns on that now

  • Zelda Hylia
    Zelda Hylia 2 months ago +1

    I know this video is a bit old, but by now I feel like Disney's 'unpredictably' has become way too predictable. I feel like the problem with the old movies they were trying to move past was that the villains were great but the heroes were cliche, now the heroes are great but the villains are cliche. I want good villains back!

  • minoliti
    minoliti 2 months ago +2

    you were right, they gave Gaston a sad backstory

  • ShantyIrishman
    ShantyIrishman 2 months ago

    Moana’s villain was her father.

  • tina wyatt
    tina wyatt 2 months ago

    I don't think Disney villians are going extinct, they are just evolving.

  • Ray Last
    Ray Last 2 months ago

    I mean...Snape was pretty marketable, even though he was also a complex character. So maybe it's not so much the style as it is the actual writing. The villains are becomign less interesting because they are less interestingly written, not because they are three-dimensional.

  • Ray Last
    Ray Last 2 months ago

    I mean...Snape was pretty marketable, even though he was also a complex character. So maybe it's not so much the style as it is the actual writing. The villains are becomign less interesting because they are less interestingly written, not because they are three-dimensional.

  • Ray Last
    Ray Last 2 months ago

    Even back in the day, Woody Allen fell in love with the evil queen. Now of course, Woody Allen was a creep, but he was probably on to something.
    Like that time he explained to his more sophisticated friends that in the case of Nazis, bricks and baseball bats were probably a smart response.

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 2 months ago

    Shiny = classic

  • TheWarmotor
    TheWarmotor 2 months ago

    Oh shit I remember where I've seen you now, you were the dude in Video Game High School! You make a pretty girl.

  • Ivy Edgington-Rice
    Ivy Edgington-Rice 2 months ago

    I've been bingeing your channel today and you really hate that "see how I glitter" scene.

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    The main problem, from my viewpoint, is that all animation studios are more focused on trying to be relatable to people, rather than telling stories with universal themes. I don't mind that some stories are not good vs evil, but I am kinda ticked that the studios are telling generic stories with no originality anymore. Yes, I like variety in stories, but if you try to out-complex each other with "teen tropes", you are losing out on the mature audiences that would have loved to be able to see something deeper in the stories, but cannot, due to the catering of stories to the lowest denominator for all animation features.

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    Like we've not had enough Jack and the Beanstalk stories already. *sigh*

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    Alex Jones fear dream false flag sheep. Now that's a mouthful. :)

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    12:04. Manipulative future-ex. :)

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    11:11. Hey, it had power ballads. What did you expect? XDD

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    10:56. Uuuhhhhmmm.... at least he's not a one-dimensional character? ;)

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    10:19. I thought it was fulfilling your whole potential as a human being? XD

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago +2

    5:50. Character identity isn't the only problem. A lot of animation studios are going after the almighty dollar as their main motivation, which is why you get so many soulless, cold animation movies that are technically decent, but lacks that factor X. It's cash grabs, left, right and center, and artists who dream about creating the next big thing are left to employers who care nothing for art and would rather settle for the short term gain rather than the long term benefit.

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 months ago

    Treasure Island in Space as a concept was pretty decent, but IMHO they pretty much screwed that genre over. We will probably never see any "sailing ships in space" again, simply because it was fumbled so badly. Now if you really want to talk about a slam dunk that went completely off the rails, see Valerian.