Joe Rogan Experience #1118 - Theo Von

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • Theo Von is a stand-up comedian, television personality, host, and actor. Check out his special on Netflix called "No Offense" & his podcast called "This Past Weekend" available on iTunes & TheXvid.

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  • Khalid Al
    Khalid Al Day ago

    "rock lesnar" well, there's an image.

  • Josh Barlow
    Josh Barlow Day ago

    Talking about dutch people being aerodynamic..
    "If you taped one to a front of a plane. I dont think it would do that much damage" 🤣

  • Double D
    Double D 4 days ago

    Joe "You're a monster if you're 12" Rogan

  • G00ober
    G00ober 6 days ago

    "The universe is so big, so what you do doesnt matter"....Here comes deppression again

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 7 days ago

    It’s funny they rip on Aerosmith’s song from Armageddon.. though it was a shitty song and it was the end of them for the most part that was actually their 1st number one hit. -look it up- insane that’s what got them to top the billboard.
    I didn’t mean to do the lines through look it up. -didn’t know that did it-

  • Ebola
    Ebola 7 days ago

    43:48 had to look it up but hey thats me. sfisd . everyone pretends like it didnt fucking happen to this day

  • Jpunkabillybay D.
    Jpunkabillybay D. 8 days ago

    Please do a Theo Von, Joey Diaz, Miss Pat, and Ari shaffir! On The Joe Rogan Experience!

  • Chris D
    Chris D 8 days ago

    No air and less gravity is what makes space travel alot easier not harder or more complicated. It actually requires very little energy to move in space. The hard part is getting off of earth.

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave 9 days ago

    That multiverse CRAP is retarded af
    Tfw NASA
    gets high. ..

  • Anthony Oliva
    Anthony Oliva 9 days ago

    Theo "Dog nipples turn me on" Von

  • Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson 9 days ago +1

    This day in history fact :
    This interview happened on the same day as the Santa Fe school shooting, 10 dead, shooter still alive with a life in prison sentence, named Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

  • Dirty Dangler
    Dirty Dangler 9 days ago

    Honestly the most genius comedic mind around. #theovon4prez

  • Townsend Miller
    Townsend Miller 10 days ago

    “4 dollars for a drawing!?”
    “Bro, you’d pay 8”

  • Adrian Black
    Adrian Black 11 days ago

    As someone with a deaf Jack Russell, I can confirm that analogy.

  • reWni
    reWni 12 days ago

    Theo is America's Karl Pilkington.

  • Andrew Hicks
    Andrew Hicks 12 days ago

    I know I’ll sound like a dumb stoner
    But maybe supermassive black holes are like a bunch of eyes that don’t suck up everything in a “deleted” kinda way but instead are like our eyes
    and they intake the information sucks it up and spits it out as new universes

  • kjp6438
    kjp6438 12 days ago +1

    Joe: His name was Walter, he use to run around this pond...
    Theo: Was he mentally handicap?

  • Mr Stefan
    Mr Stefan 12 days ago

    How intimidated is Joe by Theo?
    Literally can't miss it

  • Hall Anthony
    Hall Anthony 12 days ago

    magneto sphere lol

  • Nicholas Tarnowsky
    Nicholas Tarnowsky 13 days ago

    Joe “AI” Rogan

  • Dan Batista
    Dan Batista 13 days ago

    One of Joe's best podcasts!

  • Scott
    Scott 13 days ago

    Theo Von is 1.4 to 2.2 times smarter than Joe Rogan.

  • Lawrence Beaulieu
    Lawrence Beaulieu 14 days ago

    You guys have to go check out Theo Von doing a show after going on Joey Diaz podcast and eating shrooms. He absolutely bombed and killed all at once.

  • Fut Bol
    Fut Bol 14 days ago


  • whopperlover17
    whopperlover17 14 days ago

    That Michael Collins photo wasn’t from NASA btw

  • B Rael
    B Rael 14 days ago +5

    Everyone missed the part- "they'll just send back the song New York New York, I think."

  • Mike Br
    Mike Br 14 days ago

    So jogging is a gay sport and if you strapped a Dutch person to the front of a plane it wouldn’t be too rough on them. The more you know 🌈

  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley 14 days ago +1

    Well Joe, if the universe is infinite then there has to be Hells Angels and a band somewhere out there. In fact, infinite angels and infinite bands...

    • StoneyBologny
      StoneyBologny 14 days ago

      Like reals hells angels? That'd be dope

  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley 14 days ago +1

    Theo is the mothafuggin man.

  • Trouser Troll
    Trouser Troll 15 days ago

    If Mark Wallberg played Joe Dirt we'd get the great Theo Von.

  • astrofromhtown
    astrofromhtown 15 days ago +1

    The thing Theo said about jerking off and never leaving the house for 5 years. Thats relatable

  • Jared Ross
    Jared Ross 15 days ago

    49:00 Who looked her up?

  • Matt Dupuis
    Matt Dupuis 15 days ago

    "I didn't know you were so developed"
    "joey, you know i love you, there can be no love without sex"

  • ScotsLeo Queen
    ScotsLeo Queen 15 days ago

    Dang, not 7mins in & I'm pondering my own existence & was just wanting to laugh tonight , geez Joe 😂😂

  • Tracey Curtis
    Tracey Curtis 17 days ago +1

    Energy is neither created nor destroyed so the energy for the big bang came from somewhere.....

  • russell yocum
    russell yocum 17 days ago

    disability class. THEO: that one kind of blind kid with the stick.

  • zzarkS
    zzarkS 17 days ago


  • K1LLERSK144
    K1LLERSK144 17 days ago +2

    Rogan would’ve been a cop if he didn’t become a comedian.

  • Kylan Sewell
    Kylan Sewell 17 days ago

    Yeah JoE got Fucked

  • thequinneffect
    thequinneffect 17 days ago +1

    Theo is like the American Karl Pilkington lmfao

  • Bimer catracho
    Bimer catracho 18 days ago

    O hea that's a Gay sport

  • Jt99x
    Jt99x 18 days ago

    Joe “it’s too big, it’s too big, it’s too big to wrap your head around, it’s too big” Rogan

  • David Ash
    David Ash 18 days ago +6

    My grandpa always told me- “just because someone talks slow- doesn’t mean they are.” Older I get- more real this becomes.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 18 days ago

    Joe "I believe what NASA tells me" Rogan.

    • Troy Swink
      Troy Swink 17 days ago

      Not funny please stop using the same shitty joke

  • Guillaume Robichaud
    Guillaume Robichaud 18 days ago

    Apparently Joe's pedo is Sean Connery by the sounds of him

  • miles buska
    miles buska 18 days ago

    Facts Theo. Legit today I saw your instagram post of your sweat pile after an elliptical session and got off my ass and worked out! very motivating

  • Derick Leja
    Derick Leja 19 days ago

    These comments are just quotes of the video. Dont bother reading. Just watch

  • Paul Mccarthy
    Paul Mccarthy 19 days ago

    We can't get through the Van Allen radiation belts. I hope all your listeners aren't as ignorant as you expect them to be. JRE. Come on.

  • Barnabas Jones
    Barnabas Jones 19 days ago

    I love conversations like this where one guy plays dumb as the other plays smart.

  • Brandon Ford
    Brandon Ford 20 days ago +1

    Nothing blew up, & created everything?... & they say Christians are crazy

  • Josh Nicholson
    Josh Nicholson 21 day ago

    1:13:42 Theo speaks the truth, Joe Rogan thinks Theos being funny, corrects him. Theo thinks Joe knows Theo was serious and laughs as if Joe was correcting him with a funnier alternative meaning. What a ride.

  • 2Bruckus
    2Bruckus 21 day ago

    Joe is a moron.

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 21 day ago


  • John Jereb
    John Jereb 22 days ago

    careful joe this is the dude gonna take it the next level......jus sayin

  • Manny Oni
    Manny Oni 22 days ago +1

    joe rogan : "so, before you were sober, you weren't sober ?"

  • Nicholas Matlak
    Nicholas Matlak 23 days ago

    Childhood twama 😂 1:49:26

  • Chris Seymour
    Chris Seymour 23 days ago

    It it a coincidence that every comic on this podcast happens to be funnier than j.r....

  • Deyanna F
    Deyanna F 23 days ago


  • Noone Special
    Noone Special 23 days ago

    Theo is one of the most original comics working today. No comedians I have heard perform or are anything like him.

  • Kermit Fucking Dies
    Kermit Fucking Dies 23 days ago

    "I was that emo nemo bruh ...i was fuckin swimmin around in my own tears a lil bit when I was a kid"