ULTIMATE KEN MONTAGE/MIXCLIP (and some ryu lol) - Smash Ultimate

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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  • Ikechi
    Ikechi  28 days ago +95

    Alright here’s a pinned comment for everything you need!
    Song: Aries - Carousel
    A playlist to help you pick up Ken: thexvid.com/p/PLepn7R0aCq2EJNg-n3JUnI6eu7WKXu0Le
    My Discord: Discord.gg/jQCy3nT
    The Ken/Ryu Discord: smashcords.com/s5ken
    My Twitch: twitch.tv/ikechi
    And the fact that I made this in one day so don’t judge me 😭!

    • Zack Roshaven
      Zack Roshaven 23 days ago

      Ikechi Hey, is the motion blur something added in post? I’ve never seen the game look like this!

    • TheModerate2Fires
      TheModerate2Fires 23 days ago

      Hmm well I’ve been following roninx his guides are supreme! Also what frames is this footage at?! Looks like butter m8

    • PrimalX60
      PrimalX60 23 days ago

      @ Ikechi
      Could this work. Light d-tilt to side b to down smash. Also thx for all the Ken tutorials. Helps a lot

    • EbakHero360 Yt
      EbakHero360 Yt 25 days ago

      Zelda got raped again

  • Noah Cheeks
    Noah Cheeks 2 days ago

    1:01 No.
    1:44 Still no.
    1:46 That was just unfair.
    1:54 No no no.
    3:20 They were at 20!
    3:35 Excuse me?
    3:53 She was at 0 and the game had literally just started.

    In conclusion...no.

  • Jude Debassige
    Jude Debassige 3 days ago

    I’ve seen a lot of ken montages and this is probably the best one yet like bruh you did everything right

  • Soundjuggler129
    Soundjuggler129 6 days ago

    Every time I watch this it just gets better

  • The Inksyvar
    The Inksyvar 10 days ago

    This is pretty lit

  • Lazym00se
    Lazym00se 10 days ago

    0:33 daigo evo 2004

  • Doritos0012
    Doritos0012 12 days ago

    Please more of these

  • Plaza King B
    Plaza King B 14 days ago


  • google inc
    google inc 14 days ago

    omg they ported the cancerous parry move into smash bros?

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi  14 days ago

      So much is wrong with ur comment it’s laughable 🤭

  • どいやさん
    どいやさん 14 days ago +1

    syouryuuken is roman.

  • nathan fortnite
    nathan fortnite 15 days ago

    Ken for life

  • Kevin
    Kevin 15 days ago

    A good video but still not great you should look for a better fitting music we are talking about smash and this is Ken mi friend something more upbeat and moved would fit better for this

  • jaguarkick
    jaguarkick 15 days ago

    Better SF characters than the actual SF game

  • A. Theil
    A. Theil 16 days ago

    0:34 Well hello there Mr. Daigo

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 16 days ago

    This is respect to Ken

  • Aryal miah
    Aryal miah 16 days ago


  • Tribal Dragon132
    Tribal Dragon132 17 days ago

    0:33 daaaaaammmmmm nice parry man 😎

  • アップルキッド
    アップルキッド 17 days ago

    7/21 is RYU birthday

  • Exsu
    Exsu 17 days ago

    the rsmb makes it so much better

  • Shining445
    Shining445 17 days ago

    What's the music

  • Seibah
    Seibah 17 days ago +1

    Nah nah nah I had to subscribe after you started playing Aries in a Ken montage

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 17 days ago

    Beautiful that's one of my mains

  • DexteritieL D.M.
    DexteritieL D.M. 17 days ago

    Yo is that Aries?!

  • Bastien P
    Bastien P 17 days ago

    No Maeda :( Great mix btw

  • The Sky King
    The Sky King 18 days ago

    this was the best ssbu Ken video i ever seen in my life, how can i play u?

  • SpiritingPath5
    SpiritingPath5 18 days ago

    Why does your game look so good???, great clips btw

  • Aperax Agar
    Aperax Agar 18 days ago

    Can you do a guide?

  • mastermelardoz
    mastermelardoz 18 days ago

    Amazing montage and I fucks wit the music choice 👌🏼🔥

  • BudderBuddiesStudios
    BudderBuddiesStudios 18 days ago

    How’d you guys put motion blur on smash?

  • Zerefs Child
    Zerefs Child 19 days ago

    When I saw that parry on meta knight just flashes of Daigo vs Justin popped into my head

  • Cynth
    Cynth 19 days ago

    The gameplay is really good but i kinda think the song doesnt really fit it

  • Snowball
    Snowball 19 days ago


  • Saxaddict
    Saxaddict 20 days ago

    Bro just how

    THE KMD 20 days ago

    god this music fucking sucks more ass than a hooker with a vacuum cleaner. great clips at least

  • jokatech
    jokatech 20 days ago

    I feel like it's harder to link these combos in the latest version

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi  16 days ago

      jokatech Nope, it’s actually easier

  • Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams 20 days ago

    Can’t stop watching

  • Anthony Mosby
    Anthony Mosby 20 days ago


  • LDK
    LDK 21 day ago

    You've inspired me

  • LDK
    LDK 21 day ago

    1:31-1:34 on beat man WAAAAAAAAIT

  • Zorata
    Zorata 21 day ago

    my 2 favorite things together Aries and Smash lmao

  • xNerphyx
    xNerphyx 21 day ago

    please whats the music ? it's dope !

  • Buster988
    Buster988 21 day ago

    2:40 so counters just don’t work??

  • Hersendood x 3
    Hersendood x 3 21 day ago +1

    Yo great video but the song hit me right in the feels so thank you for that

  • Katzuma
    Katzuma 21 day ago +1

    Yoo, I'm at 2:35, let's go!

  • fewe
    fewe 21 day ago

    Interesting, the motion blur you added actually makes the game look really nice. I almost wish the actual game looked like this.

  • Son Wook
    Son Wook 21 day ago

    How do you cancel focus ( joycon lol)

  • Claude Theless
    Claude Theless 21 day ago


  • Sleeper47
    Sleeper47 21 day ago

    i have no grudge if i lost to a ken online. he is one of the hardest characters to learn and this vid proves it.

  • Psych0sis
    Psych0sis 21 day ago +1

    the video is so clean what did you use to record and how did you give the glow up. I need to know

  • Aryan Sadat
    Aryan Sadat 21 day ago

    Song seemed a bit out of place, but great video regardless!

  • aefanlfenljn wlwlfofji

    dude you main ken AND listen to aries? fking legend

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 21 day ago

    does ken have a different f-tilt in close proximity? In a couple of these combos i'm seeing him throw an elbow straight forward, and I wanna know how i can start using it

    • Patrick O'Brien
      Patrick O'Brien 21 day ago

      found it, he does. It's p-tilt for anyone else wondering.

  • chickentacosunite
    chickentacosunite 21 day ago

    0:34 Evo Moment 37 be like

  • Jean-Marc Kawas
    Jean-Marc Kawas 22 days ago

    Amazing video bro!!

  • Big Boss '
    Big Boss ' 22 days ago

    I’m so glad ryu and Ken are insanely good now, they deserved it

  • Aggressive Armadillo
    Aggressive Armadillo 22 days ago

    Had to dislike because the music was so fucking horrible

  • LazLuu
    LazLuu 22 days ago

    This montage is really cringy but kinda cool.

  • Kévin Sanchez Lacroix


  • SmashBro55
    SmashBro55 22 days ago +1

    Not even a full minute in and evo moment #37? That’s crazy awesome keep the good montages good

  • Winter Ghost
    Winter Ghost 22 days ago +22

    Actually good Ken players: *does super hype combo that ends with a shoryuken or a spike*

    Me: lol hadouken that'll get em

  • Winter Ghost
    Winter Ghost 22 days ago

    Is it 2 late 2 say chun li 4 smash?

  • Kharude Zixstorm
    Kharude Zixstorm 22 days ago


  • Joker Main
    Joker Main 22 days ago


  • reptar69mctokesalot
    reptar69mctokesalot 22 days ago

    Came for the sick Ken play, stayed for the aries 😂 got you a sub my guy

  • Erik H
    Erik H 23 days ago

    3:30, Really? That's not 2 hits????

  • Erik H
    Erik H 23 days ago

    Ken Heavy jab is fuckin OP, It's a lock move that deal 14%. nigga that an extra 28% ON TOP OF THE LOCK PUNISH

  • PrimalX60
    PrimalX60 23 days ago

    Meta Knight part was sick though

  • Fred Abellera
    Fred Abellera 23 days ago

    Normie music instead of ken's theme? Disliked and unsubbed

  • nicc revell
    nicc revell 23 days ago

    Music really fucks up the mood. You couldn't play ken or ryus theme?

    • nicc revell
      nicc revell 22 days ago

      @Ikechi Yeah I guess so, vid was still great tho 👍

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi  22 days ago

      nicc revell Eh ig we have different tastes of what’s upbeat. Oh well 🤒

    • nicc revell
      nicc revell 22 days ago

      @Ikechi No, just play upbeat music, something to get you pumped for the fight I guess, not something slow. Not that its a bad song or anything.

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi  22 days ago

      Would a Wii fit montage play the Wii fit theme?

  • Methran
    Methran 23 days ago

    0:34 wtf was that how the hell

  • Liquid Q
    Liquid Q 23 days ago

    Yo this music tho

  • Tiny T.W.I.M
    Tiny T.W.I.M 23 days ago

    My friend goaded me to play only Ryu for a week. He took on the challenge with me, but HE chose Ken.
    First 4 days I wasn’t having fun.
    I couldn’t figure him out and both his combos and neutral were difficult for me.
    Last 3 days I finally start getting consistent wins.
    He’s the most fun I’ve had playing this game right now, and he ended up being one of my mains.

  • Riann Lim
    Riann Lim 23 days ago

    All my Ken can do is hard jab 632 LMAO

  • Sammichu1
    Sammichu1 23 days ago +1

    What's up with the awkward camera? Feels like I'm watching some kind of SFM movie, that ain't the regular smash ultimate camera.

  • David Ro
    David Ro 23 days ago