Major Breakthrough: Graphene Batteries FINALLY Hit the Market

  • Published on Feb 19, 2020
  • Previous Samsung graphene video:
    Gary Explains video:
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Comments • 5 625

  • ColdFusion
    ColdFusion  2 years ago +7480

    Correction: I said the two scientists won the Nobel Peace prize, I misspoke. It was the Nobel Physics prize, sorry about that. Enjoy the video!

    • Bob Weiram
      Bob Weiram 3 months ago

      @Soo Tuck Choong It's NOBEL not NOBLE.

    • Soo Tuck Choong
      Soo Tuck Choong 3 months ago

      NOBLE PRIZE... Will it mean loyalty and money as well. Being the creator of this useful and amazing thing, surely they have to get benefits from everyone who uses their creation, right?

    • Bob Weiram
      Bob Weiram 4 months ago

      This dude has the prettiest Aussie accent.

    • Roger Barraud
      Roger Barraud 8 months ago

      No worries...
      Physics out, Man!

  • Michael Gauci
    Michael Gauci 2 years ago +805

    As someone who is doing a thesis on graphene, I may also add that twisted bilayer graphene is currently trending in graphene research, particularly because of its ability to manipulate the material’s electronic properties.

    • nyahanan
      nyahanan 3 months ago

      @J E S U S I S K I N G Lithium is a scarce material

    • Mauro Scimone
      Mauro Scimone Year ago

      Quinn Eschenbach it is a 2D materials so they can’t create large and heavy pieces because graphene has the great proprieties and exists only in 2D form.

    • Sir Fa
      Sir Fa 2 years ago

      Michael Gauci hey did you realise this video was taken off by youtube? And i was keep wondering how to contact you... Please provide me with your email or skype ID or telegram ID. So that we can continue worry-free. 🙏🏻

    • Michael Gauci
      Michael Gauci 2 years ago

      @Jim C Correct. This technique is now being tweaked to produce graphene.

  • Greg Atlas
    Greg Atlas Year ago +10

    The batteries are a good stopgap, but I'm more interested in graphene supercaps. Hold more energy than any traditional battery, extreme longevity, and almost instant charging.

  • greg77389
    greg77389 Year ago +632

    Ah yes, the Nobel Peace prize for uniting the two tribes of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

  • Dovahheimiik
    Dovahheimiik 2 years ago +3

    Damn! This is cool as hell! But I have to wonder about this vs solid state batteries, will they compete? Or will a way to merge them be found? Mind you, solid state batteries are still a few years away from market, but they are making good progress. Current lab samples provide similarly increased lifetimes in charge cycles as these graphene ones, but they also provide much higher energy density. No matter what happens, I'm excited to see what's next.

  • Lumpy Dark
    Lumpy Dark Year ago +2

    I imagine when chips get more energy efficient like the M1 from mac this will help battery life on devices too a lot in the near future, couple with this it'd be amazing if you could squeeze a week's worth of use out of your device without charging it. Only device I have I only have to charge once a week is my phone

  • Jesse S
    Jesse S 2 years ago +1187

    Cutting down the charging period for electric cars would be the right step!

    • poopy pants
      poopy pants 23 days ago

      No making them actually viable to produce at scale would be the right step. Or maybe accepting that millions of hybrids is better than a few thousand electrics

    • Obside Onyx
      Obside Onyx 24 days ago

      It will until planned obsolescence is introduced

    • Sylvester Uchia
      Sylvester Uchia 6 months ago

      Guys just charge the car before you go to sleep, like how you do with your phone. It's not even that hard.

    • John 3:12
      John 3:12 Year ago

      Maybe realizing that diesel generators power the recharging stations would be a good start.........

    • Smruti Smarak
      Smruti Smarak Year ago

      @Christie are you drunk?

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet 2 years ago +211

    Can you imagine the day when Cold Fusion TV announces actual Cold Fusion working?

    • STPDesign
      STPDesign 6 months ago

      cold fusion=Gorilla glue

    • Tokres Ali Ali
      Tokres Ali Ali 9 months ago +1

      Cold Fusion already exists.
      It's just not viable in a profitable way.

    • Spanky Star
      Spanky Star Year ago +2

      That has been been done. It is just expensive to scale up.

    • Space Man III
      Space Man III Year ago +3

      Quantum Computer TV

    • SaintApoc
      SaintApoc Year ago +10

      he will change the channel name to Dyson Sphere TV

  • Gagan Makhija
    Gagan Makhija 2 years ago +3

    Hey ColdFusion! Thanks for the amazing video as always. May I ask as to how did you get the 30% additional cost data? Is it the added cost to a normal battery when manufactured by Real Graphene?

  • Jocelyn Joseph
    Jocelyn Joseph Year ago +1

    I'd imagine a colony in space with an atmosphere enclosed in a graphene case (a few atoms in thickness) that's thin and totally transparent and conducts current and can hold intelligent commands like any active device in electronics.

  • John Paul Bacon
    John Paul Bacon 2 years ago +1

    Cool. Excited to see when this will become the standard for electronic batteries and such.

  • Grant
    Grant 2 years ago +351

    Great video! I just wanted to say that the whole 2 layers of graphene being bullet proof thing is incorrect. Researchers fired a microbullet(1 micron in diameter) at 2 layers and the layers disintegrated, a few years ago researched at Rice fired a microbullet at 300 layers and it fully stopped the bullet, but this is still with a microbullet. A full bullet might require 1 million layers, however, even at 1 million layers it would only be .34mm thick!

    • Rýán Túçk
      Rýán Túçk Year ago

      Grant Gabrielson “non-Newtonian substance”.

    • Rýán Túçk
      Rýán Túçk Year ago

      A “full” bullet would be something wrapped in graphene and therefore unstoppable.

    • AM
      AM 2 years ago

      First Graphene Ltd. is the leading supplier of high-performing graphene products with a robust manufacturing platform and an established
      100 tonne/year graphene production capacity. PureGRAPH® graphene is easy to use and is enhancing the properties of customers’ products and materials across industries and applications worldwide.
      Invest now until it's still cheap.

    • Franky Flowers
      Franky Flowers 2 years ago

      @J Smith the research shows that the diamond properties resulting from impact only occurs with a two atom thick layer no more no less. it doesn't work if its 3 atoms thick or more. its only 10x times better than steel in that 2 atom thick ideal arrangement so its not that special of stuff.

  • Justin Campbell
    Justin Campbell 2 months ago +1

    I just ordered a 27,000mwh battery from an Aussie company. Amazing that this technology has gone from theory to technology in such a short time.

  • Justin W
    Justin W Year ago +7

    While graphene is definitely interesting stuff--there are related exciting materials also. For example, a Canadian researcher discovered that if you graphitize a cellulose material with a high content of crystalline cellulose (hemp, flax linen, ramie, etc) it becomes very highly conductive--as conductive as some lab created graphene samples and can store a lot of energy (especially in a super capacitor sense). He took some hemp fiber, soaked it in some water with potassium hydroxide and heated it up to around 800C (if I remember correctly) in a non oxygen environment.
    While I can't say with certainty, it seems to be a sort of carbon nanotube/graphene like combo.
    What's interesting is that one can fairly easily concentrate the crystalline cellulose. Hemp fibers for example, contain around 70% crystalline cellulose. You can easily concentrate that to around 95% content. If the former was quite conductive; just imagine how much the latter will be? Plus, it will also become nano sized when you put it through that process.
    One could built a super solar oven (as I'm doing), and have a source of free energy to convert these cellulostic materials into carbons and graphites. As far as a no oxygen atmosphere, you can can do a low oxygen atmosphere fairly easily, just by putting some paper and baking soda combo over the materials to be heated in a closed lid container (like a steel can).
    So if you can make a good amount of this stuff for relatively inexpensive, and create a super capacitor-battery hybrid, you could get pretty good energy density and charge time. This is what I'll be working on.

    • Justin W
      Justin W Year ago

      @Vertexion Thank you.

    • Vertexion
      Vertexion Year ago +1

      Best wishes for you, may you get huge success in your work.

  • Fernando Mumbach
    Fernando Mumbach 2 years ago +4

    This appeared to me in the recommended videos. I saw the title and thought it would be just a talk about the real graphene company, without much additional info, but I am happy that I was wrong.
    The video goes in depth of the basics of graphene, how it works, why it makes sense, and even the current downsides. Congrats on making a very informative video, and thank you for the content!

  • Landry
    Landry Year ago +1

    Graphene has hundreds of potential applications. I'm so freakin excited! Electronics, building materials, space technology, clothes, water desalination, solar panels, bulletproof windows, etc

  • William B
    William B 9 months ago +1

    Thank you, ColdFusion, your update is timely I was wondering why there appeared to be nil advance in regard to Graphene.
    You mentioned the cost factor as one of the reasons, then of course how to manufacture an object that is only as thick as
    an atom one would think it would be invisible or little more than. a transparent film

  • iRMacMan
    iRMacMan 2 years ago +1

    Fascinating! And really encouraging. Hadn't heard anything lately from mainstream media (no surprise there) and I'd been wondering what was happening in the graphene battery world. Thanks for the update. I am going to share your video with several friends who are also interested.

  • UncompressedWAVmusic

    Great video shows there are promising breakthroughs for the future of safer, more efficient and faster charging batteries.

  • Don Gibbs
    Don Gibbs 2 years ago +2

    Its good to hear that there is a graphene battery available at last. I've been saying for a long time that electric cars and larger storage facilities will not 'take off' until graphene batteries are available at faster recharge times and at a reasonable price...Don

    • Dima Gass
      Dima Gass 5 months ago +1

      Definitely true, I have one that is crazy, I don't know if it's really graphene but it's been in my car for a month and a half raging from 8°-85°F and after being in my trunk for a month and a half it's at 97% still...going to see if I can fit it into my inspire 1

  • BLUE_S1X
    BLUE_S1X 2 years ago +2738

    "Graphene can do everything, except leave the lab."

    • poopy pants
      poopy pants 23 days ago

      @server075 No there’s actual real science behind it, it’s just it takes longer than people expect it to. Because surprise surprise when you don’t know how to do something and no one in the world knows how to do something it’s actually pretty hard to figure out

    • Galerinha do Youtube
      Galerinha do Youtube 3 months ago

      @LolGamez 1 year later no fusion plants

    • trangenusa
      trangenusa Year ago

      that's because BIG OIL has suppressed this technology, this is ICE Internal combustions engine death; no more War for Oil or Oil for War

    • BLUE_S1X
      BLUE_S1X Year ago

      @Real Graphene USA please please PLEASE do...!
      I think we can safely say that the entire world is holding their collective breath for the next real technological leap in energy storage...! 😳💦

  • Ar_Tank
    Ar_Tank Year ago +1

    Imagine how powerful the first geaphine phone will be. From the battery to the protective screen. It'll be a but more expensive but it'll be the phone of the future

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +4

    wow, phone charged in 15 minutes. Now Graphene finally starting to show its fruits. I was a bit worried there for last couple of years. Having read its potential in 2010 when nobel prize was given.

  • Technology
    Technology 2 years ago +1

    I'll believe it when I see it. I still think a big upgrade in battery tech for 'normal' every day devices is years and years away.

  • Aussie Taipan
    Aussie Taipan Year ago +1

    I hope this comes to fruition as this will be a game change for EV's. Much quicker charging, longer range and cooler batteries. I would then purchase one in a heart beat.

    • Allan Shpeley
      Allan Shpeley 5 months ago

      Just quicker charging and cooler batteries. According to this video, there are no capacity benefits from graphene.

  • mena seven
    mena seven Year ago

    Graphene is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st. It is stronger than steel, very light and a good store and conductor of electricity. I can't wait for its use on cell phones.

  • Patrik Andersson
    Patrik Andersson Year ago

    As someone who works with steel I get triggered when I hear "x amounts of times stronger than steel". Steel is not one material. It depends on its composition. Some break easily when bent, others bend easily without breaking, others have a very hard surface. While I'm sure graphene is "strong", whatever that means. Making the comparison to steel requires one to be very specific with what type of steel.

  • Occasional Enthusiast Rob Jones

    Since the uk invented this battery it has been held back by high manufacturing costs which the consumer did not want to pay for outside specialist engineering... The lithion iron battery is coming to the end of the road giving way to cheaper produce sodium technology.. We may see a hybred battery soon using both these emerging technologies

  • Aminlv
    Aminlv Year ago

    seems very applicable for solar systems as well if it also can produce more energy density in same size it greatly enhance many enterprise solutions as well, well lets hope that day come sooner

  • Shaan Khan
    Shaan Khan 2 years ago +127

    Imagine the power of these batteries when used in electric skateboards and cars, could finally help make charging a quick thing!

    • assistinside
      assistinside 2 years ago

      @Michael Shore car batteries ARE a game changer

    • Conservator
      Conservator 2 years ago +1

      Jakub Mike
      A supermarket is a destination too, isn’t it? But if you have to charge several times each day then your range is clearly too small.
      If your cousin brakes her leg, it’s better to call for an ambulance than to drive to her. No matter what car (EV or ICE) you have. 😉

    • Jakub Mike
      Jakub Mike 2 years ago

      @ConservatorThe trick of driving an EV is charging at your destination, not in between.
      Quite the opposite. Trick to own and use EV in daily life is to charge whenever you can, you buy some stuff at supermarket- use charging station, at work- charging station.
      It is ICE thinking- I can drive and when I need I will just refuel.
      Problem with EV is not in range, it is a car that you cannot relly on. If something unexpected happens- your cousin broke a leg 350 km away from you, come and get her, you cannot just run to your car and drive if you do not have fast and reliable grid of charging stations. EV will replace ICE only when battery tech will become as trustworthy as fuel.

    • MoGeLzZ
      MoGeLzZ 2 years ago +1

      Charging of small baterys like the one in your electric skatebord is usualy not a big problem there are high drain cells on the market and they can be charged 10 to 70% in like half an h.
      you just need to get the heat away thats the problem. Alsow its kind of anoying to carry a 0,5kW Psu with you when you are on the go. @ home you have no problem and can charge slow so no point of having a fastcharger that just lives there

    • Conservator
      Conservator 2 years ago

      Joshua Beck
      The speed of charging isn’t a real issue as you usually charge your car at night. That means you always leave home in the morning fully charged and that should be more than sufficient for one day.
      Range anxiety and emphasis on charge speeds is typically ‘fuel station’ thinking. The trick of driving an EV is charging at your destination, not in between.

  • Bodhi Dharma
    Bodhi Dharma Year ago

    Given that it was discovered just using scotch tape and regular graphite, one wonders why it took so long? Had no one conceptualized such a material previously? It is pretty fascinating that such a fundamental discovery is still possible after 100 years of modern science, and using such elementary techniques too.

  • GeneralLee131
    GeneralLee131 2 years ago

    Turnigy has had graphene enhanced batteries for years. They're really low resistance and give favorable power delivery characteristics for quads and trucks and don't seem to puff as easily. Far from what they promised graphene would do tho.

  • Xehay Tecle
    Xehay Tecle 6 months ago

    I love the technology especially nano graphing it has much use and we will expect more like bpapper fold like laptops in near future and more efficient cars and mobiles

  • Jeff Archer
    Jeff Archer 2 years ago

    Been hearing about solid state battery using capacitors. They charge instantly, can discharge hard without problems charge thousands of cycles and are light.
    A hybrid battery with graphene and li-po for extended periods of use combined with solid state for boost will be like nitrous v-tec ludicrous mode for my e-bike. Better living through science!

  • Donkulus
    Donkulus 2 years ago +1858

    2 minutes in, I've concluded that covering myself in tape and pencil shading makes me bulletproof

    • STPDesign
      STPDesign 6 months ago

      How to protect a person to be bullet prouv, put two more person in the front

    • Nicholas Christian
      Nicholas Christian 10 months ago

      It's graphite, not graphene, Einstein

    • _Cxde _
      _Cxde _ 10 months ago +1

      @hamsterminator the video was referring to when scientists fired a nano bullet at two sheets of graphene and found that it was stopped

    • Clever Doctor Feelgood
      Clever Doctor Feelgood 10 months ago

      Maybe if we practice enough zen meditation yoga stuff we can control all the cells in our body- then our new smart cells will simply just move out of the way of the bullet. Has anybody tried it yet?

  • Dumbari123
    Dumbari123 2 years ago

    You never mentioned how important the advancement of battery technology would be for the medical profession. The Left Ventricular Assist devices (heart pumps) have developed to the point where very soon heart transplants will be outdated. The problem is the batteries to drive the pump which have to be carried externally. A cooler battery with higher capacity could be installed internally and charged transcutaneously. Thanks for the great video.

  • Sky Nite
    Sky Nite 2 years ago

    This is one of the biggest pieces of news I've heard in a while. I'm very hype for Graphene to come to market. In a sci-fi novel I wrote we had it 100 years from now, but to have it starting now is AWESOME.

  • Eddie Lee
    Eddie Lee 2 years ago

    Love your and your team's work. Keep it up.

  • Marcel Rey
    Marcel Rey 2 years ago

    As with anything new in technology, timelines are usually underestimated. Before you know it , it’ll be available on eBay . 🤯

  • Frederic Poulat
    Frederic Poulat Year ago

    Very nice indeed. In terms of environmental impact, how this compares with other more usual batteries? You did not mention that in the video 🤔

  • kavika lowgun
    kavika lowgun 2 years ago +1

    Really well made video, informative and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your channel .

  • VejyMonsta
    VejyMonsta Year ago

    If graphene can double the current kWh capacity of batteries, then EVs will finally be a cost effective solution over all other gas vehicles.

  • William van de Wiel
    William van de Wiel Year ago +2

    Very interesting how this technology to this day still hasn't been used to improve battery performance. I could be wrong but from a marketing standpoint this is something big companies will avoid for as long as possible since there's quite a lot of people that buy a new phone after their batteries has worn out. With this that replacement-cycle would be lengthened. I just wish there was a company making the first step to push all others into evolving. Im absolutely not informed on the process of getting graphene but if the process is like Samuel Gong described it must be do-able with large funding and operating sites/larger production-lines.

    • Connor Klemmer
      Connor Klemmer 5 months ago

      Alpine 4 holdings ALPP just bought this company the other day. Their stock price is WAY undervalued atm. Heads up

  • gododoof
    gododoof 2 years ago +16

    So great to see this progress in batteries. It's the sector of tech that really holding the rest of technology back.

    • G r a h a m
      G r a h a m 2 years ago +1

      I think this product is better developed in its structural direction than power storage for a walkie talkie or other toy. When we finally create a power source and not just a 'jerry can' to store power in that is when we will take off.

  • undercrackers56
    undercrackers56 2 years ago

    My understanding is that a graphine battery is really an array of super capacitors. Conventional batteries store energy in a chemical form and thus take time to process this input of energy. Capacitors store energy as an electric field and so do not need time for the chemical change process.

    MIDAS 2 years ago

    It finally feels like some of the different future tech being promised by all the pop science channels is starting to arrive.

  • Nick Outram
    Nick Outram 2 years ago

    Some of the 'wasted' heat of an ICE engine is useful -particularly if you live in cold climates. An electric battery must provide this heat energy too when needed. Using electricity for heat is quite inefficient. I mention this because its a factor to consider when comparing different engine technologies. It might be possible to replace a prop plane with an electric motor but a jet uses the full heat energy of the fuel... Large electric 'jet' planes are a long way off IMO.

    • Rýán Túçk
      Rýán Túçk Year ago

      Quadcopters already don’t need the wings, just controller logic.

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick Year ago

    If they ever make a car that can run for 4-500 miles on a single charge and recharge to full capacity in less than hour and has zero emissions and does less environmental impact than building and running a regular car for 10 years, I’m in. But while zero emissions is a worthy goal the mining of material used in these batteries is pretty terrible for the environment.

  • Razor Blade
    Razor Blade 2 years ago +3

    Have been around in model racing for YEARS....They have much higher charge and discharge rates, but energy density is still the same. The biggest problem with batteries we have right now is energy density. It's laughable compared to liquid fuels. Nonetheless, the video is good and explains the technology very well and clear.

  • Nukestarmaster
    Nukestarmaster 2 years ago +730

    "It's so strong that only two atomic layers can be bullet proof"
    Press X to doubt

    • Nukestarmaster
      Nukestarmaster 3 months ago

      @Spectral Quill Graphine is just a single layer of graphite.

    • Abseiduk
      Abseiduk 3 months ago

      2 atomic layer of graphene would not stop an ant let alone a bullet. I think he misunderstood what was meant.

    • Steven Vialpando
      Steven Vialpando Year ago


  • LaSqueesha Pineapples
    LaSqueesha Pineapples 2 years ago

    Whilst it is a graphene-augmented lithium cell it is a step in the right direction. The more people there are producing graphene and working on graphene cells, the faster we will have affordable cells providing the performance that graphene promises.
    Battery technology has been an ever present performance bottleneck in various electronic devices for quite some time and this could make a meaningful difference.

    GREY ALIEN 2 years ago

    What will this do to the environment when everybody starts throwing them in the trash or accidently breaks them ?

  • Epic Jamaican Jokes
    Epic Jamaican Jokes 2 years ago

    I just happen to watch Gary explain before this one. He was talking about the 5 nano meter chip. This will be the punch line of smart phones in a short while. Right now they're fighting over refresh rate

  • WPXTacoMan477
    WPXTacoMan477 2 years ago +936

    Title correction: graphene “enhanced” batteries are here!
    Edit: in no way am I bashing the new batteries! Just simply stating the video titled it in a misleading way

    • PackCat
      PackCat Year ago

      Viagra batteries.

    • Jesse Hall
      Jesse Hall 2 years ago +1

      @drop stix yep, especially any simple charging cord will go 4 awgs down just to be able to supply that amount of current.

    • Pename
      Pename 2 years ago

      Here I was thinking its an all new type of battery using graphene. It's just an add-on to a lithium regular.

    • popopo champ
      popopo champ 2 years ago +1

      I'm "bashing".
      -2000 charge cycles LiFePo batteries are already out there;
      -this isn't any safer;
      -that's nothing compared to FLCBs or just LCBs(lithium ceramic);
      -to top it all off, LTO(lithium titanate oxide) batteries can be charged from 20000 to 30000 times, they withstand overvoltage, overcharge,overcurrent,high temperature and freezing cold,they don't explode nor they catch fire unless burned on purpose,they can be pierced,shorted,and some can be charged in 6 minutes.

  • Richard Robertson
    Richard Robertson 4 months ago +2

    Chemistry is my field, not electronics, so I have a basic question due to my ignorance on this subject. Too many terms are being used interchangeably. A battery produces a potential flow of electrons because two or more materials have an electrical potential difference between them. So lithium, and just about anything else, can be used as a battery. The same could be said for fluorine, which is on the opposite end of the electrical potential spectrum. Graphite, on the other hand, transfers electrons better than almost anything else, but it's electrical potential difference with other things is poor, very poor. So graphite would make an excellent, light weight "wire" or capacitor or generator or alternator, but not a battery. Please enlighten me; what am I missing when almost everyone talks about "graphite batteries"?

  • Proscape Designs
    Proscape Designs Year ago

    So let me get this straight;
    graphene bank can charge phone in 20-30 minutes but will blow the battery in phone currently unless graphene itself or high C rated?
    Seems like yinlong battery users are finally able to charge builds fast as hell but until actual cells in electronics change to match its not worth buying just yet...

  • Sugeng Wahyudi
    Sugeng Wahyudi 2 years ago

    Imagine this material use in something similar to carbon fiber.. maybe it'll be called graphene fiber... imagine the tensile strength of this thing... and the possible manufacturing application for industry... amazing

  • Dima Gass
    Dima Gass 5 months ago

    Obviously electric car and mega batteries will be great but I want one for my drone that will either last longer than 10-15minutes real time or to charge faster so I can fly more...and the other added be if it is that it'll last longer too

  • nelsonbutcher1
    nelsonbutcher1 2 years ago +30

    This is one of the few scientific breakthroughs as of late that I'm genuinely excited about. 30% extra cost for as much as 3x lifespan? That such a no-brainer it's not even funny.

    • Dacii Liberi Mi-a Luat 🔥 BMWu e36
      Dacii Liberi Mi-a Luat 🔥 BMWu e36  2 years ago

      @I'm the captain now It's not that hard to change just battery.

    • SilicaWickedFILMS
      SilicaWickedFILMS 2 years ago

      @I'm the captain now This

    • I'm the captain now
      I'm the captain now 2 years ago

      ​@Eric Yuan its not good business for phone makers/battery manufacturers. So theyll increase charge speeds to degrade the battery at the same rate as before... but youll be able to charge the phone 0 to 100 in 5 mins. The economics of throwing sht away asap to buy it again.

    • Eric Yuan
      Eric Yuan 2 years ago +2

      @TheNicholasWayne at 1500 charges, there won't be a need for battery replacement as you get almost 5 years of usage for a smartphone. Most people buy new ones after just 3 years.

    • nelsonbutcher1
      nelsonbutcher1 2 years ago +4

      @TheNicholasWayne im talking about the number of charges you can get out of a battery. Current 500ish (about 1.5 years of normal use before serious degradation) vs 1500 full recharges. Thats the crazy part. I can live with the same capacity if it charges faster and wont be garbage in a year of my use.

  • ChronoXShadow
    ChronoXShadow Year ago

    Is it possible to use graphene to replace copper wires? Or maybe allow thinner wires to carry the same current? Can graphene be used for other applications, like simultaneous energy and data transfer? I think that would be awesome.

  • William Caudill
    William Caudill 10 months ago

    This is a great channel and I really appreciate all your information sharing!

  • Gwynbleidd
    Gwynbleidd 2 years ago

    Finally some good changes in battery world. I really love batteries. I love video games that have some kind of battery in them.

  • Unlimited Uploads
    Unlimited Uploads 2 years ago

    One thing we know, if you charge a normal battery or graphene battery with 60 watt, it will generate the same amount of heat into the battery and that will end up damaging the phone / melt it if it gets too hot, this is the main problem with battery charging, n1 not to break the battery, n2 not to damage the phone by charging at too high power.
    60w is 60w regardless and will generate teh same amount of heat even if you're charging an iceberg.

  • David Norris
    David Norris 2 years ago

    seems to me the big market would be EVs. If you could, say, double the capacity of a car battery it would be a huge game changer

  • Peter
    Peter 2 years ago

    Can you do a video "How close are we to room temperature super conductors"? Could be a break through for energy system design connecting fusion, renewables, storage with no losses, and also transport like magnetic train/hyperloop.

  • Mario Pina
    Mario Pina 2 years ago

    I'd like to know if graffine at 4layers could be incorporated in to a body vest/ gun shot protection?

  • dannyo66
    dannyo66 2 years ago

    Lithium Ion is superior to Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries because there was no reduction in operation when the battery was low on power like the other 2. It would give up the same amount of power from full charge until it was completely depleted.
    Does the Graphene battery work in the same manner, full run power until fully depleted?

  • Nedra Paul
    Nedra Paul 2 years ago +71

    Ironically I just changed my phone's battery today, and it's still not holding as it should. Good to see this technology finally emerging into the market.

    • irlrp
      irlrp 2 years ago +2

      some apps drain battery, too.

    • xxcr4ckzzxx
      xxcr4ckzzxx 2 years ago

      @Sambou Jaiteh Its not everytime the Problem with a worn out battery. Most times its just the Software. On ur Iphone u can try the same steps, but im somewhat sure, that iOS handels batterystats different. Cant hurt tho. Just dont let ur phone be empty for too long, it degrades Lithium cells FAST.

    • Sambou Jaiteh
      Sambou Jaiteh 2 years ago +1

      It’s an iPhone, I suppose? Same thing with me. Any improvement with battery technology would be helpful.

    • xxcr4ckzzxx
      xxcr4ckzzxx 2 years ago +6

      If ur Phone doesnt "Hold up" as it should, calibrate the battery if its an Android. You can do this easily with Root Priviliges, or the "longer way" with properly charging and discharging the phone 2 times.
      What you need to do for the long route:
      Discharge ur phone till it goes off.
      PowerCycle it as long as its possible, so the Battery is REALLY Empty, not just "fake Empty".
      If thats done and the phone bearly turns on, let it go off, wait 15 Seconds and plug it in.
      DON´T Turn it on, let it charge up in one go, till the display shows 100 Percent and wait an extra 15 or 20 Minutes to be sure.
      Turn ur phone on.
      Once its on and u put in your Pin, unplug the cable. Let it drain the Battery without recharging in between and do the same again. Android will calibrate the batterystats.bin correctly. If that doesnt work you may have a faulty part in ur phone, which leads to energy drain.
      Hope it helps.

  • ____
    ____ 2 years ago

    So they're basically lithium ion batteries with flecks of graphene in them. You've been able to get them for drones for a couple of years now, and you can get much better power levels from lithium titanate (can sharge and discharge 100% in 6 min).
    The actually interesting graphene batteries are the pure graphene supercapacitors which are meant to have higher capacity than lithium, and charge / discharge in seconds, but you cant reliably produce large enough sheets of graphene for them to leave the lab yet

  • Wade's World
    Wade's World 2 years ago +12

    I've never been so excited like this for technology. This will literally change the world.

    • Wade's World
      Wade's World Year ago

      @fish out of water
      Whatever you say man. We'll see.

    • fish out of water
      fish out of water Year ago

      haha, in crapitalism? nothing will change.
      diesel was an equally astonishing invention that was supposed to change the world.

  • marc ausn
    marc ausn Year ago

    i imagine how they are able to filter co2 out of the air and use it to make graphene one day ^^

  • Al Loomis
    Al Loomis Year ago

    i'm holding out for graphene capacitors, a real life-changer. may get fusion power first...

  • Totally Not a Ninja
    Totally Not a Ninja 2 years ago +417

    And I got LG's "our batteries will kill you" ad, definitely the strangest way to sell your goods

    • Zett76
      Zett76 2 years ago

      They're saying it because they're about to put the batteries into the Terminators they're building... 😉

    • Totally Not a Ninja
      Totally Not a Ninja 2 years ago

      @1234 That's the one, I've been seeing it on Lewis Rossman's videos

    • mark allaway
      mark allaway 2 years ago +6

      @Steve Edwards it's probably a response to many videos of McDonald's burgers not rotting in a way youd expect meat too. A lot of people found that to be off putting and indicative of the burger being more "artificial". By showing the burger going mouldy they're indicating it is more "authentic" than their competitors

    • Volume Dealer
      Volume Dealer 2 years ago


    • Rahul Bansode
      Rahul Bansode 2 years ago

      Maybe it's targets are millenials

  • Marilyn Barton
    Marilyn Barton 22 days ago +19

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos KISSSS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • PlanetGuam
    PlanetGuam Year ago

    Today's phone batteries are doing just fine. By the time the batteries are dead we've long replaced the phone itself. Raising the price by 30% doesn't justify the benefits, yet. I could see it in laptops, or other devices that we don't regularly replace in three years.

  • SuperJeggo
    SuperJeggo 2 years ago

    If oppo use graphene batteries with their supervooc charging technology that would be insane

  • TEJ Jensen
    TEJ Jensen 2 years ago

    Can graphene be used for solar cells? It would be a quantum leap for humanity if possible.

  • Raskolnikov
    Raskolnikov 2 years ago +419

    This video kind of read like an advertisement for real graphene's product rather than a meaningful analysis of the underlying technology. As soon as I heard "graphene enhanced" alarm bells started ringing. I think the video title is misleading, this is a lithium ion cell battery with some graphene added in.

    • mick salau
      mick salau 2 years ago

      @Will Pack he also mentioned a 100w charger. Just let that sink in for a bit....

    • Robert Kubrick
      Robert Kubrick 2 years ago

      @Real Graphene USA Why is that battery pack so large for it's small capacity? Go ahead, prove me wrong.

    • Judge Dread
      Judge Dread 2 years ago

      You should listen again !!!!!! He covered that when talking about Lithium Ion batteries with a small percentage of Graphite ....Not Graphene !!!!

    • Raskolnikov
      Raskolnikov 2 years ago +1

      @Real Graphene USA Hi there, first of all I'd like to thank you for your clarification regarding the sponsorship status of this video and for taking the time to respond. As for questions related to the product - I would like to know more about the electrodes employed in this graphene enhanced battery. Is it a sheet of graphene applied over a standard electrode? If so, how exactly does this help with conductivity? Wouldn't the electricity be conducted more rapidly across the graphene sheet but then still have to pass through the higher resistance of the (presumably metal) electrode? I'd also be interested to hear a more indepth explanation of the nature of the graphene nano-platelets dispersed through the battery, how much graphene is dispersed through the lithium ion cells and do you guys have any interesting data on the extent to which this effects heat dispersion in your product? Thank you again for the response, looking forward to hearing back. :)

    • Raymond Bergg
      Raymond Bergg 2 years ago

      Sorry I disagree. This channel is not a shrill. The graphine "enhancement" is a significant difference. Significantly lower charging times =less time to charge your car. This could be a game changer and I am all for it.

  • I. M. Notamoose
    I. M. Notamoose 2 years ago

    Essentially the same reason the AA battery makers added acetylene black (replacing previously used graphite) back in the 1990's.... increased capacity, longer life... Acetylene black is the 1 dimensional form of carbon (chain) with delocalized electron bonds (Carbon triple bonded carbon alternating with single bonded carbon forming a chain with delocalized electrons like graphene has).

  • Jonathan Bojorquez

    I can't help but remember that quantum computers are bulky because they create a ton of heat from all the energy consumption and so they need tremendous cooling.
    You guys see where i'm getting at?
    This stuff would scale down those computers and maybe even make them faster since it would allow greater processing.

  • Suneel Gaur
    Suneel Gaur 2 years ago

    I read somewhere that Lithium-Sulphur batteries are the next big thing in battery technology, with many advantages over lithium-ion/air batteries...but I could be wrong🤔

  • Hayanomie
    Hayanomie 2 years ago

    If you know what "planned obsolescence" is, you've grown skeptical of tech improvements reaching the market

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 years ago +363

    Graphene is the kind of classmate you see once at start of an assignment and never again

    • MrFeast
      MrFeast 2 years ago +3

      @ER- Hyper_Phoenix Economics are strange and people make irrational decisions. Due to the complex nature of our world, the best product doesn't always win.

    • Everything is a Mind game
      Everything is a Mind game 2 years ago

      I dont get it this is a stupid joke

    • h
      h 2 years ago

      Need Thunderfoot on this 👀

  • basspig
    basspig Year ago

    It will be interesting to see if this can be scaled up to provide Battery Systems to backup solar panels for overnight power supplies for residential use.

    • OtterRose1
      OtterRose1 3 months ago

      Battery systems would still have to be able to provide for long term problems like clouds, snow, panels destroyed by wind, dust, etc.

  • Suraj Tomar
    Suraj Tomar 2 years ago

    We need to build a 40 ton Graphene Main Battle Tank. It would be glorious to see entire tank squad fighting a single graphene tank.

  • Chickle_Rick
    Chickle_Rick 2 years ago

    I hope these graphene cells will be available in the 18650 size for DIY projects

  • Romli Ahmadabdulnadzir

    Safety issues related to key materials and cell design techniques , including cathode, anode, electrolyte, and separator, are the fundamental of the battery. Cell design and fabrication techniques also have significant influence on the cell's electrochemical and safety performances. Thermal runaway (TR) in single cell level would cause chain reactions and whole battery pack failure, resulting in catastrophic effect in electric vehicles or energy storage devices. Therefore, it's of vital importance to understand the factors which may potentially lead to TR in single cells. Battery Power Online that this is important because successful mitigation techniques ultimately lead to the design safer batteries with adequate thermal management systems. A few things can trigger thermal runaway events. Thermal runaway can be initiated from mechanical or thermal failures. Electro-chemical abuse from overcharging or over-discharging the cell can also initiate thermal runaway. Also, there’s the possibility of an internal short circuit within the cell leading to thermal runaway. Any of these events can lead to elevated temperatures that are high enough to induce rapid exothermic decomposition of the cell materials. However, graphene and other competing local materials can be a major breakthrough and further environmental issues if there are any as a result of waste disposal etc. of the materials.

  • Sir Miles
    Sir Miles 2 years ago

    Fantastic and since Tesla is already partnered with Samsung this is going to take Tesla and the rest of the world to an exciting new level!

  • D K
    D K 2 years ago

    Is there enough synergy for Real Graphene to partner with Giga Factory? They can both scale at maximum velocity.

  • clavo
    clavo Year ago +1

    Croly hap! Wonderful video!! Am 65+ now and am so jealous of you young guys that can roll these concepts so easily in your minds. At about age 14 I created a digital/analog controller for my electric race-car track; so I could race against myself. So, it was left brain creativity vs right brain hand eye coordination. I think. Anyway, I had a self driving lil race car! The exigencies of life may trip you up on your way to mastery of technology. "Be true to yourself" is the best you can do. Don't go playing rescuer for anyone. When AI meets graphene it's going to be great!

  • GANTZ100pts
    GANTZ100pts 2 years ago +1

    If these batteries can successfully get put inside electric cars and eventually dramatically lower the cost of them. And dramatically lower the time it takes to charge them. We could see much more EVs on the road in the next 10 years.
    Of course we'd still need more charging stations to be construed.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 2 years ago

    Apple struggles with battery life. A battery that charges 4x faster with less overheat risk has to suit their ethos.

  • SABOtage Labs
    SABOtage Labs Year ago

    Graphene batteries are on the market for RC devices like planes, drones and cars/trucks. Haven't tired any yet for my RC planes...since they are more expensive. However, running cooler is always a positive. Life cycles may make it worth it as well.
    Anyone using them in RC planes yet?

  • kyle brown
    kyle brown 2 years ago

    1. They have more charge cycles
    2. They charge faster
    3. Samsung makes one that's 30% higher energy capacity
    4. Can be made in same form factor.
    1. More expensive
    2. Not available

  • Noel Carson
    Noel Carson 7 months ago +1

    A year later Xiaomi has tested 200w chargers which charges a battery in 8 minutes

  • Jody Mitoma's Videos
    Jody Mitoma's Videos 2 years ago +33

    This single 9 minute video was jam packed with so much excellent news for everyday consumers. :) Thank you. Very well put together, I really appreciate this!

    • w8stral
      w8stral 2 years ago

      @Mingwong Mingwong the sarcasm is strong

    • Mingwong Mingwong
      Mingwong Mingwong 2 years ago

      Salvator cezar pias superconducter powers over 50 cities and keeps running when u unplug it, so basically unlimited power

  • SlientStorm
    SlientStorm Year ago

    i had one LG G5 phone, the one with removable battery, seems it wasn't really that great of a idea as the phone becomes less durable it's kinda weak in structural

  • Garrett Zucker
    Garrett Zucker Year ago

    I have a 10,000 mAh battery charger which legit takes a near full 24 hours to charge from empty. It's a fairly thin one so it doesn't use those inefficient tube batteries but it still takes ages.
    Charging that much in 24 hours would be amazing, although it wouldn't matter too much to me because I hardly use my battery pack & when I do it's got 2.1A fast charging so unless I'm camping for multiple days not using my car then I hardly need this charger & its plenty enough as is. Also I have 2 & considering I've never had to fully use the first one I'll say that for the moment I'm perfectly good with my battery reserves.

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan Year ago

    From carbon cell batteries to graphene batteries. Technology coming full circle.

  • Max Tabmann
    Max Tabmann 2 years ago

    10000 mAh = 10 Ah x 1.5V = 15 Wh - at what weight? Looking at the module, we guess 100g. This amounts to an energy density of 150Wh/kg or 0.15 kWh/kg . For a comparison, Diesel has 12 kWh/kg. This is a factor of 80.