FIFA 20 | Amazing Realism and Attention to Detail (Frostbite Engine)

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
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    This video shows the Attention to detail, and the minute graphical enhancements in the game of FIFA 20. The Developers have paid close attention to the texture and the environments of the game and its incredibly accurate when put into prepective
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  • Martin Wiekens
    Martin Wiekens 17 hours ago

    FIFA 20 is echt zo slecht, je wordt steeds opnieuw bedonderd door de tegenstander ( computer)..
    Er gebeuren dingen die er nooit horen te gebeuren.. ze hebben het spel nu echt verknald..

  • Ramloghun Luv
    Ramloghun Luv 2 days ago

    More interesting is the when u win a champions league in career mode ,the number n the shirt side number changes.
    Example for real from 13 is to 14

  • Ferney Vargas 111
    Ferney Vargas 111 2 days ago

    7:12 suarez jajajajajaj🤣😂🐿

  • Martin Torp
    Martin Torp 2 days ago

    2:34 are you having a laugh?

    BALA YT 3 days ago +1

    PES21..... I am waiting :)

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 4 days ago

    Has anyone noticed 0:16 in the background that it was written TFV Gaming and I think u have done something to FIFA 20

  • pacpac00
    pacpac00 4 days ago

    y en el pes todavia siguen los robots en patines jajajaja

  • 2Dai4 Beats
    2Dai4 Beats 5 days ago +3

    9:28 that scared me for a sec

    YULHANA YULHANA 7 days ago

    Fifa 20 is the best

  • mr. momo
    mr. momo 7 days ago

    0:33 the ball boy wasnt holding the ball but the player could

  • UNKNOW 1423
    UNKNOW 1423 8 days ago

    Respect but i dont think that those clips were diving

  • عبيق السَفر

    Every year they make you think they made the perfect game, but it seems that they are trying to make a few imperfections on purpose, so that you buy the new year’s version, “the more realistic”

  • Mucky Manzatti
    Mucky Manzatti 10 days ago

    Maybe spend some time on the gameplay that is utter shite.

  • Aesthetic Aeon
    Aesthetic Aeon 11 days ago

    Pes 🔥

  • Oscar Arr
    Oscar Arr 11 days ago


    EPP SMYDNM 11 days ago +1

    Y dicen que es igual al fifa 19 ja se pasan pues es fifa lo quieren ver como el beibol o como?

  • Benjamin Lanusse
    Benjamin Lanusse 12 days ago

    What you came for 20:00

  • Jacques du Toit
    Jacques du Toit 12 days ago

    Nice watching some Fifa 17 gameplay for a change

  • fiezkiez
    fiezkiez 12 days ago

    One thing thats not even near realism in both FIFA and PES is the stiff animations and gameplay.

  • Luca Doney
    Luca Doney 12 days ago

    *sokratis in defending mechanics*


  • François Jutras
    François Jutras 13 days ago

    Which mode the medical team going on the field ?

    BHISMA ŘÂŻÂÑÏ 13 days ago

    Well piemonte calcio isn't really real...

  • Leandro Ramos
    Leandro Ramos 13 days ago

    Nose porque pero siempre lo hacen horrible a Agüero en estos juegos

  • GotinPichaga123 XD
    GotinPichaga123 XD 13 days ago

    How to do it ???

  • Manual de destruição
    Manual de destruição 13 days ago +1

    7:05 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Struś Pedziwiatr
    Struś Pedziwiatr 14 days ago

    Realism hahaha

  • Xeverade A
    Xeverade A 14 days ago

    6:24 won't play for a year

  • kolysion
    kolysion 14 days ago

    they eyes feel empty, idiot, dumb, no light in th eyes

  • Ody on 60 fps
    Ody on 60 fps 14 days ago


  • DanielReyes Pinos
    DanielReyes Pinos 15 days ago

    Still looks horrible

  • Creakristel 03
    Creakristel 03 15 days ago +2


  • 100 Subscribers With No Videos?

    7:08 just looked like he yawned

  • masterkiller 123
    masterkiller 123 15 days ago

    10 min...7 ads?

  • Julian Hyso
    Julian Hyso 15 days ago +1

    Pes 2019 has this things too ⚽️

  • Azeem Zairy
    Azeem Zairy 15 days ago

    Can you guys don’t judge the game if you want the perfect one just do it yourself lol

  • Rage Simar
    Rage Simar 16 days ago

    FIFA - Realism and graphics .
    Pes - Hold my balls.

  • chiara montevecchi
    chiara montevecchi 16 days ago


  • Fiqhih Alfariz
    Fiqhih Alfariz 17 days ago +1

    Pes still the best!

  • Антон Макаревич

    А зачем такая детализация при конченом движке и дёрганной игре?

  • The Stealthy Assassin / TSA

    I love it when the ball goes through David Luiz's head!

  • Sreedhu Balachandran
    Sreedhu Balachandran 17 days ago +4

    buggy game than never before...
    *getting sacked in the morning* after winning a treble.. lol.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Omar Sharifi
    Omar Sharifi 17 days ago

    Yet whenever I tell cpu to pass it to me it carries the command to my player passing the ball to the opposing team or if I try to tackle to win the ball my guy just kicks it out and loses possession

  • Life Officiel
    Life Officiel 17 days ago +1

    How can you dive ?

  • ツHK
    ツHK 17 days ago

    Pulling shirt is in fifa 17

  • Bálint Dobos
    Bálint Dobos 17 days ago

    First song name?

  • Elias Andres Marin Torres

    EA cambiando el numero al mismo juego todos los años

  • The Motherfucker
    The Motherfucker 18 days ago

    Both of'em r SUCKS

  • Ziyad Alban Gaming
    Ziyad Alban Gaming 18 days ago

    Song title?

  • ANALEX Tv2
    ANALEX Tv2 18 days ago

    Borussia Dortmund is crap

  • LilAbelPlays 321
    LilAbelPlays 321 18 days ago

    This is not on Nintendo Switch 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • OH MY Amma
    OH MY Amma 19 days ago +3

    0:48 wow! So realistic
    The ball pass through his foot..!

  • agustin C V GG
    agustin C V GG 19 days ago


    ULTRA INSTING 19 days ago

    What name of backsound

  • TheTempo boy
    TheTempo boy 19 days ago +1

    Guys its called 4k dont be overwhelmed

  • Ag Performance
    Ag Performance 20 days ago

    Fifa is the shitest game on Planet!!!!!

  • Bruno Barni
    Bruno Barni 21 day ago

    I think all of this was in fifa 19

  • linh sơn
    linh sơn 21 day ago

    Please music

  • Simbah Simbah
    Simbah Simbah 21 day ago +1

    0:49 name song?

  • Anime WIBU
    Anime WIBU 21 day ago +1

    what is the title of the soundtrack that is in minute 0:00 to minute 4:11

  • Frenkie.
    Frenkie. 21 day ago

    Pes is better