The Orville Renewed For Season 3? More Evidence of Shows Return

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • Coming off a brilliant 2nd season the is still no word on a season 3 for The Orville, but there is a lot of evidence pointing to the shows return. Licensing cards, comic book and toys. A rumor posted on my channel of a possible season 3, 4 and maybe 5. now there is the report that Scott Grimes had to cancel a convention appearance to work on the Orville this Saturday. Another reason may be that Seth MacFarlane's contract with Fox is up in June and he has a lot of suitors. The ratings are good, the show has a following. I think the fans of The Orville should be encouraged.
    The Orville: The Road Not Taken Review:
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  • MrDabs 420
    MrDabs 420 2 months ago

    I never thought I would like the Orville but holy shit I love the show so much!!!!!! Its a damn good show !

  • Curtis Damphier
    Curtis Damphier 2 months ago

    Hulu!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
    LATE 2020...
    I will never watch it again!!!

  • GarlicIsNice
    GarlicIsNice 5 months ago


  • Jim yager
    Jim yager 5 months ago

    With any luck they will just let it die in peace, why beat a dead dog? Star Trek Discovery a much better show, and, is real Star Trek. The Orville just steals Star Trek plots and re-does them it's sad, and, pathetic.

  • Daddy James Films
    Daddy James Films 5 months ago

    You know you haters want to trash Discovery then praise the Orville and act like more people watches the Orville than discovery. while looking at the Orville's renew petition they only have 7K supporters while the one for Discovery's Pike series is at 27k. and both has been up for a few weeks. this is why I don't trust you haters and other channels like Midnights Edge, DoomCock, etc... Don't get me wrong I love the Orville but these numbers got me worried.

  • vinylrecord68
    vinylrecord68 5 months ago

    "Finale". Not "finally".

  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit 5 months ago

    If I were them, I’d delay announcing the renewal until the season was closer to being finished. That way the hype would be fresh when the season comes out 😃👍

  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit 5 months ago

    I hope they pull a Rick and Morty and get renewed for like 9 seasons in a row haha

  • Lesa Sawyer
    Lesa Sawyer 5 months ago

    He better not go to Netflix or hulu

  • Richti Filmpalast
    Richti Filmpalast 5 months ago

    How is this even an issue?
    TV Execs have to get their head out of their asses!
    And oh yes, FUCK DISNEY!!

  • Sebastian Schneider
    Sebastian Schneider 5 months ago

    Well, the international rates will be horrible since the people who wanted to watch it outside the us already did illegally since there is no way to watch it outside the us without waiting for several months and then having to watch it on tv or something. So the show can't be monetized as a second or third run somewhere else like in the olden days of TV. In the 60ies, heck, even in the 90ies ppl didn't even know about a new show in the US for months. Now there is streaming and the orville is doing a horrible job at being available somewhere legally. I can't even get fox now over here and i sure as hell won't get a 50$/month hulu-subscription for a single show.

  • Wayne Catlin
    Wayne Catlin 5 months ago

    Final space season 2 coming soon too!!

  • Wayne Catlin
    Wayne Catlin 5 months ago


  • Darryl Ruiz
    Darryl Ruiz 5 months ago

    There's no question it will be renewed MacFarlane is too important to Fox

  • Whoopedy Doo Dooders
    Whoopedy Doo Dooders 5 months ago

    It'll get renewed for sure. Hulu execs aren't as stupid as Netflix's. They don't cancel popular shit for no reason or for the sake of political correctness.

  • Zero Walker
    Zero Walker 5 months ago

    I will keep saying this on every damn video about Orville or STD. I have to like both as much and by god all hard core fans are so fucking nit picky I grew up with star trek even if im not that old, the original series often had re-runs when I was a kid and so on. I like star trek sense I was a kid but I never go hardcore for anything and that´s why I enjoy STD. Sure it´s a different take than what we are used to some stuff is maybe not perfect but it´s still a good show and in a time where sci-fi is a fucking niche and majority of TV is your damn soap operas or you damn paradise hotel and what not im happy we got both Orville and STD. I mean they cancel sci-fi shows left and right Dark matter, Terra nova, fire fly and so on. Sure we got to lucky and got more killjoys and the expanse. So in a time where they cancel sci-fi left and right after 1-3 season while
    shows like desperate housewives gets 8 season and they keep renewing paradise hotel and other idiot tv shows. Im happy to watch STD but maybe you hard core fans rather sit and watch paradise hotel and big bother because Satan forbid they make a star wars that is not up to your standards and 100% like star trek original or next yen.

    But be my guest be picky and angry so they will never make another star trek and you can watch stupid people cheat on their partners on tv becuse oh that´s so better than a decently good star trek that is not what i want it to be or how I would make it.

  • A M71
    A M71 5 months ago

    FYI the news of the orville cast member cancelling his appearance was first reported by the other Orville vlog hosted by the big with glasses

  • Matthew Wolfhouse
    Matthew Wolfhouse 5 months ago

    After the final 3 episodes that went Super Woke, I’m actually ok if there’s No season 3 as fear of just how much deeper they’ll go down the SJW hole

  • Artur
    Artur 5 months ago

    This series is in my opinion far more intersting and it is made a lot better than for example STD.
    I watched both. Every episode of STD was like - um... OK. The acting is like worse than in Ace Ventura Jr. (no offense). When I watched The Orville I was staggered - it was, simply, a lot better.
    Why not renew it? I saw the statistics (don't know if they were true) - and it was watched by aproximately 3.000.000 people. But, in my country - Poland, it wasn't (I believe) not even promoted once. If they put more interest/money into promoting this series - I bet you - a lot more people will watch it, just because it is good - something we lack nowadays in TV/VOD series - good oldschool Sci-Fi, with a little ,,Sci" in it.
    So yes, I would love it to be renewed for like... 10 more seasons (at least).

    • Oduntola
      Oduntola 5 months ago

      Unfortunately, the number of people who watch is not the only consideration. I think the show has far more serious problems. Apart from the fact that I don't think it is particularly good, it is also a complete rip off of ST. It would not surprise me if the delay to renew season 3 is because of lawsuits or threats of lawsuits. I can't imagine anyone would have a hard time proving the ST/TO connection and like it or not plagiarism is literary THEFT. What TO is doing is copying someone else's ideas and NOT giving them credit for it and making money of it. Not good!

  • Pygar2
    Pygar2 5 months ago

    I'd love a Season 3, if it weren't all m/m preachy, and let the seculars be the bad guys sometimes... over half the time, to make up for the first two seasons.
    I used to think "Kid Power" was as preachy as a show could get!
    I like that they got Isaac out of dead storage, and hooked him up to their net... could bear fruit...

    RICO GOLDSTAR 5 months ago

    If they don't bring us a season 3, they are out of their damn minds. It's one of the better scifi series on TV right now.

  • Laura Ryan
    Laura Ryan 5 months ago

    Oh please, please, please renew. Stay with on air broadcast Seth. All the Union should be able to see for free.

  • OCnStiggs
    OCnStiggs 5 months ago +1

    Brilliant Second Season? One show about a character having to take a once-a-year pee? Then the next show the same character had a porn addiction? These not-so-subtle "social education" efforts left my wife and I wondering if there would be a third season. And then, they lost a strong main character. They better get some better scripts going or the third season will be their last.

  • Chronokun
    Chronokun 5 months ago

    I had been really liking it, up until those last two episodes when they started introducing stupid time travel plots, the first sign of decay, might as well add Q already if they're going to ruin the show like that =\

    • Rick Vice
      Rick Vice 5 months ago

      Chronokun not every episode is going to hit a home run.

  • Sharon Pflaum
    Sharon Pflaum 5 months ago

    I love the show! They should make a movie in search of kirk

  • Jonathan Robertson
    Jonathan Robertson 5 months ago

    But why male models?

  • Sean O'connor
    Sean O'connor 5 months ago

    I'm scared about the Fox/Disney merger ... Disney's rules are extremely strict they want non other than their opinion on screen, nothing else...

  • The Hound
    The Hound 5 months ago

    If this is the future of science fiction i will have to cash out. I know the world is broken when i hear folks enjoy this Saturday Night Live version of science fiction. The show should air on Saturday mornings. This is science fiction for children with brutal acting. Seth acts about as well Quentin Tarantino does in his films, almost ruing great art in his case at least. Hopefully Seth wont get with anymore female cast members and have them suddenly disappear, for the sake of those that enjoy this low brow comedy/science fiction rubbish. It is so interesting to me that i can actually get worked up over this, but it almost seems as though i need to save humanity in a way, or that the very fate of humanity is at stake because of this Orville trash. Unwatchable, but yet i have watched due to my 50 year love affair with science fiction. I hate myself after every episode and now am rooting for AI to quickly dominate and destroy humanity, and just go ahead and replace us.

  • beverly crusher
    beverly crusher 5 months ago

    there is something that is telling me that it isn't returning, they showed 14 episodes instead of 13, they finished out the season WITHOUT a cliff hanger, this tells me that they expect to be canceled.

  • Paerigos
    Paerigos 5 months ago +1

    Funny... and just to realize this started as Seth´s urge to sit in captain chair of ship at least once :D

  • Balikon
    Balikon 5 months ago

    *Spoiler Alert*
    I believe there will be a 3rd season. Maybe on Fox, maybe on Disney, maybe elsewhere. Why? IMHO "The Road Not Taken" was produced with *two* endings. Clever boys those writers!
    If there would be no season 3, the episode was meant to end with the destruction of the orville while trying to send back Finn into the past. I am convinced In that case we would have become a full intro, for there was less time needed to tell the story. With such an ending it would be clear, that the story ends here: They fail to restore the timeline, anyone remaining from the crew is dead, that's it.
    Instead we got a intro (we remember: the intro is really long normally) *shortened* so hard, that only it's torso was left. Because the time was needed to present us ending number 2: All the stuff happening after the orville exploding. Did not stop the time, but it feels that Kelly waking, being sucked into the future, returning with all her memory intact and eventually Finn arriving to sucessfully wipe the memory and Kelly finally agreeing to a second date takes quite the time they gained by shorting the intro.

  • Tina  Hedge
    Tina Hedge 5 months ago +2

    I know of NO ONE who like this gayazzphukkk version of a Star Trek ripoff. ZERO. I tried to like it, but it's just WAY to fukkkedup. After watching three episodes of season 1, HOPING it would get better, it continued to embarrass Hoover vacume with it's EPIC SUCKabilities. Only a black hole sucks more. All of you out there that like this nightmare..... get ready...... It's cancellation IS coming. Seth can only work his magic on studio exec's so long, trying to fix this suckfest, but his desire to win over Treksters just isn't working, and the numbers just keep falling on this loser of a show. No schittt. This show made it two seasons, and it's numbers just keep falling. Stop the insanity, and cancel this nightmare. The people that LIKE this suckfest, must like to watch dogs take a shit, then eat it. If that's YOU,...... congrats. Your the new mayor of Loserville!

  • Cameron MacDonald
    Cameron MacDonald 5 months ago

    I like The Orville and I also really like Star Trek Discovery. Is that wrong, or just wrong to admit here in this channel? BTW, this dude has too much "nerd" and zero "rotic" unless you count neurotic! But hey, there's nothing wrong with a grown man having mommy issues. Daddy issues are way more socially acceptable but I don't make the rules :)

  • Bharbir Singh Heyer
    Bharbir Singh Heyer 5 months ago

    Season 2 was pretty lackluster tbh. I totally understand they keeping it light and breezy. But still, i think they went too light and breezy, the science is faulty and too much emphasis on personal relationship.
    My favourite episodes were the single stand alone ones, like when they discover that huge colony settler ship, when they go to the planet that votes on everything, when they made first contact with that planet that loves astrology, and when whatsherface became a god on a planet
    Weaker episodes were ones which focused on the moclans and kaylons. Both have been made into such a big joke that it’s hard to take it seriously
    Kaylons are almost as bad as daleks...

  • Lost in Iowa
    Lost in Iowa 5 months ago

    I think its all about the June contract.

  • myname is private
    myname is private 5 months ago

    The first season showed a lot of promise. Season 2 was meh, if it gets renewed I hope the writers can do better.

  • George Erdner
    George Erdner 5 months ago

    I can almost guarantee that there will be a third season. The only question is whether the third season will be on Fox, or on FX or maybe even one of the streaming services.

  • Robert Reilly
    Robert Reilly 5 months ago +1

    Of course! The Orville's coming back,,, It's the Best Show on TV,,,and the reruns will be on for 50 years ! Congratulations Orville you have made TV history,,, Great Job !

  • fa181951
    fa181951 5 months ago

    how can you call it the 3rd season, when there has not been enough episode's to have one season status ??? why are there so little episodes in a year??

  • francois gervais
    francois gervais 5 months ago

    Now that fox is owned by disney.. i hope they do not decide to put it on their new streaming thingy like cbs did for STD..

  • Noneya dambidness
    Noneya dambidness 5 months ago

    A completely DISGUSTING show in every respect. The writers should be drowned and the actors boiled in piss.

  • kris guntner
    kris guntner 5 months ago +3

    Family guy only gets about one million viewers per episode so having three million for orville is pretty good.

    • kris guntner
      kris guntner 5 months ago

      @Abalam de Paimon Think long term.
      How many stories do you think family guy has left in it when simpsons or south park has done so many already?
      What will fox replace it with?
      A NEW,but still familiar,scif universe has more stories that can be done then a tight competition between animated series.

    • Abalam de Paimon
      Abalam de Paimon 5 months ago

      except the cost per episode....

  • Nawnp MCPE
    Nawnp MCPE 5 months ago

    The odd sign of it not being renewed before the finale and the finale a actual possible series closer is bad signs. On the other hand it is relatively popular and while CBS is aiming for as many as 5 Star Trek shows next year certainly gives the "competition" a strong sign that the Orville could be as popular as all those shows combined.

  • Adam Hope
    Adam Hope 5 months ago

    I admire a guy who can steal from the Simpsons, and Star Trek,and make millions, I can't stand Orville, what with folk in it,and two captain's, and a husband and wife team,clearly not just Star Trek stole from Lost in space.

    • The Motherfucker
      The Motherfucker 5 months ago

      Oh boo hoo...poor baby can't stand a TV show.. by the he didn't steal shit.. this show is an a respectful parody of the the original star trek and next generation

  • brian smart
    brian smart 5 months ago

    I have some insider Info. My inside source at FOX has updated me as to the Orville situation. As far as the earlier FOX memo, that was 100% correct. As far as FOX is concerned the green light has been given for Orville season 3....However it's no longer in FOX's hand but Seth's. Seth has voiced concerns over the FOX/Disney merger and is worried that Disney can and will impose certain restrictions on his intellectual properties. The Family Guy renewal was penned before the merger so therefore there is little he can do but Disney is already flexing their muscles. You may have already seen the article where it was stated that the Family guy will no longer have homosexual derogatory humor. Since the deal was penned before the merger there is little he can do about the Family Guy but there is something he can do for the Orville... Not renew his contract with FOX unless his creative freedom remains in tact. From what I've been told (wink wink) Seth is looking into offers from outside sources for the next run of the Orville. They are already working on elements of pre-production. You have already reported on this in your live streams where Orville cast members have had to cancel appearances. There will be a season 3 it just might not be at FOX/Disney. We will all have to wait until after june 16th to fine out where the 3rd season will air.

  • Kevin in the USA
    Kevin in the USA 5 months ago

    The Orville is awesome and I have no doubt it will be picked up for season 3. This is a show our entire family watches when it runs live. The only other show that does that in our home is GOT. We love the Orville.

  • Jonah Hex
    Jonah Hex 5 months ago +1

    Not trying to rain on your parade, I know you like this show but it’s garbage to me

  • Herman Martin
    Herman Martin 5 months ago

    I love Orville a light hearted star trek with a very good story . A fan

  • Bradley Schafer
    Bradley Schafer 5 months ago +1

    Fox cancelled Firefly and Almost Human, cancelling The Orville would not surprise me.

  • Wouter Faes
    Wouter Faes 5 months ago

    there is only one show and would like to see again as much as orville and that is Stargate ( NOT ALIKE UNIVERSE THO ) fk that shit

  • Ben C
    Ben C 5 months ago

    If we dont have another orville i may die

  • pchungvt
    pchungvt 5 months ago

    Hope this is true. Haven't been so hooked on a sci fi show in recent years, last time it was Battlestar Galactica

  • clasystems
    clasystems 5 months ago

    The reference to Fox News is a red herring from an ignoramus. Fox BROADCASTING is now a Disney product; as such, there is no connection other than a root word. The same applies to Fox Sports, etc. Just suggests the writer is both opinionated and ignorant and not afraid to put his or her own two cents into it.

  • Dale Sexton
    Dale Sexton 5 months ago

    "Brilliant Season 2?" ..... lol

    • The Motherfucker
      The Motherfucker 5 months ago

      Go back watching the shitfest that is Star trek discovery ..

  • rennmaxbeta
    rennmaxbeta 5 months ago

    It'll probably end up on Disney+... which would suck.

  • Emöke
    Emöke 5 months ago

    I watch TO over amazon. Does this count for the ratings?

  • Daveyk021
    Daveyk021 5 months ago

    Done well???!! That Orville season finales stunk so bad, it should have been a series finale. I don’t Blair Fox for not renewing it! I generally do like the Orville, but their time travel finale stunk! Star Trek Discovery Season 2 blew the Orville season 2 away!!! STD was so much better than the Orville this year!!!

    • jaro essa
      jaro essa 5 months ago

      You're clearly in the minority on this one. 49% viewer approval rating at Metacritic for STD, and 35% for season 2 on Rotten Tomatoes. Both failing scores. Star Trek fans have spoken...they HATE STD.

  • Brent's video journal
    Brent's video journal 5 months ago

    I agree with you

  • S C
    S C 5 months ago +1

    What a garbage show. No wonder why it is hanging by a thread.

    • Tina  Hedge
      Tina Hedge 5 months ago +1

      Yea.... A shittshow for sure!!

  • Trusteft
    Trusteft 5 months ago

    Seth is usually ruthless against Walt Disney in Family Guy. A "marriage" with Disney will be very interesting.