Tattoo Etiquette : Romeo Lacoste

  • Published on Mar 11, 2018
  • Hey Guys!!
    In todays video I talk about Single needle tattoos, micro tattoos, finger tattoos and tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste.
    This video was done for educational purposes in no way am I saying do not get these types of tattoos or shaming you for having them.
    Its your body you do what the hell you like as long as you know what you are getting in to!
    *All footage and images fall under fair use !!
    A video from a great tattoo artist here on youtube called Wayne Fredrickson talking about what tattoos last !! (long story short he called small tattoos snake oil ... :

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  • Addie Griffin
    Addie Griffin 6 days ago

    What 300 dollars for those tiny things. What the heck? That's unbelievable

  • Mark Daly
    Mark Daly 6 days ago

    more people need to get this message out.

  • Takayla Johnson
    Takayla Johnson 8 days ago

    God $300? I payed $500 for a realistic shoulder cap with 3 red roses my tattoo is beautiful and big.

  • geekymaddy
    geekymaddy 16 days ago

    the midnight sun! (secret series reference)

  • Ry cropanda808
    Ry cropanda808 18 days ago

    Bro I’m ready I got my dog and cat laying here

  • Rebecca Jesse
    Rebecca Jesse 20 days ago

    lol watching the sun cream bit made me put some lotion on my tattoos!

  • Sophie Bellerose
    Sophie Bellerose Month ago

    does anyone know where nikko hurtado is based?

  • Gerard Jackson
    Gerard Jackson Month ago

    If you don't have time to research good tattoo artists you shouldn't get a tattoo because if you don't have time you don't do it

  • Sophie Mearns
    Sophie Mearns Month ago

    Does anyone else feel like she’s kind of entitled

  • sadie elizabeth
    sadie elizabeth Month ago +1

    the fact that he still tattoos with his mediocre ass work AND after being exposed for being a pedophile and people still support him makes zero sense to me

  • Brenna O'Leary
    Brenna O'Leary Month ago

    thanks so much for posting this. i've been wanting a single needle tattoo from a tattoo artist that goes by the @ winterstone. and now if i choose to go through with it I know exactly what to expect from the outcome!!

  • Melissa Hedges
    Melissa Hedges Month ago +1

    Line God? More like Lion Blob, am I right?...I'll show myself out

  • nefarious
    nefarious Month ago

    With all the typos on his Instagram, I wouldn't trust him with letterwork lmfao

  • Rest
    Rest 2 months ago


  • Liz
    Liz 2 months ago

    I went on his instagram and I watched through the "healed" highlight. There's a Peter Pan tattoo pic from apparently 34 weeks ago. Then I watched in the "micro" highlight and there's a picture from 48 weeks ago of a Mickey Mouse tattoo next to the Peter Pan one. But guess what? In the picture from 34 weeks ago there wasn't the Mickey tattoo and in the one from 48 weeks ago the Peter one is WAY more faded.

  • Sam Kittrell
    Sam Kittrell 2 months ago

    ur makeup in this has me shook ur so beautiful

  • امل aml
    امل aml 2 months ago

    Omg I have the exact same earrings (h&m Right?)

  • Rosa Miller
    Rosa Miller 2 months ago

    I love your shirt.... It's a SKorean military top right?

  • awwsumr0cketz
    awwsumr0cketz 2 months ago

    i loved the video but i have to ask - where did you get those amazing earrings from!?

  • Gal housman
    Gal housman 2 months ago

    I love your videos soo much!

  • Little birdie
    Little birdie 2 months ago

    How is his Instagram still active after all the shit that came out about him??

  • Adurodiel
    Adurodiel 2 months ago

    The whole comment section is tea spilling 😱 Me likey.

  • brittney brandt
    brittney brandt 2 months ago

    who's Lee Jaewon ?

  • Emily Flynn
    Emily Flynn 2 months ago

    I got a wave tattoo done for $20 by a friend when I was in high school and it has held up better than these lol only started to fade when I had laser done

  • Max
    Max 2 months ago

    I have a picture of a pink Mickey Mouse he drew on a live stream years ago and he was giving it away. I surprisingly won it and was so excited and planned to fly to LA once I was old enough to legally get a tattoo and have him tattoo it on my arm. I’m still not legally old enough to get tattoos (I will be next year) and I still love the picture but I sure as shit don’t want him doing it. Would it be wrong to have a tattoo artist that has been a family friend for as long as I can remember and does great work do it?

  • alexa choi
    alexa choi 2 months ago

    he’s a pedophile

  • SpectacularSims
    SpectacularSims 2 months ago

    Nice Medusa photo you have hanging on your wall that you made a video talking about people copying that exact photo as a tattoo 😂😂

  • Paige W
    Paige W 2 months ago

    $300??? I literally said outloud "F*** me $300??" That is absolutely horrifying that he would do that on people's bodies permanently then charge them that much money for garbage.

  • Emma TEL
    Emma TEL 2 months ago

    Do Handpoke Tattoos also fade or blow out like single needle tattoos ? So like is there a difference in the two techniques ?

  • Alexandra Ponych
    Alexandra Ponych 2 months ago

    Just the fact that he turned comments off his videos made me sus. Good to hear the tea

  • misanthropic me
    misanthropic me 3 months ago +1

    The snitch tat looks like it turned into the Playboy bunny

  • Joseph Edwards
    Joseph Edwards 3 months ago

    ...and he's a known pedophile.

  • You Cant Skate
    You Cant Skate 3 months ago

    Very judgmental in every video check a reflection

  • Audrey Kiedis
    Audrey Kiedis 3 months ago

    I used to like romeo but slowly started to dislike him overtime, but I really looooove Anrijs Straume's work. He's so talented oml.

  • miss voorhees
    miss voorhees 3 months ago

    Black people are harder to tattoo than white people,they require a whole other set of skills depending on how dark they are,hence why there are some artists that specialise in tattooing certain skin. It's not that he's racist or stupid,it's that he can't fucking tattoo so he'd suck at it.
    I mean shit,I only apprenticed for a short while and I did a better job than any of his tattoos and mine held longer than any of his. He's trash and shouldn't be allowed near a needle bar.

  • maria arevlao
    maria arevlao 3 months ago

    The nail glow up tho

  • reefrunner
    reefrunner 3 months ago

    I haven’t even watched the video yet, I just wanted to say that I’ve got the shirt with the Isnard Barbosa design behind you! I’d love to get tattooed by him at some point. Ok, let’s watch this thing

  • DaboooogA
    DaboooogA 3 months ago


  • Authentic puro
    Authentic puro 3 months ago

    And now he can be the "line god" of jail tattoos 😂

  • d1m1tr1s86
    d1m1tr1s86 3 months ago

    Check Anil Gupta honey🙃

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M 4 months ago

    300$ ?! I got a 3 character anklet that only cost me 180$ after tip. And they're decent sized. Anyone who pays that much for essentially a micro tatt is an idiot, I don't care whose name it is.

  • Daisy WolfLover
    Daisy WolfLover 4 months ago

    I loved that part

  • Libby Lilley
    Libby Lilley 4 months ago

    My question is, why do you have so many finger tattoos if you’re so aware they go bad 😂

  • Taylor Hoffman
    Taylor Hoffman 4 months ago

    Romeo gave me the ugliest tattoo on my arm ever 😭

  • Emmanuel Delgadillo
    Emmanuel Delgadillo 4 months ago +1

    His minimum is now $400.

  • KamilaDalmate
    KamilaDalmate 4 months ago

    I don’t know why anyone would want highly detailed tiny tattoos if I’m gonna get tatted with detailed I want it to be able to be seen. Especially 300+ my side tat cost less and I’m dark skinned

  • al katraz
    al katraz 4 months ago

    I want to puch that little douchebag in the face.. he's giving us actual hard working tattoo artists a bad name.

  • adam stepfner
    adam stepfner 4 months ago


  • J C F Loiseau
    J C F Loiseau 4 months ago

    Unrelated but I like your eye makeup

  • Brianna Rose
    Brianna Rose 5 months ago +1

    I'm watching this a little over a year after it was uploaded and his minimum is now $400. That's crazy.

  • kagomekirari25
    kagomekirari25 5 months ago

    we love some good tea /with receipts/ bless

  • shortshins
    shortshins 5 months ago +1

    You know what watched a video of his and thought his work looked kinda shitty, I just didn't understand how he can charge so much and why he has a good reputation.

  • Anna Olson
    Anna Olson 5 months ago +1

    I more recently paid $300 for a tattoo that's both bigger than my hand AND in color.

  • Kailey J
    Kailey J 5 months ago

    Why are you wearing a korean army jacket? Lmao

  • Kelsey L
    Kelsey L 5 months ago

    From looking at his insta his tattoos look decent but they are so light I can’t imagine that they age well

    JILL ELLIS 5 months ago

    I think caras tattoo was well done

  • Chelsea Martin
    Chelsea Martin 5 months ago

    I saw another celebrity tattoo artist said he did cara delevigne tattoo (iknow i spelled this wrong)... Ithink his name is bang bang or something lol

  • Brady Todd
    Brady Todd 5 months ago

    All justin beibers tattoos are shit though 😂

  • Haley Behr_Attack
    Haley Behr_Attack 5 months ago +1

    Is there a difference between single needle tattoos and line work tattoos in general? Obviously a lot of line work tattoos have thicker lines and I would guess use thicker needles, and I know they are still prone to blow out and similar issues, but not all artists specializing in line work tattoos are only doing single needle work, right?

  • Aliss Chrétien
    Aliss Chrétien 5 months ago +2

    i wonder how his career is going with the pedophile allegations he had going on. thanks for reminding me to never go to his shop, and also explaining why i shouldnt get tattooes like he does