• Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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  • Briana Nunley
    Briana Nunley 11 hours ago



  • Thru Miranda’s Eyes
    Thru Miranda’s Eyes 16 hours ago

    notification squaad 💛💛💛

  • Desire Wilson
    Desire Wilson 17 hours ago

    I like ranch dressing with French fries 🍟

  • Antonio Jarbo
    Antonio Jarbo 3 days ago +1

    Anthony loves the ranch 👀

  • Jasmin Martinez
    Jasmin Martinez 4 days ago


  • Matteo Pingue
    Matteo Pingue 4 days ago

    Damn rug is so nice but he has a dark side. Like in his opening vids he is so nice but like he is dark off the camera

  • I V
    I V 6 days ago +1

    Papa Rug just said he went to work ? Thought he didn't work since Faze Rug said it in his song???

  • Jose Aguirre
    Jose Aguirre 7 days ago

    I really wonder why he texted her

  • cliffy ducharme
    cliffy ducharme 8 days ago

    Stupid video

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo 11 days ago

    If it was true you wouldn’t post it

  • shiloh english
    shiloh english 13 days ago

    in my social studies class were learning about mesopotamia

  • xd klynts lol
    xd klynts lol 14 days ago

    This makes no sense, because she is his god damn EX girlfriend. Why the hell should clickbaiter care

  • lil costco420
    lil costco420 14 days ago

    anthonys laugh at 2;18

  • Lifewith aliciaa
    Lifewith aliciaa 14 days ago


  • Karen Davila
    Karen Davila 14 days ago

    I love how Brian tells booker ‘ you SOUND LIKE A DAMN LAWN MOWER ‘ YOU SOUND LIKE A CHAINSAW ‘ 😂😂😂😂👎🏻& he mocks him LMFAOOO HE IS MEEEEE !!!

  • Glizy uR
    Glizy uR 14 days ago

    What happened to ruggy

  • TeeJay
    TeeJay 14 days ago

    Who else is here cause faze rugs channel got deleted

  • Steven Uden
    Steven Uden 14 days ago

    What happened to faze rugs account

  • Perrionn
    Perrionn 14 days ago


  • Karen Davila
    Karen Davila 14 days ago

    What happen to Brian’s videos & TheXvid channel ?

  • Anifyz
    Anifyz 14 days ago

    Rugs channel got deleted

  • vane turtle
    vane turtle 14 days ago +2

    What happened to Faze Rugs Channel!!!???

    • Kev Plays
      Kev Plays 14 days ago +1

      Yeah that's what I'm thinking???

  • 2ksubs 0 vids Hornet pride

    What happen to faze channel

  • Jason JJ Cruz
    Jason JJ Cruz 14 days ago

    Hanging Out With Brandon brawadis FaZe Rug

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 15 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead

  • Edgar Salcedo
    Edgar Salcedo 15 days ago

    Got u my boy

  • Grace Forster
    Grace Forster 16 days ago

    I do have to admit anthoy is so funny and love him hah hes my fav x

  • حسنية الجناحي


    WHITE BRONCO 18 days ago


  • MahoneBiebbabe
    MahoneBiebbabe 18 days ago

    This was sooo good 😂😂😂

  • Orobriela
    Orobriela 18 days ago

    “I swear I will watch your most recent”
    Oh you just swore now you have to watch it 💗

  • Cris Ortiz garcia
    Cris Ortiz garcia 19 days ago

    Keep it a Braden love ur videos

  • LuchiniGaming R6PS4
    LuchiniGaming R6PS4 19 days ago


  • Rosa Ayon
    Rosa Ayon 20 days ago

    Brandon is now gonna jackoff to his phone all day now

  • Abdul Ghattour
    Abdul Ghattour 20 days ago

    Papa Rug has a good sense of humor
    He is really funny in a good way

    REY PALMARES 20 days ago

    Faze Rug is a fag!!! He never fucked Molly & that's why they broke up. Loser & Weirdo!!!

  • Damage
    Damage 21 day ago

    he saw the camera lol

  • Its Drunkpanda By The Way

    *Ranch Rover* 😭

  • Sebastian Rokicki
    Sebastian Rokicki 21 day ago

    Should of told Brian to get your phone from the kitchen or something and have the "Wake" feature thing on it so when he picked it up he would see the lock screen instead of having to awkwardly peek it to him

  • Leilah Castillo
    Leilah Castillo 21 day ago

    I love you please reply❤🙏

  • Destiny George
    Destiny George 21 day ago

    Chilling with brawadis and faze rug

  • Destiny George
    Destiny George 21 day ago +1

    “Do I have to change my wallpaper or no “

  • Mimi Moses
    Mimi Moses 21 day ago

    My wife really loves your dad with out your dad your TheXvid will be boring TheXvid but it's the best .funny she really love you all .the best better then the ace family

  • Yerlyn Gonzalez
    Yerlyn Gonzalez 21 day ago


    ERLO IBRI 21 day ago

    i love so much papa rug he is the funniest person make every single video with him

  • Yerlyn Gonzalez
    Yerlyn Gonzalez 21 day ago


  • Yerlyn Gonzalez
    Yerlyn Gonzalez 21 day ago

    😂😂😂😂 Ryan looks around for the camara

  • Yerlyn Gonzalez
    Yerlyn Gonzalez 21 day ago

    Guys you’re so mean

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia 22 days ago

    I wont more cussing ron

  • Deivin Zuniga
    Deivin Zuniga 22 days ago +1

    This is like the first video that’s actually made me bust out laughing and I’ve been watching you since the start.

  • Strad guy C
    Strad guy C 22 days ago


  • Jaciel Ozuna
    Jaciel Ozuna 22 days ago

    The way he said”u burnt the fuck out of it”.🤣

  • MyPulsee
    MyPulsee 22 days ago


  • Eternal_Bo
    Eternal_Bo 22 days ago

    I love the phenxe suns

  • Eternal_Bo
    Eternal_Bo 22 days ago

    I speek iraq I speek kurdish and iraq iraq is simulor to kurdistan I speek arabic do you knowon your hand it says 18 and 81

  • Melvin the goof
    Melvin the goof 22 days ago

    Anthony got a lil cheekier 😂😂

  • Beauty And Arts
    Beauty And Arts 22 days ago

    Who else wants Brian to do a ex-girlfriend prank on Brandon.

  • ScOoPs AhOy
    ScOoPs AhOy 23 days ago

    I only just came to this chamnel so i only know the papa the mama anthony noah aka camera guy brandon and faze so who tf is dennis and molly?!??!!?

  • Lace Queen
    Lace Queen 23 days ago

    My mom speaks Arabic and I always do this and she ends up with a flip flop in her hand😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Solo World
    Solo World 23 days ago

    papa rug: su puuuta madre 🤤