Metallica - The Day That Never Comes (video)

  • Published on Oct 29, 2009
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    The Day That Never Comes (video)
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  • Stenio.
    Stenio. 3 hours ago

    Never surrender!

  • harjot singh
    harjot singh 14 hours ago

    The sun will shine!!

  • Андрей Лапшин

    Were cool!

  • Андрей Лапшин

    I love american's!I from Russia........))))

  • Андрей Лапшин

    1996 первый раз услышал МЕТАЛЛИКУ. ЭТО НА ВСЕГДА! I LOVE METALLICA, I LIVE METALLICA! YOU THE BEST OF WORLD! Прошу прощение за мой английский!

  • Ирина Котляренко

    6:40- 8:25 офигенно!!!

  • Jennid Cevilla
    Jennid Cevilla Day ago

    Im someone who wanted to go but wasnt allowed to.. Im now at the age where im kinda glad that i didnt..

  • XxBeingAdamAntxX
    XxBeingAdamAntxX 2 days ago +1

    Rob’s headbanging at 5:30 is legendary

  • Apothecarius115
    Apothecarius115 3 days ago


  • Sir Reeve
    Sir Reeve 4 days ago +1

    The day i complete all Halos on legendary difficulty...

    Update: did it:)

  • Sandy Mcmannis
    Sandy Mcmannis 4 days ago

    Area 51..

  • Sandy Mcmannis
    Sandy Mcmannis 4 days ago

    Low key reaction. Klbj...

  • Sandy Mcmannis
    Sandy Mcmannis 4 days ago

    Hi met,. Tell aids concert hi,. Russia all. Live aids.

  • That GUY Me
    That GUY Me 5 days ago +1

    Might as well be the WW3 theme song!!

  • Dobbie Parsons
    Dobbie Parsons 5 days ago

    One 2.0

  • AnderssonArad
    AnderssonArad 5 days ago +1

    song is about the Brooklyn Nets wining the NBA

  • mohammed al shible
    mohammed al shible 6 days ago

    وقايع الاغنية مايحدت ف ليبيا معركة جنوب طرابلس،،،،،،،،،

  • Boddah
    Boddah 6 days ago

    Me after 4:20 : *tap *tap *tap

  • Pat Mc
    Pat Mc 6 days ago

    To all the peeps that say lars is a shit drummer ...hes famous u aint so shut the fuk up

  • Black Spade
    Black Spade 7 days ago

    Always love this song. Never bored. Long live to Metallica. Love from Malaysia♥️

  • Wati Kirem
    Wati Kirem 7 days ago

    Still here n 2020😌

  • Rebecca Stump
    Rebecca Stump 7 days ago

    Thanks guys

  • Ero Kakami
    Ero Kakami 7 days ago


  • World of ISS
    World of ISS 8 days ago +2

    2020 still freaking out😍


    The melody gets me

  • Amine yamazaki
    Amine yamazaki 8 days ago +1


  • Almir Silva
    Almir Silva 8 days ago +2

    Essa música é top, não canso de ouvir🤘

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 8 days ago +6


    • Rosie
      Rosie 5 days ago


    • Aaron Drummer
      Aaron Drummer 6 days ago

      Well they dislike the song not the theme just to make it clear

  • rita novas
    rita novas 9 days ago +2

    I love the song❤❤❤

  • Lizpiris Piris
    Lizpiris Piris 9 days ago


  • Leandro Endrigo Leonardo

    Respeito as principais musocas do metallica,mas essa é muito foda!

  • Miguel Piano
    Miguel Piano 10 days ago +4

    Fade to One (Sanitarium)

  • Reinhold B.
    Reinhold B. 10 days ago +6

    Death magnetic was one of theire best albums.

  • A10helixtangofoxtrot g

    I never told y’all this, but thank you for this message.

  • José guilherne Zankoski

    Sangue metallico

  • Nohemy Cerrato
    Nohemy Cerrato 10 days ago +2

    Otra guerra no resuelve nada entre Irán Y Estados Unidos
    solo deja muertes y un conflicto humano

  • Mordekaiser Pentakill
    Mordekaiser Pentakill 11 days ago +3

    Grande E.U, son los mejores imponiendo libertad

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy 11 days ago

    5:47.......Must've been listnin' to Iron Maidens "The Trooper" when they wrote this harmonizing bit.How pathetic this once great band has become.Metallica today reminds me of a classic movie that is pointlessly remade.Why mess with perfection??......Or one that has a dozen sequels that are boring and forgettable.Whenever I hear one of There newest shitty forgettable songs, I feel like I'm watching Friday the 13th part 10 or Police Academy part 6!......What they should do is replace the 3 original members with brand new ones..........Then they might not SUCK so bad!!

    THE FLY 11 days ago

    For us, this song is an astronomical achievement but for Metallica it's Tuesday. Some one is F... around with our heads. One day I will have 1 million subscribers too. THIS I SWEAR!!

  • Dave
    Dave 11 days ago

    Guys remember MARCH in this situation.

  • Karen Padilla
    Karen Padilla 11 days ago +1

    Muy pocas visitas para semejante obra maestra! 😢

  • João Alberto
    João Alberto 12 days ago

    The day has come, world war 3

  • Nick Balashov
    Nick Balashov 12 days ago +10

    War is a part of our life, there’s no escape. But damn this war - we want to remain human! God bless us! ... Война - часть нашей жизни. Но будь проклята эта война! Господи, помоги нам остаться людьми ! ...
    Metallica is a legend!

    • Thomas Bisset
      Thomas Bisset 10 days ago +2

      We could just not shoot each other in the face.

  • luis angel aldana garcia
    luis angel aldana garcia 12 days ago +10

    This si the song that i going to put when world war 3 starts

  • Nohemy Cerrato
    Nohemy Cerrato 12 days ago +26

    Like si escuchas esta canción por la tercera guerra mundial like si no quieres que suceda la guerra mas paz menos violencia saludos desde Honduras⛩⛔;-)

  • Nightrose
    Nightrose 13 days ago

    first tunes , i thought it was 5fdp , .. until the metallica sound hit ... ops ... sry .. ^^

  • Sebastian Osorio
    Sebastian Osorio 13 days ago

    Tremendo tema desde la infancia oyendolo y lo veia en mtv tambn

    JOSE LUIS LOPEZ GARCIA 13 days ago +1

    Una realidad a diario en medio Oriente soldados batiendose por intereses del gobierno les venden la doctrina que es por su bandera 😭que tristeza dios tenga en su gloria a tan gallardos hermanos de armas 🙏

  • Ritik Saha
    Ritik Saha 13 days ago +2

    Holy shit this is the best music video ever!!!!

  • Julius Thompson
    Julius Thompson 13 days ago

    So who's here getting ready for the draft??? Hoorah mfers

    SAD BOY FF 13 days ago +2

    *2020 check ✓*

  • Men In Dub. fandubs y parodias

    The world war 3 that never comes...

  • Zeklos
    Zeklos 14 days ago +3


    -Hey you,You're finally awake

  • Amaru Komando
    Amaru Komando 14 days ago

    Turkey fuck the World

  • Orestis Ramaj
    Orestis Ramaj 14 days ago +6

    this song my favorite and underrated.i have it and listen to it in 2020

  • Aleks Naidenov
    Aleks Naidenov 14 days ago

    i'll be listeting to this during WWIII

  • Dobrogo Zdorovya
    Dobrogo Zdorovya 14 days ago

    For Us the bell tolls...

  • biel th
    biel th 14 days ago +1

    Só só som loko

  • Blog Tornado
    Blog Tornado 15 days ago

    And we thought we were musically talented. Only to find out the dark truth. For another ring was made to rule them all.

  • Calixthenus Tv
    Calixthenus Tv 15 days ago +1

    The day Waluigi gets into Smash