• Published on Nov 4, 2018
    Take Anthony's advice and you are on the safe side.
    Compare two great chefs preparing steaks their way. Learn and educate yourself by comparison and take home the best for yourself.
    Food is always a challenge.
    But amazing to see new ideas when it comes to cooking. It's a never ending story and there will be always something to spice up or to burn. Always look around for new ideas and inspiration. The possibilities in food will never stop.
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    Marco Pierre White
    Gordon Ramsay
    #sibhomevideos #FoodNetWorld

Comments • 1 382

  • Clive Sangster
    Clive Sangster 7 hours ago

    What a pointless vid one thicker than the other one was for Pepper Corn sauce and one was plain. GR was for a TV series MPW was for a Knorr advertisement. And one trained the other.

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 15 hours ago

    holy shite, i wouldnt eat either one
    pan fried steak is gross
    having it cook in its own fat without draining it off is gross
    meat sealed in meat cubes and milk? gross

  • Nikola Stale
    Nikola Stale 21 hour ago +1

    This is a comparison video. Vs means battling head to head in real time. Clickbait and not very good content IMO

  • Sl Uket
    Sl Uket 22 hours ago

    RIP Anthony - you are sadly missed. One of the coolest guys in this business.

  • League
    League 22 hours ago

    So I injured my lower back and have been in pain for several weeks now - laughing at these comments has my back spasming uncontrollably.
    Thinking I might sooth my back with a Stock Pot bath, unsure whether to go with chicken or beef - any suggestions?
    Either way, I heard it works better than salt - Everytime.

  • Triple G
    Triple G Day ago

    Might as well just boil them I'm shit water.🤣🤣

  • brian niemeyer
    brian niemeyer Day ago

    Gordon looking like trump in 5 years

  • MancTommo
    MancTommo Day ago

    Only reason MPW used a stock paste on that steak is because Knorr (crap stock cubes) paid him to! He NEVER cooked steaks like that in his restaurants. 😂 Gordon wins, no contest.
    Could get a worse stock cube!

  • Max.64
    Max.64 Day ago

    that crap mix the meat with oil and butter or make a jam with given knor and cream if these are great chefs I am Napoleon

  • Christopher Hermawan

    Love to Anthony Bourdain! We will like see him in the next life! ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

  • marcin rosol
    marcin rosol Day ago

    gotta give it to gordon..simple is better when cooking a steak

  • Giorgi Ostatishvili

    Gordon all the way.. Wtf is that broth cube gross...

  • Tony Soprano
    Tony Soprano 2 days ago

    They both know what they are doing TOO MANY CRITICS LOOKS AWESOME

  • 1AirStreamDriver1
    1AirStreamDriver1 2 days ago

    As soon as Marco took out his beloved Knorr cubes my vote went to Gordo.

  • I do care
    I do care 2 days ago

    I can't stop watching this.

  • Luca 09
    Luca 09 2 days ago

    Dado sulla carneeeeeeeeeeee???????

  • James Brown
    James Brown 3 days ago

    Marco looks naccckkeredd

  • Dominic Carter
    Dominic Carter 3 days ago

    1:45 you're welcome

  • จบเเหละ เนอะ


  • carlos santiago
    carlos santiago 5 days ago

    This 2 are Clowns with Conversation Skills and a strong TV connections, But any Good Mexican or Puerto Rican Cooks will dethrone Them, any day any time, I'm talking about FLAVOR MOTHER FUCKA!!!

  • Ranlloyd Bernardo
    Ranlloyd Bernardo 5 days ago

    Hahaha did marco pierre use knor cube?

  • Stephen Evans
    Stephen Evans 5 days ago

    Marco is still the master no matter what he uses

  • no comment
    no comment 5 days ago

    20 minutes is far from long enough to even slightly allow the cold steaks warm up .
    Gordon u donkey

  • Victor Espino
    Victor Espino 6 days ago

    Gordon's comments all detailed. Marco, more on chillin and enjoying life with wife over a steak. Lol

  • MrNumber1gator
    MrNumber1gator 6 days ago

    Very different approaches

  • Baba Cane
    Baba Cane 7 days ago +1

    Ramsey: An just lay the steaks away.....always away from you.
    White: BAM!!

  • M W
    M W 8 days ago

    Ramsay for the win.

  • noego jimmy
    noego jimmy 9 days ago

    Omg Marco, using taste enhancer!
    PPL don't feed kids with that crap. It's in most processed foods, chips, pastes...

  • Richard gwaltney
    Richard gwaltney 9 days ago

    Why are you all praising these two con-artists? They cook like a couple of children. Go watch some Jacques Pepin videos.

  • Richard gwaltney
    Richard gwaltney 9 days ago

    They are both awful actually.

  • P3MS
    P3MS 9 days ago

    STOCK CUBES? HOLLY F....! If i used that when i started in the Kitchen, my Chef would killed me.
    Now im a chef, i only use fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil... its Fear who create the best Chefs.

    • Victor Espino
      Victor Espino 6 days ago

      He's sponsored by them so his episodes are shown with him using it.

    MOONSHINE MJRB 11 days ago

    marco was cheating when he used knor cubes

  • Otis Scan
    Otis Scan 11 days ago

    The anthony burdain prove them wrong . let it sit thiere

  • I Am Crispy
    I Am Crispy 11 days ago

    Anthony I dont have 5-7 minutes when I'm working on the line and I got 10 tickets all at once.

    • Yes, I have Bed Bugs
      Yes, I have Bed Bugs 21 hour ago

      @I Am Crispy well you posted something not true. For no reason. Other than to troll guys who can cook.
      And if you are plate to table in a minute. You are a fry cook. And a poor one at that. Again I have eaten at waffle houses. Which is as close to the flattop as one can basically get seated in a restaurant. Watched them cook and say order up. Building the plate. Than the waitress carrying it over. Still more than a minute. Except in your restaurant that defies the laws of physics.
      Trolls bother me. So I troll right back.

    • Yes, I have Bed Bugs
      Yes, I have Bed Bugs 22 hours ago

      @I Am Crispy bullsquat. You would be the ONLY restaurant on the planet then that is capable of it.
      Where pray tell is this miracle restaurant? From heat to garnish to table in a minute? Nah. Pull the leg, it had bells on it.

    • I Am Crispy
      I Am Crispy 23 hours ago

      @Yes, I have Bed Bugs and yes I am setting a steak in front of someone within a minute of cooking it because I know how long each of the items on that ticket takes to cook.

    • I Am Crispy
      I Am Crispy 23 hours ago

      @Yes, I have Bed Bugs when did I say I was a fry cook? Lol
      I pride myself on making food when it needs to be made. I never have food sitting in the window longer than it needs to be because I make sure I provide the best service I can for people who pay good money to eat out.
      You're too extra man. You're not getting laid or something? What's going on over there?

    NANDO 11 days ago

    They both are good. Two different ways of making a good steak

  • PumpkinFatal
    PumpkinFatal 12 days ago

    Ofc seasoning with more than two ingredients will turn out better. Its also made precisely to taste "good" with msg etc unless its purely organic and all natural. Anyone can get a chemical cube then smudge it on meat and taste good. Not everyone can season meat to the right extent with salt and pepper.
    (Btw I just don't like the idea of stock cubes for every seasoning ever, I don't have anything against either of these chefs, though chef Marco did use a lot of stock cubes/gels in his videos almost traditionally for advertisement purposes)

  • A Changed Man
    A Changed Man 12 days ago +1

    Its shocking to imagine that Pierre made Gordon cry once. (Obviously when Gordon was still his student)

  • Adriel Tan
    Adriel Tan 13 days ago

    No offense but marco pierres steaks looks like trash.

    BRUCE ASKEW 14 days ago +2

    Gordon won,,plus im not a fan of steak Dianne

  • Lexus LC500
    Lexus LC500 14 days ago

    Marco's steak would win because MSG always wins against salt and pepper only.
    Watch Sous Vide Everything's video for proof!

  • Joe Santa Maria
    Joe Santa Maria 14 days ago +9

    They should have a battle of the cocaine snorters. Who would win? My money is on Ramsay. That boy reeks of coke.

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey 14 days ago +2

    I guess you could say
    the "STEAKS" were high on this oneI'llseemyselfout

  • Bruce W.
    Bruce W. 14 days ago

    This is a stupid video

  • LasCenizas507
    LasCenizas507 14 days ago +1

    Didnt understand what he does with the wrist 4:47, can someone explain?

    • Richard gwaltney
      Richard gwaltney 9 days ago +1

      It's important for me to note, however that he is dead-shit wrong. Rare feels like your cheek, med rare feels like the front of your chin and well done feels like your nose.

    • Richard gwaltney
      Richard gwaltney 9 days ago +1

      When you're cooking a steak you can poke it with your finger to see how "done" it is. He's poking different parts of his hand and wrist as to say "rare feels like this part of your hand", "med rate feels like this part of your wrist" and well done feels like this part of your wrist.

  • itox85
    itox85 14 days ago +1

    teacher vs student :)

  • Daragh Keogh
    Daragh Keogh 15 days ago

    Cant compare the 2, they're different dishes. one is a pan fried steak, which Ramsey messes up by seasoning with pepper. NEVER SEASON STEAK WITH PEPPER!! IT BURNS!!!!!! That's what the pepper sauce is for!
    Marco made Steak Au Poivre, a french peppered steak dish.

  • Matte Matte
    Matte Matte 15 days ago

    Marco gave up all his stars you idiots. You have no idea who he is. He just gave up of being amazing.

  • DeliriumBand 1
    DeliriumBand 1 15 days ago +5

    Marco probably seasons his baths with stock cubes.

  • Mixz
    Mixz 15 days ago +6

    Ramsey reminds me so much of my godfather every time i see Ramsey i think of my godfather lol. I think ill call him

  • Anne Marit Kokkin
    Anne Marit Kokkin 15 days ago

    ; N.

  • Juan C Salinas
    Juan C Salinas 15 days ago +1

    People always say dont touche the steak for 5 to 7 minutes but I feel like if I do that I'll just be eating a cold steak

    • Richard gwaltney
      Richard gwaltney 9 days ago

      It'll still be warm. Steak isn't soup tho anyhow. It's not at it's most enjoyable if it's searing hot. A hot steak is an overdone steak.

  • enrieee lie
    enrieee lie 15 days ago +6

    gordon is brilliant but marco, he is just a master, a step over in everything he does

  • Ben Chrisoit
    Ben Chrisoit 15 days ago +6

    Marco's milksteaks look delicious

  • hushpuppykl
    hushpuppykl 16 days ago +4

    Tried Marco’s technique. Tried Gordon’s technique. Both work fine. It’s just different. One is not better than the other.
    The Knorr technique works great with lamb.
    If you look at how the Japanese cook their Kobe it’s again different from the western technique in terms of the pan’s heat. Japanese go with a lower temp. Yet the Japanese still get a good crust.

  • Ben
    Ben 16 days ago

    Marco knorr White really sold his cooking soul

  • Sótano Filmz
    Sótano Filmz 16 days ago +1

    RIP Anthony

  • Tom tonka
    Tom tonka 16 days ago +1

    lmao these idiots use a pan, and they turn them more than once.They should stick to their pretentious fine dining. Amateurs.

  • Michael450045
    Michael450045 16 days ago +8

    You can't igknorr their advice.

  • jacob butler
    jacob butler 16 days ago

    would deff take chef Ramsey steak over they other one

    • Juan C Salinas
      Juan C Salinas 15 days ago

      That's because you've never had steak au poivre or pepper steak. Pepper steak knocks out the simple steak Ramsay made

  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett 16 days ago

    Marco wins. Dry Pan. D.U.N. Oil is in the way. Bad move, Gordon. And olive oil on top of that? Shocking!

    • Matthew Bennett
      Matthew Bennett 15 days ago

      @Clark Kent I've done alright. And on two continents. I'm no Marco Pierre White. But, yes.

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent 16 days ago

      lmao, u act like ur a world class chef?

  • stewart campbell
    stewart campbell 16 days ago

    gordon won that.

  • CJTurner
    CJTurner 17 days ago

    Went to Marcos place in Brum and was disappointed in the most expensive steak.

    • CJTurner
      CJTurner 14 days ago

      @El Bruce Ha! I committed the fatal error. Luckily enough, I got to eat sub-standard food at Jamie Oliver's before it got shut down. ... I'm a sucker for marketing

    • El Bruce
      El Bruce 15 days ago +1

      Should have ordered the stock cubes instead, he's great with those.

  • Random Rojas
    Random Rojas 17 days ago

    Gordon has dry aged steaks.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 17 days ago +53

    Marco is half Italian with a French name cooking in Britain using German Knorr cubes, can't get more global than that.

  • JMB Pro
    JMB Pro 17 days ago +1

    Teacher vs Student, but who's steak tastes better?

    • hushpuppykl
      hushpuppykl 16 days ago

      JMB Pro ... both are as good. Tried both techniques. Just different.

  • teddy bruckshot
    teddy bruckshot 17 days ago +54

    marco used to pay gorndon in stock cubes

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan 17 days ago

    Charcoal chimney 2/3 full and lit. Wait till flames are fully flowing out the top. Add a grill grade over the top. Place a 1.5 inch steak seasoned only with pink Himalayan salt. Seer for 45 seconds twice on each side. Let rest and enjoy the best rare to medium rare steak ever. You're welcome.

  • Tumzyy
    Tumzyy 18 days ago


  • oralee bro
    oralee bro 18 days ago +4

    Marco always uses ingredient that we recognize from store feels like real home cooking advice. He is scary but easy to follow...Gordon is a show off, using fancy shit from the farm and cutting fast and shit

    • Trace Zacur
      Trace Zacur 17 days ago

      @oralee bro 😂😂😂

    • Perry D
      Perry D 17 days ago +1

      Salt and pepper. So exotic and fancy.

    • Chung Xp
      Chung Xp 17 days ago


  • Yumar Zambrano
    Yumar Zambrano 18 days ago

    Marco Pierre papaaaa

  • norbert kertesz
    norbert kertesz 18 days ago

    Goldon just used the same chopping board for raw meet and for the cooked steak... that's bad!

    • Ha Vu
      Ha Vu 16 days ago

      When its beef it doesnt really matter. Its pork or chicken is when it is an issue. Beef tar tar ever heard of it.

  • boss Ambedkarite
    boss Ambedkarite 18 days ago +2

    Both are completely different dishes.
    I like chef Marco more than chef Ramsay but
    Chef Ramsay's dish is the better one here.

  • julius ipock
    julius ipock 18 days ago

    Marco's stake at the end looked like you poured liquid baby s*** all over it

  • Derek Trotter
    Derek Trotter 19 days ago

    If you leave to rest 5 too 7 minutes will it not go cold?

  • JohnnyBuschi
    JohnnyBuschi 19 days ago +8

    I don't have the balls to just grab a steak in a pan with my hands like that.

      SANAL SAJI 15 days ago

      Proves you don't have peripheral neuropathy unlike 121 bham

    • James M
      James M 15 days ago

      @121bham Lmao what a retarded comment. Most people use tongs.

    • 121bham
      121bham 17 days ago

      Then you don't deserve to eat steak

  • Wink Lee
    Wink Lee 19 days ago +1

    Congrats on the 1 mil views. From your former student

  • Milo The Russian Blue
    Milo The Russian Blue 19 days ago +25

    One is steak, the other steak au poivre. Two different dishes.

  • BanyMany !
    BanyMany ! 19 days ago +1

    The one who says more "season" wins

  • Cai Cruz
    Cai Cruz 20 days ago

    Marco Pierre really likes to use that stock cubes

    PROJECTMAYHEM 20 days ago +4

    Ramsay is a far better chef than Marco, by far. He’s surpassed skill wise. Marco just seems to have gotten lazy.

  • Stephan Reichelt
    Stephan Reichelt 20 days ago +2

    had a good idea of what Ramsay was going to do before he even started.

  • Isaac Wells
    Isaac Wells 20 days ago

    God save me my dad cooks steak on a grill

  • Travis Frinzell
    Travis Frinzell 20 days ago

    Marco ruined it with that baby shit sauce Gordon Ramsay for the win

  • greg capps
    greg capps 20 days ago +1

    Gordon's still better. Simple and tasty.

  • Atwar with361
    Atwar with361 20 days ago

    Add oil. Some more oil and butter.

  • david jenkins
    david jenkins 20 days ago +1

    What I find really difficult is waiting 5-7 mins before tucking in...

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams 21 day ago +2

    I'm not a master chef but I'm pretty sure the perfect steak is made on the grill

  • nitin Jadhav
    nitin Jadhav 21 day ago +1

    U didn’t show finish product

  • hady kiong
    hady kiong 21 day ago

    js imagine what will happened to me if i was there and touching their steak? lol im a dead meat

  • hady kiong
    hady kiong 21 day ago

    LOL yes sir. dont.fxxxxxxg touch it. LMAO

  • Scraps Monohan
    Scraps Monohan 21 day ago +1

    Hell to the YAH, MPW!!

  • Stephen Sammut
    Stephen Sammut 21 day ago

    I tried the beef knorr cube technique with my rib eye steak today, and let me tell u, one of the best steaks I've ever tasted

  • Mr TriiPs
    Mr TriiPs 21 day ago +1

    Pussy nice and hot..
    Spread the legs , little bit of olive oil . Dick in ..


  • E Ur
    E Ur 21 day ago

    You guys know absolutely nothing about meat. Just by looking at the color, you can tell that they have far too different quality. Gordon's steak is for professional/restaurant quality cooking while Marco uses some basic/grocery quality meat. Marco is doing some basic home cooking. They can't be compared at all.

  • Danny Aakjær
    Danny Aakjær 21 day ago

    Gordon wins

  • Matthew
    Matthew 22 days ago +1

    Marco was Gordons mentor back in the day, when Ramsay was just a wee nipper

  • David Brown
    David Brown 22 days ago +6

    I don't care who says it is, Steak is not a steak if it's in a sauce. Not in this America

  • Matt Gamer 2 playz
    Matt Gamer 2 playz 22 days ago

    Gordon is good

  • Jack's Guitar Channel
    Jack's Guitar Channel 22 days ago +3

    He made Gordon cry? LOL

  • Dennis Walsh
    Dennis Walsh 23 days ago

    Didn't like the look of either