• Published on Nov 4, 2018
    Take Anthony's advice and you are on the safe side.
    Compare two great chefs preparing steaks their way. Learn and educate yourself by comparison and take home the best for yourself.
    Food is always a challenge.
    But amazing to see new ideas when it comes to cooking. It's a never ending story and there will be always something to spice up or to burn. Always look around for new ideas and inspiration. The possibilities in food will never stop.
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    Marco Pierre White
    Gordon Ramsay
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  • FoodNetWorld
    FoodNetWorld  2 months ago +14

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  • Waynie Daly
    Waynie Daly 17 hours ago

    Could Marko be hanible or am I crazy.. Gordon obviously owned that steak looked lovely. Markos steak did not look nice at all

  • Danish Khalil
    Danish Khalil Day ago

    Don't think this video gives justice to MPW

  • Steve .Smith
    Steve .Smith Day ago

    Let's all be honest - forget the stock cubes... What you're really doing is putting the gross amounts of monosodium glutamate onto it to cover up your inability to create great flavor 😂🤣😂

  • Patrick Collins
    Patrick Collins Day ago

    He's now working for will have a synthetic contains stuff like onion, garlic powders and celery salt.
    A much better addition is a glaze like plum sauce or a touch of marmalade - this browns the steak quicker on the outside and saves on overcooking - especially with thin steaks (which you should avoid but not always possible at supermarkets - pre-cut)...

  • Steven A. M.
    Steven A. M. 2 days ago

    Gordon’s all the way. Marco ruined it with that nasty gravy shit.

  • Jeffrey Galle
    Jeffrey Galle 2 days ago

    Is that Charlie’s milk steak?

  • Gary Stiltner
    Gary Stiltner 3 days ago

    Steak is steak people. How you make it perfect?

  • JK Low
    JK Low 3 days ago

    Seasoning paste makes the steak taste better? 😂😂
    Silly Brit.
    It makes everything taste a harmful way. And its a fake way.
    A Brit😂😂....teaching others how to cook😂😂

    • Woody81
      Woody81 2 days ago

      JK Low u don’t have a clue about the paste do u.
      Which culinary master country do u come from

  • Heavy Metal James Dean

    Ramsay wins.

  • Survival Silly
    Survival Silly 3 days ago +1

    Marco’s steak wins. Thats what I’d order....

  • Felix Niederhauser
    Felix Niederhauser 3 days ago +1

    Two different recipes, hence nothing to compare!
    Both ways are great and delicious.

  • Richard Richardsen
    Richard Richardsen 3 days ago

    If Michelangelo did a bit for Krylon spray paint I'd defer to his expertise and not think myself of sufficient caliber to criticize him. Knorr products are used all over the place in Europe where I grew up and I've seen a few here in the USA where I am now. They are actually quite good if you know how to use them as I imagine Chef White does. The point in them is to make the home cook better. Much of what makes great restaurant food so good are the stocks and sauces they use. Those are made by a saucier or professional sauce / saute chef and you're not likely to have one lurking around your kitchen. I'd bet big bucks Chef Ramsey does not make the stocks used in his kitchens. So along comes Knorr (originally a German company but now controlled by a British / Dutch conglomerate ) to fill in that gap in the home kitchen. They do a very good job of it too. Given Chef White's mission in life now, teaching YOU how to make good food, there should be no surprise that he uses stock pots. If you want to make your own demi glas go for it. Takes about 36 hours. But if you spend your days in an office or driving a truck you may want to buy the Knorr stuff.
    I doubt many people in this thread ragging on stock pots have used them or are such lofty cooks they can discount them without having done so.

  • Kuku Kekek
    Kuku Kekek 4 days ago

    Glad to see Cable talking about steaks.

  • SalonTalk Men-Tal
    SalonTalk Men-Tal 4 days ago

    Both look fabulous

  • Bobbie Bigg
    Bobbie Bigg 4 days ago

    Crusty personalities to say the least, Anthony was always my favorite, he seemed to be the most real Persona of the three, personal demons aside he led a pretty well traveled life of gastronomic adventures, I am sure all three make a tasty edible piece of Bovine, to the shagrin of all Vegans.

  • David Caporal
    David Caporal 4 days ago

    Gordon wins

  • nitrox28
    nitrox28 6 days ago

    Marco is a sellout.

  • S WB
    S WB 6 days ago

    My fascination with stock cubes... 🤥

  • gino ulcera
    gino ulcera 6 days ago

    bistecca col dado.....DIOCANEEEEEE

  • Warclubz
    Warclubz 6 days ago +1

    Hang in there Bourdain

  • Geoffrey Owen
    Geoffrey Owen 8 days ago

    I agree with all that's been said about resting the meat - but I hate cold food....flavor VS Temp

    • Richard Richardsen
      Richard Richardsen 4 days ago

      The steak doesn't get cold in 5 minutes. Most of the restaurant's I've worked in rest them in a 100 to 110 degree F resting oven to keep them palatable. You can mimic that but turning your oven on broil or roast for a about 3 minutes then turn off the heat. It will be warm enough to shield some heat loss while the meat equilibrates but not warm enough to continue cooking it.
      Resting steaks is controversial. There is a bit of fluid movement and carryover going on but you have to decide with your mouth and not a pro's ideology if it's worth it to you. The video above is a bit like comparing a cyclist to a NASCAR guy and calling it a "race off" as the only thing the two Chef's were doing in common was cooking a piece of a cow. Chef Ramsey was making pan seared steak and Chef White was making Steak au poivre. Silly to compare them.

  • Sohini Mandal
    Sohini Mandal 9 days ago

    When your gf is mad at u 1:37

  • Sohini Mandal
    Sohini Mandal 9 days ago

    0:04 I dont think he knows what he is getting into

  • b s
    b s 9 days ago

    Marco Pierre white trained Ramsay how to cook

  • b s
    b s 9 days ago +3

    Marco Pierre white be getting that stock cube money that's why it's in his recipe

  • cliff cox
    cliff cox 10 days ago

    I did try traditional steak with salt pepper, rosemary and garlic, basting and using the same cooking technique. The stock seasoned steak does taste better. Think of it, you're using salt, vs salt that has flavoring. One will offer more taste.

  • Damir Mustafic
    Damir Mustafic 11 days ago

    Shameful. One has made a schnitzel, the other fried meat in a pan. Neither are a steak, at least by american standards. Anyone who flavors the beef in any way past seasoning it with salt and pepper only, is an idiot. Also, steak is meant to be flame grilled on wood fire, which neither of these pansies would even know how to start. RIP Bourdain!

  • Yassin Abdullahi
    Yassin Abdullahi 11 days ago +2

    Im sorry, but the student has become the MASTER CHEF

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 12 days ago

    I would say both are very delicious indeed

    MCVE III 12 days ago

    Gordons was better but he didn't let it rest...amateur

  • Bredgy1009
    Bredgy1009 13 days ago +1

    Marco taught Gordon so I'm guessing Marco's steak would be better, unless he's just getting paid to advertise those stock cubes?!! 😂

    • Bredgy1009
      Bredgy1009 12 days ago

      +Frostyjapsai I presumed so, because the best steak doesn't need much doing to it for the best taste

    • Frostyjapsai
      Frostyjapsai 13 days ago +1

      Bredgy1009 he actually is

  • flatsfishingonline
    flatsfishingonline 13 days ago


  • Me Nature
    Me Nature 14 days ago

    gordon: fundamentals
    marco: creativity

    • Nogovan Nut
      Nogovan Nut 6 days ago

      I've done Marco's recipe from that video - really good

  • Khairul Azlan
    Khairul Azlan 14 days ago +6

    Marco is the mentor of Gordon. Why would you even compare them? Both are great

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith 14 days ago

    Gordy, all day

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith 15 days ago

    Steak with sweaty hair..mmmmmm

  • GlumGatsby
    GlumGatsby 15 days ago +1

    What’s with Quasimodo’s posture? It’s like he has an invisible phone on his shoulder

    • HAOS5HD
      HAOS5HD 12 days ago

      Duuuude i was thinkin exxxxxactly the sameee hahahaha

  • Mr charlie sierra
    Mr charlie sierra 15 days ago

    I microwave my steak

  • zim zum
    zim zum 15 days ago

    Gordons steak was better. But then again I can't eat anything that has been touched by olive oil.... It makes me puke blood 😬

  • James Williams
    James Williams 16 days ago

    Click bait.

  • Shannon Sharpe
    Shannon Sharpe 16 days ago

    Lmao this was never a competition

  • J. G
    J. G 17 days ago

    Stock cubes or knorr or wateva aslong as it taste nice. Whocares.

  • Timo Arnaldo
    Timo Arnaldo 17 days ago +2

    With all do respect, why is this video even made? Tons of people know that Marco would beat Gordon anyday. Marco is not only legendary, he's also the only person I know of that made Gordon Ramsay cry.....

    • Alen S
      Alen S 15 days ago +1

      Gordon made himself cry, he chose to cry

    • Gavnochido
      Gavnochido 15 days ago

      That "he is the only person who ever made Gordon cry" argument needs to stop, it's really stupid trying to prove something with that argument. Who else would've made Gordon cry if Marco was his boss especially when Gordon was young, a customer? Fucking logic dude.

  • Anthony Mehmet
    Anthony Mehmet 17 days ago +3

    A good quality steak that is aged well
    Doesn’t ever need anything on except
    Seasoning . And you only ever turn once.and rest the steak for same amount of time you cooked it for .

    • Tyler Nichols
      Tyler Nichols 16 days ago +2

      Anthony Mehmet are you telling world class chefs how to cook their steak

  • Xxzeria Rehm
    Xxzeria Rehm 18 days ago

    Gordon won

  • Brett McNear
    Brett McNear 18 days ago +1

    With all the respect to Marco, I think I'll be eating Gordon's.

    • Brett McNear
      Brett McNear 16 days ago

      +Oscillator Thanks for your comment, yes I know exactly what you are saying. I've been a chef for about 30 years and many of the Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs I worked in have called for the addition of chicken or beef booster powder to their respective grilled or baked dishes. Actually one of my favorites is to add dashi stock powder to baked snapper fillets. Absolutely sensational. But from a cooking purists perspective this type of seasoning is considered a bit of a short cut and would rarely be used in high end cuisine. It's a quick and easy way to add flavor but it's still a perfectly acceptable trick to use, especially if you don't tell But given the choice I would still prefer to eat food that has been seasoned properly.

    • Oscillator
      Oscillator 16 days ago

      You should give the stock cube a try. The paste is actually very good with steaks.

  • deb jameison
    deb jameison 18 days ago

    Who won????

    • deb jameison
      deb jameison 17 days ago

      bil4 rook lol. I guess so! I better run out and buy some. 😆

    • bil4 rook
      bil4 rook 18 days ago +2

      Stock cube.

  • Alex Laurient
    Alex Laurient 18 days ago +1

    Gordon: Let the pan do the work
    well my pan never work :(

    • Romi Buzz
      Romi Buzz 8 days ago

      Pan work when it deliver proper heat.

  • Chim Richalds
    Chim Richalds 18 days ago +5

    Let it sit for 5-7 minutes? You're crazy. I gotta finish this ticket

  • Yoshi0
    Yoshi0 18 days ago



  • xNAJAFx
    xNAJAFx 19 days ago

    Only one steak in the pan you wankers

  • Furn427
    Furn427 19 days ago +16

    Marco: how to make stock? Get a stock cube
    Ramsey: yes Marco

    • bil4 rook
      bil4 rook 18 days ago

      Marco how to make ice cream
      3)stock cube

  • John Barrett
    John Barrett 21 day ago

    Loved it!

  • John Vank Gogh
    John Vank Gogh 21 day ago

    White is very simple Recipe but delicuos
    Gordon is like a Magician very Genius

  • duc tri tran
    duc tri tran 22 days ago

    Both good but not as good as you seat in front of a Japanese chef in Tokyo restaurant cooking a Wagyu beef for you .

  • Flammentin Rosso
    Flammentin Rosso 22 days ago +4

    Bordain : dont touch it
    Marco : touchy touchy~~~ flip that steak with your bare hand

  • Kyle Connery
    Kyle Connery 23 days ago

    I think i just found my new favorite recipe, Milk Steak. I wonder how Marco likes his jellybeans?

  • Craig Southgate
    Craig Southgate 23 days ago

    The comments here about knorr stock cubes are hilarious

  • Elijah Isaac
    Elijah Isaac 23 days ago

    Boy Logro cooks better than those two white guys

  • Duncan McDermott
    Duncan McDermott 24 days ago

    Both wrong. Never season steak before cooking. The salt will not penetrate a cold steak.

  • Vahil Rievocazioni Storiche e Altro

    beef cube? ma va cagare

  • Elena
    Elena 24 days ago

    That stock pot was too much for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raffiq Zin
    Raffiq Zin 24 days ago

    Dr Manhattan walked the surface of the sun. Marco touched the sun.

  • Nikifor Bojkov
    Nikifor Bojkov 24 days ago +1

    Well, i know Marco was mentor of Gordon, but as People say "the student passed the teacher". Marco's steaks at the end looks like dry dog biscuits dressed with some vomit. Gordon's steak looks delisious, but as Anthony said "dont touch the steak at least 5-7 mins" but Gordon immediately cut it. However, for me the Best Chef in the world was Anthony Bourdain! R. I. P. Anthony we miss you! Maybe some of you dont know but in the end of 80's Gordon and Marco cook for Anthony (as a client) with huge respect as for the biggest critic in these years.

  • neil wharfe
    neil wharfe 25 days ago

    Both great and different, I like apples and pears!

  • nick seven
    nick seven 25 days ago +1

    Tastes own cooking: delicious...
    Others cooking: wt#&@£#&£+?!!
    Both done same method

  • Cesar Sandoval
    Cesar Sandoval 25 days ago

    This is better than pornhub

  • Cesar Sandoval
    Cesar Sandoval 25 days ago

    Juices flow through the myofascia of the steak(since it is a muscle) and that's how it distributes flavor woowoowoowoooooo

  • Zone07
    Zone07 25 days ago +1

    I would choose Marco's steaks if only because he flipped those steaks with his hand like a boss.

  • King kai
    King kai 25 days ago

    rip andrew

  • Ben Laurence Balderama

    a lot here are criticizing marco in using cubes....however these people are also using this cubes in their recipe or at worst if they even know how to cook. haha plus...this cube is not prohibited in cookery so why put much focus on

  • maxwellfan55
    maxwellfan55 26 days ago

    Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating. But. I have seen seen Ramsay's method countless times from other cooks, but White's? Well, that has got to be worth trying, something tells me there is going to be a more beefy flavour lacking in a lot of steaks. There also seems to be a certain artistry to his style. I'm going with White.
    So have to try it!

    • ggp1985
      ggp1985 Day ago

      +maxwellfan55 it does take some tries to get a steak right, so don't get discouraged, I still learn myself :) but as I said people are different, personally for me the cube taste was just not right, but others might prefer it. Your choice, as MPW always says :D good luck with your steaks!!

    • maxwellfan55
      maxwellfan55 Day ago

      +ggp1985 Thank for your reply. Remembering these are two entirely different recipes, Ramsay's steak with herbs and butter, White's steak au poive, so cannot really make a straight comparison for the same dish!
      However I did try Marco's and was disappointed. Why? Because it was my first attempt, unlikely to get anything right at first attempt, largely because of familiarity but more crucially, timing.
      The sauce was lovely, so I def would try again and have even purchased fresh green peppercorns (not so easy to find!) via net.
      Basically, I overcooked the steak rendering it bland, probably done by returning it to the pan and introducing it to the sauce just a bit too long. So cooking time was my mistake, I needed to have the steak significantly undercooked at the first stage.
      Also a lot depends on the quality of the meat, but I will try it with/without cube next time in direct comparison to find out for sure. My instincts still tell me to go with White, however I'm ready to be proved wrong.

    • ggp1985
      ggp1985 Day ago

      I tried both methods side by side, honestly I didn't like Marco's. Tasted weird, not bad, but definitely not better, in my opinion, than Gordon's. But then again we're all different, so you might like it better. Give it a go, it's worth to taste once, but I'll skip the cube on my steaks.

  • S3dG3i3
    S3dG3i3 26 days ago

    Ramsey’s steak 🥩 is how I like mine

  • ElfHighMage
    ElfHighMage 26 days ago

    This was fun to watch.

  • asdfghjkl lkjhgfdsa
    asdfghjkl lkjhgfdsa 26 days ago

    It's like the American democracy; one president candidate caters the rich, the other the poor. Either one has the exact same agenda.
    More than one way to skin a cat. Anthony bourdain tried and true method of any thick slab of meat is the route I go. That, with a bottle of devil's spit.

  • Traveling Tal
    Traveling Tal 27 days ago +5

    Forever bound by The Master and his Pupil.....

  • Mathias Wæver
    Mathias Wæver 27 days ago +10

    Few if any of the commenters here, have even a shred of culinary knowledge that either of those 2 men. You are judging what again? Marco quit fine dining after he won 3 michelin stars, and 5 red knifes and forks, after he came to the realization that the judges, didnt know as much about cooking as he did. So he found it pointless to be judged by people, that were less knowledgeable than him.
    You do 20 years in a kitchen, 18 hrs a day 6 days a week. Then your opinion matters.

  • Xophan Lo
    Xophan Lo 27 days ago +3

    So who won? I thought you were going to cook both steaks and see who’ll win or who’ll have a better taste.... 😐🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ItzRally7
    ItzRally7 27 days ago +3

    He’s starting to explore the minecraft world of stock cubes

  • Andrew Huangg
    Andrew Huangg 28 days ago +3

    The differents between them
    Marco = flip the steaks with bare hands
    Gordon = flip the steaks with tools

  • Ryan Neville
    Ryan Neville 28 days ago

    Quarter inch thick steak slathered in a cream sauce? No thanks. I’ll take the traditional method.

  • Mark The viewer
    Mark The viewer 29 days ago

    yeah boii

  • Razi
    Razi 29 days ago

    4:09 MARCO WON

  • R G
    R G 29 days ago

    The comparison is non-existent for these are two completely different dishes. Would be wonderful to try them both, would it not? Anthony and Gordon are talking about one presentation, Marco is talking about something else. My guess is if Marco and Gordon were to see this video, they'd both be "Oh for bullocks sake!"

  • paul gonzales
    paul gonzales 29 days ago

    Worst video edit ever

  • Lua
    Lua Month ago

    Next level: Heston

  • A. S.L
    A. S.L Month ago

    Marco is stock washed.

  • norman bensette
    norman bensette Month ago

    Love cooking, bq steaks

  • itamar luis
    itamar luis Month ago

    Gordon's steak is better.

  • Cristina Vannucci
    Cristina Vannucci Month ago

    I prefer Chef Marco Pierre White’s Stick, indeed.

  • muhd 235
    muhd 235 Month ago

    Why everytime he cooked something he must in a rush? Did dog running behind you gordon? Its not you are making order from a restaurant. You cooking at home. Look at your friend, chill.

  • dojufitz
    dojufitz Month ago +3

    I rubbed a nice steak with a beef cube and olive oil.....very nice.....I will do it again. Great idea for a simple plain steak.

  • Anthony Cristofani
    Anthony Cristofani Month ago

    Come on two great chefs like that and they cook two sorry ass looking steaks. How about a ribeye or a tbone???

  • Henrik
    Henrik Month ago

    I like how Marco turn his steaks with his hand.

  • shamrock shore Dublin
    shamrock shore Dublin Month ago +2

    I'd say the film crew eat the best grub

  • Don Rossco Joe
    Don Rossco Joe Month ago +3

    Marcos financial advisor told him: "Transfer all your money into stock...."
    (edit) "cubes"

  • Marko Drazetic
    Marko Drazetic Month ago +9

    2 best chefs of all time,Master and Padawan

  • Captain Savage
    Captain Savage Month ago +39

    Marco: I like my stock cubes to be medium rare