Dark Phoenix - How to Fail at Civil War | Anatomy Of A Failure

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
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    In a year of movie flops, X-Men Dark Phoenix based on public opinion might be the biggest failure flop of them all. But strangely, it actually does a lot of good, especially with a certain storytelling element that directly connects it to Captain America Civil War: utilize conflict. The problem is that everything this movie does right, the ending act takes a dump on and completely ruins. Today in Anatomy of a Failure, let's see how this movie handles conflict and what it does at the end to self-destruct and this way go from Civil War to a literal trainwreck.
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    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)
    Directed by Simon Kinberg, and from the Marvel Comics franchise of X-MEN this action, adventure, sci-fi film sees a supernaturally gifted group under the tutelage of Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) face their biggest challenge honest trailer men Dark Phoenix everything wrong with X-men Dark Phoenix cinemasins Dark Phoenix full movie watch online free dark phoenix hd clip best moments yet as everything wrong with Dark Phoenix in plenty of minutes they battle against one of their own whose powers have corrupted her from Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) into the Dark Phoenix. Time is running out for the X-MEN who must not only wrestle with the entity inside Jean, but defend the planet against the aliens who planned this force for evil.
    Captain America: Civil War (2016)
    In this superhero epic, the denizens of the Marvel Universe are forced to pick sides when Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) come to blows over ideological differences. After a mission involving a new Avengers squad led by Cap ends with several civilian casualties in Lagos, the team are asked to sign an agreement that would force them to take orders from a United Nations panel. Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) pressures Cap to accept this new arrangement, in part because he feels deeply guilty about his own past recklessness; Captain America, however, fears that the Avengers will only be corrupted by bureaucracy. Their disagreement eventually escalates into all-out war when Cap's old friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), now a brainwashed assassin known as the Winter Soldier, reenters the picture. Captain America: Civil War brings back former Avengers characters such as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and Vision (Paul Bettany); it also drags into the fray low-rent superhero Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), and introduces both the powerful African prince Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and a new, younger incarnation of Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.
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  • Ma liberté financière

    That Martha thing just became a Get out of jail card...
    Even end game had a Martha moment with "Bucky is alive"

  • linkuei83
    linkuei83 Day ago

    TL;DR the movie goes nowhere.

  • Christian Johansson
    Christian Johansson 2 days ago


  • Maverick Hunter K
    Maverick Hunter K 2 days ago

    I will say I enjoyed this movie way more than most Marvel movies and End Game in particular, but the way it ends is certainly disappointing.

  • Kristijan Petrovski
    Kristijan Petrovski 2 days ago

    Sooo you're saying, anime is the answer lol

  • Ranga Mavhunga
    Ranga Mavhunga 3 days ago

    Casting ruined it for me

  • Jules Mpc
    Jules Mpc 3 days ago +1


  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma 3 days ago

    Sophie Turner is such a bad actress.

  • Yujia Zhai
    Yujia Zhai 3 days ago

    I agree. And that deleted the original ending that would be much more emotional ...

  • Zacurafire
    Zacurafire 4 days ago

    "grey area where both sides are justified'-"

    No. Beast suddenly being ready to kill Jean after being with her from her childhood was so out of place and unjustifiable it was mindboggling and you're the first person I've ever seen suggest that it isn't.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 3 days ago

      Jean was responsible for actions rather than the cosmic force(that is a huge misconception).

  • Chinua Umoja
    Chinua Umoja 4 days ago

    It's weird how you recognize the history between Magneto and Mystique, but you ignore the lack of history between Jean and Mystique and how this movie is basing a lot of the emotional depth on that relationship.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 3 days ago

      Mystique was Jean's hero as shown in Apocalypse.

  • spidermarcel
    spidermarcel 4 days ago

    I hate the treatment they gave beast in this movie, his actions feel too out of character

  • 梦鹿鹿
    梦鹿鹿 4 days ago

    I swear to god this actress and the actress playing Carmilla from carmilla look so alike

  • Genaki Ningen
    Genaki Ningen 4 days ago

    What the hell...Xavier never had a character trait of prioritizing humans over mutants - that's bullshit.
    Honestly I'd be turned off right there.
    It's like when the farce awakens turned Luke into a coward who ran from the galaxy.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 3 days ago

      He made a promise to Wolverine in DOFP to form the X-Men.

  • KavaLogue
    KavaLogue 4 days ago

    Raven is such a good character she had to die for this movie to work. That’s possibly what makes this such a stupid movie

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 3 days ago

      Mystique died in the middle of the second act, not the end of the first act.

  • Dorian Leakey
    Dorian Leakey 4 days ago

    I haven't seen the film, so not sure what my words are worth, but the idea Jean may have too much power and be about to go crazy is teased in apocalypse, as if it was always inside her, then here they go for something more like the comic books, where she absorbs something that corrupts her.

    Now i couldn't write better dialogue or actions scenes, but the actual outline of a story, i am certain i could have done better. They should have had Jean absorb the pheonix force, have a whole story on another topic with her managing it and using it well, but some teasing that its actually a curse, ending with a dark note, perhaps she murders a bad person who could have been captured then the next move is where it goes horribly wrong.

    I also think they need to get people to read their scripts looking for plot contrivance and disguising or removing it rather than just leaning into it.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 3 days ago

      It didn't corrupt her. It just triggered her past trauma and that made her suffer from PTSD.

  • Felix Villefrance
    Felix Villefrance 5 days ago

    this was such a bad movie. Huge dissatpointment

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 5 days ago +1

      It was wildly mismarketed. It think it’s okay for what it was going for.

  • Tahjay Ulett
    Tahjay Ulett 5 days ago +1

    Joker: hold my makeup

  • Harold Crick
    Harold Crick 5 days ago

    "Easily among the better superhero comic book movies I've seen"
    Well dang, now I regret not seeing it. I even like Apocalypse better than DoFP, so I probably would have enjoyed it well enough.

  • Yong C
    Yong C 5 days ago +1

    The "good things" Filmento explained in this video is such reach. Dude, there's a reason why this movie got very low scores. I can't believe about that things you said in the first half. It's not even good. Well you got your own opinion, but it really just sucks.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 5 days ago

      I’ve read just about all the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and it is largely due to critics judging it based on preconceived notions from its misleading marketing campaign and the source material. People also misread the basic plot thinking Jean is possessed when she is really just traumatized.

  • LucreziaPro
    LucreziaPro 6 days ago

    The "MARTHAAA" moments kills me 😂

  • Caelan Bunker
    Caelan Bunker 6 days ago

    I really appreciate the really unbiased and fair review here. All I have heard is bad because all anyone cares to mention is the bad. This convinced me to see it for the first 2/3 because it really sounded like a decent movie. You have convinced me to watch it and not have too high hopes so I can enjoy it.

  • Voyager of Time
    Voyager of Time 6 days ago

    What if their was a split personality emerged from Jean and it slowly took more control. The aliens instead came to warn Earth of the power the girl possessed. Perhaps Magneto joins her unwillingly to try to protect everyone but she forces him to slowly revert to his original uncaring self. In the final act the heros try their hardest but fail. At this point Beast looks to Jean and says "Jean you're out of control, you have to stop." For a split second she regains her sanity and destroys herself to save her one true family.

  • Sivart B
    Sivart B 6 days ago +1

    Villain :"I thought you were dead"
    Magneto:""I changed my mind"

  • 84C4
    84C4 6 days ago

    To be fair, its not just words that turn her back. Shes reading his mind, meaning she lives the events through him. She feels as he felt, the pain of having to do something horrible for what he thinks would lead to the best outcome for all. In mind reading there is no room for lies, suspicion or misunderstandings, at that moment she truly knows and understands his motives and those motives were pure.

  • Chris. Right Estep
    Chris. Right Estep 6 days ago

    Your crazy this movie is almost worse then Cuntain Marvel.

  • Michael Switzer
    Michael Switzer 6 days ago

    I hate the new jean and Scott they got in x men in glad it's over I can't except another actor playing wolverine

  • Prime
    Prime 6 days ago

    Like this video or Dislike this video *MARTHA* will haunt you.

  • 0 y3ah?
    0 y3ah? 7 days ago

    The only thing I disagree with is with your comparison to the martha moment. The martha moment made a lot of sense if you truly knew batman's psyche.

  • A Starr
    A Starr 7 days ago

    The way I was just in tears crying 😂 at 6:36 🤣 Walk it off 🤣 😂

  • Mandeep Ray
    Mandeep Ray 7 days ago +1


  • dinesh pandey
    dinesh pandey 7 days ago

    I hate how they nerfed Magneto so much.

  • Vampire
    Vampire 8 days ago

    Honestly i did not like this film at all. I feel like i wasted 10 bucks to go see it in theaters

  • BJ Vynz
    BJ Vynz 8 days ago

    When the Martha scene is so bad that it is used as an example of what not to do in a film.

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 8 days ago


  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson 8 days ago

    I disagree whole heartedly about the quality of this movie but respect your opinions

  • Rover Waters
    Rover Waters 8 days ago

    never heard of this movie

  • SuperMan Steel
    SuperMan Steel 8 days ago

    Yeah.. whataever but there´s only one Dark Phoenix and is Famke Janssen. Respect for her. Fu*k racist director.
    And btw Raven can´t die. it has no sense for the time line because of destroys all the previous x men movies, but anyway. Hollywood is bullshit

  • Sgrinwaipwr
    Sgrinwaipwr 9 days ago

    I haven't seen this, much as I loved the X-Men 90s cartoons I did not like the first movies trilogy (despite some good action and some good casting) and have been put off X-Men movies ever since. The reviews and reputation didn't help but also the trailers basically made this movie look like *Sansa Has A Massive Tantrum.*

  • Ghastly Theater
    Ghastly Theater 10 days ago

    I honestly think the Martha line went over everyone’s head. I thought it was very effective upon first viewing and even more so after revisits.

  • Driel Hijalga
    Driel Hijalga 10 days ago

    aside from filmentos review, this film is wasted coz weve seen much of the film played out before, in Xmen Last stand... so.. nothing new..

  • Edgar Aguilar
    Edgar Aguilar 11 days ago

    I blame Disney, after the whole deal this movie had a huge reshoot

  • It's Dark
    It's Dark 11 days ago

    We gon call it X Women

  • Maximillian Osaben
    Maximillian Osaben 12 days ago

    Are you an Eastern-European William Shatner?

  • swng
    swng 13 days ago


  • mishai nutr
    mishai nutr 13 days ago

    but put all money and chances of the film on namelss nobody alien tryin to destroy world after 90min struggle deep setup about mankind and sacrifices looked like so good idea...:/

  • Junkzillabox
    Junkzillabox 13 days ago

    How much did Fox/Disney pay you to compliment this movie so much!? Jk jk. 🤣

  • Fokn Shyt
    Fokn Shyt 13 days ago

    @07:40 "...and yet this tiny dialog scene has more impact than most big-hero action sequences..." I always thought how too much drama destroys a good movie and how specially in x-men movies the fighting came too short...like not even 10mins of pure fighting in 1,5 hours...but viewers don´t care, they talk bout story, emotions, tears, 10-second face-shot of a man moved to tears, ppl screaming full of emotions at each other ------- a fight without a good conflict is boring, but a conflict without a good fight is the problem here.

  • Tyeberius McIntyre
    Tyeberius McIntyre 15 days ago +1

    by far the most un-memorable movie ive seen in theatres. you musta really liked it if you thought it was good to any extent, but i forgive you ::L

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 13 days ago

      It’s only un-memorable due to the unusually short runtime and fast pacing.

  • olserknam
    olserknam 16 days ago

    I disagree strongly. I think the movie is a complete cinematic failure. Most of the conflict is predictable, unengaging or has been done before in the franchise. Characters are incapable of putting themselves into the other's shoes (why does Jean not look into Xavier's mind sooner?), instantly jumping to conclusions and fighting (Civil War had their relationships develop much more gradually) for the sake of a conflict. And a death is only powerful if it makes sense in the context of the story. Why did Jean kill Raven exactly? The movie seems to hint that was an accident and not Jean's actual decision... If so, the fact that Jean doesn't immediately give herself up afterwards makes her look cowardly. Which could work and make her more human, if out of all the characters, Jean wasn't the one least impacted by this. The flipside to having your main conflict catalyst in a story also be an active character is that you have to keep track of everything that happens to them and keep those events important to the story. But so much happens with Jean after Raven's death that she doesn't really even get a moment to properly reflect on this. Alternatively, if that was her actual decision and she was willing to kill anyone who stands in her way, her having a sudden change of heart later in the movie is not convincing. Raven's death at the end of the day is nothing but a tool to get an obligatory Magneto vs. Xavier portion of the movie (which I'll get to in a minute) and then later for Xavier to guilt trip Jean into sacrificing herself.
    The Beast and Magneto want to kill her over killing Raven, and Xavier & co. still hope to save her. We've seen this. We've seen that, in situations where taking the absolute worst extreme is possible, Magneto will take it, while Xavier will generally try to remain empathetic. By itself, this is a powerful conflict... but not when we've seen it so many times already. Let's face it: such conflict between Erik and Charles has been present in nearly every single X-Men movie, and in some cases, it's been done way better. It's just that this time, Magneto's got Beast on his side, but that doesn't matter, because at the end of the day Beast is still going to join the "good guys" back. In fact, none of this means anything in the long run. Sure, the movie tries to give us closure with a chess scene, but it's simply not enough. Out of the countless disagreements Erik and Charles have had over the years, this is the one that mended their relationship off-screen?

    And no, this is not better than Apocalypse. Apocalypse had a similar premise where they gave Magneto a family JUST so that they could take that away from him and get him into yet another focred, obligatory conflict.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 13 days ago

      After Jean kills Mystique she flies away immediately and never sees Charles again until that point. I understand why people are upset about what happened to Mystique. Jean didn’t sacrifice herself. She simply transformed into a cosmic being.
      It’s not a great movie, I agree. I find it to be pretty average but it’s definitely better than X-Men: Apocalypse, which was poorly paced and structured. Apocalypse was over-bloated with plot threads and didn’t have a real second act. It just wastes time with Apocalypse collecting Horsemen for literally half of the runtime, then a random 20 minutes Weapon X subplot, the X-Men don’t deal with him and the horsemen until the last 35 minutes of the film.

    • olserknam
      olserknam 13 days ago

      @Cosmogenus It's still incredibly contrived that she only "finds this out" at the most narratively convenient time in the climax, meaning this entire conflict could've easily been avoided. Not to mention, reducing Mystique to a plot device in other characters' arcs is hardly a good end for her character, especially considering the arc is not very satisfying. Jean has to kill a plot device character so that she can have her lowest point and join other plot device characters, only to be double-crossed by them and redeem herself through an obligatory sacrifice. I guess at the very basic level this is not a bad story by itself, but to me, everything about how the conflict in this movie is presented reeks of artificial tension and forcefully making characters make extreme/stupid decisions for the sake of fghting each other and moving the plot along.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 13 days ago

      Her death served as a catalyst for Jean’s character arc. I’ll explain: the movie opened with Jean causing the death of her mother and thinking she was broken. Her biological father also thought so. Jean even says to Vuk(Jessica Chastain) that he had a good reason to abandon her. But founding out that her adopted father(Xavier) still had hope in her even after killing his foster sister made her realize that she was not broken.
      The filmmakers even said that Mystique’s death served as a thematic echo to the death of Jean’s mother.

    • olserknam
      olserknam 13 days ago

      @Cosmogenus I mean, so does Filmento then, since he never brings it up. But even so, this functions more like a catalyst for external conflict between other charscters, rather than any meaningful internal conflict for Jean.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 13 days ago

      You’re misreading what the main conflict is. Jean was the protagonist and the main conflict is that she was losing her mind hurting people, which she was trying to avoid. Mystique’s death served as the midpoint climax with Jean failing to achieve her goal, make her more unhinged as shown in the Genosha scene(rising action), and set-up her lowpoint. The Xavier and Magneto stuff is just a subplot.

  • killswitch johnson
    killswitch johnson 16 days ago

    damn............this makes me want to watch this movie

  • Darius Harris
    Darius Harris 17 days ago

    I tried to finish the video but its just compliment after compliment. That is fine but my problem is with the miss leading title of the video. When a movie is properly critiqued i can then learn how to write better or identify better writing. You have a history of this but in this video all i learned in the first 10mins is that you really really really don't wanna be called sexist. This movie wasn't all bad, no. However, if you reviewed my favorite movie and praised it this much in the first 6mins, it would still sound like a 5$ transaction with a hooker behind waffle house. You're fear of being mislabeled is in its self labeling you as a scaredy cat WHO REALLY NEEDS TO GET TO THE POINT, Jesus.

  • TheForwardSlash
    TheForwardSlash 20 days ago

    Can't believe Marvel pulled a Martha on us...

  • rawguy24
    rawguy24 21 day ago

    Best x men movie because this version of Raven was garbage and needed to be X'd

  • 482darkknight
    482darkknight 22 days ago

    Simon Kinberg seems to be a better producer than he is a screenwriter. He's got more misses than hits when he dabbles in the plotting. And as he said, "It's all on him."

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 13 days ago

      The plotting of this movie was pretty average. It was just mismarketed and that caused people to misread what the story was about.

  • TheResonating
    TheResonating 22 days ago

    Yeah.....no. Just no. I can’t believe you start of the “good conflict conversations” with one of the worst scenes in the franchise where mystique trashes one of the most iconic characters with the cringiest line I’ve heard......which you confidently left that out right after making your point.

  • Payton Malstrom
    Payton Malstrom 23 days ago

    I never really bought Mystique as the big 'x-men leader mutant freedom-fighter' (mainly because the actress never gives a shiz). Her and Hank's relationship was barely developed so Hank turning on his friends felt like a complete dick move (and yet he's still rewarded at the end). Any remaining tension that was there before the two sides fought was ruined by Cyc's hilarious attempt at swearing.

  • Izumi kajiura
    Izumi kajiura 23 days ago +1

    Im sorry but this movie only have 2 positive point, 1 actor did try and the source material is among the best comic books has to offer. That's it.
    It's painful to watch.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 13 days ago

      Almost all the actors were trying.

  • DooMDoG 憎愛
    DooMDoG 憎愛 26 days ago

    Bruh I watched it first on Putlocker and was like damn that was pretty good are my eyes working 😂? Then I watched it again in the cinema and thought it was a decent film.

  • johnnyscifi
    johnnyscifi 27 days ago

    Ill have to watch it