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Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (Audio)


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  • In Progress
    In Progress 6 minutes ago

    Does anybody else just go on the music trending page that way that way their not behind on what music trendy😂

  • Oshonik Kumar
    Oshonik Kumar 11 minutes ago

    37 on trending

  • Khadijah Islam
    Khadijah Islam 37 minutes ago

    This is kinda a banger

  • Mercy K
    Mercy K 38 minutes ago

    Oh look!! Another satanic puppet .....

  • SaMirror Chambers
    SaMirror Chambers 44 minutes ago

    This song is so good how did you come up with this song and what purpose are you making with this song but besides that I really like it

  • Metalikane
    Metalikane 53 minutes ago


  • Churro muncher
    Churro muncher Hour ago

    I'm a bit disappointed because it doesn't totally sound like Child's music style, but it's calming

  • CKBroski
    CKBroski Hour ago

    This is America

  • Jasmine Thomas
    Jasmine Thomas Hour ago

    dude this is so good

  • Meggie mama
    Meggie mama Hour ago


  • Nada Mp3 Bangjo
    Nada Mp3 Bangjo 2 hours ago

    Videonya jos mantap kak,sukses selalu,SUbsc back ya kak

  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 2 hours ago

    Just add this to the playlist, summer starts in December here. (:

    NV1REAL 2 hours ago

    SKR Boy.

  • Téo Sant'Ana
    Téo Sant'Ana 2 hours ago

    Ou mai gódi BRASIL LOVE U
    "Dulome du Dulomedu" ❤

    NUSENSE B 2 hours ago


  • Teck-Nique
    Teck-Nique 2 hours ago +1

    This man will always be one of my biggest inspirations, I hope I can make great music like him someday, If anyone sees this, please give me a chance. It would mean a lot and will me much appreciated.

    • Main Man
      Main Man 2 hours ago

      Keep it up homie. I think its a good idea you promoting yourself, I undersntand the need to do that, you really have potential! I really like your definition of a rap flow remix, I think the only thing you need is better equipment, and once you get that! Oh shit, youll definetly bee killing it! I subbed bro keep it up!

    • David Moran
      David Moran 2 hours ago

      Teck-Nique I just checked out your stuff, very good! You definetly have potential! The only thing I feel like you need is a better and much more clearer mic! Once you get that you will be even better! Keep it up man!

  • angel lachester
    angel lachester 3 hours ago

    You need to make a new album

  • Iesha Vibez
    Iesha Vibez 3 hours ago

    I love it 😍 and I just came out with my first single You Know!! I would appreciate the support loves if you could listen and subscribe if you like what you hear!! 😘

  • restricted 1234
    restricted 1234 3 hours ago

    I think childish gambino is one of the few true artists left in the industry , he continues to make music that sounds unique to him and his style unlike most music today , you listen to any song on the topping charts and they all sound like the same songs just sang differently. Same auto tune same lyrically weak content . Same hi hat trap beat. Childish is refreshing and we need more artists like him.

  • WetRee
    WetRee 3 hours ago +2

    the vibe is something else

  • mx TH gamer
    mx TH gamer 4 hours ago

    Como sempre só fazendo músicas fodas 😮😛

  • Mohammed Jihad Bawati
    Mohammed Jihad Bawati 4 hours ago


  • Mohammed Jihad Bawati
    Mohammed Jihad Bawati 4 hours ago


  • Samuel
    Samuel 4 hours ago


  • Mad Chatter!
    Mad Chatter! 4 hours ago

    IT THAT LANDO?!???

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 5 hours ago

    I'm surprised, this is the only song I don't really feel touch my heart, kind of not really.

  • -LumiRose-
    -LumiRose- 5 hours ago

    Summertime Saga 🔥

  • Joshua Whyte
    Joshua Whyte 5 hours ago

    Sounds like frank ocean.

  • XBlueFlame
    XBlueFlame 5 hours ago

    this is america 2?

  • no
    no 6 hours ago


  • AFasFasedfg
    AFasFasedfg 6 hours ago


  • precise barbershop costa rica

    Now he take it to the club nice balance, dope dope dope.

  • Neon Ghost
    Neon Ghost 6 hours ago

    1.25 speed is Magic.

  • Life ?
    Life ? 6 hours ago

    He's really into that summer thing

  • 86Wutang86
    86Wutang86 6 hours ago

    Lol this shit is auto tuned nonsense with repeated lyrics for the stupid masses. You people make me weep

  • Ian Summers
    Ian Summers 7 hours ago

    This feels like it could've been a Pharrell song. Like the next single of the one album that had "Frontin'" on it. (This is is a compliment btw)

  • Delina Pham
    Delina Pham 7 hours ago


  • Logan Hagler
    Logan Hagler 7 hours ago

    I can picture my uncle making a mean-ass barbeque to this.

  • Nanna Freeman
    Nanna Freeman 7 hours ago

    This is summertime

  • Danish
    Danish 7 hours ago +1


  • Danish
    Danish 7 hours ago +1

    Childish Gambino ft Lana Del Rey

  • [XSaU] GAMER
    [XSaU] GAMER 7 hours ago


  • Bryce Young
    Bryce Young 7 hours ago

    Holy s*it you can sing

  • Shona
    Shona 8 hours ago

    Not really feeling this song. Don't get me wrong it catchy and upbeat but it feels like it was more focused on production than lyrics. Aside from the chorus which repeats ,"do love me do" like, what? x20 times? He also rhymes girl with world twice in 4 lines, just feels kinda like lazy writing. Don't get me wrong, it's just a summer feel good song, I'm not hating, I've practically idolised this man for the better part of a decade. But Donald definitely has more potential than this.

  • ItsLucas
    ItsLucas 8 hours ago

    but i live in australia

    its winter right now

  • Mistacray Hoe
    Mistacray Hoe 8 hours ago

    Wtf Donald ❤️

  • dustin christopher
    dustin christopher 9 hours ago


    THE FAKE DDG 9 hours ago

    Summertime lo-o-oving loving in the summertime...

    Regular show fans???

  • lawrence houia
    lawrence houia 9 hours ago

    Id love to just chill at a beach and get stoned and listen to this as the sun goes down

  • Fadhly Ramadhani
    Fadhly Ramadhani 9 hours ago

    DJ earworm vibes lol

  • Ryan Schirripa
    Ryan Schirripa 9 hours ago


  • mateo f
    mateo f 9 hours ago

    Definitely summertime vibes

  • LetsGetHighOnMorris
    LetsGetHighOnMorris 9 hours ago

    This is actually nice!

  • Plant
    Plant 10 hours ago

    Sick song.
    What do you think about this though: ?
    Let us know, we really appreciate if you check it out!

  • Lucas Tan
    Lucas Tan 10 hours ago

    The return of Lando Calrissian

  • Irate Killah
    Irate Killah 10 hours ago

    DO love me do love me DO

  • Osiel Jr.
    Osiel Jr. 10 hours ago

    Listen to "B4 the Night is Thru" by Jesse Boykins. Thank me later. This is dope too.

  • Christian Marquez
    Christian Marquez 10 hours ago


  • Нуршат Достанбеков

    this song make my summer

  • GreasySwalls
    GreasySwalls 11 hours ago +1

    The type of song that makes me want to just... idk... hop on minecraft and find some diamond's... don't know about you guys.

  • joe weaver
    joe weaver 11 hours ago

    I really miss the go hard real flow Gambino.

  • vishwaraj vithu
    vishwaraj vithu 11 hours ago

    Oh my god this is my kinda tune

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara 11 hours ago +1

    Ayy fuck you thi

  • party boy
    party boy 11 hours ago +1

    Jose is gonna say "ayy fuck you tho"

  • ferhad hesenli
    ferhad hesenli 11 hours ago

    Both rapper and singer.People are so talented.Not like mi

  • DoodLyrics
    DoodLyrics 11 hours ago +2

    🎵 Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (Lyrics):

  • Jun Taiohara
    Jun Taiohara 11 hours ago

    So summerish, i love it!

  • Emo Loser
    Emo Loser 12 hours ago


  • Kinda Karina
    Kinda Karina 12 hours ago

    Wish we had more songs like redbone

  • Kyon Rusty
    Kyon Rusty 12 hours ago

    Check me out im saving hiphop

  • MrSilverserpent
    MrSilverserpent 13 hours ago


  • Zach Lawrie
    Zach Lawrie 13 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion. This song is shit.

  • peepthewaves
    peepthewaves 13 hours ago


  • Kanchan S
    Kanchan S 13 hours ago


  • Kanchan S
    Kanchan S 13 hours ago

    Nice video 👌💓💓 girls

  • Alex
    Alex 13 hours ago

    I love ya Gambi but I miss that 3005 gambi , that freaks and geeks gambi , that riding Ms.Daisy gambi ...

  • Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez 13 hours ago

    These ministers of perversions can never come up with a less "obvious" title for their perversions. That damn secret hand.

  • SuperChickenBurgers
    SuperChickenBurgers 13 hours ago +1

    This lines up well with the Lakers off season

  • Hari Kelley
    Hari Kelley 13 hours ago

    Definitely singing this to the girl i like lol

  • zalika
    zalika 13 hours ago

    Reminds me of old school Ryan Leslie.

  • linda dathini
    linda dathini 14 hours ago

    Honestly this guy is Legendary! 100%

  • Jenn1382
    Jenn1382 14 hours ago

    This song is not evil why the hell you got some TheXvid truthers saying this song is Illuminati

  • heyitssky
    heyitssky 14 hours ago

    I’ll still be bumping this in Winter

  • Putra Ramadhan
    Putra Ramadhan 14 hours ago


    MARIO SUPER 15 hours ago


    MARIO SUPER 15 hours ago +1


  • J' unior
    J' unior 15 hours ago

    I feel the vibes

  • Drea Dreams
    Drea Dreams 15 hours ago


  • Josiah Wright
    Josiah Wright 15 hours ago

    i love gambino but im pretty disappointed he's trying to make a drake style pop track

  • Queen Ki
    Queen Ki 15 hours ago

    Man f21 & h&m bouta play tf outta this 😂

  • Adrian Mazur
    Adrian Mazur 15 hours ago

    How is this song not having more then 10 mill views!!!! I probably hit the replay button 5mill times!!!!

  • Leonardo Garcia
    Leonardo Garcia 15 hours ago


  • Sherry Ann lol
    Sherry Ann lol 15 hours ago


  • Vanusa Bonfim
    Vanusa Bonfim 15 hours ago

    This guy... ❤❤❤

  • Brandon Keenan
    Brandon Keenan 16 hours ago


  • Kyla Fleuriot
    Kyla Fleuriot 16 hours ago

    Well now I have the music off to search for friends to listen to it🙃