10 Times BATTLEFIELD Weapons Were Better than CALL OF DUTY Weapons

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    10 Times BATTLEFIELD Weapons Were Better than CALL OF DUTY Weapons
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Comments • 179

  • Chaos
    Chaos  2 months ago +66

    Remember when Cod and BF actually have a rivalry?

    • kx gr
      kx gr Month ago

      It is pronounced gavier

    • captainstrike
      captainstrike 2 months ago +2

      more battlefield videos plsss!

    • Mp7 Probe
      Mp7 Probe 2 months ago +2

      The MP5K was in MW2 and it was good if you knew how to use it.

    • Ethan Fennessey
      Ethan Fennessey 2 months ago +2

      Do a top 10 or top 20 best reload animations for call of duty and battlefield

    • Jay Raymond
      Jay Raymond 2 months ago +1

      Jimmy what changed?

  • A.J. B.
    A.J. B. Month ago

    The G Gun... NAILED IT

  • Kommin 515
    Kommin 515 Month ago

    Gewehr... pronunciation- guhVER

  • gaming Nerd
    gaming Nerd Month ago

    The bo2mp7 is godly he tripping

  • Michael marciano
    Michael marciano Month ago

    Give-air 43 but say it fast thats how you pronounce it,

  • bentheninjaboo
    bentheninjaboo Month ago

    The f2000 was okay in battlefield 3 at best mainly because there were so many other weapons that were better to use

    HND. MADDOG Month ago

    The R700 in cod4 was great

  • Chris Batt
    Chris Batt Month ago

    As a person of immense German heritage, I will say that you indeed did pronounce the Gewehr incorrectly, but so does almost everyone. It’s pronounced Guh-Vehr.

  • Wandering Warlock
    Wandering Warlock Month ago

    I really enjoyed the smg 0/8 in BF1

  • GD ConTra
    GD ConTra Month ago

    What about the other way?

  • Dragon 77D9
    Dragon 77D9 Month ago +7

    It's pronounced "gever" because "w" in german, sounds like "v"

  • Your Next Door Neighbor

    You pronounce it like gevehr not gewehr

  • Jet Black Pope
    Jet Black Pope Month ago

    AS-VAL and the AEK-971 are the best weapons for me

  • Stdwproductions
    Stdwproductions Month ago


  • Nathaniel Minnich
    Nathaniel Minnich Month ago

    The an94 & the ScarH,and the berreta 50 cal in bf4

    • Dragon 77D9
      Dragon 77D9 Month ago

      Although it's a common mistake

  • Nick Tewell
    Nick Tewell Month ago

    Now you have to make a video on the reverse

  • Redneck Sniper
    Redneck Sniper Month ago +5

    Shows your lack of knowledge on firearms the MG36 and the G36c are different guns the MG36 being a Squad Automatic weapon and the G36c being an infantry rifle

  • Father & Son
    Father & Son Month ago +1

    Very nice video. I like your Chanel. I am impresed by you every time. Regards, Father & son

  • seppe sneyers
    seppe sneyers Month ago +1

    Favorite gun in Battlefield? Hard choice as I'm playing battlefield since battlefield 1942. I would say either the ACR or the AN94 in battlefield 4 and 3

  • WayneTheGamer69
    WayneTheGamer69 2 months ago

    mw2 uzi was amazing

  • Alexis Padua
    Alexis Padua 2 months ago

    M4A1 BF3

  • interventionX Bruv
    interventionX Bruv 2 months ago

    Back in the OG days they hated each other now it seems like they kind of have a relationship 🤔

  • Sutha Atmaja
    Sutha Atmaja 2 months ago +1

    My favorit is ACWR ITS GOOD

  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee 2 months ago +1

    Gewehr: "GUH-VAIR"

  • ryan Hodson
    ryan Hodson 2 months ago

    I disagree bo1 mp5k was a best of a weapon just underrated

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 2 months ago +5

    I want to win the PS4 so I can give it to my brother. @SilverShadow248

    • CTCuberHD
      CTCuberHD 2 months ago

      Fair enough
      My brother would never do that to me

  • Jeremiah Green
    Jeremiah Green 2 months ago

    I think mw 2 was better and I played BF a lot

  • Szymon Liedtke
    Szymon Liedtke 2 months ago

    Why are none of The top 10 made in 720p60

  • linda mims
    linda mims 2 months ago


  • Zjackattack99
    Zjackattack99 2 months ago

    I remember playing mw3 then getting bored then going to bf3 just two amazing games

  • Kamren Zinzow
    Kamren Zinzow 2 months ago

    Jimmy you instead of the mp5k in hardline you should’ve put the vector from hardline that gun shredded!

  • Baylor Hubble
    Baylor Hubble 2 months ago

    Gewehr is German for rifle. It is pronounced: (giv•air) (say it together smoothly) Germans pronounce their W’s like V’s

  • Venomous Bite10
    Venomous Bite10 2 months ago


  • Alex Tosi
    Alex Tosi 2 months ago

    The pp2000 in bf4 was awesome compared to the mw2 one

  • Whiskers 762
    Whiskers 762 2 months ago

    Gewere = Gu Vair

  • JT The Savvage
    JT The Savvage 2 months ago

    Flip it please

  • Winter
    Winter 2 months ago

    My favourit gun in BF history goes to two weapons acctually is the A91 SMG, such amazing smg and such amazing to play with, i load it up with my personal attachments and on a SMG friendly map. And for the Assault rifle category i give my favourit to the M416 and an horrnible mention to the USAS shotgun

    • Winter
      Winter 2 months ago

      @Gibus Gentlemanne oh ok thougt it was an smg

    • Gibus Gentlemanne
      Gibus Gentlemanne 2 months ago

      A91 is a carbine in BF3

  • Otto Morris
    Otto Morris 2 months ago

    The Gewehr 43 was best in World at War, it was a beast

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller 2 months ago

    Pronunciation of Gewher is geh-ver

  • Mashed Potatoes Gaming
    Mashed Potatoes Gaming 2 months ago +3

    I pronounce it gewehr 43 (ga-vare) 43

  • IIISixStringIII
    IIISixStringIII 2 months ago

    Great vid, really enjoyed it!
    I'd like to try my chances at winning the PS4, bc Christmas is coming up, and my 5 year old son has been asking for ANY console, haha. He plays my Xbox One every now and then, and he has been having a lot of fun with games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and some other games I have in my collection. So fingers crossed! -Twitter: iisixstringii

  • Danny Rose
    Danny Rose 2 months ago

    SCAR-H in BF4 was so op

  • rocketmanshawn
    rocketmanshawn 2 months ago

    BC2 was sooooo goooood

  • DemiseWho
    DemiseWho 2 months ago

    Nah keep saying it(gewehr) how it sounds chaos it sounds way better that way anyways

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas 2 months ago

    The sks in bf4

  • Sether
    Sether 2 months ago

    Gewehr = gev-air

  • mike bye
    mike bye 2 months ago


  • DarkNecro Harpy14
    DarkNecro Harpy14 2 months ago

    It's pronounced Ge-Vair. It's German, so I can understand if ya didn't know how to pronounce it, Chaos.


    Gewher 43. " Ga-vair" it's the German pronunciation of rifle.

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 2 months ago +2

    My favorite bf guns are auto loading from bf1, aek 971 from bc2 and ump45 from bf3

  • dj ortiz
    dj ortiz 2 months ago +4

    the Gewher 43 is pronounced “Guhver” 43 since you mentioned you didn’t know how to pronounce it.
    edit: Gewehr*

  • CD Law
    CD Law 2 months ago +9

    Battlefield 3 and 4 has some of the best gunplay in a FPS

    • Itz_Sc00by
      Itz_Sc00by Month ago

      Now COD MW will take its place

  • dj ortiz
    dj ortiz 2 months ago +8

    favorite battlefield weapon and im sure you guess it is

    the M4A1/M4, M416, and M16A3/A4,

  • dj ortiz
    dj ortiz 2 months ago

    Chaos changed his profile picture, whattt!!??? lol i like the red one more tbh.

  • Caleb Duran
    Caleb Duran 2 months ago

    Every single battlefield has guns way better than cod tf

  • Kalvin Murphy
    Kalvin Murphy 2 months ago

    The m16 in hardline was way more op than bf3 and 4

  • general killeer
    general killeer 2 months ago

    I love f2000

  • Yomar Alva
    Yomar Alva 2 months ago

    You didn't mention the MP5k from MW2

  • ttv.kellon3
    ttv.kellon3 2 months ago

    Flip it

  • Blackstar
    Blackstar 2 months ago

    The Lee Enfield in Battlefield V sounds so orgasmic