Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Research has found some human brains can pick up on rotations of geomagnetic-strength fields as evidenced by drops in alpha wave power following stimulus. For more, see
    Huge thanks to:
    Prof. Shinsuke Shimojo, Connie Wang, and Isaac Hilburn, plus Prof. Joe Kirschvink. Their lab:
    Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
    Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
    Additional filming by Whitney Clavin

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  • Jeremy Forlines
    Jeremy Forlines 2 hours ago

    Dogs and other animals with whiskers sense the negativity around water pipes, I think due to the whiskers having negative charge at tips. They repel. That's why they poop over them, roots, underground water.

  • C G
    C G Day ago

    Wonder what a ferrocell looks like in the center of that thing. Probably not as uniform as they're hoping for.

  • s vs
    s vs Day ago

    In Kerala we have people who says things like (Thekk,vadak,padinjaru,kizak,) North East West South, mostly older people, who use those words instead of left right and all

  • LuckyLeeks
    LuckyLeeks 3 days ago

    10:33 the conclusion

  • Airbex B
    Airbex B 3 days ago

    Is it possible that a human being (or animal) is a magnetic field itself? There is so much activity, electronic activity, going on in the brain that it seems plausible that our brain could be a (really) small magnetic field. What I am trying to say is that maybe we sense the magnetic field because ours is being disturbed. Is there any research or an answer this question?

  • Ipainter
    Ipainter 3 days ago

    I love this! I would really like to see the exact same measurements performed but with a focus on the brain's response to common EM stimuli like a cell phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and walkie-talkies. (The big Motorola walkies used on film sets put out 4 watts! Holy cow!)

  • albionmeraj
    albionmeraj 4 days ago

    by the question in the title it seems you doesnt understand the electromagnetic field

  • eclipse
    eclipse 4 days ago

    you need to test rural brains not city dwellers

  • athe lightz
    athe lightz 4 days ago

    "test chamber" gave me portal flashbacks

  • Gravity Calamity
    Gravity Calamity 5 days ago

    8:45 does that computer have s.t.a.l.k.e.r installed on it?

  • SuperFacecloth
    SuperFacecloth 6 days ago +1

    "You are sure this isn't just to make people look stupid?"
    No sir, you can do that all by yourself.

  • Pilky552
    Pilky552 6 days ago

    In comparison to many people I find, I have inherited an internal compass, a heightened awareness of direction from my Dad, as with my Dad, you can't lose me! Lol! Take me somewhere once, and I’ll find my way there again, no matter how circuitous the route. My mother, on the other hand, has no sense of direction at all! She gets lost when turning a corner! I would like to see the alpha results of those who claim a heightened awareness of direction vs. those lacking somewhat of an internal compass.

  • Piotr Rzymski
    Piotr Rzymski 7 days ago +1

    I can sense the changing magnetic field through the screen

  • waterdragon 541
    waterdragon 541 7 days ago

    Oooh these guys are onto something. They are researching the subtle energy bodies. Now this is interesting!

  • Marty Costello
    Marty Costello 7 days ago

    Shall we sleep then, with our heads towards the North? We'll call it an evening calibration period.

  • Arcane iconoclast
    Arcane iconoclast 8 days ago

    Some are force sensitive.

  • Michel G-j
    Michel G-j 8 days ago

    With a personne who has open is chakars !?

  • free thinker
    free thinker 8 days ago

    Human brain should be more affected by incoherent magnetism

  • Brandon Butler
    Brandon Butler 10 days ago

    in the homing experiment did yu switch up the subjects or are all participants of the same ethnic group?

  • TheLesser
    TheLesser 10 days ago


  • Darci Ford
    Darci Ford 11 days ago

    I can. With my hand. Didnnt need N.A.S.A. to figure that out. Maybe they could just give me the million dollars

  • Amitabh Sharma
    Amitabh Sharma 11 days ago

    Can this experiment reveal that people living in very remote areas be more sensitive ??

  • Dr.Daniel Lamontagne
    Dr.Daniel Lamontagne 12 days ago

    Not just sensitivity to the earth's magnetic field but magnetic fields...! What could the survival benefits be?

  • Ben S.
    Ben S. 12 days ago

    What about another control test, that measures the head sensors without a human head, to ensure some of the readings aren't just noise from the EM field?

  • ayoub ed
    ayoub ed 13 days ago

    I can feel the wifi source that normal

  • Ascendant IX
    Ascendant IX 14 days ago

    The American Indoctrination process can even render this "Asian" lady completely unaware of her own "chakras"...f-n amazing...

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington 14 days ago

    i feel like im watching a Half Life 2 "cutscene" before the action starts lol

  • Dorcas Powell
    Dorcas Powell 14 days ago

    I have a pacemaker..I can definitely sense it😉.

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington 14 days ago

    i want to be the person who edited in the dog crapping. thats my life goal somehow

  • Sir Miles
    Sir Miles 14 days ago

    Tech stopped it

  • turn on tune in drop out

    what would happen when under the influence of pshycedelics during this test such as lsd witch reconnects the brain, to be able to use the whole brain

  • Nature beauty
    Nature beauty 15 days ago

    My idea is to research blood types cause there is more copper on AB- AB plus people. Its selfclear that it d cause different sense on the magnetig fields. On those areas in Asia where this ability is life saving (eatrhquakes) people have more AB blood. They survived better in natural disasters over there ? Try this with persons with different blood types! Please...:)

  • Derp Jex
    Derp Jex 15 days ago +2

    0:37 Dude almost introduced himself in Japanese. 😂

  • Binge Planet
    Binge Planet 17 days ago

    All brains don't neccessarily detect magnetic fields. But all brains do respond and react to magnetic fields. Electro magnetic ressonance waves inertact with the bio chemical processes and synapses of the brain. Magnetic ressonance therapy is used to treat certain illments and to relief ptsd. Magnetic fields can inertact through weak force with the forces holding together water moleucles. The brain is mostly water to carry out all the brain functions as a medium. Thus, you will notice and even feel magnetic forces in your ambience, but very subtly, depending on the strength of the m.field.

  • Richard Shapiro
    Richard Shapiro 18 days ago

    it's not only it's being senses, its causing changes in brain function. I see clear parallels in qigong practices. one in particular walks in a circle, (your rotating around in a magnetic field) and has clear parts of the practice that are designed to calibrate our internal energy with the energy of the earth, etc. I see this as solid evidence for several kinds of qigong practice.

  • Gooey 007
    Gooey 007 18 days ago

    Yessss mr Ching !!! How can we control them !!!

  • Gooey 007
    Gooey 007 18 days ago

    The answer to your question is noooooooo helll nooooooooooo

  • Albo Bobo
    Albo Bobo 19 days ago

    There is a man I know that lives in Canada. He is a local wildlife/hunting guide, he always knows what direction is north, even if you were blind fold him and spin him around and take him to an unfamiliar place he could tell you exactly which way is north and how to get back to his previous location.

  • The Traveling Matt
    The Traveling Matt 19 days ago

    I love that Asian man, he seems so genuine

  • Jan Remy
    Jan Remy 20 days ago

    did you have to put that dog pooping???

  • LucyRose
    LucyRose 23 days ago

    I mean humans sensing magnetic fields is kinda logical to begin with.
    1. many other mammals have this ability
    2. our nervous system funtions with electric impulses. when there are electric impulses there of cauuse is also an elctric field and every is also a magnetic field.

  • Samy Kamkar
    Samy Kamkar 23 days ago

    Awesome video! I'd be curious to see the reading of the EEG without any human attached to understand how the EM field affects the readings in the first place -- specifically if those long cables attached to each electrode produce current from the EM field via Faraday's law. Can't tell if there are twisted pairs with grounds or not to prevent pickup. Very interesting!

  • Scott9084
    Scott9084 26 days ago

    At 1:40, my dog just pooped east/west. Is there something wrong with him?

  • Mercedes Fuertes Ruiz
    Mercedes Fuertes Ruiz 26 days ago

    I am so happy I came across this video I've been searching all day for answers and I think I finally got it. I really do much believe in these sort of things because last night my body was projecting and I was in between realms I felt this magnetic force it was really strong you guys I don't know what the heck was going onI felt like I was trying to connect to something or something was trying to connect with me but either way the vibration and the waveswas something out of this world and I mean that call me crazy or weird but I experienced some crazy s***.

  • spiritualinsight
    spiritualinsight 27 days ago

    Can the human body produce and pick up on electrical FREQUENCIES other then magnetic?

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 29 days ago

    I wonder, I hear from some research if I recall correctly that the Earth's magnetic field used to be perhaps as much as four times stronger, if there is research with the field stronger? Also, conscious realisation of the subconscious is trained associative rationalisation. Even from the subconscious we feel or believe, or we can learn.

  • BUX BE
    BUX BE Month ago

    Is magnetism a frequency?

  • John Skinner
    John Skinner Month ago +2

    I notice that I can feel when the sun comes up, maybe its radiation, or the gravity from the sun changing so methi g. I also predicted an earthquake once. I had previously been in a large quake@5 miles from the epicenter,6.1 mag. Sylmar quake 71. Many years later I told a friend, something is reminding me of how I felt back then. That night Big Bear Landers quake went off! 7.2 in 92. I was living many miles away from there at the time in Porterville. I think I may have been feeling static or electrical energy from possibly an interconnected fault? They say ball lightning occurs over fault lines sometimes, years previous some friends living in Porterville near where I felt it took a picture of ball lightning, so maybe there is a fault line nearby?

  • Monique Gayhart
    Monique Gayhart Month ago

    1st author over here like, am i gonna be able to explain my project or what lmfao

  • John Koemans
    John Koemans Month ago

    Yes , people can sence magnetic fields . I live on a housboot in the Netherlands . Wen I turn the boot around , it is strange to walk in the boot . You can feal it is not ok( like walk in the wrong direction ) .

  • Till Schwenke
    Till Schwenke Month ago

    I am 100% certain that I use this for navigation quite a lot. I generally have a really good idea of what direction to go to get somewhere even if I had never been there before. There are many reasons why I believe that I navigate partly by magnetic field and I can't possibly describe them in one single comment. there are only two possible explanations to how I dont get lost. my brain either maps exactly what angles and degrees I have walked so that I always know my position relative to a point or it remembers the magnetic fields position of my targets direction and keeps me going on track to it. ofc I can only find places if I know if they are north south etc from my location in the first place. cant be using stars or sun as orientation either bc then it wouldn't Work in cities at night. seems pretty logical that some humans use this, animals do after all. but I dont think all animals do either, how else would dogs get lost ?

  • dj osearth
    dj osearth Month ago

    Curious about fe/male differences.
    The language thing is prolly just people that live in a smaller area. once you're REALLY travelling cardinal direction at least relating to objects is far less important

  • streetcred31 (other half of Illumina Coquina)

    Have they tested someone on the autism spectrum? High-functioning for example?

  • Charles Dahmital
    Charles Dahmital Month ago

    Once again, another video my 'WooWoo' biased friends will hate.

  • kent neumann
    kent neumann Month ago

    So... The results are variable depending on the individual.

  • kent neumann
    kent neumann Month ago +1

    As a 6 year old, east west, and left right confused the hell out of me.

  • tmaddrummer
    tmaddrummer Month ago

    I started researching magnetic energy pull on the body because while
    walking on the beach today during low tide, I felt a very strong
    magnetic type energy pulling my body close to the water. I think that I
    am highly sensitive to magnetic energy, and possibly the reason for my
    terrible migraine headaches?

  • tmaddrummer
    tmaddrummer Month ago

    I started researching magnetic energy pull on the body because while
    walking on the beach today during low tide, I felt a very strong
    magnetic type energy pulling my body close to the water. I think that I
    am highly sensitive to magnetic energy, and possibly the reason for my
    terrible migraine headaches?

  • chiji
    chiji Month ago +1

    I wonder how someone who has implanted a magnet would react

  • darklit
    darklit Month ago

    Thats a Finnish compas