2019 Brazilian Grand Prix: FP1 Highlights

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • The wet and windy conditions at Interlagos produced some wild slides and even shunts as Red Bull's Alex Albon found the barrier while his team mate Max Verstappen just avoided them along with other drivers who were on the edge in Sao Paulo!
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Comments • 972

  • helenita cardozo de oliveira almeida

    1:03 "And there is Max verstappen the race leader!"

  • erwin velter
    erwin velter 23 days ago +1

    Good super perfect, max is the best.... champion 2020 , Gr Erwin, www.webshop4you.nl

  • Hùng Lê
    Hùng Lê 23 days ago

    2020 f1 việt nam

  • david ondimu
    david ondimu 23 days ago

    those blue ringed tyres dispersing how many liters per second again!!!?

  • Geraldino Silva lustosa de roma

    formula 1 um esporte sensacional

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean 23 days ago

    Why did they get slicks when is just rained? Stupid

  • Max Verstappen
    Max Verstappen 23 days ago

    Haha, Albon has crashed again!

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana 23 days ago +1

    russell was so close to top 10 😂

  • Haziq
    Haziq 23 days ago

    I want join

  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis 23 days ago

    Racing in the rain is for dimwits.

  • Linda M
    Linda M 23 days ago +1

    And here we go!! These tracks are so amazing. Crazy maneuvers and drive in rain seems slippery. Ahhh my car.. love that pink car. Great job boyzzz! Ty for sharing. ✌🤗👍

  • Lukas Mihara
    Lukas Mihara 24 days ago

    Did you record the audio during the Porsche race..?

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 24 days ago

    wasn´t Bernie Eccelstone´s mother kidnapped in that country, Are there gringos still stupid enough to go to that dangerous country? Brazilians will have a party this weekend kidnapping, attacking, steeling, and ripping off gringos ... party time

  • Nova Zelândia - Aotearoa

    Pelo visto ninguém aprendeu a andar na chuva com o Ayrton Senna, só gente rodando ou errando aí kkk.
    Alguém avisa aos caras da F1 que o Albon é da RedBull e não Toro Rosso. Agora a Toro Rosso têm 3 carros correndo no grid kkkk

  • Team 10. -
    Team 10. - 24 days ago

    Bro to be honest i dont know any thing about F1 i only watch and enjoy just enjoy Nothing Persoanl.

  • Chakib Tsouli
    Chakib Tsouli 24 days ago

    0:04 Says "weather more suited to a duck"

    Shows a Southern Lapwing

  • 50gary
    50gary 24 days ago

    I wonder what 6 letter cuss word would be more appropriate than a 4 letter cuss word? ..and again, why would the engineer "copy" just to hear his voice I suppose?

  • IJakKrowy
    IJakKrowy 24 days ago

    I will miss Hulkenberg next year ...

  • raphael lopes
    raphael lopes 24 days ago +1

    Aqui e Br!!!

  • Hummy D
    Hummy D 24 days ago

    I’m gonna say it, I think Albon is massively overrated. How many race weekends has he had with a big mistake/incident? He hasn’t finished higher than P4 (same as Gasly) and hasn’t out-qualified Max (unless Max has a penalty) which is the same as Gasly. British media only hyping him because he’s British-born

  • Jean Vietto
    Jean Vietto 24 days ago

    Une pensée à Ayrton Senna 👍🇨🇵
    A thought to Ayrton Senna 👍🇧🇷🏆🥇

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor 24 days ago

    "Yep...Copy." 😒

  • Arlan Conceição
    Arlan Conceição 24 days ago

    Hi guys subscrible my channel

  • micnugget487
    micnugget487 24 days ago

    Alex albon is not at Toro Rosso.

  • Niko Esper C
    Niko Esper C 24 days ago

    do we just not talk about 0:48 when it says albon toro rosso

  • Kim Abantas
    Kim Abantas 24 days ago

    Oh god, more rain please

  • Shawn Carta
    Shawn Carta 24 days ago

    Who else felt a sound overlap in this video?

  • Marc 9663
    Marc 9663 24 days ago

    Anyone else feel like the US gp was a long time ago? Been looking forward to this !!!

  • LK
    LK 24 days ago


  • Németh Ákos
    Németh Ákos 24 days ago

    0:49 toro rosso?

  • NarrowVids
    NarrowVids 24 days ago

    I hope that the next season will be much more interesting.

  • Jef Vermassen
    Jef Vermassen 24 days ago

    Sound levels are a bit off. Car sounds are interfering with the voice-over and that is one annoying background song.

  • Gustav Aldin
    Gustav Aldin 24 days ago

    0:48 It says that alex albon drives for toro rosso

  • Adam
    Adam 24 days ago

    That's not a duck.

  • patrese993
    patrese993 24 days ago

    Cleveland: no, no, NO, NOO, NOOO, NOOOH!
    yeah, copy....

  • D. G.
    D. G. 24 days ago

    Que malos son los neumáticos de lluvia de Pirelli.

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla 24 days ago

    Hamilton starting last?, very rare sight

  • - LeSushiFrosty -
    - LeSushiFrosty - 24 days ago

    Alexander albon célébrating titular for 2020 but at 0:50 he come from ToRo RoSsO

  • Kenneth Roth
    Kenneth Roth 24 days ago

    I thought the king of bitching won the championship

  • Timmy Schnitzel
    Timmy Schnitzel 24 days ago

    "Valterri, this is James..."
    Red Bull Racing: "Yep, copy"

  • Pedro
    Pedro 24 days ago

    Toro Rosso P1 !

  • Mats Jacobsen
    Mats Jacobsen 24 days ago

    That must be the weirdest duck I've ever seen 😂 0:01

  • HM Car Reviews
    HM Car Reviews 24 days ago

    Who do you think is going to win the race?

  • NOB
    NOB 24 days ago +1

    Who cares Albon just overtake in the race every fucking assholes and finish in the top 4 than your mission is succesfull. Fuck all thos criticasters especialy dutch faggots

  • Lauri halonen
    Lauri halonen 24 days ago

    the best Kimi Valtteri romeo and mercedes!

  • Seaf Halabi
    Seaf Halabi 24 days ago

    If only senna was there , he would have showed those rookies how it’s done in the wet 💦🏎🇧🇷🥇

  • Lauri halonen
    Lauri halonen 24 days ago

    right there Kimi Raikkönen said in the side of the stable that you are going for a hard lap in the way that you go on your own championship line Ferrari yeah Kimi Kimi

  • Mr Bond.
    Mr Bond. 24 days ago

    Did anyone notice it said Alex Albon "Toro Rosso"? 0:46

  • Martijn Kösters
    Martijn Kösters 24 days ago

    What’s with the background noise?

  • ZunnyZ
    ZunnyZ 24 days ago

    0:46 why does it say torro rosso?

  • Βασίλης Δημούσης

    The hidden message behind "yep copy" is "why the f**k you make us spend so much money Alex?"

  • SizzerX
    SizzerX 24 days ago

    Lewis won't be in 2021 coz he knows.......

  • Astrostevo
    Astrostevo 24 days ago

    Er, that ain't a duck.

  • alexaka1000
    alexaka1000 24 days ago

    Hamilton should not be allowed to race. He already won. Why is he on the track?

  • nemesis 1988
    nemesis 1988 24 days ago

    No time for the world champion ahh yes its only the best driver in the world hahaha

  • cynicalobserver
    cynicalobserver 24 days ago

    Albon won’t make the whole of 2020 at RB

  • khjfreddy
    khjfreddy 24 days ago +10

    No one:
    Literally no one:

    Commentators when it rains:
    *Pirelli tyres can remove 55 liters per second*

  • DingKing 75
    DingKing 75 24 days ago

    Nice Job Albon.

  • Nadhir Gangat
    Nadhir Gangat 24 days ago

    0:49. They say Albon is with Torro Rosso still

  • Trajan Nerva
    Trajan Nerva 24 days ago

    Boy, I bet Ferrari are glaaaaaad it’s wet. 🤫