Inside The Mind of Jake Paul


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  • Rainedrop
    Rainedrop 12 hours ago

    wow still the jake paul channel.... ok just checking bye...

  • Therobloxchannel 563 gaming and roblox

    Where's the next video

    BEGONE THOT 13 hours ago

    do the conspiracy theories that was content

  • Kirsty Little
    Kirsty Little 13 hours ago

    Come back Shane!! Miss you so much!! Xxx

  • Sara Thompson
    Sara Thompson 13 hours ago

    SHANEEEEEEE WHERE R U DO NOT TELL ME WHEN I SUBSCRIBED U DECIDED TO STOP DOING YT?!?! also i have watched like every single video of urs!

  • Jordyn McGill
    Jordyn McGill 13 hours ago +1

    Why haven’t you been posting???

  • Bree chixk
    Bree chixk 14 hours ago

    Everyone is re-watching his vids waiting for him to come back 😂😂😂😂

  • WFK  Tube
    WFK Tube 14 hours ago

    please help to subscribe to my channel to 1000 subscribe, please, bro🙏🙏

  • Ayla Arredondo
    Ayla Arredondo 14 hours ago +1

    I hope this isn’t too much to ask for but can you please make conspiracy theories vids again?? Like if you agree

  • Ariela Hernandez
    Ariela Hernandez 14 hours ago

    PLZ COME BACK!! ALL OF THESE OTHER TheXvidRS SUCK!! (well besides you and ryland) ITS BEEN 2 MONTHS NOW 😫😫😭❤️

  • Wiviaaa
    Wiviaaa 15 hours ago

    I just wanted to say i have been watching your videos since the begaining of time.(emo days) You know im not really good w years. But i have always loved you sososo much! Youve always made me laugh cry and really think about whats going to happen next! And i just wanted to thank you for all ur hard work 💜

  • PeowMeowJelly 88
    PeowMeowJelly 88 15 hours ago

    I love the Sims, i play it daily, my high score is *69* 🤩✍

  • Britney Eberhardt
    Britney Eberhardt 16 hours ago

    shane where did you go????? I live for your videos.i know that when you come back you will SLAY like always. and I will be there to support you. You are BY FAR my favorite youtuber. YOU ARE LEGENDARY!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! We love you for your humor, quirks, your ability to see the best in everyone despite what others say, your great advice, and the fact that you can just be you. I remember when I first watched your videos, i was in a dark place and I had no hope. but after watching you I actually laughed and I genuinely was excited that I was happy and i had something to look forward to every time you posted. Its the little things in life that help us through bad times and give us hope for our future. You did exactly that for me and im sure you did that for many other people. I'm not saying you HAVE to come back but when you do, the people that love you will be here like always.

  • Tony B
    Tony B 16 hours ago

    can someone gimme a nudge when Shane cuts ties with betterhelp. i might consider resubscribing.

  • renea hale
    renea hale 17 hours ago

    Shane I'd love nothing more for my birthday then for you to post your new video today!

  • 2Fantastic
    2Fantastic 17 hours ago

    Remember when Shane was poppin and right after he gone

  • Tayliah Atkins
    Tayliah Atkins 17 hours ago

    Who else wants shane back but me

  • the bob squad
    the bob squad 18 hours ago

    Start in a forest, end in a forest.

  • Emily Castles
    Emily Castles 18 hours ago


  • Elysium Mahnke
    Elysium Mahnke 18 hours ago

    it took me forever to find the time, but now i am watching this at 2 am...... it was the way that their parents raised them, and i feel like they didnt raise them at all. but jake it is like jake is just starting to be mature, and logan even though older isnt yet... my opinion..

  • Sumeja Hošo
    Sumeja Hošo 18 hours ago +1


  • Lynn Abunai
    Lynn Abunai 19 hours ago

    Logan isn’t the only one to blame. Sex is between two people. Alissa fucked up too and lied in the other video.

  • no
    no 19 hours ago

    People warned Shane that the Jake Paul videos would end him. Where are you Shane?

  • HotDogWaterWilliam
    HotDogWaterWilliam 20 hours ago +2

    Have you turned into Garrett Watts? You're legit ghosting TheXvid 😂

  • Laila McGuane
    Laila McGuane 20 hours ago +1

    why has shane disappeard :'( i miss his videos

  • luna seavey
    luna seavey 20 hours ago +1

    I want Shane to be my therapist.

  • Tess Campbell
    Tess Campbell 21 hour ago

    Hey you, are you scrolling through the comments??

    Me too, high-five!

  • Spookattz
    Spookattz 21 hour ago

    where tf did you go

  • Stephanie kittywitty
    Stephanie kittywitty 21 hour ago

    heh, you thought.

  • Happy Avocado!
    Happy Avocado! 21 hour ago +1

    *am* *i* *the* *only* *one* *wondering* *what* *Morgan* *and* *Ryland* *were* *doing?*

    ASMR QUEEN 22 hours ago

    Dang Shane is almost at 20 million

  • Kay Nichole
    Kay Nichole 22 hours ago

    Shaaaannne where are you boo?! 😭😭😭

  • Ella’s vlog life
    Ella’s vlog life 23 hours ago

    2019 people?

  • Christian Crusader
    Christian Crusader 23 hours ago

    He got kid napped or...

  • Jazzy L.
    Jazzy L. 23 hours ago

    Y’all gotta chill💀 he’s taking a break from making videos for YOU! Relax, he’s gonna make a juicy conspiracy theory video for us soon ;)

  • Ashley Rownd
    Ashley Rownd 23 hours ago

    shane i love you so much, you inspired me to create my own channel.
    if you're reading this, i would love the support, thank you :)

  • Shelia Tally
    Shelia Tally 23 hours ago

    i love all of jake paul old videos they were funny and he shouldnt care about what other people think about there are almost 18 million people who love him and his crazy ness which is the reason he grew in the first place jake paul you are a legend and you are very amazing

  • It’s not Ashly
    It’s not Ashly 23 hours ago +3

    Waiting for the 1 hour 45 minute conspiracy vids next 🐸 ☕️

  • Lurs Kun
    Lurs Kun 23 hours ago

    plz react to this video

  • Not yours Not
    Not yours Not 23 hours ago


  • Not yours Not
    Not yours Not 23 hours ago

    But it’s good

  • Not yours Not
    Not yours Not 23 hours ago

    It is so long 🙄🙄🙄

  • maddie jaquith
    maddie jaquith Day ago

    I feel like this may all be true but it was all for the views Shane didn't look happy or excited to do this at all. Not hating I love Shane and I've been a fan since 2011

  • Billy A
    Billy A Day ago


  • i wanna die
    i wanna die Day ago

    Shane Vlogs?

  • Rachel Mayo
    Rachel Mayo Day ago

    a beautifully executed series.

  • Kaytlin Ross
    Kaytlin Ross Day ago

    I use to be convinced that Jake Paul was a psychotic who was self centered who did care about anyone else but him. But now that I have gotten a look into his psyche. And that you have pull down the layers of the idiot. that he is an actual person with a actual feelings and emotions. but what I have learned is that a lot of the stupid things he has done his channel is just for the views not all of them but most of them. Oh and Shane if you're looking for ideas for any series a good one would probably be a look into the life of Bella Thorne cuz you said it yourself she went a little crazy so I'm just saying I work watch that.

  • Angelo Vlogs
    Angelo Vlogs Day ago

    subscribe to my channel and watch my vlogs😄

  • Natasha Cornu-Jbanez

    Shane do a series on the Blue Whale game! Right up your alley!

  • Giselle Enciso
    Giselle Enciso Day ago

    May i just say i love how the CAMERA MAN ALSO TOOK A SHOT lol

  • Retard Official
    Retard Official Day ago

    Shane were are u?????!!!???!

  • Alegnia Manhal
    Alegnia Manhal Day ago

    hey, it's been a couple of months, you okay?

  • Analking Really
    Analking Really Day ago

    I need a new conspiracy thire

  • GoldPranks TV
    GoldPranks TV Day ago +1

    I’m waiting for conspiracy video

  • Kaleb Dunn
    Kaleb Dunn Day ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Andrew's camera skills

  • Heather Hulings
    Heather Hulings Day ago

    Okay I think we all can agree Jake is a decent person with a lot of shit going on.....

  • shatavia robinson

    Would you do a conspiracy theory of surviving r kelly

  • Not yours Not
    Not yours Not Day ago

    Love your videos

  • Jessica Miranda
    Jessica Miranda Day ago

    Nmms when is the new video coming out alv

  • Sad Taco
    Sad Taco Day ago

    He'll be back soon, y'all would know if you'd followed him on snapchat shane honey take your time but take your time a but quicker these teasers got me shook :)

  • Kittykat's Videos

    Shane is the best litterally XD

  • Kittykat's Videos

    Ive always hated the pauls but I never heard about the drama until I heard the song every night sis and I thought ok whatever but watching the video when you talked to jake pauls girlfriend and this video really put me in a new view thanks.

  • Melanie Davis
    Melanie Davis Day ago

    Does anyone else think Erika looks like Cameron Diaz?

  • Anthony Villavicencio

    Then he does the stupid gambling stuff

  • Kira Smith
    Kira Smith Day ago

    I miss you

  • DNA I’m in ya blood


  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

    sub to pew daw sun shine

  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

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  • Joshua To
    Joshua To Day ago


  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

    watch chubbyemu hes a diabetical doctor in america?

  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

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    John Doerth Day ago +1

    second channel

  • John Doerth
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  • AlphaStunna
    AlphaStunna Day ago +1

    SHANE WHERE ARE YOU??? IT'S BEEN 2 MONTHS! (as of typing this.)

  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

    train of thought k o k penile ength

  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

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    John Doerth Day ago +1

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  • Cody Antoine
    Cody Antoine Day ago

    when did your content get so boring?

  • John Doerth
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  • I’m Veryv
    I’m Veryv Day ago

    Wait then is jake Paul or Logan Paul a sociopath?

  • lmao ur trash
    lmao ur trash Day ago +2

    The real question why tf isn’t Shane uploading??

  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

    unanimous votes

  • John Doerth
    John Doerth Day ago +1

    daniella bregoldi

  • John Doerth
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    looking hungry for some drama letme serve you a fachina............................... ;) heart problems

  • Savage Boy
    Savage Boy Day ago +1

    Please do a conspiracy theory video

  • نحلة
    نحلة Day ago +1

    Shane ur killing meeeeee!!
    I want NO I NEED a new video ..
    I came here avery day to see if u posted something and u don't ☹

    • Kira Smith
      Kira Smith Day ago

      Same im so sad like i love him and i understand sometimes ya need a break but its been two months and didn't he say he was going to post in the new year. Well its been 14 days into the new year where ya at?

  • Mia Scarlett
    Mia Scarlett Day ago

    I miss my puppy. He died today😭

  • viola 01
    viola 01 Day ago

    Do this with Josh peck