Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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    The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing TheXvidr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
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Comments • 205 803

  • Hyunjinie Lovely
    Hyunjinie Lovely 48 minutes ago

    Can't believe i watched this series for 2 days from part 1 to part 8 like damn

  • Idogaming
    Idogaming 2 hours ago

    Some people think Jake is lying because he is famous right? And he is everywhere, and people think he is lying for fame that’s what they probably think for other celebrities.

  • Masked Music
    Masked Music 3 hours ago

    Shane was the father figure Jake never had.

  • OptiX_uglygodjr973
    OptiX_uglygodjr973 8 hours ago

    Shane need to be a therapist

  • Taryn McGee
    Taryn McGee 10 hours ago

    i’ve been watching this series since 2 pm it’s now 10 pm and i’m only 6 minutes into the season finale. i have like an hour and 45 minutes left. i’ll be up all night but i can’t put my phone down from this

  • Glenda Cottier
    Glenda Cottier 10 hours ago +1

    Look I don’t really care about Jake but leave Erica out of this

    Ur talking about the wrong brother for a sociopath and I feel bad for him and I’m crying

  • ally london
    ally london 11 hours ago

    The REASON why Shane Dawson is all "I'm a beauty guru" is because he needs to justify the FACT he's about to bring out a makeup palette with Jeffree. This is the WHOLE reason its going to take 7 months to film with JS. Is because they're filming the process of making a palette. SHANE IS MONEY HUNGRY. STICK IN YOUR FUCKING LANE SHANE. YOUR SHIT AT MAKEUP.

  • Megan Kay
    Megan Kay 11 hours ago

    Jake has a sad life. I genuinely just don’t know how he can be happy.

  • Juliette Montague-Fryer

    Shane I love you... But... You're completely ignoring the fact that he is deflecting everything you're saying. If you are telling people you are giving us the truth, then give us the truth... Not a version of it

  • Juliette Montague-Fryer

    Jake is a full blown narssassist.... It obvious... He always has an excuse for things that's he has done wrong or that threaten his image. It's always someone else's fault

  • Roxanne Roo
    Roxanne Roo 12 hours ago

    Shane you should order del Rosa peanut butter candy off of amazon they are so good they ate yummy when we go to our local jacobo's (Mexican grocery store) and my mom she always get us some if you like Reese which ik you do you should try them

  • valerie scott
    valerie scott 13 hours ago

    who else is neutral about jake paul and only clicked because it is a shane dawson video or should i say shane yaw

  • Maria Baldovinos
    Maria Baldovinos 13 hours ago

    Dawh, poor shane reached his breaking point😂

  • Steezo
    Steezo 14 hours ago

    Ok so jake is self aware not so bad ill give him a chance now but im not watching his content whatsoever but like atleast ik hes self aware and knows that he acts like a big douchebag sometimes

  • ecstasyecs
    ecstasyecs 15 hours ago

    Can Shane do one of these on Justin Bieber?

  • jill hanson
    jill hanson 16 hours ago

    Jake should go into the navy

  • Anna Hankinson
    Anna Hankinson 16 hours ago

    Shane is dead the dr. Phil of TheXvid I swear 😂

  • Daniela Araujo
    Daniela Araujo 17 hours ago

    So what I have come to understand of everything that happened is that
    1. Jake Paul is not a sociopath
    2. Jake Paul is not a bad person
    3. Jack Paul is pretty much a man child
    4. Jack Paul is a serious dumbass who has made some fucked up decision
    5. The Paul Brothers are the product of a couple who raised their children in a way that affected their future and lives badly
    6. His father is an asshole who loves both his sons
    7. Complete made sense of why the mother got a divorce
    8. Logan Paul is a asshole like his father, and is the worst bother I have ever seen
    9. Never judge someone unless you know the whole story and who they are as a person
    10. Shane Dawson is the Dr. Phil of TheXvid

  • Kassidy Murphy
    Kassidy Murphy 18 hours ago +1

    Oh also. Dr.Phil *wHo*

  • Kassidy Murphy
    Kassidy Murphy 18 hours ago +1

    This has nothing to do with the video but why does my room smell like vinegar

  • Alex Jonesy
    Alex Jonesy 18 hours ago

    Shane Dawson sucks

  • Comfy Brooke
    Comfy Brooke 18 hours ago

    I can’t believe jake Paul was one of my favorite youtubers. it’s crazy to think that now I don’t really like watching him at all

  • amber kim
    amber kim 21 hour ago +1

    I'm watching this in March 2019 because I've been putting off this series forever lol
    I've been putting of the Tana, Jeffree, and Jake series and I've just binge watching them all this week like....

  • Sparrows & Lilies
    Sparrows & Lilies 21 hour ago

  • Donna Truong
    Donna Truong 21 hour ago


  • Ariana Eilish
    Ariana Eilish 22 hours ago

    I can not believe i finished this.. it seemed so long

  • Lucie
    Lucie 22 hours ago

    I really don't know who to believe

  • Armando V.
    Armando V. 23 hours ago +1

    Typical case of stop making stupid people famous. He has literally no clue what he is doing. It's so sad tbh

  • dudiLP
    dudiLP Day ago

    Is he gay :o

  • Rose Aumada
    Rose Aumada Day ago

    He seems like a jerk but he's also only 21.

  • Vanessa Estrada
    Vanessa Estrada Day ago

    can someone count the times jake says “like” in this video

  • BoDagitt 79
    BoDagitt 79 Day ago

    So slow 😩

  • Johg Johg
    Johg Johg Day ago

    Bisexual’s are mentally impaired and need to receive immediate psychological assistance. Bisexuality is not a laughing matter and needs to be accessed as what it really is, an issue of mental health.

  • Useless Potato
    Useless Potato Day ago

    Omg shane can be a therapist

  • Monique Addn
    Monique Addn Day ago

    Wow you can see he was really heart by Allisa and his brother. It's almost like he was telling the story in a trance or something.

  • Fuzzyfireflame
    Fuzzyfireflame Day ago

    He just sounds so unintelligent. The way he speaks and his actions have no thought or reason behind them. Shane was right, Jake is extremely mentally stunted. Jake speaks and acts like a 12 year old child still. Plus, it is so hard to listen to him speak because he can not get through a sentence without using the word "like"- so cringy!

  • Cassandra Heller

    It's really hard to talk about your own emotions let alone spilling your heart out in front of possibly millions. I wish, in a sense, that more people in this world could be as forgiving, and caring for others as Jake portrayed in this interview. We all grow from our mistakes, no one is perfect... and this series is good to showcase that. This just solidifies it, even more, that you should never believe everything you hear from the news. The media will always blow drama out of proportions just to get a response, even if its a negative one.
    Thank you, Shane, and Thank you, Jake, for being brave, honest, and awesome.

  • Kylee Stracener
    Kylee Stracener Day ago +1

    I started crying when Jake finally talked... I can relate an it hurts so much

  • Unicorn 4Eva
    Unicorn 4Eva Day ago

    Does anyone else think that he should do a series with Demi Lovato cos I would freakin Love That

  • Vicky Robles
    Vicky Robles Day ago +2

    *I've got so much respect for Andrew for holding that camera for almost 2 hours*

  • P.U.M.A
    P.U.M.A Day ago +1

    *So... How about a quick theory about what happened to that poor cat?*

  • chloe coder
    chloe coder Day ago +1

    *shane: " Oh well Jake Paul and Erika Costell are here "*
    *ryland: " w-wait what "*

  • Taylor Winston
    Taylor Winston Day ago

    I feel bad now ☹️

  • Lība
    Lība Day ago

    I knew nothing about Jake Paul, now I know it all. And I watched it all.

  • em burgess
    em burgess Day ago

    Take a shot everytime Jake says "like"

  • Kate Hill
    Kate Hill Day ago

    What does six figures mean

  • Forever Faith
    Forever Faith Day ago

    Team Jake
    Team Logan
    Team Allisa
    Team Ericka

    Which team r u ?

  • Victoria L
    Victoria L Day ago +1

    PLOT TWIST. Shane is the sociopath.

  • Maddy’s World
    Maddy’s World Day ago +2

    You should do a mind of Logan paul

  • Your guilty Conscience

    Can someone please make Jake watch the Dolan twins?
    They're crazy, but still have limits, and most importantly are great brothers.

  • Your guilty Conscience

    Can someone please make Jake watch the Dolan twins?
    They're crazy, but still have limits, and most importantly are great brothers.

  • Anne M. Harvey
    Anne M. Harvey Day ago

    Watched the whole series, riveting, I couldn't watch anything else until it was done ....and I only have one remaining question from this whole thing. Shane and Ryland, how much oatmeal do you have? Like in the scene where y'all are all in the kitchen, getting drinks before you go into the meat of the interview, and your opening cabinets and getting out the alcohol and everything, this one cabinet had like six huge containers of oatmeal. Is that right? Six? Is it oatmeal? It seems like oatmeal. That feels like a lot of oatmeal? Is everything ok? I don't know what that means. I have so many questions....I just need to know about the oatmeal.

  • Sassymisscassy Vids

    I appreciated this series and have a completely different view on Jake now :) thank you

  • Chelsea Elysia
    Chelsea Elysia Day ago +1

    I have literally binge watched this whole series today...
    Shane you are amazing at what you do & are an amazing human for always seeing the best in people

  • farm house
    farm house Day ago

    Shane can you do more videos plz

  • Ninja Hyper
    Ninja Hyper Day ago

    Fuck ya gay ya are a disgrace to mankind


    The ending song just made me feel so bad
    honestly, jake paul is the type of person that is easily misunderstood
    I know how painful it is mentally to be misunderstood by outsiders who don't know the full story
    which is why we shouldn't judge or blame someone when we don't know the full story
    which is why I am so happy that Shane made this series

  • Pragya Basak
    Pragya Basak 2 days ago

    According to my view the two brothers and their dad all have sociopathic tendencies.
    And if not, they are totally narcissistic

  • Holly Ellery
    Holly Ellery 2 days ago

    I used to think of Jake Paul as an idiot, showing off and a retard now I think of him as a guy that got fucked over 1 million times and doesn't have anyone to talk to

  • leann lewis
    leann lewis 2 days ago

    Shane, please host Meme Review

  • iamjanelle walker
    iamjanelle walker 2 days ago +5

    ok here's what I got.
    1. Jake is a narcissist
    2. Logan is a sociopath
    3. Greg miiiiight be a psycho path

  • GalaxyGachaverse tunk

    Shane is having 3 mental brake downs is like me having 1 page of homework because I'm in college or pages of homework

  • Emily and Evelyn Orozco

    I don't think I spelled that right

  • Emily and Evelyn Orozco

    Shane is like Jake's thrips.

  • iamjanelle walker
    iamjanelle walker 2 days ago +4

    Does anyone else find all of the different perspectives entertaining? Brings a whole new meaning to "His side, her side and the truth." thanks for this docuseries! super interesting.

  • Navy 4
    Navy 4 2 days ago

    absolute no fucking outcome from this other than apologizing for the teacher music video BRIEFLY.

  • sir
    sir 2 days ago

    What the fuck is this shit😂

  • Brianna Collins
    Brianna Collins 2 days ago

    Now that you think about this and the other video he made with Alyssa, it makes perfect sense jake isn’t guilty. Alysa was jealous that he was talking to girls so she called up Logan and probably most likely told him that her and jake were never dating. Hmmmm. That’s some tea.....

  • Omizzle
    Omizzle 2 days ago

    Bro I relate to Jake on so many levels and it’s just crazy to think about how not knowing the full of the story affects ones outlook on a situation

  • Hannah Long
    Hannah Long 2 days ago

    wait why aren’t jake and erica together anymore?!

  • tik tok fanatics
    tik tok fanatics 2 days ago

    Logan Paul is a sociopath. idgaf "logang" . He fucked his brother's girlfriend, and made diss track. don't get me wrong jake also did a diss track but did it end with jake making out with his ex-girlfriend i dont think so. period. Logan Paul is a sociopath

  • SenpaiGamerBlue
    SenpaiGamerBlue 2 days ago

    He needs to understand that little kids watching it wont be like "oh yeah, my teacher used to be mean to me too" no. They're STILL going to school, so its going to have a negative impact.

    YESTOLES 2 days ago

    Honestly I will be the first person to admit that I HATED both of the Paul brothers. I thought they were both trash but watching this had really given me some insight. I feel like Jake is just an overshadowed young kid who is naive and still learning how to act in the world and also deal with being incredibly famous and rich. That’s a lot for anyone to deal with and especially so for such a young kid. I feel for him and I can forgive his mistakes, he seems more eager to apologize and own up to his mistakes than his brother. During this interview to me he really seemed embarrassed and ashamed of his past and even though he is still learning I feel like there is a real hope for him to be a genuinely good person one day.
    As for Logan.... yeah no. Lol. He still seems manipulative and fake af

  • ImEggcelent78 Yt
    ImEggcelent78 Yt 2 days ago


  • Kaitlyn H
    Kaitlyn H 2 days ago

    I drank tea ☕ whilst watching this~..🌵🎈

  • American girl slime dolls

    Could u make an Audiable/recording of these so that people could listen to it?

  • American girl slime dolls

    Don’t let the puppy sink to the bottom of the comments!!!

  • American girl slime dolls

    2 hours!!! Holly guacamole!!
    *Im in.*

  • Carolina Szoke
    Carolina Szoke 2 days ago +2

    i can't believe I am saying this but jake isn't that bad of a person...
    btw i know it's 2019 and I'm writing this

  • Tenenno
    Tenenno 3 days ago

    Jake is actually really cool. He's misguided, but he's cool.

  • Dara Younce
    Dara Younce 3 days ago

    Am I️ the only person that doesn’t know anything about Jake Paul or give a shit about what he did I’m just watching this bc it’s the only Shane series I️ haven’t watched

  • Orlando Martir
    Orlando Martir 3 days ago +1

    He should do "inside the mind of David Dobrik"

  • JB videos
    JB videos 3 days ago

    Hey dude I can’t find my cat anywhere do you have any idea where it is also I was changing my baby and midways through it disappeared

  • CSodTheGamer
    CSodTheGamer 3 days ago

    Logan Paul next????

    CAMILA BONFADINI 3 days ago

    Jake saying LIKE for 2 hours

  • Miko Fusco
    Miko Fusco 3 days ago

    That's minecraft music in the background in the beginning

  • Erin Adele
    Erin Adele 3 days ago

    So I got about 20 minutes in & decided to quickly watch the KTLA5 News interview with Jake Paul & I'm sorry but when he said I just have 1 question for you WHAT ARE THOSE!? & filmed his shoes i fucking lost it 😂😂😂😂

  • Cecilia Have Håkansson

    Thank you Shane for still being here. Creators really need a real ass old school youtuber like you ❤️ Thank you so much for being real.

  • Elie Saba
    Elie Saba 3 days ago

    1) shane you rock
    2) you can tell jake is still talking shit about alissa and not saying the real truth
    3) logan is sociopath and total idiot and thank god to what happened to him in japan. He deserved it.
    4) the reason why they both are so dumb is is their parents. His dad is dumb and probably with 0 IQ, and the part where his mom called him (the prank part) pissed the fuck out of me.. what a slut

  • Melissa Corbett
    Melissa Corbett 3 days ago +1

    I went into this thinking Jake was a sociopath. But I don't now. Just a bit of background on that; I have never subscribed, watched his vines or went to his shows. I've never even subbed to anyone in team 10. Every time someone would ask me, "Jake or Logan?" or "Are you a Jake Pauler or a Logan Pauler?" I would never choose, I have always said that I hated them and that they were idiots. which they are, but i always assumed Jake to be a horrible person and even a sociopath. This video changed my mind. I now see that Jake has improved and even though he has done so much bad for this world, him improving is automatically 100% more good in this world. Jake is not a sociopath, and i apologize to him for thinking that. Shane, this video series is so well done that it has made me relize all of the good that can be possessed by this world. I thank you. Keep up the great work.

  • Gary Gay
    Gary Gay 3 days ago

    I love you

  • Poppy Sylvester
    Poppy Sylvester 3 days ago +1

    Why the fuck is this making me sad???????😢😢😢😢

  • Blakely Winblood
    Blakely Winblood 3 days ago

    i’m watching this after shane got engaged last night and i’m honestly ecstatic. but this series has been so interesting i love it

    ANDREI RUIZ LOAEZA 3 days ago

    Tu violaste atu gato y no digas que no lo hiciste porque. pasó en las noticias de google

  • monkey about
    monkey about 4 days ago +1

    You are a sick fuck. Shane... laughing at a 4 month old baby who was raped to death... not to mention all the bestiality. I guess you are the psychopath... and to all your fans stop supporting this behaviour.

  • ravya singhal
    ravya singhal 4 days ago


  • mallinalii
    mallinalii 4 days ago +1

    ...a lot of people believe things happen for a reason. i think this is a huge thing and about a big responsibility, to say bad things about school and teachers. but i think this can be changed in a very good thing! to do a next step instead a step back. to talk about all whats realy wrong with school this days! my main question allways: how school should be that you love to go there?!

  • Raiders Nation
    Raiders Nation 4 days ago

    when i hear jake sound sad i cry

  • Addisen Mitchell
    Addisen Mitchell 4 days ago +2


  • Fadi Jarebica
    Fadi Jarebica 4 days ago

    Shane and Ryland are now engaged!