Inside The Mind of Jake Paul


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  • Teegan Tutt
    Teegan Tutt 7 hours ago


  • Juwairiyyah Bhigjee
    Juwairiyyah Bhigjee 7 hours ago

    Who is Shane dating?

  • Hanna Pastuck
    Hanna Pastuck 8 hours ago +1

    I’m Erika costell

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 9 hours ago

    Conspiracy series PLS :(

  • Nadiri McGahee
    Nadiri McGahee 10 hours ago

    the song at the end though.. WOW..

  • UnityOverloaded Bręäçhëd

    Where are you Shane? You haven’t been posting. Are you okay?😔

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 11 hours ago

    Is it weird to shape and dress fruits and vegetables in the image of Shane?

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 11 hours ago +1

    🐍 The Martinez Twins are snakes🐍

  • Wendy Kosinski
    Wendy Kosinski 11 hours ago +1


  • demise
    demise 11 hours ago

    I appreciate and love the videos Shane has been doing these past months but I really miss the fun and lighter videos he does with the squad and by himself. I hope it comes back.

  • Dcxxattack4566
    Dcxxattack4566 12 hours ago

    Just my timestamp don’t mind ne

  • star roblox girl
    star roblox girl 12 hours ago

    Shane uplode!!!!

  • The Official Spades Fest

    Amazing Dude!!!! You're an inspiration to us at Spades Fest! Will be watching for more.

  • Bianca Lopez
    Bianca Lopez 12 hours ago

    9:50 the queen has spoken!

  • Lil Breadstick
    Lil Breadstick 12 hours ago +1

    This series should’ve just been 3 videos long cause most of it is just filler

  • i did not slap you i high fived your face

    Why haven't you been posting for a month!!

  • bob sarah
    bob sarah 13 hours ago +1

    Shane should do a is david dobrik a phsycopal

  • Mia Chia
    Mia Chia 13 hours ago

    Can u please post a Conspiracy video

  • Venice Navarrete Rose
    Venice Navarrete Rose 14 hours ago

    Where is Shane it's been a month

    MADELEINE DW 14 hours ago

    Ok is Shane done with TheXvid because he hasn’t uploaded in a month??

  • Vex
    Vex 14 hours ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Hannah Sharpe
    Hannah Sharpe 14 hours ago

    Collab with Emilia fart 🙏

  • Clairringer Berringer
    Clairringer Berringer 14 hours ago


  • Danielle Mak3s
    Danielle Mak3s 14 hours ago +1

    he keeps making excuses and ik it

  • hey sisters
    hey sisters 14 hours ago

    u haven’t uploaded in so longgg

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 14 hours ago


  • Shookith
    Shookith 15 hours ago

    For anyone wondering why Shane hasn't posted, I have a good theory. The wildfires. Shane and his family were among the celebrities evacuated from the SoCal wildfire areas.

  • Mariah Martinez
    Mariah Martinez 15 hours ago

    Shane come back

  • Pablo Benitez
    Pablo Benitez 15 hours ago

    Illumination is illuminati with an o and n

  • Nini Raygoza
    Nini Raygoza 15 hours ago

    If Shane ever commits to me I will die😵😵😵

  • Lauren Schwenke
    Lauren Schwenke 15 hours ago

    Shane please start posting again!

  • carmen smith
    carmen smith 15 hours ago

    Come on dudeeee post a video or at least give us an update 😒😑😑😑😑😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭👿

    • Crash Vanilla
      Crash Vanilla 13 hours ago

      carmen smith he could be really busy you know, you should be worried about his health, not just his content.

  • Fatin Aliyah
    Fatin Aliyah 15 hours ago

    He puts alot effort in this

  • Gachabride Rose
    Gachabride Rose 15 hours ago

    Shane react to gacha life videos pls #Gachalife

  • Ellie Russell
    Ellie Russell 15 hours ago

    Ok is it just me or dose he look like Rumple stilson from Shrek the movie

  • Saffron Fenton
    Saffron Fenton 15 hours ago

    Shane we miss you, please make more videos soon): you are truly an awesome person and I respect everything you’re doing completely

  • Klurox
    Klurox 15 hours ago

    Take a shot every time Jake says “Like” in this video..

  • Midnight Ghoul
    Midnight Ghoul 15 hours ago +2

    *pokes shane*
    Did you die?

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez 16 hours ago

    Is this bitch dead??????

    • Crash Vanilla
      Crash Vanilla 13 hours ago

      Tony Alvarez wouldn’t refer to our queen as a bitch hun

  • blueberry154
    blueberry154 16 hours ago

    Do a series with Dr. Phil.
    “The Mind of Dr. Phil”

  • Matthew The Neko Boy
    Matthew The Neko Boy 16 hours ago +1

    Just ignore Jake. Its all fake. Look at MattPats videos.

  • Lilith Garner
    Lilith Garner 16 hours ago

    Where's the new video though? Like you don't gotta do all this just go to walmart or something next week lol

  • 8jimin_v1 101JIMIN
    8jimin_v1 101JIMIN 16 hours ago

    Hey Shane this might seem weird but can u make a conspiracy theory about the lechuza please if u read this I purple u so much BTW the lechuza it’s a witch that turns into a owl 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Mia Reyes Toriz
    Mia Reyes Toriz 16 hours ago

    Dear, Shane help me me with my love life.

  • Zoey Bunch
    Zoey Bunch 17 hours ago

    What if he did the life of Logan Paul heh heh heh

  • Caleb Sanchez
    Caleb Sanchez 17 hours ago

    Is it bad I watched this whole thing no skips 🤠

  • Alyanna Zarek
    Alyanna Zarek 17 hours ago

    Post again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shane plz

  • Evangelyn Gayle
    Evangelyn Gayle 17 hours ago

    40:33 yo seriously that is the Disney mentality installed into him and he doesn't even realize it. *dramatic moroccos*

  • skinny D lol
    skinny D lol 17 hours ago +2

    Ok that's it..can't take anymore.

  • Camila Garcia
    Camila Garcia 17 hours ago

    Why no one talks about how jake dosnt blame at all his brother. For him alissa was a master manipulator and planed everything out.

  • WifeMomTeacherLife
    WifeMomTeacherLife 17 hours ago

    As a mother and a teacher, the whole merchandise thing doesn't bother me. Onto something far more important, I truly hate that he never had a teacher who saw the potential in him and helped him learn the way he learns best. Every child learns differently (even the two that I gave birth to learn in vastly different ways) and it is the responsibility of the teacher to discover each student's best method of learning and help them.

  • Abigail T Peralta
    Abigail T Peralta 17 hours ago

    "I make new videos every day."~ Shane before Tana

  • Coco Beanz
    Coco Beanz 17 hours ago

    Everyone's saying Jake manipulated Shane, but can someone explain in depth?I didn't trust Jake from the beginning and I want to know if I was right to be wary.

  • WifeMomTeacherLife
    WifeMomTeacherLife 17 hours ago +1

    This is why young people have no business having that level of fame! Jake blames his neighbors for not coming and talking to him about all the dangerous shit he was doing that was actually putting them and their homes at risk, and that is a problem! Shane keeps saying that he thinks Jake has changed, but he's still very young, he still hasn't faced any serious consequences for his actions, and he's still being very careless. I think he has the potential to grow up and be a great man, but he is going to have to start accepting responsibility for the things he does.

  • skinny D lol
    skinny D lol 17 hours ago +2

    There's no way in hell, this story is interesting enough, to make four 45 minute long videos or whatever it is.. I mean what the hell

  • skinny D lol
    skinny D lol 18 hours ago +2

    Jesus Christ Paul..try growing a pair would ya

  • Alina Nguyen
    Alina Nguyen 18 hours ago

    Auwww my ballz

  • Abbie Eaton
    Abbie Eaton 18 hours ago +1

    Shane... this is a movie wtf

  • Sophie Collins
    Sophie Collins 18 hours ago

    Just finished this series and I’m actually really sad about it. I didn’t want to like jake after this, and I can’t say I do. However, I definitely do respect him now, and feel like I understand him a lot better.

  • Margarita Bolano
    Margarita Bolano 19 hours ago

    The whole merch thing is stupid. I mean maybe he promotes it way too much but cmon he’s trying to make money obviously, that why most people make merch. How else is he going to let people know he’s selling

  • Jasmine Suo
    Jasmine Suo 19 hours ago +1

    Hello to the ppl that is reading comments sorry for disturbing you...I just wanted to say hi. Now go and enjoy other comments...

  • GrayC Vlogging
    GrayC Vlogging 19 hours ago

    I kind of want to hug Jake like I feel so bad for him

  • Jeannie West
    Jeannie West 19 hours ago

    Conspiracy video plz!!

  • J D
    J D 19 hours ago

    Ppl please like this so Shane will see it, Shane please tell Drew that we love him and support him, even thought were sad that he’s not on social media anymore, he deserves to be happy even if we don’t really see his videos anymore or anything on social media! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ellie ledgerwood
    ellie ledgerwood 19 hours ago

    all i want to do is give shane a hug

  • Riri Y’all
    Riri Y’all 19 hours ago +1

    Why haven’t you been posting anymore Shane pls post soon 🙃

  • king carlos
    king carlos 20 hours ago

    Well Shane Im glad that u made this series and Shane I want to thank u bc u made my life better u taught me not to be stupid and not depressed and not cry at night again Shane I love ur content and u💙💜💚💛💗💝❤️

  • TheEnragedBiscuit
    TheEnragedBiscuit 20 hours ago

    Not sponsored, but there is a PIG chip clip from odditymall com. It OINKS when you open it!!!!! I hope he sees this

  • Marissa Alcantar
    Marissa Alcantar 20 hours ago

    jake is an idio

  • Fxlling
    Fxlling 20 hours ago +2

    *Yeah, This is not okay, Queen Shane hasn't uploaded in a MONTH. I think I might die.*

  • ontooo brunk
    ontooo brunk 20 hours ago +2

    i love your videos but i hate how your not posting so often like it’s been a whole month :( love you shane i miss you

  • Mejia_ Leslie
    Mejia_ Leslie 21 hour ago +2

    Just 1 more hour to go, yay . : , (

  • its sticknodea X
    its sticknodea X 21 hour ago

    Was this dude the voice actor for lord farcwad???

  • Piz6
    Piz6 21 hour ago

    Please go back to microwaving barbies :(

  • savanna pickett
    savanna pickett 21 hour ago

    Shane please address the rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the california fires

  • delete
    delete 21 hour ago

    I miss shane posting so im rewatching his vids

  • Julia Piasecka
    Julia Piasecka 21 hour ago

    Shane, this is amazing. A full-on documentary on youtube, the topic investigated from so many viewpoints, and of course your neverending supply of empathy. I admire you for putting yourself out there, no one else would have done it. Thank you.

  • Parker Brinker
    Parker Brinker 21 hour ago

    More conspiracies plz plz plz plz

  • Nick Chemello
    Nick Chemello 22 hours ago


  • Kate Norris
    Kate Norris 22 hours ago

    k but teachers don't do shit sooo

  • Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy 22 hours ago

    *sees video*
    *clicks on it*
    *sees how long it is*
    Okay I shall watch you later jake,and Shane,
    To long ;3

  • ZymlPlix
    ZymlPlix 22 hours ago

    1 million likes
    That’s the first time I ever seen that many likes on a video

  • Felipe Lopez
    Felipe Lopez 22 hours ago

    I feel like this is jakes way to move into a more Mature audience

  • Īvāñā Jēāńíė
    Īvāñā Jēāńíė 22 hours ago +2

    Is no one else talking about how Shane hasn’t uploaded in a month

    • Emely Peraza
      Emely Peraza 22 hours ago

      Īvāñā Jēāńíė you expect him to upload after filming/editing 8 episodes of 30+ min videos?? Give him a break :)

  • The Queen
    The Queen 22 hours ago

    I know Jake did alot of wrong things but I kinda feel sorry for him

  • H. Michelle G
    H. Michelle G 22 hours ago

    Him talking about his merch made me want to slap him in the face. You’re manipulating children don’t bore me by saying you’re not.... he is so see through.

  • Cory Hennigh
    Cory Hennigh 23 hours ago +1

    Hey shane I sent u a video on snap @esharee5 and I was wanting u to take a look at it

  • LlamaCorn
    LlamaCorn 23 hours ago +1

    Tryna figure out who's business Shane is in now 😂😂😂 who y'all think??

  • NanoxBeauty
    NanoxBeauty 23 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for the name of the song at the end

  • Pepe The Frog
    Pepe The Frog 23 hours ago +2

    Shane I love your vids but you got played here. I'd thought you'd know more about emotional manipulation after all that sociopath thing but I guess not. Btw I'm not saying Jake is a sociopath but Jake literally acted throughout Shane's whole documentary

    MINIMANMARK ! 23 hours ago

    why did he stop uploading

  • Allyssa Venegas
    Allyssa Venegas 23 hours ago

    Can't stop watching love you shane

  • Jake11 Weller
    Jake11 Weller 23 hours ago

    There needs to be a compilation of just Andrew laughing

  • Margarita Bolano
    Margarita Bolano 23 hours ago

    Is he talking about Colleen?

  • Allyssa Venegas
    Allyssa Venegas 23 hours ago

    Spelled stuff wrong sorry

  • ERROR! Sans/is neko now/human

    Shane can you start posting some creepy stuff?? Just asking...

  • Allyssa Venegas
    Allyssa Venegas 23 hours ago

    This is my favorite sires so intristion

  • sculli722
    sculli722 23 hours ago +1

    If u love youtube so much why don't u marry it?