Volvo's new Android-powered Polestar 2 hands-on

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Android Automotive, a native version of Google’s in-car software, has been years in the making. Now, it’s close to prime time on Volvo’s Polestar 2, an all-electric Tesla competitor coming next year. We went hands on with the newest version of Google’s software in a prototype Polestar 2, and it’s shaping up to be quite amazing.
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Comments • 427

  • Dave ris
    Dave ris Day ago

    Nah I dont need my car kidnapping me. Too much damn technology

  • Hansli Peterli
    Hansli Peterli 7 days ago

    More like OK google, do everything 10 times faster so you are actually useful...

  • Cameronthetitan
    Cameronthetitan 16 days ago

    Please stop saying “OK Google” in your videos - you’re triggering all our devices!!!!

  • Muhammad A.
    Muhammad A. 18 days ago


  • Ashok Rajkumar
    Ashok Rajkumar 25 days ago

    There is no gear in electric car

  • Raul Bernal
    Raul Bernal Month ago

    Will the boot loader be unlocked?

  • David C
    David C Month ago

    Cool that at least Volvo is admitting tech companies are better at UX/UI. Volvo's isn't as bad as a lot of companies (eg FCA, Ford, BMW) but this is better. That said, they need to use better hardware. There were obvious lags in this implementation vs the latter part where guy is using Android Auto (prob with a flagship Android Phone). It's kind of sad if they aren't putting in hardware that matches a Pixel in a $60k car. It may be that this is pre-production and not optimized. If not, they should benchmark off of Tesla Model 3. It's seamless, with no UI slowdown.

  • Zhou
    Zhou Month ago +1

    Why would you want to give Google of all companies control over your car?

  • Shaon D.
    Shaon D. Month ago

    Not sure I want google to be deep integrated in my car. This will be a privacy issue in future.

  • Omar Nuñez
    Omar Nuñez Month ago

    Pretty cool.

  • Chris Blunt
    Chris Blunt Month ago

    Andriod auto goes CarPlay

  • Prapull
    Prapull Month ago

    What if some day trump bans on some technology. Countries should stop using US tech

    • Ankit Singh
      Ankit Singh Month ago

      What are you gonna use beside Windows, Linux, Mac, iOs, Android, TheXvid, Twitter, Facebook, Insta??

  • Empereur Dieu
    Empereur Dieu Month ago

    this is great and all, but i don't think we should refer this brand as part of volvo anymore. sure they do use the same platform for the cars, but it's the same as huawei and honor, they are separated brands with separated teams, etc.

  • AFS20chend
    AFS20chend Month ago

    but could you use apple music?

  • Edoardo Puiatti
    Edoardo Puiatti Month ago

    "It tells you what gear you're in" - It's electric! It has no gears!

  • Christian Adams
    Christian Adams Month ago

    So ill have to worry about my cars data overages now

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Month ago

    4:38 Some black mirror stuff right there. HEELL NOOO

  • Marius Koen
    Marius Koen Month ago

    This is it, all future cars will eventually have this and a large touch screen, min 10 inch. Most manufacturers so slow to catch on.

  • Anthony Gallardo
    Anthony Gallardo Month ago

    Does it play natively?

  • Christoph
    Christoph Month ago

    Hope polestar used no Huawei Hardware 😜

  • LJM2stepspain
    LJM2stepspain Month ago

    How does a channel like this not understand you can't say the words "OK google" in videos these days?

    Kmon guys, even channels with a few hundred thousand subs have been keeping the keywords (hi alexa, ok google, whatever activates siri) out of their videos for some time.

  • HarizshahHamin
    HarizshahHamin Month ago +2

    Joke aside, I want this infotainment system to be mainstream and maybe other Car Manufacturers could use the software running their own skin.

  • Fatih Kocibar
    Fatih Kocibar Month ago

    I'm afraid of a car with android 😅

  • F H
    F H Month ago

    Gears in an all electric vehicle yes?

  • EqualsThreeable
    EqualsThreeable Month ago

    Due to Trump's executive order I don't see this coming to fruition. Android can't be working with those communist in China anymore.

  • aronnepiperno
    aronnepiperno Month ago

    I don't want a 4 wheel smartphone.

  • kevinranders
    kevinranders Month ago

    Wonder if this will come, as an update, to current 2019 models? Picked up a 2019 XC60 in November.

  • keybored101
    keybored101 Month ago

    Thanks for saying Ok Google so many times! Why wouldn't you mute that part? Is this your first TheXvid review???

  • Comisionado
    Comisionado Month ago

    Just more ways of them to track us

  • Pepe's bodega
    Pepe's bodega Month ago

    I just want spotify app preinstalled in my car, is that to much to ask for? :( I own a renault

  • PaulBario
    PaulBario Month ago

    How come no one is talking about the fact that this may just be another way of Google to collect more in-depth data about you? No thanks

  • Daniel Mansour
    Daniel Mansour Month ago

    *Bixby has left the chat*

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    stop saying you have.... I have nothing.

  • ransom182
    ransom182 Month ago

    No thanks.

  • Abdiel Alfonso
    Abdiel Alfonso Month ago

    The real question is, does it have a headphone jack?

  • Smart & Sexy
    Smart & Sexy Month ago

    But does it work...

  • Jack Graffi
    Jack Graffi Month ago

    For some reason I have a very positive view on the brand google but a negative view on the brand android. Is this just me? (I know they are both google)

    • machmalichtan
      machmalichtan Month ago

      Jack Graffi yeah because android it conparison to its competitor ios is unreliable whereas google is the best in it‘s business

  • surfie007
    surfie007 Month ago

    The name needs changing because it’s way too similar to Android Auto

  • Trent Thomas
    Trent Thomas Month ago

    Still going with the Tesla Model 3 :D

  • Andrew Bermea
    Andrew Bermea Month ago

    This car gonna get hacked and crash lol.

  • Connor Bettini
    Connor Bettini Month ago

    I'm guessing google Home accessories will eventually be able to control it too?

  • OnyX Studio
    OnyX Studio Month ago

    Google expanding to automotive OS, smart and awesome.

  • RunBit
    RunBit Month ago

    I had to unplug my Google for me to be able to watch this in peace.

  • Nyankana
    Nyankana Month ago

    If the car runs on pure android... good luck dealing with system crashes

  • Mohammed Ismail
    Mohammed Ismail Month ago +1

    What if I have an iPhone?

  • Sander Van De Putte

    Finally a car that could compete with Tesla apart from the Taycan. Ipace and e-tron are so sad :(

  • Patrick Mak
    Patrick Mak Month ago

    Nice car!

  • derkhaslol
    derkhaslol Month ago +1

    My car has also Google assistant built-in. It´s the worst while driving because she NEVER hears the right words. So kinda useless.

  • Simon King
    Simon King Month ago +1

    Stopped watching after you triggered my home speakers twice with "OK Google".

  • Paul Hawkins
    Paul Hawkins Month ago

    Great, let's all hand over even more of our personal data to Google.

  • Abe Castillo
    Abe Castillo Month ago

    It's not a tesla tho

  • redseasplitter
    redseasplitter Month ago

    I hope Google takes Android Auto seriously this is huge consistent updates to maps and the software is something that I love but with the software from Auto makers it's just bleh 😣 I'm really looking forward to to having AA in my own car in the future.

  • nin9liv3s
    nin9liv3s Month ago +4

    I like that it takes 5 times longer for Google assistant to turn down the temperature than to just press the minus button twice

    CHANDRA HASAN Month ago

    * Can I see Android automotive read tier pressure and friction?
    * I that possible control my fuel injection system?
    * Is that possible drive remote and control ?

  • dxelson
    dxelson Month ago

    Can you switch out good maps for other navigation apps

  • ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs

    Yes, I have been longing for this forever!!!! 🤣

  • Bill H
    Bill H Month ago

    HACK able

  • AndyPandy33
    AndyPandy33 Month ago +2

    I don't want Google to control my car, are you crazy?

  • Onur Mutlu
    Onur Mutlu Month ago

    I think I like my stupid car instead of ‘smart’ car.

  • Thomas Davik
    Thomas Davik Month ago

    This is amazing. Finally something that can compete with Teslas infotainment system.

  • Elongated Muketeer
    Elongated Muketeer Month ago

    Lags more than ur momma. No thanks, rubbish

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo Month ago

    One, the software and Googles response time looks really slow. Two, this car is 63K before taxes at the base model. The base model Tesla 3 is close to half that price.

  • BijanJay
    BijanJay Month ago +8

    “It’s an electric car”
    “Dash tells you what gear you’re in.”

  • irokatcod4
    irokatcod4 Month ago

    This will confuse the HELL out of my phone. Whenever I am home, and I say "ok google, turn on the lights" my phone and my google home both say "ok, turning on 2 lights" LIKE WTF, I'm home, I don't need my phone responding when I was talking to my google home. I will obviously have my phone with me when I'm driving this car so I KNOW I will not be able to talk to my car to turn down the temperature or open Spotify because I know my phone will start responding and it will get very confused.

  • Richard H
    Richard H Month ago

    It's horribly laggy though, isn't it.

  • Hamza Mughal
    Hamza Mughal Month ago +9

    People: Can your car fly?
    Me: Let me just quickly grant Super user access to it.

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali Month ago

    This needs to be more minimal

  • Gabriel Huerta
    Gabriel Huerta Month ago

    Isn’t the point of Android/apple car stuff that technology is always evolving and cars were staying behind? So we made it so our phones that are always evolving will bring our cars to the future with us. We don’t have to get a new car to update our car systems . I think moving away from the phone controlling this is a step backwards. Instead make android auto more intertwined with the car don’t make it the actual car. Because by the time this is released, it will already be obsolete.

  • Azfar Thakur
    Azfar Thakur Month ago

    Google am I brain dead yet Yes I have done my job LoL

  • Christian Jakob
    Christian Jakob Month ago

    Looks very distracting and much slower to me than standard controls. Instead of giving the command, waiting, listening to the response, check if it is correctly applied, I just turn the dial without looking and I’m done. Faster, less distracting, safer. This is not progress in my opinion. Until they’re not completely self driving this is useless to me.

    MINTY★HARDCORE Month ago

    2:03 iT TelLs yOu WhAt gEAr yOu'Re In

  • Graham Cale
    Graham Cale Month ago +11

    Would you like to know a quick way to get me to stop watching your video?
    Keep saying "OK Google".

  • Eric Fullerton
    Eric Fullerton Month ago

    Google Cyborg changed my internal temperature to 70 degrees.

  • Witness ProPro
    Witness ProPro Month ago

    I assume that the car has emergency brake assist. Because you won't be paying attention to the road whilst playing with that pointless touchscreen.

  • Witness ProPro
    Witness ProPro Month ago

    The implementation looks awful. Also why does Google assistant have to talk so much? Surely 'ok' or 'confirmed' would suffice.

  • shemar dixon
    shemar dixon Month ago

    Tesla competitor

  • Shau Snow
    Shau Snow Month ago +1

    Android car?? F that!

  • JyKC93
    JyKC93 Month ago

    So what ads will they show on my speedometer?

  • Logan Finney
    Logan Finney Month ago

    My Google switched from this video to Light My Fire on Spotify, thanks. Stop it with the OK GOOGLE

  • ZEEP_ 15
    ZEEP_ 15 Month ago

    could you have an iphone connected to this and use apple music instead of spotify for music on this?

  • basdfgwe
    basdfgwe Month ago

    I want I want I want...

  • OnlineCitizenTV
    OnlineCitizenTV Month ago +5

    Definitely nothing close to Tesla control system especially when it comes to updates. Whenever Android is customized there would be no update.

  • Yuri Thorpe
    Yuri Thorpe Month ago

    Ffs censor okay Google

  • dan110024
    dan110024 Month ago

    I really hope the devs have put more work into automotive than they have with auto. Android auto is a horrible piece of software that I have a love/hate relationship with every day.

  • Bughatii
    Bughatii Month ago

    Gosh Why do I hate android

  • Yme Brantjes
    Yme Brantjes Month ago +1

    Okay playing Spotify on Chromecast, video gone playlist gone..

  • Ronaldo Roda
    Ronaldo Roda Month ago +5

    That console need to be re-design, those side lips are way too high blocking both the driver and front passenger to access the features on the screen, specially those at the lower part of the screen.

  • Ross Stevenson
    Ross Stevenson Month ago

    Unwatchable. Keep setting off my Google Home

    JASON.S Month ago

    Way better than Tesla

  • Autumn Leigh
    Autumn Leigh Month ago +2

    I don’t trust android to complete phone duties.
    I sure as hell don’t trust it in a car!

  • Jamal H
    Jamal H Month ago

    But why are they not OLED displays?

  • Liz Larraga
    Liz Larraga Month ago

    Had to stop watching my phone and Google Home went nuts. Cool car though.

  • Andiez Nutz
    Andiez Nutz Month ago

    Ok I got it I don't need a phone

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam Month ago +9

    Can you root it and flash a custom ROM and flash magisk?

  • Tom Sheridan
    Tom Sheridan Month ago

    How is the car connected with the internet? Do you need to pay for data? Does it need a sim?

  • philjohnson725
    philjohnson725 Month ago

    Why do you say Android powered? I thought it was battery powered.

  • LordManhattan
    LordManhattan Month ago +4

    Nice, now Google will have even more data on their users. Can't wait for pop-up ads on the windshield!

  • Raof KGN
    Raof KGN Month ago

    My google home was like ' who the heck is that ??'

  • NighteeeY
    NighteeeY Month ago

    It tells me which gear im in in an electric vehicle? Interesting.

  • Dipendra Nath Das
    Dipendra Nath Das Month ago

    I thought change the temperature at 70°C, then I realised it's not possible 😂