One Bounce Challenge, Snapshots & 2 Touch Finish | You Know The Drill - Wolves with Adam Le Fondre

  • Published on Jan 19, 2016
  • Jimmy Bullard went to Wolves last week for what was possibly his most difficult drill yet. Up against Rob Edwards and Adam Le Fondre, Jimmy has to beat Le Fondre across three challenges, the bounce challenge, three snap shots, and then a 1/2 touch finishing drill to finish things off. How will he get on? Watch to find out!
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Comments • 218

  • Ed Ford
    Ed Ford 18 days ago

    Get a trim Adam

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    and where is ALF now?

  • Jackywacky Doodah
    Jackywacky Doodah Month ago

    And to think that Wolves have gone from playing Adam Le Fondre to Raul Jimenez within the space of 2 years is mental.

  • Ismail Mulla
    Ismail Mulla 2 months ago

    That fella couldn't hit a cows backside with a banjo

  • anson quach
    anson quach 2 months ago

    No wonder he plays for Sydney fc

  • Danny Gugi
    Danny Gugi 2 months ago

    5:30 in tears every time

  • Harry Winks
    Harry Winks 2 months ago +1

    Alf is so annoying

  • Ed Ford
    Ed Ford 3 months ago +2

    Le Fondre is officially dogshit he can’t even do keep ups comfortably

  • Sam Pullen
    Sam Pullen 3 months ago

    Glad everyone finally got to see the real Alf a complete and utter melt

  • PillowKing 999 Zerva
    PillowKing 999 Zerva 7 months ago

    Le fondre plays in the a-league in Australia for Sydney fc

  • Mike Cronan
    Mike Cronan 8 months ago

    Le Fondre was absoutely embarrassing here. This is what he gets paid to do for a living and he was completely useless.

  • orange circle
    orange circle 8 months ago

    I'm 21 stone, extremely unfit but I think I could score more than that guy.

  • d NNN
    d NNN 8 months ago +2

    After seeing this the board decided to have a trip to portugal

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 8 months ago

    Le Fondre is a tool

  • Chicago Spidey
    Chicago Spidey 9 months ago

    5:34 😂💀

  • Romano onamoR
    Romano onamoR 9 months ago

    Le Fondre couldn't score with a hooker

    XxV3NGEANC3xX 9 months ago

    No wonder Jimenez got bought in

  • Zac Forsey
    Zac Forsey 10 months ago

    Three years ago today what a coincidence 19th jan 2019

  • Gary Cutter
    Gary Cutter 11 months ago +2

    that squeeky voice god sort ya balls out lad

  • Nima Scolari
    Nima Scolari 11 months ago

    Low standard. Surprising. Expected way higher level of finishing.

  • Louis Fentiman
    Louis Fentiman Year ago +1

    I’ve heard 3 year olds with a deeper voice then le fondre

  • Nepali Guy
    Nepali Guy Year ago

    als no way 5 10 wtf

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown Year ago

    Alfie wouldn't even play for local Saturday team awful finishing

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar Year ago

    That guy is so annoying.

  • Kien Macdonald
    Kien Macdonald Year ago


  • Joshua Kho
    Joshua Kho Year ago

    Football's the winner

  • Jkr98_
    Jkr98_ Year ago

    Where is Adam Le fondre now?????

    • Nojo
      Nojo Year ago

      Just signed for the best team in Australia

  • Stefan Kesic
    Stefan Kesic Year ago

    Jimmy's trash talk is the best haha

  • Phillip Coker
    Phillip Coker Year ago

    ALF was poor.

  • 7ismvp
    7ismvp Year ago

    I would have released him from his contract after watching this.

  • Howie Cole
    Howie Cole Year ago

    ALF is a total embarrassment

  • Adam Trowbridge
    Adam Trowbridge Year ago

    Best one they did 👍

  • Mike Cronan
    Mike Cronan Year ago

    Well that was embarrassing af 😂

  • rosemary garraway

    Lmfao that’s wot I do wot I do is I call it and I distribute one nil bulldog 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jack Lovett
    Jack Lovett Year ago +1

    I’ll bum ya

  • terry spencer
    terry spencer Year ago

    How annoying is Adam le fondre voice

  • Tom Mckay
    Tom Mckay Year ago

    Will bolton be done again soon?

  • Max Owen
    Max Owen Year ago

    Best episode of YKTD so far.

  • Marcos Alvarez
    Marcos Alvarez Year ago +1

    Lol those are the type of players I’d love to see get mad and shut up while I just do my thing and be like 🤧🤭 he didn’t have confidence he had arrogance, nice jim 🙏

  • Business Email
    Business Email 2 years ago

    Alf will probably be the first professional football player to come out as gay in england

  • Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice 2 years ago

    Keep this one out keeps I’ll bum ya 4:56

  • Alex Teichmann
    Alex Teichmann 2 years ago +1

    That Alf is annoying

  • Olly ASPRO
    Olly ASPRO 2 years ago

    Adam Le fondre hes is a wanderer ole ole ole ole

  • Gwyn Jones
    Gwyn Jones 2 years ago

    You Know The Drill!!
    CoAcHeS qUiZ (post answers in comments)
    1. One Bounce Challenge - What do you think is the most important thing to consider when striking the ball out of the air?
    2. Snapshots - How would you make sure the ball stayed low and didnt go over the bar?
    3. 2 Touch Finish - The first touch is so important to set up the shot!! How would you receive the ball to make sure your prepared for an awesome strike on goal?
    Think you can score more than Jimmy and ALF? Set up the drill, film yourself and post in the comment section!

  • Nicol Dall
    Nicol Dall 2 years ago

    Alf he is a wondrer oli oli oli oli

  • Apple Zxxx
    Apple Zxxx 2 years ago

    ALF is irritatinf Busthird.

  • Matt W
    Matt W 2 years ago

    I love how the comments section think Le Fondre is being serious

  • Hi, Im Chase!
    Hi, Im Chase! 2 years ago

    Well I won't be buying Le Fondre on football manager again after that performance!

  • Evarson
    Evarson 2 years ago

    I love Alfie for his time at Rotherham but come on mate you can't blame your loss on an 18 year old keeper! Stop Whining!

  • Sean Foley
    Sean Foley 2 years ago

    That moment you realize Alf is supposed to be a professional footballer, but has the finishing ability of a Sunday league keeper... Atta boy Alf!

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith 2 years ago

    What is the name of the ball they are using

  • Dave Bonski
    Dave Bonski 2 years ago

    Who the hell is that annoying whiney twat? What a pain in the fucking arse he seems. Wouldn't like to be training with him everyday.

  • Rhys Myring
    Rhys Myring 2 years ago

    Le fondre comes over as a complete tosser

  • Saviola Is God
    Saviola Is God 2 years ago

    Le Fondre is absolutely shite

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion 2 years ago

    Almost as good as the women's super league

  • The Phantom
    The Phantom 2 years ago

    ALF - I'm shit so i'll attempt to compensate by being the most annoying and whiny i can be.

  • M74 BG
    M74 BG 2 years ago

    That Edwards was flirting haha, can't wait to see on this one and then come here al😂

  • Tom Shannon
    Tom Shannon 2 years ago

    Fucking seriously bad this

  • Adam Dixon
    Adam Dixon 2 years ago +58

    Think jimmy wanted to win that one, cause that le fondre is such a bellend

  • James -
    James - 2 years ago

    love the comeback