BRIAN SHAW'S WORLD RECORD 733 LB STONE LIFT | The Strongest Man in History | History

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • In Scotland, the strongmen attempt to lift and carry the legendary 733 lb. Dinnie Stones a record breaking 8'2" in this scene from Season 1, "Stronger Than a Scotsman". #StrongestMan
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    HISTORY's new series "The Strongest Man In History," will send four of the world's leading strongmen;-Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst and Nick Best-on a journey across the world to seek out history's most legendary titans of strength, celebrate their feats of fortitude, immerse themselves in their history and attempt to break their long-standing records, some of which have endured for hundreds of years.
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Comments • 3 950

    SHAWSTRENGTH 4 months ago +7360

    This was my favorite moment from the first season! It was really amazing to break this record on the show and with the guys there! Thanks for all the support! 💪💯

    • BroBuzz
      BroBuzz Day ago

      Slay king

      MICHAEL WOODS 15 days ago

      SHAWSTRENGTH Big well done Brian 👏👏

    • Jay J
      Jay J 21 day ago

      Mr. Brian sir, you need to be in the Vikings show or movie.... or maybe play Jason in a new Jason movie. Maybe just stand there and look gigantic.....

    • Mr. OPG Hacker
      Mr. OPG Hacker 22 days ago

      Your a legend

    • Wayne Godfrey
      Wayne Godfrey 26 days ago

      You are a legend

  • Ossie
    Ossie 2 hours ago

    Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago

  • Yafet Daniel
    Yafet Daniel 4 hours ago

    The real record holder is the one who took the stones from where they where to the bridge

  • Jared Elliott
    Jared Elliott 8 hours ago

    Lifts stones and carries them for a world record...not impressive
    Doesn't complain about his hands hurting...impressive...LOL!

  • Mr Perpetual
    Mr Perpetual 9 hours ago

    Large hands is the key to this one .

  • Loui
    Loui 10 hours ago

    “You guys ready to eat?”
    Every restaurant in a nearby radius

  • Loui
    Loui 10 hours ago

    Imagine these dudes taking in the groceries

  • burt591
    burt591 Day ago +1

    Who had the previous record?

  • DialZ
    DialZ Day ago

    How did they get the stones back to the beginning

  • Manoj Gaikwad
    Manoj Gaikwad Day ago

    It's 334kg 💪

  • Erick Serrano
    Erick Serrano Day ago

    Why is this on the history channel

  • Leandro Ribeiro
    Leandro Ribeiro Day ago

    Só eu de BR perdido aqui kkkk

  • tntheroman
    tntheroman Day ago

    dude 733 pounds just like that

  • dankmeme wyatt
    dankmeme wyatt 2 days ago

    The real question is how did they get those stones on that bridge??

  • BadBehaviorGoodIntentions Podcast

    Dude, when Brian broke the record I got goosebumps. So inspiring!

  • Clutch Flutie
    Clutch Flutie 2 days ago

    I have a REALLY HARD question for everyone:
    Who's more likable, Brian Shaw or SHAQ!?!?!
    Rofl, tough one i know.

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 3 days ago

    Such power...

  • Mohit Virda
    Mohit Virda 3 days ago +1

    You are afraid i will break your record so in every video you say don't try at home

  • Carter Xxgaming
    Carter Xxgaming 3 days ago

    Brian Shaw almost pulling a muscle at 700 something pounds
    Me lifting 50 or above pulling a muscle

  • nirvana896
    nirvana896 3 days ago

    Trump 2020!

  • dari_ m
    dari_ m 3 days ago +3

    If Ronnie lifted those rocks
    Ronnie Coleman: light weight baby

  • Rumble Gear
    Rumble Gear 3 days ago

    I could lift the stones I could even lift 3000 lbs

    In my dream

  • Michael
    Michael 4 days ago

    Perfect footwear for this event...said nobody...

    GETTRASHEDON 4 days ago

    I bet if they had gloves of something they would all get passed the tape

  • Bdbbejdjdb Snnsndndndn

    Brian Shaw looks like Porky the Pig

  • Chuck Grey Goodman
    Chuck Grey Goodman 4 days ago

    Brian is a phenomenon

  • Moss
    Moss 5 days ago

    All I kept on thinking, is don't drop those on your toes 😲

  • Stinky Pinky
    Stinky Pinky 5 days ago +4

    Brian went last because he was late to the set.

  • William Tyndale
    William Tyndale 5 days ago

    You guys ready to eat...😆

  • ThePilgrim 18
    ThePilgrim 18 5 days ago

    All of the other people ran really fast and tried to throw the stones ahead of them but Brian no, he can take his time he was the slowest and went the furthest just to show how strong he is.

  • ThePilgrim 18
    ThePilgrim 18 5 days ago +3

    Brian Shaw one of the strongest men to ever walk the face of this earth. Truly God given talent. Keep braking records!

  • Ola Chika
    Ola Chika 5 days ago

    So how did they get them out to the bridge?

  • Elijah Dyche
    Elijah Dyche 5 days ago

    I heard this guy is vegan

  • Xiang Rong Eo
    Xiang Rong Eo 5 days ago

    I see they are using hook grip.

  • Kasaini Schaaf
    Kasaini Schaaf 6 days ago

    Awesome. Brian Shaw is the favourite all times strong man

  • chicagocubs10601
    chicagocubs10601 6 days ago

    How do they get them to the bridge though? 🤔

  • Tola Sam
    Tola Sam 6 days ago

    Such a humble man (Brian Shaw)

  • King Croc
    King Croc 6 days ago

    brian shaw the demi-god son of zeus, mothered by gaia, the lord's themselves bestowed shaw with the immortal stone heart, giving him his super strength powers. a modern day hercules. yeah buddy. (im not high af typing this rn)

  • Westfalen Stadion
    Westfalen Stadion 6 days ago

    Well Done. ;)

  • CodeX
    CodeX 6 days ago

    The question is... how did they get the stones back after each attempt?

  • Michael Dodd
    Michael Dodd 7 days ago

    Shaw is so f***ing awesome!

  • Hirame Sensei
    Hirame Sensei 7 days ago

    So weird to see Oberst not being a complete douchebag, especially with Eddie there.

  • Asian Potatoes
    Asian Potatoes 7 days ago

    Them Lebrons tho

  • craig savage
    craig savage 7 days ago

    Mike o’hearn everyone’s favorite natty brought those stones up to the bridge from the river bed... at the same time, no breaks and of course naturally

  • Aria 1383
    Aria 1383 10 days ago +2

    My back started hurting for no reason while I was watching this

  • Dragonfire111
    Dragonfire111 10 days ago +2

    0:29 that guy doesn't look anything like a strongman competitor. Maybe he used steroids

  • Tariq Mahmood
    Tariq Mahmood 11 days ago

    Chuck Norris carried the 2 stones & 4 guys at the same time across the bridge

  • Dragonfire111
    Dragonfire111 12 days ago

    They better be wearing steel toes or they'll break their foot

  • Adrian Ali
    Adrian Ali 12 days ago

    You guys are true champions

  • OneWingedDuck The duck

    Meanwhile, i can't farmer's carry half of my bodyweight.

  • billy jack
    billy jack 13 days ago +1

    Fun fact: I was the one who carried the stones up to the bridge and reset them back into place after they each attempted.

  • M1GarandBoy
    M1GarandBoy 13 days ago

    Good thing Dom Mazzetti wasn't there... oops, wrong channel

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 13 days ago

    I wonder how the result would have been if both stones were equally weighted.

  • Rick Iovine
    Rick Iovine 14 days ago +1

    Brian, with those vise-grip hands, is unmatched in feats of strength like this. You are only as strong as your weakest link, which is always your hands and wrists. Brian has the strongest in the world.

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan 15 days ago +3

    Brian coulda carried them 20feet if he wasn't so slow. haha
    He's like an old tractor.

    • wheelmanstan
      wheelmanstan 13 days ago

      @S. I watch him carry stuff all the time, his feet always move so slow, slower that everyone else's, of course he's taller so it's to be expected, but Thor gets around pretty fast, I'm half-joking about Shaw always being slow or late, but when you time him from when he has the weight off the ground he always has it up longer than the guys that get more reps in, so that's a problem he can work on to get him more reps because he still has the power, just didn't use it wisely, he runs out of time before running out the tank, I don't think anyone is beating him at this for a long time though, thor has nerve damage in a hand for one, brian's the king at these carry events, this is how the events should be, rather than timed, whoever moves the heaviest weight is the strongest

    • S.
      S. 13 days ago

      Doubt he could have walked faster.
      Even if he could, the weight would increase due to the "speed".

  • Super Janitor
    Super Janitor 16 days ago

    WHo brought them back to the start line

  • TONY killa bz
    TONY killa bz 16 days ago +2

    Defiantly need steel toe caps boots or steel boots for this kind off lifts

  • Keagan Barnes
    Keagan Barnes 16 days ago +1

    I love the old strong men because they look like your average dad compared to the new Hulk in the recent marvel movies

  • Jake Zubrys
    Jake Zubrys 17 days ago +1

    Imagine dropping them on your toes😳

  • Jeff
    Jeff 17 days ago

    Guys ready to EAT yaa .. 👍