• Published on Mar 29, 2019
    If you wanna get buff and shredded you gotta grind hard. Strong muscles require many years of training. And if you wanna know how to fight and be like Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee, you`ll also have to spend many years exercising. It might sound surprising to you but some people start working out very early in life. Okay you guys, lets have a look at 10 strongest kids on the planet!

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  • Sliverersharksandwich
    Sliverersharksandwich 20 minutes ago


  • thegreatgamer
    thegreatgamer 2 hours ago

    Liam hulxtra is the real life super baby

  • Tanner Howard
    Tanner Howard 5 hours ago

    Looks real professional

  • Tanner Howard
    Tanner Howard 5 hours ago

    Nice job on the clickbait lol

  • Heman Awesoke
    Heman Awesoke 8 hours ago

    Bad form

  • my opinion is that your opinion is trash

    How to get views

    Photoshop the thumbnail in
    The worst way possible

  • Maritza Lemus
    Maritza Lemus 20 hours ago

    He is a girl

  • Da Oppz
    Da Oppz Day ago

    Y tf do u put the most clickbait thumbnails ever

  • topsidecarker redstone pro

    clickbait already killed me

  • TheGamingPanda -_-
    TheGamingPanda -_- Day ago +1

    What if John Cena watched this

  • SIH 85
    SIH 85 Day ago


  • gicuta polla
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  • Creastila Playz
    Creastila Playz 2 days ago +2

    This kids are crazy... they:do lots of workouts
    Me: how i exersice=jump 1 time daily
    Lol just joking hahaha

  • Armands Zarins
    Armands Zarins 2 days ago

    I'm a kid and strong

  • Armands Zarins
    Armands Zarins 2 days ago

    I'm strong trying to beat peanuts name

  • Lego Beys
    Lego Beys 2 days ago +1

    I can carry my Aunty and I’m nine lol

  • Renard John Sanchez
    Renard John Sanchez 2 days ago +1

    I do a hundred sit ups everyday

  • r3hyan
    r3hyan 3 days ago +9

    this is clickbait but i love how bad they photoshopped the thumbnail

    • Awesome Awesomeness
      Awesome Awesomeness 2 days ago +1

      OMG, you're right! 😂 Like the shading of the kid's muscles didn't even coincide with the background lighting on the thumbnail! 😁

  • vante1official PS4 and more!

    This is photoshop. I am 11 and I have NVLD and Low self esteem. This makes me cry everyday. I am 123 pounds.

  • anthony itohan
    anthony itohan 5 days ago

    Those two kids are fake with there ass

  • Fazlul Maulana
    Fazlul Maulana 5 days ago

    Great editing in thumbnail

  • Safi Alwi
    Safi Alwi 5 days ago +1

    We all can beat these people up. In my term its called "rage mode"

  • Caylee Davis
    Caylee Davis 7 days ago +1

    I strong 😂😂😂😂

  • Yahli Kapelnikov
    Yahli Kapelnikov 7 days ago

    I have a six pack and I'm 10

  • ExplodingGaming 189
    ExplodingGaming 189 7 days ago +3

    3:10 when u played to much minecraft

  • Shadow Maker
    Shadow Maker 8 days ago

    Who clicked to see how many dislikes this got?

  • 11 11
    11 11 8 days ago

    I've been working out since I was 4 or 5.... It's not often kids tend to work out, but to be perfectly honest I was lift 3 times what adults were in the gym at the age of 13.

  • ᑕ- ᗰEᖇGE
    ᑕ- ᗰEᖇGE 8 days ago +18

    Guess what? I have 8 packs

    Of Coke in my store fridge in the basement. XD

  • Vizzion cooler
    Vizzion cooler 8 days ago

    Aye if you in the hood you straight up you jus get fit from being in the streets

  • Naila Tauseef
    Naila Tauseef 8 days ago +1

    Hey really nice thumbnail i really like how realistic it wow

    Its so stupid

  • The Vietnamese Guy
    The Vietnamese Guy 8 days ago

    4:11 I’m pretty sure he uses steroids plus if he exercises too much then his skin start to tear apart

    • ArtOfHoodie
      ArtOfHoodie 7 days ago

      But steroids are fatal for a men,for a kid are..

  • Rileigh Manuel
    Rileigh Manuel 9 days ago


  • Get me to 10000 subscribers Challenge

    Thumb nail has soo much photoshop

  • Scrub
    Scrub 9 days ago

    Every kid in middle school: “hOw tO gEt A sIx pAcK iN tHrEe mInUtEs”

  • C -ROD
    C -ROD 9 days ago

    He? Thats a she

  • Atty _gameplay
    Atty _gameplay 10 days ago

    3:07 when i die in fortnite because the wifi is bad

  • Z C
    Z C 10 days ago +17

    I knew it was click bait,but I clicked on it anyway cause I thought,"Hey! The comments should keep me entertained 😆"

  • satan cat
    satan cat 10 days ago


  • Shiro Kataki
    Shiro Kataki 11 days ago +1

    Ok all of those combined doesn’t match up to blackpinks

  • Elaine Willis
    Elaine Willis 11 days ago

    That nice

  • bible buddy
    bible buddy 12 days ago +4

    Bro that thumbnail took a little Timmy face and put it on a body builders body

  • Flaming_Nugget 99
    Flaming_Nugget 99 12 days ago +7

    4:11 Steroids. He has a small set of nuts. BET hes going to die at the age of 20 bc of the damage he has done to his body.

  • CreamyPuff !
    CreamyPuff ! 12 days ago

    2:40 why did that make me laugh XD and I’m Asian myself

  • No One
    No One 13 days ago

    I wanna see their height when they reach the age of 20.

  • Shafac Mohamed
    Shafac Mohamed 13 days ago +1

    Wow but where is my son I don't see Him

  • Youssef Aly
    Youssef Aly 13 days ago

    Why the hell is jeff cavaliere there

  • M1of23 GAMES
    M1of23 GAMES 14 days ago


  • parkour masters wach and learn

    i know one of the kids that are really strong he's 12 yrs old he's called Jack theoland

  • aditya yadav
    aditya yadav 15 days ago

    At this age i was watching shin chan and by this age i mean all these ages

  • JavHolmes
    JavHolmes 15 days ago

    then why dont they allow kids into GYms??

  • Bokiol BSP
    Bokiol BSP 15 days ago +1

    The thumbnail.... nice photo shop bro

  • Trevon Lemon
    Trevon Lemon 15 days ago +1

    I remember watching the third kids videos.

  • Txrror
    Txrror 16 days ago +19

    Kid doing lodes or push ups
    Me : going to the gym
    Also me : watching stranger things and eating pizza

  • young flashlite
    young flashlite 16 days ago


  • Gaye Poindexter
    Gaye Poindexter 16 days ago

    I fat

  • QNTM_ Toph
    QNTM_ Toph 16 days ago

    The gril wasn't punching right

  • LitFIT
    LitFIT 17 days ago


  • ÑTÁBxxElijah
    ÑTÁBxxElijah 17 days ago


  • ÑTÁBxxElijah
    ÑTÁBxxElijah 17 days ago

    I like how ALL of these are fake

  • Yurgi Kararte
    Yurgi Kararte 17 days ago

    Hate it!!

  • Aka.Allman
    Aka.Allman 17 days ago

    That thumbnail is poor

  • Mason Cope
    Mason Cope 17 days ago

    Fake Fake Fake you are fuckin mother fuckers

  • Brandon Brass
    Brandon Brass 17 days ago

    this is so frickin fake

  • Cade Hodges
    Cade Hodges 17 days ago

    That’s clickbait

  • Ben G
    Ben G 18 days ago

    So weak

  • James Trayin
    James Trayin 18 days ago

    Why don’t you actually get kids that actually Look strong

  • James Trayin
    James Trayin 18 days ago

    No one fell for your stupid thumbnail trick

  • James Trayin
    James Trayin 18 days ago

    Your thumbnail is actually so trash like honestly who like dude I can obviously tell that you freaking photo shopped an adult body on the kids body literally how you did it good but not super good

  • James Trayin
    James Trayin 18 days ago

    Nice try but I saw through your stupid trick I’m not stupid I can literally see that because no kid is going to be able to do

  • James Trayin
    James Trayin 18 days ago

    For the thumbnail you Photoshop a freaking adult body on a kids body

  • Destiny Dahlberg
    Destiny Dahlberg 18 days ago

    You don't have subscribers on Instagram

  • Ross Steel
    Ross Steel 18 days ago

    One thing. What if all these kids started bullying kids? Your fucked

  • tranceone11
    tranceone11 18 days ago +1

    Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee,shows video of khabib 😂

  • Nerf dawg 39
    Nerf dawg 39 18 days ago +7

    When I was two I pulled my mom's coffee table around the house.

  • Braiden Hart
    Braiden Hart 18 days ago

    9 moth ol