• Published on May 16, 2020
  • In this video we'll share some tips and tricks on how to game jam!

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Comments • 770

  • ツahkh
    ツahkh Year ago +627

    I can't believe Brackeys, using Unity, is sponsored by other game engines.

  • Jabrils
    Jabrils Year ago +319

    Definitely stealing that Moscow method, but instead I'm going to divide my ideas by 0, because it's unfathomable that I can finish anything 😅

  • Dani
    Dani Year ago +2

    wait, whats this "planning" thing you speak of? sounds useful

  • Daniel Graves
    Daniel Graves Year ago +40

    I really love your game jam games and tutorials, they really help me out.

  • Umar Yusuf
    Umar Yusuf Year ago +211

    Brakeys: pen and paper doesn't need an update.

  • Shadow DA B0SS
    Shadow DA B0SS Year ago +22

    This video couldn't have come at a better time. I decided to participate in my first Game Jam this year and was looking for some pointers. I'm super excited!

  • ソラ
    ソラ Year ago +352

    "let's jump right into it."

  • Pixel Rank
    Pixel Rank Year ago +157

    Playtest counter: 5

  • Jaike
    Jaike Year ago +4

    I always wonder how game developers can learn so many skills quickly. They have to be able to model, make art, do sound design, code (some of the time) and so much more. I'm going to university for game design and development and, honestly, having to be able to do all this is fucking terrifying. I'm certain that 3 years is not long enough to learn all this.

  • Party Games
    Party Games Year ago +218


  • makra
    makra Year ago +7

    Sir I've liked your videos for being so intuitive . You serve as a great inspiration to me 🔥 I always try to make game devlogs like you and eventually fail 😅 Can you give me some tips to make more engaging videos for my channel?

  • Aruwa Urachi
    Aruwa Urachi Year ago +3

    Just starting using Unity, eager to be skilled enough to participate in a game jam ! :)

  • JujuProdGames
    JujuProdGames Year ago +1

    Nice video! The tips you showed here would've really helped me and my friend during the Quarantine Jam, especially things like planning and...

  • Dorbellprod
    Dorbellprod Year ago +111

    The worst part about game jams is that they often jam your brain.

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo Year ago +2

    I'm here to say thank you, I always tried to jump into game design, but never found some good tutorials. As I future Eletric Engineer I hope to be better at progamming as you are.

  • Sanyo Aji
    Sanyo Aji Year ago +1

    Hey Brackeys, Could you do a tutorial on making a character selection screen, like in smash bros or streetfighter that also spawns in the prefabs or something. Thanks :)

  • David Jacobs
    David Jacobs Year ago

    Hey dude, your videos are so super helpful. Have you ever considered doing another engine? You're such a unique and shining beacon of guidance in the game dev world, and I think you could get some great response with basic tutorials in like unreal or cryengine too! Maybe convert some of your early tutorials into those engines. Either way, keep up the good work.



  • Jelle Vermandere
    Jelle Vermandere Year ago

    Game jams are definitely my favourite way to create new games! You always learn something new that you will use somewhere in the future!

  • Your Average Astrophysicist

    I'd recommend Krita instead of GIMP. It's honestly amazing and I use it even to Photoshop pictures. ( It's more drawing focused )