James Comey under investigation by federal prosecutors for leak: Report

  • New York Times report says prosecutors are scrutinizing at least two news articles about the FBI and Comey that mentioned a secret Russian intelligence document.
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Comments • 80

  • Nonyer bidness
    Nonyer bidness Month ago

    Comey practices the art of corruption and he's very proficient at what he does. Using the law unstead of following it.

  • Bastion of Hope
    Bastion of Hope 2 months ago


  • steve anderson
    steve anderson 2 months ago

    Really, deep state, how long, wake up, this story will end, to many rats for years operating in the deep state

  • Larry M
    Larry M 2 months ago

    Hook Comey and Hillary up to a lie detector. Let the fun begin.

  • Dalea Nolan
    Dalea Nolan 2 months ago


  • Tina Fan
    Tina Fan 2 months ago

    FBI is a rouge out of control enemy of the people

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller 2 months ago

    still walk free just like all the other corrupt Democrats

  • Atheist Conservative
    Atheist Conservative 2 months ago

    Sofa King what. More pointless investigations which go nowhere.
    Not only will he not do any time, he probably won't even get indicted...this just a show for the DOJ to say "we're doing stuff"

  • Independent Views
    Independent Views 2 months ago

    Comey is on the list to be suicided.

  • Walter Kiel
    Walter Kiel 2 months ago

    A Leak... ? How about committing Fraud on a FISA Court, Obstruction of Justice, and Sedition... ? **Trump 2020 !!*

  • Mr.762
    Mr.762 2 months ago

    He belongs behind bars!

  • Gerald's Videos
    Gerald's Videos 2 months ago


  • BBQSmoker NC
    BBQSmoker NC 2 months ago +1

    Lock him up.

  • Anton F
    Anton F 2 months ago

    Charge him already!!! We the people are sick of these crimes being swept under the rug because of their political status !!!

  • Russel Watson
    Russel Watson 2 months ago

    He is under investigation for leaking fake emails and git caught. Part if the Hillary email investigation. You can't make this stuff up. What a looser.

  • Jerry Metzler
    Jerry Metzler 2 months ago

    Fry the SOB.

  • James Bell
    James Bell 2 months ago

    Comey commy. Colbert communist.

  • go567890
    go567890 2 months ago

    Foxaganda Propaganda Ministry of the Republican Party. Goebbels would be so proud

  • bjt42069
    bjt42069 2 months ago

    And..... He'll never be touched! Government lives by different laws.

  • Lazarous Bethany
    Lazarous Bethany 2 months ago

    Sh** rolls down hill !!!!

  • WaryAmerican
    WaryAmerican 2 months ago

    J A I L...

  • Dallas Willer
    Dallas Willer 2 months ago

    Finally.. Geez

  • M Rod
    M Rod 2 months ago +1

    See how comey the commy likes being investigated !

  • Mark M
    Mark M 2 months ago

    Wondering if Hillary will be sending him some money to his prison commissary account or George Soros?

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 2 months ago

    What about letting Hillary walk & his many other crimes!

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    not a surprise to me

  • Douglas Robinson
    Douglas Robinson 2 months ago

    The real story is what color sweater is Elizabeth Warren gonna wear when she quits her pathetic campaign...

  • Ash Kavash
    Ash Kavash 2 months ago

    Long overdue ........

  • barbandrob1
    barbandrob1 2 months ago

    Don't forget Comey also investigated the Clinton Crime Family, during the Whitewater s&l scandal....no reasonable prosecutor would file charges there either...

  • Rickey Williams
    Rickey Williams 2 months ago

    Cage that Bastard.
    “They are not after me, they are after YOU, I am just in the way “
    President Donald J. Trump
    Trump 2020 (Ohio)

  • PLAYwithGregg
    PLAYwithGregg 2 months ago

    He is GARBAGE

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell 2 months ago

    May God grant Comey ends up on Terminal Island or Pelican Bay bent over a bunk by 12 Mexican perverts.

  • Dee Smith
    Dee Smith 2 months ago +1

    I hope he has an issue holding onto wet soap! Cocksucker

  • ham sandwich
    ham sandwich 2 months ago

    Dont matter what dirt they find on him they wont prosecute. So whats the point ??

  • none ofyour
    none ofyour 2 months ago


  • Lori Rienhardt
    Lori Rienhardt 2 months ago

    Just tell me when he gets convicted. Other don’t waste my time. Nothing happens to these guys

  • SanAntonioSlim
    SanAntonioSlim 2 months ago

    Nothing changes if nobody goes to jail.

    OPEN YOUREYES 2 months ago

    Give him to me , i would like to show him some remote property !

  • Mal Bruni
    Mal Bruni 2 months ago

    When..getting hired now
    We over here in UK where told he would be the first to start singing like a canary as he was low hanging fruit..well if hes meant to be easy
    . Then you yanks have no chance getting Hillary and Obama

  • anthony gryczkowski
    anthony gryczkowski 2 months ago

    Please stop, he’s never going to see a day in jail. I know, you know, we all know. Why publicize it???

  • Timothy Ryan
    Timothy Ryan 2 months ago

    Nobody Crosses The BOSS: James Comey !

  • George Powe
    George Powe 2 months ago

    Put all these traitors in prison.
    Regain the honor that our top Law Enforcement Agencys have lost.

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 2 months ago

    It seems the tables have turned.

  • John Preciado
    John Preciado 2 months ago

    Woody will kneeling in the shower pretty soon picking up the soap with stinky Pete. Trump 2020

  • mainzel männchen
    mainzel männchen 2 months ago

    Was about time. Jail time!!!

  • John D
    John D 2 months ago

    How about under arrest instead? Tired of endless go nowhere Deep State investigations, that is unless you supported the president. Then your locked up for jaywalking.

  • Diane VanHandel
    Diane VanHandel 2 months ago

    When will justice come to the deep state?

  • Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast


  • Iam N.
    Iam N. 2 months ago +4

    The real question is: Will Comey squeal on everyone else to save his own hide? Stay tuned! 😲

  • Ball Sak CH#2
    Ball Sak CH#2 2 months ago

    If he was a republican he would have been in prison rotting already

  • InternetDisciple
    InternetDisciple 2 months ago

    If the DoJ was interested in holding Comey responsible for his crimes, they would have already done it by now.

  • Thin BlueLine
    Thin BlueLine 2 months ago

    And why does it matter? Comey isn't going to get in trouble regardless. Should be in prison, but he wont get there because he's a power player.. and no one embarrasses a power player.. it goes against the playbook of all power players. Just like when a power player gets fired from a job.. the other power players always say the employee CHOSE TO MOVE ON TO OTHER VENTURES AND WERE SAD TO SEE HIM/HER GO. Saves embarrassment. Rule #1 in the power player handbook.. Never embarrass another power player.

  • Elmer T Fuddrucker
    Elmer T Fuddrucker 2 months ago

    The evidence is there but is DOJ just giving lip service? Director Wray knows what crimes were committed but is spineless in doing what needs to be done. Quit protecting the guilty.

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy 2 months ago

    Shortest video ever

  • American Pie
    American Pie 2 months ago

    Just like the people that murdered Epstein. They get off scott free..Money and Power have replaced Law and Justice.

  • Kevin 747
    Kevin 747 2 months ago +2

    Just like Hillary, nothing will happen to this cockroach.

  • Billy South
    Billy South 2 months ago

    Good about time.

  • Sam Baggins
    Sam Baggins 2 months ago

    How many people has he sent to jail for doing what he did? Lie to the FBI and leak secret material! He needs a taste of his own form of justice.

  • Michael Domansky
    Michael Domansky 2 months ago

    I want this weasel skinned and mounted above the fireplace mantel!

  • Lski3
    Lski3 2 months ago

    How long before that snake heads out to MSNBC and CNN to try and get ahead of this story?

  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 2 months ago

    Nothing is going to happen to this snake.

  • Grandma Spoots
    Grandma Spoots 2 months ago

    Why? Even if he is guilty there will not be a single consequence for it.

  • campmein
    campmein 2 months ago

    Comey is a “VERY COCKY ARROGANT INDIVIDUAL” whom thinks he is above the law, the same way Hillary Clinton does. Both of these crooks should be charged with “TREASON” to remove President Trump from office by illegal tactics.

  • Guilty Spark
    Guilty Spark 2 months ago

    Lets see how the putin puppet trolls try to continue to defend comey

  • Mr Johnson
    Mr Johnson 2 months ago +1

    I wonder why is Fox giving this criminal Lev so much airtime and exposure?

  • Worker man
    Worker man 2 months ago

    The corrupt slick willy barr at work for trump.

  • David Henry
    David Henry 2 months ago +1

    Why hasn't fox news reported on Stephen Millers emails?!?! He is a proven racist still in the white house

  • Fur Queue
    Fur Queue 2 months ago

    Ahh, I'll believe it when I see it. So far they all slide off scot free.

  • Todestanz
    Todestanz 2 months ago +1

    Faux news propaganda as usual....now for some facts. Hilary's investigation has closed and found nothing, Ukraine now investigating trump. 11 American soldiers injured...more lies from the deep state, America has patriot missiles protecting the sauds, the americans in Iraq have nothing to protect them, trump accused Obama of spying and now we find out trump was stalking/spying on American ambassadors.

  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross 2 months ago

    They will say that Comey didn’t use good judgment and nothing will happen.
    The deep state is deep.

  • Isaac Walton
    Isaac Walton 2 months ago

    Let the handcuffing begin already.dam!!!!!!!!

  • tredigi
    tredigi 2 months ago

    Our legal system better get its act together before the entire population loses all trust for it. If we cannot trust our legal system then the law doesn't mean anything and we will fall back into the Wild West. We don't want this corruption to continue any longer.

  • Codey Hodges
    Codey Hodges 2 months ago

    Don't ever trust in man. I don't care who they are or what they are.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    Nothing's gonna happen,
    nothing ever does... 😝

  • FNG_Starman
    FNG_Starman 2 months ago

    I replayed this 6 times. Track was too short, and it plays like sweet music to my ears.

  • Sammy Nichols
    Sammy Nichols 2 months ago

    I say we reinstate hangings for treason!

  • Sammy Nichols
    Sammy Nichols 2 months ago

    Put that slimy $0b in prison where he belongs.

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes 2 months ago

    blah, blah, blah .... get over it, Fox News .... Comey is yesterday's news

  • Craig Piotrowski
    Craig Piotrowski 2 months ago +1

    In the dictionary, under the word Comey, it says "see dirtbag."

  • EasyYog11
    EasyYog11 2 months ago

    partisan liars and leakers. American Tax Paid with pensions.