Anycubic Photon Review - $539 DLP 3D Printer || Moai Comparison

  • Published on Jun 3, 2018
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    In this review/comparison video we will have a closer look at the Anycubic Photon DLP 3D Printer. I will show you what you get when you buy one and how easy it is to use. Along the way I will compare the machine to the Moai SLA 3D Printer and see whether the quality of the Photon can hold up. At the end I will then conclude whether the Photon is a good alternative for the Moai.
    2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
    Ecstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte
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  • Vincent Guttmann
    Vincent Guttmann 10 days ago

    A review on the Elegoo Mars would be nice

  • aminemo
    aminemo Month ago

    Can you make magnetic or metal or wood parts by mixing the resin

  • ydoucare55
    ydoucare55 7 months ago +3

    The Photon is not a DLP printer. It uses an LCD screen.

  • Abraham McDougall
    Abraham McDougall 8 months ago

    Do you feel as though this resin would work for custom key caps?

  • Antonio Protonotario Magaña

    i have yet to get layer issues, i recently printed a small cosplay piece (can be used as a collar) and it had all the chances to get this issue.
    Im pretty happy with it.

  • Andres Castaño
    Andres Castaño 10 months ago

    So...are this printer replacing the roland willing machines?

  • Brian Rosas
    Brian Rosas 10 months ago

    why you talk like this?

  • 無名士?
    無名士? 11 months ago

    Don't buy China duplicated products

  • Radha Narayanan
    Radha Narayanan 11 months ago +1

    Octopus style
    “middle tentacles up in the air”

  • Robert Silvers
    Robert Silvers 11 months ago

    BYW, the AnyCubic is not a DLP printer. It is an LCD.

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 11 months ago

    don't forget, there are many other types of resin available. some that are very tough and some that have flexibility so they don't break as easily but will give and return to original shape. These other resins with more "final' quality are more expensive but if you want something more functional at least it's possible.

  • Old, bald fat man

    Dec. 12, 2018---The only reason I got interested in 3D printers is because I got back into modeling about 2 years ago. I'm going for 1/35th scale zombie/apocalypse dioramas and want to make them realistic as possible, which I know, is an oxymoron. Look around as you go down some street and just what do you see? Or checking things out via Google?Mail boxes, the old fashioned full size phone booth, the smaller ones bolted to some store wall, garbage cans, dumpsters, electrical junction boxes, picnic tables/benches, childrens toy wagons, etc. How about abandoned amusement parks? Only some of these things are available as aftermarket resin pieces. I scratch built 2 wagons: one for a child to pull, the other someone would use in their garden. Made silicone molds of them and had to use a hypodermic needle to inject in the molds. Out of 8 attempts, only one came out unbroken. The resin had the thickness of a piece of paper. With a resin printer like this, I can make everything including wheels and handles along with multiple copies at one time.Out of all the videos I've seen on 3D printer, only TWO has impressed the shit out of me. No interest in making cute toy boats, etc. One guy build a 1/35th scale locomotive used to move boxcars in a train yard. Yeah, he did it in sections, but still impressive as hell with the amount of detail he did simply by printing everything. The other guy is Luke Towan, who is well known on TheXvid for his HO (1/87th scale) how to videos. How about a office chair in 1/87th scale? This no modern kitchen appliances available. What is available will fit right in during the 1940's/1950's. Same with furniture and bathroom stuff. There's been a lot of new kits made since I quit modeling 20 years ago, but they all have the same problem when it comes to tanks or APC's (armored personnel carriers): NO INTERIORS?! There's a Stryker kit available with no interior and a resin after market piece is $50?! So the only limitation with this resin 3D printer is your own imagination. Thank you for the video.

  • Bluebrain
    Bluebrain Year ago

    Why do you add an "s" to every second word you say?

  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu Year ago

    can you mix epoxy metallic powder with uv resin and will it work in DLP/SLA printer with metallic prints?

  • Andre Brown
    Andre Brown Year ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Glenn Edward
    Glenn Edward Year ago

    If it could print useful parts and not decorate junk.

  • Angel Franco
    Angel Franco Year ago

    Dose this 3d printer works for jewelry? Or you need a finer one?

  • Jason Burns
    Jason Burns Year ago +1

    Great video!

  • Jason Burns
    Jason Burns Year ago +1

    You really like to emphasize those "R" sounds at the end of each word. lol It makes it a little difficult to watch because every time you say a word that ends with "R" it distracts me.

  • 07012006 Electronics & mechanics

    What is the octopus reffering to ?? See its hands 6:32

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert Hunt Year ago

    Don't be fooled like I was about these reviews of the Photon printer. It's not as great as they make out to be because it's just not reliable. I have had to replace the clear film on the bottom of the resin tray 4 times now and wasted hours and hours of time trying to print things only to find out in the end that the print stuck to the tray bottom and not to the print head. They make it look so easy to use, but it's not. The leveling process is so critical that if not done absolutely perfectly and the print head raised up precisely when zeroing the Z axis, the thing won't print, it will just cause your print to stick to the bottom of the tray. You waste time, you waste money on resin, and you waste money on replacing the special acetate sheet on the bottom of the resin tray. Also, I have had to install new firmware in the machine twice now because at some point while printing, the LCD screen just stops working. The first time this happened I had still not successfully printed anything and I thought the machine was broke after 3 failed attempts. I contacted Anycubic tech support and they wanted videos showing what I was doing "wrong" so I recorded several and sent them to them. Then they wanted me to take the machine apart and do several things inside which I refused to do. Then as a last resort, they asked me to download and install the latest firmware which I did. That seemed to work because the LCD screen was turning on. I finally was able to print something (the sample file on the USB stick) but when I tried to print a file of my own, failure again. I finally found a video on You Tube that gave a totally different method for leveling the print head and setting the Z axis zero point. It worked, for about 3 days and 2 successful prints. Then the LCD screen stopped working IN THE MIDDLE OF A PRINT THAT WAS 8 HOURS LONG!!! Why would the LCD screen just stop working in the middle of the print. I shot more video showing that it wasn't working, sent them to Anycubic tech support, got NO reply after 24 hours, went to their download page and found that the firmware had already changed AGAIN since my previous download. So I downloaded the new firmware, installed it, and that fixed the LCD screen again, for how long, I don't know. The printer just isn't reliable and you'll be getting very frustrated trying to print something over and over and over. My success rate is 2 out of 7 attempts and every failed attempt resulted in the print sticking to the bottom of the resin tray. My advice is save your money and your nerves and either buy something more reliable or don't by a SLA resin printer at all. They're a pain in the but to operate and maintain.

  • Louis Groos
    Louis Groos Year ago +1

    Is it good for printing cases for Arduino/rasberry projects

  • knob knit
    knob knit Year ago

    The main problem is that UV light will damage the LCD screen, and causing it to breakdown after several months of use.

  • nishit mistry
    nishit mistry Year ago

    Love your video I always watch your video to learn something new

  • pquezadar
    pquezadar Year ago

    Nice ending!

  • The Crude Lab
    The Crude Lab Year ago

    y the octopis pull finger at meh?

    MINDOF MONKEY Year ago

    Do u make designs by urself?

  • Szoszaty
    Szoszaty Year ago

    Nice video slash hardware review!

  • TRM P4R0DY
    TRM P4R0DY Year ago

    6:33 now i want a 3d printer! (*b*)

  • Simon Senpai
    Simon Senpai Year ago


  • danijel124
    danijel124 Year ago

    Greatscott I just came here to give you a future project idea. Can you please make a GEIGER COUNTER :)

  • scaricc
    scaricc Year ago

    Because it's summer you should try a DIY Peltier Air Conditioner

  • Mytendo
    Mytendo Year ago

    Can you make/review a cheap pick and place machine? Or a PNP Basics Video?

  • Umut K
    Umut K Year ago +1

    Thanks for the video Scott, I didn't know there is a SLA printer with that cost level. How about comparing resin/filament prices in a future video?
    Edit: I just saw an ad of a $289 SLA printer named SparkMaker Affordable SLA 3D Printer, I guess we will be seeing this kind of printers more.

  • voltare2amstereo
    voltare2amstereo Year ago

    octopus flipping the bird, a big FU x 5 ..
    nice printer but 3 hours is a bit long to realise you stuffed up and have to go again

  • Jack Day
    Jack Day Year ago

    you should ask to try out one of these next time its even cheaper at almost half the price!!

  • Pacman's Revenge
    Pacman's Revenge Year ago

    Is the smell bearable? I wonder if this type of printers can be used in an apartment with regular air flow...

    • Kuhny1
      Kuhny1 Year ago

      It has a smell similar to rubbing alcohol and superglue. Though it doesn't evaporate and must be dissolved with IPA or cured to get the smell to go away. This stuff will get everywhere too until you get a system developed for finishing parts.

  • uiqman
    uiqman Year ago

    That octopus 😂😂😂

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 Year ago

    6:32 - Hmmm... That octopus seems a little upset with the world hahaha!
    Quality of that printer seems really good but resin models are largely brittle so the uses of the printer seem limited. For small ornamental detailed objects it seems perfect but most 3D printing is for durable items.
    It is nice to see other 3D printing methods slowly becoming affordable and this would be perfect for a detailed model maker working in the digital spectrum and having the details of their model be retained in the physical spectrum!

  • Khaffit
    Khaffit Year ago

    The future is now bojs xD

  • Beardman Hairy
    Beardman Hairy Year ago

    Never ever touch this stuff with bare hands or bare anything!

    • marcel151
      marcel151 7 months ago

      Even when it's dry? Why would you do that?

  • Flint Lockwood
    Flint Lockwood Year ago

    Haha dat octupus😂 6:33

  • paramesh pavin
    paramesh pavin Year ago

    This video Giving a basic idea about photon printer ....👍👌

  • big purple
    big purple Year ago

    oh,comic sans 2:26

  • Garage Science
    Garage Science Year ago

    A DLP printer that's slower than a Laser printer!?!?! Seems like there a lot of flex in the part when it peels. Have you dealt with a lot of parts breaking mid print?

  • DeepGames
    DeepGames Year ago

    My favorite part? The octopus at the end.

  • Rusty Gear
    Rusty Gear Year ago

    Cthulhu is not happy

  • NNNI
    NNNI Year ago +1


  • Alex MediaGroup
    Alex MediaGroup Year ago

    That octopus tho

  • Tom Tang
    Tom Tang Year ago

    using blue acrylic to block uv light? come on ,do u know anything about complementary colour?

  • zola tanaffa
    zola tanaffa Year ago

    The technology of UV resin is certainly better than filaments, although much more expensive but I see that from the point of view of surface roughness is definitely two levels better, we hope that with its diffusion, can lower the price, including resins.

  • QP S
    QP S Year ago

    Octopus lmao

  • Hafizh Dede
    Hafizh Dede Year ago

    DIY DLP printer please

  • Braeden Hamson
    Braeden Hamson Year ago

    I feel like that's something you can DIY. And it wouldn't be terribly hard...

  • David Dennis
    David Dennis Year ago

    What sources are there for the resin? Are other special purpose resins available?

  • SnapPilot
    SnapPilot Year ago

    Gimme da printer!!

  • cody clayton
    cody clayton Year ago

    Any recommendations on cheap resins? I have the Photon, and it's great and all, but the price of anycubics resin is just a little high

    • Ruud the Diamond
      Ruud the Diamond Year ago

      cody clayton Funtodo resin, from €45 a kilo/litre to €65 for castable resin. Check out their website for a distributor near you.

  • felupe101
    felupe101 Year ago

    Could you do a DIY switching power supply with a 5-30V adjustable output???

  • Ciroluiro
    Ciroluiro Year ago

    Is it actually correct to call it dlp if it uses an lcd?
    How exactly does its resolution compare to the other sla printer?

  • Srijan Tanwar
    Srijan Tanwar Year ago

    You can made a video that how it works