True Facts: The Skeleton Shrimp

  • Published on Feb 7, 2020
  • They look like little peoples.
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    Daniel Knop
    EunJai Im
    Steven Winkworth
    Eco-Divers Manado and Lembeh,
    Scubazoo and Sam Lewis
    Ravencall Video Productions
    Additional footage licensed from Shutterstock and Pond5
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  • Ryan Gifford
    Ryan Gifford 2 years ago +2870

    Man, I'm so happy that you're actively posting these again. These consistently make me laugh out loud and I look forward to whenever you post them.

    • Chris M
      Chris M 7 months ago

      Right?! These are absolutely freakin genius

    • Paula Stiles
      Paula Stiles 2 years ago +5

      @El Hermano De Jiren Just can't stop digging that hole, can you?

    • El Hermano De Jiren
      El Hermano De Jiren 2 years ago

      @Paula Stiles Why do you hate men?

    • Paula Stiles
      Paula Stiles 2 years ago +7

      @El Hermano De Jiren Oh, good, yet another reason to like him.

  • Roc Swift
    Roc Swift 2 years ago +3128

    "Imagine a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the doorbell"
    That is how the Skeleton Shrimp dooo

  • she came down in a bubble dawg

    “They are also kinda cute. Like little peoples”
    *bless this*

  • Edward Haas
    Edward Haas Year ago +77

    New best pick-up line ever: "Are you about to molt?"
    It offers so much subtle horror beyond your standard joke lines.

    • Gregory Vasilyev
      Gregory Vasilyev 10 days ago

      @Edward Haas with moderate to high possibility of postcoital cannibalism :D

    • Edward Haas
      Edward Haas 11 days ago +1

      @Gregory Vasilyev exit back to the hotel you mean. Freshly molted means super soft cuddles!

    • Gregory Vasilyev
      Gregory Vasilyev 11 days ago

      But what if she answers "YES"? This plan should go with a very robust exit strategy

  • pteroid11
    pteroid11 Year ago +174

    I love how he says the insults like he's a teacher reading a rude note that he caught getting passed around in the middle of class

  • HappiestSadGuy
    HappiestSadGuy 2 years ago +1584

    This makes me wonder just how many animals I have never heard of.

    • スノーハッピー
      スノーハッピー 3 months ago

      There's probably a coupla million species of animals on Earth (estimates vary and this doesn't include extinct species). You probably know... maybe 300 species or so? So there are several millions of species of animals you don't know of :)

    • Chris M
      Chris M 7 months ago

      Almost all of them

    • Meowstical
      Meowstical 2 years ago

      @Petalleaf Gerenuk was the main one I meant. It's close enough to look like a deer, while being... off! In a cool way :D

    • Petalleaf
      Petalleaf 2 years ago

      @Meowstical Which deer? :3
      And yay, I'm glad someone looked up some of these cool animals!

    • Meowstical
      Meowstical 2 years ago +2

      @Petalleaf Those deer are awesome! How the heck did I never hear of them before?

  • Herb Derbler
    Herb Derbler 2 years ago +1186

    They look like the things Ursula turned everyone into in The Little Mermaid.

    • Chris M
      Chris M 7 months ago

      Holy shit, they do!!!

    • Nitroskull
      Nitroskull 11 months ago +5

      Except they are sad. While these are sneaky sneaky

    • Mr. I'm Trying
      Mr. I'm Trying Year ago

      I made this the 669th like

    • Mereduth Grubb
      Mereduth Grubb Year ago +2

      Omg ur right!!!

    • Lucy
      Lucy Year ago +6

      Oh my God, they do! :O

  • MinyBeats VA
    MinyBeats VA 2 years ago +53

    The analogies in these videos are so outlandish yet so accurate that I'm genuinely impressed lol. He deserves an award for each one

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Year ago +18

    Oh god, I'd love it if you ever did an episode on Poodle Moths. They are sincerely the strangest and most evocative creatures. They have evocative mannerisms. Seem to display emotions, they have brows ffs. Hold things with their hands. Sit down with their legs hanging, prop their elbows, hands on chin. I kind of really think they're fairies, or definitely one of the more recent additions to the planet because they're not moths lol.

  • Hoo Loo Voo
    Hoo Loo Voo 2 years ago +55

    The stuff the mom was saying to the kids, man that was accurate af! It was like listening to myself at any given lunch time.

    • Kody
      Kody Year ago +2

      @Hoo Loo Voo glad to hear that^^

    • Hoo Loo Voo
      Hoo Loo Voo Year ago +1

      @Kody, in all sincerity, yes!

    • Kody
      Kody Year ago +1

      @Hoo Loo Voo let me phrase it diferently, does the joy they bring you make up for the trouble they cause?

    • Kody
      Kody Year ago

      @Hoo Loo Voo jeez do they at least bring you joy?

    • Hoo Loo Voo
      Hoo Loo Voo Year ago +1

      @Kody, it's a season, it'll pass. Like today; it's consisted of my eight year old son crashing a golf cart in to my van, at speed, first thing this morning (yes, he was ok) and dropping my eldest girl off at prom this evening. A bittersweet day.

  • Fidget Zaftig
    Fidget Zaftig 2 years ago +357

    "Well did you tell them its your body and you dont want to be peed on?"
    Oddly, not the first time I've heard those words.

    • Gfan 2000
      Gfan 2000 11 months ago +17

      “If I had a nickel for every time I’d heard those words, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.”

    • Lanky macCrazyhair
      Lanky macCrazyhair Year ago +14

      I have so many questions, and I don't think I want answeres

    • AstroPug
      AstroPug Year ago +9

      Ah! I see you've been to an R Kelly concert xD

    • WileyEye Floaty
      WileyEye Floaty Year ago +2


    • Jorden
      Jorden Year ago +14

      Uh the story please😳👉👈

  • Cordelia
    Cordelia 2 years ago +116

    "looks like a 3rd grade drawing that sent a student to the school psychologist" and the "like a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the doorbell" parts I just died laughing 😂

    • Sandra K
      Sandra K Year ago +2

      Me too 😭😂😂😂

  • diveflyfish
    diveflyfish Year ago +8

    You are honestly a master of Metaphor. Your humor, has helped me when I needed it most. Thank you for sharing your genius.

  • sergio salgueiro
    sergio salgueiro 2 years ago +3

    This might get lost in the comments but I’m genuinely so happy you’re back Zefrank, I have very distinct memories growing up attached to your videos. Thank you for everything 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • babysealsareyummy
    babysealsareyummy 2 years ago +5467

    I love the idea of them just sitting on the ocean floor talking shit to everything that passes by

    • 395PRS
      395PRS Year ago +1

      So thats where they got the idea in the movie Men in Black!
      $hit talking aliens! They even look like them!

    • babysealsareyummy
      babysealsareyummy Year ago +1

      @TACO JESUS2020 Wouldn't wanna catch those hands.

    • TACO JESUS2020
      TACO JESUS2020 Year ago +2

      Imagine them saying something to a mantis shrimp and then they just realize they fucked up

    • Star_ Scoot
      Star_ Scoot Year ago +1

      The Kardashians as a sea creature

    • Hoo Loo Voo
      Hoo Loo Voo Year ago

      Pretty much me, but I lack the gumption to actually say what I'm thinking about people to their faces.

  • ty12t2
    ty12t2 2 years ago +3

    I've been in the fresh and marine aquarium hobby for over 30 years and I feel like I've been living under a rock no mountain! I really want to learn more this Skeleton Shrimp!

  • Dr Bright
    Dr Bright Year ago +5

    If it makes anyone feel any better, skeleton shrimps are still less dickish to seahorses than Zefrank was in his true facts about on them.

  • Hog on a Log
    Hog on a Log Year ago +191

    So this is what Ursula turned her delinquent contract victims into.

    • 崔莱
      崔莱 7 months ago +1

      @Vanilla Jack poor unfortunate vs. rich fortunate. I wonder if the little mermaid would have been very different if Ariel had paid the full transformation fee, probably wouldn't have ended up with all those other commitments and limitations in her contract.

    • Vanilla Jack
      Vanilla Jack Year ago +25

      Poor unfortunate souls...

  • Taco
    Taco 2 years ago +32

    Imagine holding on to a cable with your toes and trying to eat by catching pieces of soup on a mustachio that you grew on your ear.
    That is how the Skeleton Shrimp do.

  • Sean Connors
    Sean Connors 2 years ago +5832

    “ a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the doorbell.”
    There’s a story in there, Mr. ZeFrank. I’d like to hear it.

  • Conspiracy Panda
    Conspiracy Panda 2 years ago +8

    Seeing an animal wearing its children like a constantly writhing blanket made me picture what the human equivalent might look like. Anyway, has anyone seen that comic panel where a criminal declared that the heroes could not possibly take him down due to the fact he duct taped multiple babies to his body?

  • Cat Face Poetry
    Cat Face Poetry 2 years ago +2

    The animal featured in this episode is amazing. It looks different to others I know. It swims and doesn't. And its parenting with the narrator is among the funniest entertainments.


    They are the most amazing creatures I have ever seen🥰
    I could watch them all day. Fascinating!!
    Love your narrating always☮️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • EddyEdano
    EddyEdano 2 years ago +275

    I can't wait for when secretary birds are caught on this guy's radar

    • Rosa Amandla García Muro
      Rosa Amandla García Muro 7 months ago +1

      @Tim Woods thanks dude

    • vracknor
      vracknor 10 months ago +2

      @Tim Woods I'm not excited to look these up.

    • Tim Woods
      Tim Woods Year ago +3

      And then there's nightmare animals like the weel bug and spider-tailed serpent.

    • justanotherchannelonyoutube
      justanotherchannelonyoutube Year ago +9

      “To hunt their pray, they use their long legs to stomp them to death. Think putting out a campfire, but with more death, we hope.”

    • Boyfriend Wannabe
      Boyfriend Wannabe Year ago +18

      @Carl Ryan What do you mean slap?! That's full stomp, stomp of disgusted, the stomps that said "HOLY SHIT!! A CENTIPEDE!!".

  • TheHitcher
    TheHitcher 2 years ago +2036

    "Courtship begins by males beating the living crap out of each other"
    Sounds very similar to an average night out!

    • Cooking My Way
      Cooking My Way 2 years ago

      *Leaving buzzfeed is the best gift he gave us*

    • linux750
      linux750 2 years ago +1

      @flannagan 37
      Underated joke. 👍

    • vapormissile
      vapormissile 2 years ago +4

      I remember when I was a wee nymphophyte and I murdered a jealous love-rival with my claw's venom-tooth. I couldn't chew through my lover's exoskeleton, so we are both starving to death. No wait, here's that one sea-snail. That guy is a fucker. I'm throw a mountain of shade at him while he eats us. "Bitch you look like Donnie Osmond's shirt - oh God nooooo."

    • mozkito life
      mozkito life 2 years ago +1

      Because humans, although most like to think we're some special creation of an all powerful being who endowed us with intelligence, are just animals too.

    • David Hanson
      David Hanson 2 years ago +1

      I had a Jersey Shore flashback.

  • BleakDestiny
    BleakDestiny 2 years ago +3

    You make me laugh like no other. Thank you for making these videos, they bring little rays of sunshine into my gloam filled days! 😘

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 2 years ago +2

    Did I ever mention how happy I am that you are back doing true facts videos? I still can’t get over how much I enjoy them and missed them!

  • Erik Moore
    Erik Moore 2 years ago +3

    Always love this channel just wish they showed this in school. It would be way more fun to learn watching your vids.

  • Tyler Villarreal
    Tyler Villarreal 2 years ago +11

    True Facts about the Sable Antelope please
    Actually, why not just make a whole true facts episode about antelopes? You’d be surprised to find that they’re a lot crazier than you think.

  • Tyan Wilde
    Tyan Wilde 2 years ago +2873

    The drunk person In a sleeping bag bit hit a little too close to home

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree 2 years ago


    • gnarth d'arkanen
      gnarth d'arkanen 2 years ago +10

      @Andre Ware Took a few city guys camping while I was in the Navy... multiple occasions... almost always involved alcohol... LOTS of stories...
      Among the first times, rather than risk them getting themselves scared into injury, I thought it best to camp in a small grove (they considered a forest) that bordered a Dairy Farm... AND I got to see first-hand, a drunk fat guy in a sleeping bag, swearing he was coming to answer the door because one of the cows had gotten out... and the bell was dinging periodically as it wandered a little, stopped and nibbled grass... wandered a little... stopped to eat grass... etc...etc...etc...
      SO... yeah... I rather agree with that bit in the vid'. I wasn't drunk enough to forget it, nor to go after the cowbell like a doorbell... BUT I was certainly drunk enough to be entertained. ;o)

    • drorjs
      drorjs 2 years ago +3

      Why? Was he thrown out of a plane over your town?

    • Heather Hent444
      Heather Hent444 2 years ago


    • PandaFish
      PandaFish 2 years ago +3

      Someone had a bad experience while camping drunk.

  • KROWKO [卿子] EN VTuber Crow

    i didn’t hear “Heëre are tru Facts about”
    my life is not complete.

    • Caelia
      Caelia Year ago +2

      Maybe just this once, they weren't true facts?! 😳

    • Pinupgirl
      Pinupgirl 2 years ago

      bluethenewb I feel you.

    • factor..
      factor.. 2 years ago +9

      my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    • K.T. Colbert
      K.T. Colbert 2 years ago +1

      What was he thinking? :)

    • Mystique Darkholme
      Mystique Darkholme 2 years ago +1

      G3M1N1 😂

  • Bird
    Bird 2 years ago +1

    God, you being back is one of the best parts of this year. Absolutely loved your early content when I found it and happy to see you making content again.

  • Kristin Jones
    Kristin Jones 2 years ago +1

    I can imagine how much effort you put into these. Much appreciated, zeFrank.

  • Babak Rad
    Babak Rad Year ago +2

    It is amazing. Your channel is my favorite! I really enjoy every single of them and learn something new every day. Thanks for these marvelous informative videos.

  • ebennett7
    ebennett7 2 years ago +1

    I've been watching Ze for a long time and I think this might be the funniest True Facts ever. Thanks!

  • J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    You’ve only done 1 Reptile (The Chameleon) The Gharial _Gavialis gangeticus_ is to Crocodilians what Sloth was to the Fratellis.

  • Steve 82
    Steve 82 Year ago +1

    I never knew these things existed. Imagine if they were the size of people? That would be terrifying.
    On another note, they should make cartoons about these videos. Each cartoon should start with Zefrank's video and narration and then go from there... I'd watch it.

  • Anthony Campagnolo
    Anthony Campagnolo Year ago +1

    One time when I was out at T Street waiting for a wave, I decided to put a patch of seaweed on my head and this seaweed was covered in these thing. I didn’t know until I took it off and found these things all over me. I started freaking out because I didn’t know what they were and they looked like they can burrow into you skin.

  • Jay
    Jay 2 years ago +675

    "You look like an accordion that was used in a colonoscopy and kept that shape" - It's so accurate and yet my mortal brain could never have come up with such a perfect description!

    • Prophet of Greyism
      Prophet of Greyism 2 years ago +1

      Guys. You say he’s poet. He’s a roasting those animals. I think he should do the same format of video, but roasting humans. A whole separate playlist. Imagine him burning beiber, 6ix 9ine, or cardi b. It would be glorious.

    • men bls
      men bls 2 years ago +12

      Truly the greatest poet of our generation.

    • Rane dae
      Rane dae 2 years ago +31

      ZeFrank has a beautiful brain. He's totally my internet crush.

  • Jay Bayer
    Jay Bayer Year ago +1

    Holy crap these look amazing. How have I never heard or seen one before. I want an army of them

  • Frozen Eevee
    Frozen Eevee Year ago +9

    They honestly look like aliens that tried to colonize earth and this is the result

  • bizotically_yours83
    bizotically_yours83 Year ago +1

    Your one of the best nature narrators ever!

  • alicia Nieto
    alicia Nieto Year ago +2

    Muchas gracias, es fantástico, bello, hermoso, informativo, interesante, lo uníco malo (para muchos) es que NO hablo Inglés, solo Español, ¿podrían poner subitulos en Español?, ¡por favor!

  • FilterExel
    FilterExel 2 years ago +1048

    Little-known fact: Caprellids are capable of causing sick burns.

    • Ajehy
      Ajehy 2 years ago +1

      Jon - and they can do it underwater, too.

    • Jon
      Jon 2 years ago +5

      @Carlos Alberto if an insult is bad enough, the difference doesn't matter.

    • Wild Angel0317
      Wild Angel0317 2 years ago +2

      FilterExel fire too

    • Jascha Bull
      Jascha Bull 2 years ago +1

      I thought that was Alpheids.

    • Hercados P.
      Hercados P. 2 years ago +34

      @Carlos Alberto probably insults

  • Robert Walker-Smith
    Robert Walker-Smith Year ago +1

    I don't think I ever saw this before. Wonderful surprise just before going to bed.
    Also: skeleton shrimp look like high budget science fiction movie monsters. Utterly unearthly.

  • SeeMyEvil
    SeeMyEvil 2 years ago +1

    yes so happy every time you upload. your way of telling animal fact in a funny way is so charming

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel Year ago

    these are seriously fantastic! they make my day instantly better :D

  • Dejay Rezme
    Dejay Rezme 2 years ago

    These guys look like how we might build robots in the future, just growing a genetically engineered robot arm and controlling them using computers to do all our work for us.
    There is nothing that could ever go wrong with this idea!
    Awesome channel, subscribed!

  • Peter Sherman
    Peter Sherman 2 years ago

    As always, fantastic! I really hope some day you put all these together on a DVD or something: The World According to ZeFrank.

  • James Messer
    James Messer 2 years ago

    It always makes me happy to see really good footage of an animal i never knew existed.

  • J-Roc D
    J-Roc D 2 years ago

    This is amazing. It's always amazing. If I crack up and discover a creature I didn't know about at the same time it's a win win. Thanks

  • King LSDDD
    King LSDDD 2 years ago

    I really love the characterization of skeleton shrimps saying really specific petty insults to anything that moves by

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith 2 years ago +20

    This looks almost like a cross between a praying mantis and an inchworm.

  • Berelli Minor
    Berelli Minor 2 years ago

    These are always amazing. Can you please please please do one on the "slippery dick (Halichoeres bivittatus)" it's a fish. We joke about it at work all the time.

  • sнιтsтσмρ, тнε cαяεвεαя

    I've never seen this animal. Not in books not on TV no where. This is a completely new experience for me.
    I will cherish it, ZeFrank

  • Irene Veronica
    Irene Veronica 11 months ago

    Ha! Interesting (never heard of these little guys), informative and hilarious - as always!

  • Ajehy
    Ajehy 2 years ago +1842

    Who else thinks that ZeFrank came up with this just to insult random sea-life?

    • Luna Sedata
      Luna Sedata 2 years ago

      Does he has an ig account? Curious.

    • Daws
      Daws 2 years ago

      @MonteCreations it's rude

    • Heckst
      Heckst 2 years ago +4


    • NullLex00
      NullLex00 2 years ago +10

      Definitely why this episode wasn't about Puffins

    • H:ZDWatcher
      H:ZDWatcher 2 years ago +27

      Impossible, he didn't insult clams. This must just be all true facts.

  • Corey Holt
    Corey Holt Year ago

    It's amazing that after so long, you can still find a new favorite channel out of the blue. You have rekindled my sense of wonder and whimsy, good sir

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black Year ago +1

    I’m going through your whole playlist now, been watching for awhile keep GOING BRO!

  • Aussie Country
    Aussie Country 2 years ago +45

    "Three pairs of hold on for dear life grasping appendages"
    "...But it's not holding onto anything, certianly not dear life..."

    • Sushii Bird
      Sushii Bird Year ago +2

      "I mean it's in the process of being much less alive"

  • bb
    bb 2 years ago

    first time watching one of these about an animal i actually didn’t know about previously. knowledge is power!

  • WeatherBitten Sapphire
    WeatherBitten Sapphire 2 years ago +3782

    “You look like a ruffle potato chip trying to get into coachella.” My new insult

    • Da Awm
      Da Awm Year ago

      @Hamza Juelz am not even gonna ask.

    • Leminies
      Leminies Year ago

      Where’s your pfp from??

    • Nop277
      Nop277 Year ago +1

      Well the skeleton shrimp look like the wrinkled up prisoners of Ursula after she sucked their souls out

    • George Carlin
      George Carlin Year ago


  • Jeff H
    Jeff H Year ago

    Love your stuff, excellent presentation style, very educational and informative, which I believe is your intention.

  • Benjamin Gibson
    Benjamin Gibson Year ago +2

    Like a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the door.. how the hell do you come up with a metaphor that good!!!

  • The NewsRoom W/ Spidey
    The NewsRoom W/ Spidey 2 years ago +2

    I like to watch these, usually, on my “fricken Monday’s”, but sometimes I make exceptions, like when it’s about a “horizontal/vertical (and apparently even upside-down) molt jolts”;
    that’s how the Spidey DewwWWWr.
    “Frankly, I “F”ing love zeFrank1: not as much as Franks&Beans or rotating gas-station wieners, but DAMN CLOSE.”
    I just realized I also unknowingly live the s*** out of hyphens too.
    Hmm 🤔...
    I’m going to have to tell my counselor about this new “digital Tourette’s”.
    Meh. 🤷‍♂️

    • The NewsRoom W/ Spidey
      The NewsRoom W/ Spidey 2 years ago +1

      One of these times you should do one about the “Frankenstein Insects” of the Carboniferous Period & title it:
      “zeFrankenStein 1nsects (or 1sex...ur choice on the spelling).
      For what it’s worth...
      Which I imagine is a lot...
      (However I imagine all kinds of ridiculous things).

  • Camille's Divevlog

    I can't stop laughing about the punchlines in this little ceature. Love to listen to your very entertaining facts. 😊

  • Niki Iannarone
    Niki Iannarone 2 years ago

    This might be the best channel on TheXvid. I never watch without laughing so hard I cry. Thank u for all u do!

  • Blue Octopus
    Blue Octopus 2 years ago

    You should totally do one about the kiwi! I’d love to see that!

  • D R
    D R 2 years ago

    Love all the vids and their frequency lately. Keep em coming!

  • Jake Pullman
    Jake Pullman Year ago +3

    Seems redundant to have an arm that can slice your opponent in half, then a different appendage to poison them.

  • Nicole Abed
    Nicole Abed 2 years ago +604

    "They swim like a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the doorbell" me on any given day 😂 🤣 😂

    • Nicole Abed
      Nicole Abed 2 years ago +1

      @Mz Clementine I have CP and I would be lost without my reacher grabber stick especially if I drop my meds on the floor

    • Mz Clementine
      Mz Clementine 2 years ago +3

      Nicole Abed no lie. I’ve dropped everything today... by 8pm I’m cussing up a storm cause I’m so GD clumsy.
      I have EDS and we are prone to this.
      Adding in... That’s me, too. On the daily. 🤪😏🤦🏻‍♀️
      I once broke a whole shelf of crystal vases. I was 15. It was so embarrassing. I was with my mom. She asked me, “don’t touch a thing.” I oOppp... oh... my... goodness.

      HOLLOW ARMORED TITAN 2 years ago +1


  • Joy for Mercy
    Joy for Mercy 2 years ago

    This one felt more joke heavy than usual. I love it😅

  • Clarity
    Clarity 2 years ago

    Please do a video on Sea Dragons. They are the weirdest sea thing I’ve seen lately and I would like to hear your commentary on their anatomy 😂

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith Year ago +1

    They are peculiar. As a fisherman. It took quite awhile to let myself believe I was actually seeing them clinging to rope. Lol

  • TravGal
    TravGal 2 years ago +1

    All kidding aside, this is some excellent macro video! And yes, I laughed all the way through.

  • AgentOracle
    AgentOracle 2 years ago +87

    "Whatever parenting experience you've had, this is some next level shit."
    Seriously, seriously brilliant.

  • Shirin Chatterjee
    Shirin Chatterjee 10 months ago

    Watching your videos makes me think that there is no such thing as an empty seafloor. There's always something trying to look like an empty piece of the seafloor.

  • EarthTamerRonan
    EarthTamerRonan 2 years ago

    I do have plenty of pets and as I am planing on making more videos on them in the future you are welcome to use the footage for these little skits. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Midnight Lantern
    Midnight Lantern Year ago +4

    "Imagine a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the doorbell"
    Lmao. six feet under. The tears.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 2 years ago

    Whatever you do.. Please continue this series.. Your jokes make my day everytime!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • StiaanyBoy
    StiaanyBoy 2 years ago +1964

    "Caprellid be sneaky sneaky. Polyp be sad."

    • Jonique C
      Jonique C 2 years ago

      Scrolled to this comment EXACTLY when he said it in the video 😂😂

    • Mike LeBoeuf
      Mike LeBoeuf 2 years ago +7

      OMG, I lost my mind in that moment! ...and my breath! Ze is so freakin hilarious!! (...while males play tappy-tap...)

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    • ifoldinhalfsoeasily
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