Rewriting Rose - Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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  • Wil _
    Wil _ 23 hours ago

    Honestly the best part of this is that it could still work in the next film. I had similar issues with this movie despite liking it for the most part.

  • Hailon_Rias
    Hailon_Rias Day ago

    Please let this happen in episode 9, it’s so perfect

  • Jamie  Murray
    Jamie Murray Day ago

    The last jedi is not a bad movie, its a bad STARWARS movie

  • Sir Bone-Head
    Sir Bone-Head 2 days ago

    Would've been way better really. I did have a weird idea of rewriting The Last Jedi myself, mostly making Phasma (my least favorite character) more screen time and something to actually do, as well as making the First Order actually nothing but a cover up or distraction for the Rebels, and also having an underground Sith counsel comprised of Kylo and some of the missing jedi in training Luke mentioned.

  • Landon Satterfield
    Landon Satterfield 4 days ago

    This might actually be their plan... holy cow.

  • Juan Leonardo Cruz Martínez

    Fuck rose
    Not KMT
    "Poor" actress getting such retarded character

  • LoveBagpipes
    LoveBagpipes 6 days ago

    Was visually stunning, but the movie entirely was crap

  • 1buszybudy13
    1buszybudy13 10 days ago

    Interesting but Finn was also desperate to knock the cannon out and might have been grasping at straws

  • Yarrow Wolf
    Yarrow Wolf 11 days ago

    9:47 Movie writes are so obsessed with forcing in cute little romantic subplots that they often do so at the expense of characters and plot. I love how in this rewrite you take that cringy moment and turn it around so that it makes sense and actually ads a meaningful layer of intrigue to what is otherwise a pretty basic movie romance (no offense to any shippers out there).

  • Silver Dragon
    Silver Dragon 12 days ago

    Really interesting and I agree Roses character would be less of a mess with this. It still wouldn't redeem the incompetence of Holdo. She was fueling huge transports in the hangar. If a spy was on the ship, she would not be able to hide it.
    And why not tell Poe on the bridge. She clearly trusts the bridge crew considering Poe ultimately learns about the plan on a monitor in full view of the entire bridge. And look at her. She have no idea how to redirect fuel.
    There was no way of keeping it a secret...

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside 13 days ago

    Perfect. I will now rewatch the movie with these lens.

  • Cancerous Cake
    Cancerous Cake 15 days ago

    While there was much I hated about The Last Jedi, Rose included since they portrayed her character awfully, this surprisingly fixes several issues. I'm still not convinced over Holdo's cheesy plan to tell nobody anything (weak move I might add), but this was a pretty good revision and if implemented would have made Rose actually important, and not useless except for competing with Jar Jar for who can throw the SW Universe into peril more.

  • willmakesvideos
    willmakesvideos 15 days ago

    All of your problems are addressed in Pop Culture Detective’s video on it. You’re way too plot/logic minded which forces you to miss the thematic forest for the nitpicky trees.

  • Pro 92
    Pro 92 18 days ago

    Wow I really liked TLJ but I had issues with Rose and Casino plot lines
    But you fixed it 👏👍

  • Elijah rideb
    Elijah rideb 20 days ago

    There's a lot of problems with TLJ and it's gonna be an ass of a time to try and fix

  • Console Collin
    Console Collin 21 day ago

    Umm...I’d say the worst character in the new StarWars is frickin L-3

  • b b
    b b 23 days ago

    Rose was annoying because she and Finn were constantly finishing each other's sentences... And she was written so sappy. Most of her lines were just stupid.
    "I wish I could put my fist through this whole beautiful city."
    "Now it was worth it."
    "... By saving what we love."
    The actress was fine, but the dialogue is just ~cringey~.
    You're rewrite is so much better. I loved Last Jedi but Rose and Finn were written to be just so... Exhausting.

  • Marvelous Madmen
    Marvelous Madmen Month ago +1

    I believe It’s still very possible that they can do this twist in episode 9! Rose will reveal herself to be a spy, and actually stopped Finn from sacrificing himself not because she truly loved him, but she did it because she was working for the first order all along!

  • Umbrasly
    Umbrasly Month ago

    That would've definitely made her character worth awhile. Ooh man! That would also make an awesome plot to see. Fin now attracted to rose, betrays fin and eventually leads up to fin with conflicted feels about rose and whether to kill or save rose.

  • Seldom Studios
    Seldom Studios Month ago

    Its not normal to see someone talk about the last jedi without raising their voice.....
    Are you okay??

  • Silas D
    Silas D Month ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Fernando Gajo
    Fernando Gajo Month ago

    I love you for saving StarWars!

    • Fernando Gajo
      Fernando Gajo Month ago

      (I am half way thru the video and I already think that.)

  • RandoMovies
    RandoMovies Month ago

    Dear god this is freakin amazing, this rewrite literally fixes most of the movie, it’s sad that this will never be the actual movie

  • Bome8a Skywalker
    Bome8a Skywalker Month ago

    I love the idea that rose is a first order spy. The best thing is that there is still a hope we see it in the next movie

  • Aleksandar Cvetkovic

    cen you do pls one change on snoke in this movie pls

  • Elmer Son
    Elmer Son Month ago

    Rewriting Rose??? Fck that, rewrite the whole movie instead lol

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye Month ago

    I agree with this, this is definitely waaaaaaaaaay better.

  • Reder Khalifa
    Reder Khalifa Month ago

    Finally someone who knows the real worst character in the new films.

  • wrathanet
    wrathanet Month ago

    I always thought that a spy in the rebel fleet would have been a way better arc for Finn. Rather than some confusing technobabble about tracking through hyperspace (which never seemed like an issue until they declared it was), Finn gets to face off against his polar opposite: someone who had the chance to resist evil but fell to the dark side.

    • wrathanet
      wrathanet Month ago

      I almost feel like Rose being a spy was originally the plan, but someone higher-up nixed it because they were afraid that would mean they’d sell less Rose action figures

    • wrathanet
      wrathanet Month ago

      Also, fantastic idea to flesh out the first order as “trick people into believing the order is going to upend the status quo and make things better” - that goes a long way to reinforce the message the actual film was trying to say without just dropping in a ham-handed moral at the end (the whole “don’t fight to destroy what you hate” thing)

  • Dragon Samurai
    Dragon Samurai Month ago

    No holdo is the worst character in star wars. She left her highest field agent out of the loop and reprimanded him for being brave and actually SAVING THE RESISTANCE TAILS with the best of what he had. Then she has a form of "courage" by doing something that could've been done by a droid or EVEN been done REMOTELY.

  • camthaman 23
    camthaman 23 Month ago

    A youtuber can make a better star wars story than a billion dollar Hollywood film

  • H L
    H L Month ago

    I honestly am not a fan of Star Wars. I just watched this video because your channel is awesome. Your changes are so logical and they make so much sense.

  • Zach Newby
    Zach Newby Month ago

    I wish they would make this happen. Your changes are far much better than the movies ever are. It's like they say: "The best coaches are in the stands." (Or in this case screenwriters.)

  • Lucy Rhodes
    Lucy Rhodes 2 months ago

    i swear every single one of your videos are just perfect. they make so much sense

  • Garrett Tang
    Garrett Tang 2 months ago

    Star Wars fanboys are just going to complain that it's too similar to how Lando betrays Han. I like the change, but the expectations for this whole new trilogy are just so insurmountable in my opinion.

  • you shall not pass
    you shall not pass 2 months ago

    General Hux is a joke. How is that guy not dead already?

  • cantbeleveitsnotnaru
    cantbeleveitsnotnaru 2 months ago

    I finally just watched The Last Jedi. I've been avoiding these videos forever!!!
    But I legit thought Rose was going to be a spy! I thought this was the exact story line they were going for. Until it was obvious it wasnt.
    I also thought it was super weird to crash their ships to close to the enemy with the canon... how it would have been more likely for her to die from being dragged that far with her injuries.
    I think they just made a mistake. Wanting Fin to be selfless and brave, but realizing he would die, and they were like "oops!"
    I didnt love Rose's character, or acting, but I was shocked watching the movie and seeing what people where so vocally abusive towards her for.

  • Mr. Jo
    Mr. Jo 2 months ago

    The first 18 seconds of this video are slander

  • Misadventure
    Misadventure 2 months ago

    JJ could probably put something like this into the 9th movie and that might, MIGHT, redeem Rose and some of her choices

  • Kaiser Lucas
    Kaiser Lucas 2 months ago

    Remove her and have Finn help Po. Finn dies like a hero at the end. The rebellion is saved by Luke and Rey at the end and they flee with the spirit of hope and then Finn becomes a Martyr for the rebellion. Finn is a force ghost we see at the end off the next movie

  • Sketch MacQuinor
    Sketch MacQuinor 2 months ago

    Well played. Like the way the prequels are more nuanced if you pretend Amidala and Obi Wan have a secret relationship.

  • Peyton Sims
    Peyton Sims 2 months ago

    Really liked the change and video, just wanted to voice my own minor change I would give to it, when Rose stops Fin she just bumps him out of the way, both craft still functioning, it is here that Fin asks why she is doing this as she goes towers the cannon, Fin is able to just barely fly back, Rose ether momentarily or not at all stops the cannon and she gets to die a hero

  • ZGlove S.
    ZGlove S. 2 months ago

    You're good.

  • Andrew VanCura
    Andrew VanCura 2 months ago

    Rose was the worst character

  • Phovon
    Phovon 2 months ago +1

    I feel they could write her being a spy the whole time into episode 9 somehow, might have a few holes and a lack of sweet sweet foreshadowing but it could be done

  • Ben Bernard-Smith
    Ben Bernard-Smith 2 months ago +1

    Fixes her character! Good job... now we just need to fix all the other problems in the film...

  • P. B Amygdala
    P. B Amygdala 2 months ago

    Frighten brilliant!
    Liked and subscribed!
    But it didn’t happen, and you can’t ret-con in Ep. 9, so the movie sucks.

  • minty OwO
    minty OwO 2 months ago

    I'm pretty amazed you can still think this is a pretty good movie while still acknowledging all those faults lol

  • Darian Stassen
    Darian Stassen 2 months ago +1

    this is now my canon, I won't believe anything but this

  • The Key of Ember
    The Key of Ember 2 months ago +1

    Dude, you could be a book editor and a script editor for movies, and a video editor if you wanted! Haha! Jeez, you could be the last official person that sign’s off on it!

  • Clever Comment
    Clever Comment 2 months ago +1

    But Holdo _is_ the worst new character yet. At least Maz can be likeable.

  • Eric Povish
    Eric Povish 2 months ago

    Watching this movie for the first time, I really was under the impression that there was a spy. There is a shot, after Leia gets blown out, where she is being wheeled down the hall and she drops her Rey bracelet. All we see are a persons feet while picking it up. When I saw this for the first time it immediately jumped out to me as, I dunno, foreshadowing? It seemed like it was some spy in the background, turning the gears, and picking up the life line to Rey and, to ultimately, to Luke's location. And this made sense. What was the First Order's plan in TFA? It was to find the hidden piece of the map to Luke. So seeing this moment in TLJ made it seem like we were getting ready to take the fight to Luke and Rey.
    Really surprised and bummed when I realized thats not what was happening.

  • Panterlo Art
    Panterlo Art 2 months ago +1

    That last kiss scene was so out of place, it really hurt my opinion of the movie.

  • Sympathetic Misanthrope

    This would completely fix a lot of what was wrong with that movie. She would become a villain giving the hate validation and maybe making us like her more as a badass spy. The Lack of a good storyline for Luke is the heart of the problem.

  • Zain Rafiq
    Zain Rafiq 2 months ago

    TLJ is a disgrace to humanity and star wars.

  • Xaldror Tender of the Vats

    boi allow me to direct you to Mauler's 5 hour critique on how bad this movie was. Rose was one of the lesser offenses, save the end with the absolutely most poorly written and executed decisions ever. can't win by destroying what you hate, bull! my brothers and sisters of Phyrexia conquered and perfected the poor world of Mirrordin with hate!

  • zombieslaya3456
    zombieslaya3456 2 months ago

    I always thought that this movie could've done something really cool. Rey is seeking a place in the universe, she doesn't want to be a saviour, she wants to protect people she loves but being a Jedi to her is something she is only barely discovering. She seeks Luke for a purpose not to save the galaxy. So her pursuing the dark side to look for answers too made sense. The movie plays with themes of not sticking to one side, to kill the old ways of Jedi and Sith and Rey could've been the representation of that. I think the movie should have ended right at that part after the fight with Snoke's guards when Kylo offers Rey a chance to leave the Jedi and Sith ideologies behind and to be something else. Would've been neat to see in the next movie, maybe joining Kylo in an attempt to finally find a purpose in her life only to eventually come to terms that it wasnt right for her and to become her own master of her fate.

  • FBI 1987
    FBI 1987 2 months ago

    The movie was crap.
    Ruined one of the most iconic characters out there, in addition to various other issues.
    The best way to fix Rose?
    Don't put her in the movie.
    In fact, get rid of the entire pointless subplot she was involved in.
    It totally ruined much of the movie, and did nothing for the plot.
    In fact, you could have easily acheived the same results by simply keeping Finn on the Raddus, helping to balance out Poe's non problems.
    Rose is easily the worst character in star wars, she single handedly nearly doomed the resistance, for no reason, and was only there to check a diversity quota box.

  • Armin Tamzarian
    Armin Tamzarian 2 months ago

    I think you're totally right about this - and that they'll reveal it in Episode 9, you just managed to piece it together before the film comes out.

  • Legendary
    Legendary 2 months ago

    The Rebellion Ship Commander Holdo really got a good character arc.

  • Legendary
    Legendary 2 months ago

    Kinda good movie

  • Latent Radiance
    Latent Radiance 2 months ago

    I hate the last jedi w a passion, but this wouldv made it so much better, especially by fixing my main issue that holdo had no goddam explain explanation as to why she didnt tell Poe anything. I get angry just thinking about it loll. great job w this

  • TheGerkuman
    TheGerkuman 2 months ago

    My only issue with this change is that the first order isn't supposed to be nuanced, because it's essentially the Alt-Right. So if Rose sides with them the optics could be... Very bad.

  • Michael perez
    Michael perez 2 months ago

    Jar Jar Binks was a better spy, Lucas should have just rolled with it. Rose on the other hand is literally the worse character in the series. Not because of the acting, not because of the actress, but because of her circumstance and the Rose Tico's script. She was written without any planning, and had her character not been in the movie, it would not have changed a thing. You could have had C-3PO fill in and it wouldnt have made a difference.

  • ETHANBOT5000
    ETHANBOT5000 2 months ago

    iM REAAAALLLLYYY hoping that this is true because ifot, there are like 30 million loopholes

  • Asher8328
    Asher8328 2 months ago

    When would Rose be revealed to be a spy, near the beginning so we would know along, or closer to the end, so it would come as a shock to the audience? Do you have an exact moment in the film in mind?

  • Danielle Ellis
    Danielle Ellis 2 months ago

    One tweak: Instead of the first order approaching Rose before she joins the Resistance, make it after she and her sister join the resistance. And She's on the fence about it until Poe gets her sister killed. Then she joins.

  • Battle HUB
    Battle HUB 2 months ago +1

    Hey Nando I think they should make Dinner a villain in the next movie. Ask me why.

  • Megara Lyons
    Megara Lyons 2 months ago

    Your version is better than the actual movies. Damn. There were no real risks with the current Star Wars movies. The old ones all 6 were more ground breaking. I mean anakin killed kids. Disney needs to push fuckin boundaries

  • Sandflake
    Sandflake 2 months ago

    I love smart character writing like this. I like to delude myself into think I'm more or less on-par with about every youtube story analyst I know of, at least when it comes to /writing
    /. Thus far I've only watched two of your videos and you've got me beat both times. Its both humbling and exhilarating, and I'm very much looking forward to binge watching your videos to learn and improve. Thank you so much!

  • adam getalife
    adam getalife 2 months ago

    Rewriting the new trilogy. I think the new trilogy should have been about fighting off the last of the remnants of the Imperial Empire rather than everything being reseted back to the old trilogy with new First Order. Luke Skywalker should have been training a new generation of Jedi in an academy, with a few Jedi going rouge and/or turned to the Dark Side and/or turning into Dark Jedi. Luke realizes he should let the Jedi end, not in a way that Ryan Johnson interpreted in The Last Jedi to stop teaching altogether, but to teach a new kind Force user. Instead of teaching just about the ways of the Jedi and the Light Side, Luke realizes that he must teach and practice with ways of both the Light and the Dark side. Just teach about the Force as a whole and that is what it means to bring balance to the Force.

  • Username- unknown
    Username- unknown 2 months ago

    Well for all we know this is what their gonna do in EP9

  • Brain rich
    Brain rich 2 months ago

    Just rewrite the whole film! Lol jk if you liked the film that's fine. Honestly this sounds better than what we got with the film.

  • Blue Waffles
    Blue Waffles 2 months ago

    When they were followed through hyperspace, I thought there was a spy on the ship and were going to try to catch them before the First Order caught up.

  • Bethany McS.
    Bethany McS. 2 months ago +1

    Never before have i wanted a change to be so true

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres 2 months ago

    i like this headcanon. would be cool if it turned out to be true in episode 8.
    but I'm afraid we might get an overly long love triangle plot :/

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres 2 months ago

    finally someone who agrees with me that maz kanata is a infuriatingly bad character

    FEARTHEWAY 2 months ago

    such a great idea to fix weakly written characters. 7:30 WOW !!! explains Roses sabotage of Finn.

  • Candy Canes
    Candy Canes 2 months ago

    yeet rosee is a spaiii

    if she's a spy it makes so much sense
    thankgod for your channel

  • Candy Canes
    Candy Canes 2 months ago


  • Max Eisenhardt
    Max Eisenhardt 2 months ago

    This twist definitely needs to happen in Episode IX. It would change an otherwise lame and boring character into a very interesting and complex one. Plus it would give a different light to the FO by showing that not all of them are the typical "evil" people.

  • Devmafu Gaming
    Devmafu Gaming 2 months ago


  • Bill Volk
    Bill Volk 2 months ago

    Snoke has a line about how General Hux is a general because Snoke finds it useful to have mostly idiots in upper management who couldn't oppose him even if they tried. That might be why his protege is Kylo Ren, a moody manchild whom Snoke seems ambivalent about keeping around at all.
    Of all the different ways authors have portrayed the Empire/First Order, my favorite is to portray them as a shitty workplace. Organization is poor, nobody communicates, management only takes the form of punishment or threats of punishment, there's lots of backstabbing and petty office drama, and the lower ranks are treated as disposable while the upper ones go unchallenged even when breaking their own rules (like having a VP who openly practices the banned Jedi religion.) It's relatable, it explains all their shortcomings and seemingly nonsensical decisions, and best of all it explains how so many ordinary people can think it's sensible to serve a leader who doesn't particularly try to hide his blatant supervillainy. It's a living.

  • Lon Johnson
    Lon Johnson 2 months ago

    If they ask me to write the next movie, I'm totally using this.

  • Percival917
    Percival917 2 months ago

    This is actually complementary to one fix I would make to TLJ, and denecessitates another. The change it helps is incorporating Mara Jade into Rey and Luke's arc, the one it erases is giving Holdo an arc about overcoming her arrogance. Mara Jade was Luke's spouse in the original Expanded Universe. Imagine if she were the one who found Anakin's lightsaber, used it to find Luke through Force shenanigans, and ended that backstory with meeting and marrying Luke. As an ex-sith, she has an understanding of both the light and dark sides of the force, so she can meaningfully further the deconstruction that TLJ really wants to be. But this doesn't mean Rey is vindicated when she turns to the dark side- In fact, Jade should be more wary, since she knows the dark side of the force very well, and Rey has still yet to prove herself as an agent of justice. This could also fix Luke's TLJ characterization- Jade finds Luke after he loses hope and becomes a shell of his former self. Jade finds Luke because of course, she loves him after all. But perhaps both their ships are broken, so they cannot leave, but must wait until a new pupil arrives, perhaps even with the old lightsaber he entrusted to Maz Tanaka. With all this in mind, Luke becomes himself again, and launches that last piece of the map across the galaxy with the force. (Since force powers are now more OP, that should be able to slide.) And now Jar Jar Abrams' shitty mystery box is filled with something meaningful. And for the cherry on top, Jade duels Rey, revealing her ex-sith status to those without EU knowledge. ("Do you know what I was meant to be before I met Luke?" *ignites red lightsaber* "His assassin.") After Rey overpowers Jade, Rey stops herself from landing a killing blow just like Luke before her, and now both Jade and Luke can be sure of her status as a symbol of hope. As for Holdo, she can now has a motive rant, befitting her status as an antagonist sided with the resistance, about how she wanted to trust Poe just like her best friend Leia still could, but not only did she know of a spy, she knew of the dreadnought incident, a bloodbath that showed Poe's recklessness. How was she supposed to trust him not to leak the plan to a potential spy? Thus, Holdo and Poe come to a mutual understanding, and the mutiny is called off. While the resistance troops are hesitant to trust Holdo at first, she vindicates their faith in her via her heroic sacrifice. And on Krayt, Poe figures out that the spy is Rose. Bam, now all three arcs are much better than before.

  • RipleyandWeeds
    RipleyandWeeds 2 months ago

    >thinking TLJ is a good movie

  • T Striker
    T Striker 2 months ago

    okay, are you sure you didn't just spoil episode 9's twist?

  • Sof PP
    Sof PP 2 months ago

    Well there’s one more movie. Let’s see?

  • 206 Pictures
    206 Pictures 2 months ago

    I like the general idea of your change but I disagree that we need the first order's ideology, we don't even really know the ideology of the Empire. They're both just- eeeeeeeeevil, its self evident that they like making things bad and that's all we need to know is they're bad. It's a really good strategy for avoiding political allegory, or worse, falsely perceived political allegory. That said I think if Rose is, from the get-go a spy, and we lose the sister angle entirely, you have a story of two first order soldiers learning that the right thing for them to do is to join the resistance. Two distinct characters learning from each other on the way to a single story arch. Almost... Romantic?

  • ljqueen McAwsome
    ljqueen McAwsome 2 months ago

    I kinda get annoyed by the whole "the force is yin and yang" thing people have come up with as that is not really what the force in the original trilogy (or hell, even in the prequels ) was. Don't get me wrong, you can easily draw parallels between the two, but in the star wars universe, the light side IS the force when it is balanced while the dark side is a corruptive force (The force in its natural state is akin to a tree, which the light side cares for and nourishes, helping it grow to its highest height. The dark side is akin to a parasite or rot that hinders its growth and corrupts the tree itself )

  • ordinary gamers
    ordinary gamers 2 months ago

    I don’t think Finn cared her to back to the base on foot I think he brought her down into the tunnels that we know exists since of battlefront 2 I think that’s what happened since it’s more believable

  • I like beans.
    I like beans. 2 months ago

    Rose is not even close to the only problem with The Last Jedi.
    Here’s my best attempt at a comprehensive list of all of said problems.
    -The plot was disjointed, didn’t make any sense, is riddled with plot holes, throws far too many curveballs at the audience, and is hard to follow (Mostly due to all the curveballs)
    -TLJ is FILLED with contradictions
    -Luke was utterly butchered
    -The characters were extremely poorly written, especially Rey and Kylo Ren
    -Snoke was a wasted opportunity
    -The Porgs are massively overemphasized
    -The entire thing with Huldo was an awful attempt to inject social justice and feminism into Star Wars
    -Finn is there just to please the SJWs
    -There are many plot conveniences and Deus Ex Machinas throughout the movie
    -The jokes weren’t funny
    -Rose is an obstructive character that serves the same purpose as Finn
    -Leia is a magic space fairy now
    -Luke dies of absolutely nothing, for no justifiable reason
    -The animals, which they put a gargantuan amount of effort into, don’t do anything
    -Rey is even more of a Mary Sue now
    -The writers clearly forgot how space works
    -Usage of the Force is very inconsistent, and even contradictory
    -The characters are unlikable, and can’t be related to
    And that’s all I’ve got. The Last Jedi is a disgrace, and is extremely disrespectful to the legacy of Star Wars. Even Solo isn’t as bad as The Last Jedi, and that movie takes a mountain-sized crap on the character of Han Solo. I seriously can’t BELIEVE that Legends was branded “non-canon”, just for these abominations to take its place. Screw you, Disney, for ruining one of the greatest franchises of all time.

  • Tauron Mitronion
    Tauron Mitronion 2 months ago

    Okay, how many more movies ought to have had the love interest secretly be a spy?

  • Noel
    Noel 2 months ago

    Honestly, this rekindled my hope for this franchise.

  • The Shy Gamer
    The Shy Gamer 2 months ago

    Ok no Holdo doesn't need to even be in the movie they could just mention her escaping and instead of her blowing up the ship ADMIRAL ACKBAR BLOWS IT UP

  • MoJo193
    MoJo193 2 months ago

    I know it's a longshot, but Rose could be revealed as a spy in the next movie. If so, this video called it first!

  • Roody Tooty
    Roody Tooty 2 months ago

    The cool part about movies, tv shows, and books is that you can come up with your own endings, change parts about it, do whatever, and as far as anyone is concerned, that could just be what happened to you. Who gives a shit if she wasn't a spy in the movie, if in your head, that's how you wanted the story to play out, what's stopping you?

  • Jacob Furrow
    Jacob Furrow 2 months ago

    This is like Darth Jar Jar but for the new trilogy.

  • hiimawesome6
    hiimawesome6 2 months ago

    Someone call disney they gotta do this in Episode 9

  • SuperScarface83
    SuperScarface83 2 months ago

    Having seen the film a couple times now, I've come to really love it. But damn, this idea would have made the film so much better.