Weekend Update: Government Shutdown - SNL


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  • Natalie L
    Natalie L 5 days ago

    “That’s going to be a meme”😂🤣

  • Simon Winther
    Simon Winther 10 days ago

    Remember when Weekend Update wasn't two hacks doing lame Trump jokes for 5 minutes?

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith 21 day ago

    I love the Scrooge McDonald's part

  • Ben Hanke
    Ben Hanke 21 day ago

    I would start attending Zumba classes if Chuck Schumer was the instructor.

  • ___
    ___ 21 day ago

    I wish real news stations were like this!

  • Isla Loper
    Isla Loper 21 day ago


  • Veronica Crosthwaite
    Veronica Crosthwaite 22 days ago

    I don't care what happens all I want are my food stamps.

  • Snivellus Shrivelfig
    Snivellus Shrivelfig 22 days ago

    Well, I personally heard Senator Shumer say in a speech yesterday that he has no idea what Zumba is, in response to this video. He couldn't even remember the word.

  • Batman M
    Batman M 22 days ago

    The worst, most in-funny pieces of shit I've ever seen!!

  • Hannah Jamail Herrick
    Hannah Jamail Herrick 22 days ago

    3:59 Anthony scarramucci(?) looks like a fish a lil bit....should we be concerned?

  • M
    M 22 days ago

    Can’t blame trump for not paying workers when they voted to pay them and only 6 dems voted for it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • pablo a name
    pablo a name 23 days ago

    One of those two is a tool and I know you immediately got who

  • OldPossum
    OldPossum 23 days ago

    3:58 I wonder if this guy realizes that Anthony Scaramucci is his dad?

  • Square_Army XD
    Square_Army XD 23 days ago

    4:00 wow, George Orwell is crying so hard in the corner of the room...

  • saved
    saved 23 days ago

    nah that r kelly joke was out of line

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 23 days ago

    Bottom line, quit with adding tard every time you refer to the party you are not affiliated with. Second, they need to pass legislation to take pay away from the legislature that causes this to happen. Last, if trump declares this an emergency and bypasses the house and Senate then he will be setting a precedent. When Democrats take the white house and there's a mass shooting, what do you think is going to happen?

  • Christian Kulas
    Christian Kulas 23 days ago

    This show sucks

  • Kendall Roth
    Kendall Roth 24 days ago

    Orange man bad

  • Travis House
    Travis House 24 days ago

    Obama shut down the government for 43 days and no one said a word. You’re just say this crap because you’re clueless on the bigger picture.

    • Rishi Behal
      Rishi Behal 24 days ago

      I'm sorry but the 2013 shutdiwn lasted for 16 not 35

  • Elise Lyn
    Elise Lyn 24 days ago

    Can we just all agree that Michael Che is the cutest human being in the world. I mean...1:24

  • sweatpantsprincess
    sweatpantsprincess 24 days ago

    I like that Michael Che didn't react to the R Kelly joke as much as the audience responses to it. They must have been making some faces or something

  • s
    s 24 days ago

    3:04 - 3:53 | It would have been welcoming if BuzzFeed had imbibed this advice years ago. That website was annoying and irrelevant long before the Trump dossier, and whatever else they've been publishing in recent years, under the guise of journalism.

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee 24 days ago

    "Bring the ice." That is the best analogy on how BuzzFeed should be. Stick with your lists and memes.

  • Aidi Bal
    Aidi Bal 25 days ago

    The government shutdown! It's Chuck Schumer's and Nancy Pelosi's fault. The saddest thing is that Schumer and Pelosi are still getting paid, but the government employees aren't.

  • Ronald Otten
    Ronald Otten 25 days ago

    U guys are too funny! 🤣

  • Rick McMurtry
    Rick McMurtry 25 days ago

    Why is it always Trump's fault when pelosi is like NO what kind of negotiation is that. Trump 2020

  • Taylor Nanney
    Taylor Nanney 25 days ago

    I miss the old weekend updates with Seth Myers.

  • Rubear
    Rubear 25 days ago

    We all need less government in our lives.

  • Mac Bizzo
    Mac Bizzo 25 days ago

    Why are OLD people in charge?... ask any psychologist... the older a person is the more they regress back into a child.

  • Danky Skull
    Danky Skull 25 days ago

    Yep, the NPC's are functioning just fine!

  • Danky Skull
    Danky Skull 25 days ago


  • Danky Skull
    Danky Skull 25 days ago


  • Conner Broeker
    Conner Broeker 25 days ago

    Trump isn't the only reason the government is shut down

  • Manj U. Gotts
    Manj U. Gotts 25 days ago

    S N L = Still Not Laughing
    - Trump secured all back pay, Liar.
    - Pelosi had prewritten her refusals to negotiate. She OWNS the shutdown.
    - Government workers are well taken care of. Peloser refuses to meet with the parents of children killed by illegals.
    - Cohen already proved himself to be a liar. What he says is of no consequence.
    SNL grasps at straws trying to make the President look bad. SNL fails while propagandizing and outright lying.
    SNL fails miserably at comedy.
    But the thing SNL will fail MOST about is their (the cast and "writers", decision makers, etc) ability to avoid repercussions.

  • Robert Rocco
    Robert Rocco 25 days ago

    The horrors will continue until president white trash is disposed of.

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra 25 days ago

    I wonder how many real, live border guards that would have actual jobs for the long term (long after wall construction crews were done and gone) you could hire with $5 billion. Maybe more than enough to do the job?

  • Peyton Holden
    Peyton Holden 25 days ago

    All the employees are getting their money back after the shutdown

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 25 days ago

    Gross only he has that aunt

  • Lorraine Mackey
    Lorraine Mackey 25 days ago

    Government is always closed on Sat. And Sun.

  • Madd Zack
    Madd Zack 25 days ago

    All while SNL employs criminals and crazies. How many times can block this amazingly creative channel? Fucking garbage!

  • William
    William 26 days ago

    Che is fucking funny

  • Franklin MacGillacuddy

    Weekend Update has always been about the best part of SNL for me, back to the days of Chase and Aykroyd and Curtain, but this season they are definitely dominating. SNL should consider an entire spinoff show written by Jost and Che and the other contributors to this bit of wonderfulness.

  • PewPewGuns
    PewPewGuns 26 days ago +1

    how is this shit funny?

  • Destiny Scarlett Medina

    That was a bit racist when he said Mexicans sneaking in there drugs from the slacks/wall

  • werebeasted
    werebeasted 26 days ago

    "Government shutdown enters 29th day. Coincidentally Main-Stream-Propaganda has also entered 29th day of blaming Trump for not signing funding legislation that has actually never passed the Senate. It is believed that many in the nation do not understand even the very FUNDAMENTAL aspects of how legislation that affects their very lives -- is actually voted on -- but remain sure it somehow involves President Trump. And that by saying he takes credit -- in the view of the understanding of most, he has in fact enacted a veto on the U.S. Constitution."

  • Robert James
    Robert James 26 days ago

    These are two of the most uncharacteristic comedians ever

  • Daniel Siapin
    Daniel Siapin 26 days ago

    Was that supposed to be funny?

    BOSTONSNEWGARDEN 26 days ago +1

    Want more of the worst ever snl weekeend updates? Well then be sure to stay tuned& subscribe!!

  • N S
    N S 26 days ago

    The Trump temper tantrum government shut down is a distraction from the Russia investigation. Follow the money from Russia, through the NRA to the RNC, and arrest all Republicans involved for treason! We have a Russian agent in the Whitehouse! Arrest Agolf Twittler for treason!

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 26 days ago

    BuzzFeed is not and has never been actual news.

  • Mr. Ubiboy
    Mr. Ubiboy 26 days ago

    Snl clearly takes protection of this great country for granted since no idiot on there understands why to government was shut down in the first place

    • Metro Hemo
      Metro Hemo 25 days ago

      Department of Homeland Security puts out the stats

    • Mr. Ubiboy
      Mr. Ubiboy 26 days ago

      +Metro Hemo no ...what is your source you luv to look at

    • Metro Hemo
      Metro Hemo 26 days ago

      That's right, attack the source of the information, and ignore the point. There is no crisis on the boarder, so why has trump decided to destroy the lives of 800,000 Americans?
      Here is a real question for you, why can't he open the government and then negotiate for his wall? Why does he need for American to suffer until he gets his way?

    • Mr. Ubiboy
      Mr. Ubiboy 26 days ago

      +Metro Hemo what kinds of sources even say this kind of validity?? NY times? of course since theyre liberal fevered

    • Metro Hemo
      Metro Hemo 26 days ago

      Illegal crossing are down so low that net migration from Mexico is negative. The vast majority of illegals with good paying jobs in this country are visa over stays. Most of the illegal drugs come through ports of entry, so what is the emergency. Why should Americans have to suffer for a wall that the president doesn't have the votes to fund so he has taken the country hostage. You claim this about fair voting but trumps voter commission found no fraud. The reason that democrats have the upper hand all the time is because they have more people that support them then republicans. It has nothing to do with boarder wall. This is about a campaign promise, that he couldn't keep so he is trying to move the goal post and get us to pay for his stupidity.

  • Andi McGauley
    Andi McGauley 26 days ago

    “I found THat to be rude”

  • Michael Mara
    Michael Mara 26 days ago +1

    Are we great yet?

  • Brandon
    Brandon 26 days ago +1

    “Michael Che I get all my news from you!”

    “Don’t do that”

  • m. mck
    m. mck 26 days ago

    86 45

  • iceman11849
    iceman11849 26 days ago


  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 26 days ago

    R Kelly in a Claire's boutique😂

  • C C
    C C 27 days ago

    Are SNL not getting paid (to write jokes)?

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 27 days ago

    So what yall think about slats? lmaoo

  • Plur307
    Plur307 27 days ago

    Open borders for Israel! Walls don't work.

  • D Miller
    D Miller 27 days ago


  • Amethyst Samia
    Amethyst Samia 27 days ago

    Chuck Schumer teaching zoomba. I just had a visual of that. Ew. Ewwww. E.U. Thanks SNL. I didn’t need that vision in my head...

  • Aidan Knoll
    Aidan Knoll 27 days ago

    2:31 That's an iPhone screenshot on a non-iPhone. Good job, guys.

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 27 days ago

    He's a billionaire who controls all the *hamberders* in the world. you were close, Colin.

  • Naheim Googolla
    Naheim Googolla 27 days ago

    Then Pelosi & Schumacher went and had necrophilia sex together to delay it further.

  • Obey The Law
    Obey The Law 27 days ago +1

    2:00 the giant slats are because of the environmentalists. I would make it SOLID.

    • Prince Marth
      Prince Marth 27 days ago

      why dont you care about the environment?

  • Obey The Law
    Obey The Law 27 days ago

    6 Billion is so small compared to the GDP of the US and Trump is willing to accept the "Dreamers"? Demoncrats should take the deal. I would not make that compromise.

  • Kelle Franzen
    Kelle Franzen 27 days ago

    I bring the ice 😂😂😂

  • Steve Velobahn
    Steve Velobahn 27 days ago

    Hmm. Raisinets. Brb

    FUCK THE POLICE 27 days ago

    Leave it shutdown 🖕 liberals

  • TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName

    Why are you doing this Trump? We all thought the wall thing was a joke.

  • Chaz Broome
    Chaz Broome 27 days ago

    bunch of igmos! worst show on tele

  • L Gonzalez
    L Gonzalez 27 days ago +1

    While I sympathize with DACA/Dreamers I don't give a dang about granting them any concessions. They or their parents can't vote so what does this benefit Democrats? Create more jobs for people who can monitor our borders and help the needy. To heck with DACA.

  • Skinny Kenny
    Skinny Kenny 27 days ago

    Trump 24/7 need some new material same thing everyday.

  • Akashavayu
    Akashavayu 27 days ago

    Saying "bring the ICE" will send more illegals scattering like the cockroaches in his Aunts apt!

  • Akashavayu
    Akashavayu 27 days ago

    Trump loves sluts errr sorry slats! My bad!

  • sabrina phipps-harris
    sabrina phipps-harris 27 days ago

    Git them Michael

  • sabrina phipps-harris
    sabrina phipps-harris 27 days ago

    Good one Colin on r Kelly bum

  • EmergencyNightNurse
    EmergencyNightNurse 27 days ago +1

    What about Trumps trillion dollars for "shovel ready jobs" ?

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham 27 days ago

    More pathetic, disingenuous, pandering Liberal malcontents spewing their HATE. Hillary lost. Get over it !!!

  • Karmiangod
    Karmiangod 27 days ago

    This stuff is fun!

  • Joseph Bozzi
    Joseph Bozzi 27 days ago

    Build that wall

  • Convicted03 !
    Convicted03 ! 27 days ago

    Good luck impeaching trump. I’m sorry but he hasn’t broken any laws no matter how much you want him to be. If you think Hillary was a better option then your stupid because there’s Rick solid evidence of treason(punishable by death) and her husband was impeached so that’s not being smart

  • Convicted03 !
    Convicted03 ! 27 days ago

    Not trumps fault because people don’t want him to go through with his deal

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 27 days ago


  • John Pulaski
    John Pulaski 27 days ago +1

    Democrats only care about illegals, not Americans! Democrats:No boarders,no walls,no U.S.A. at all Trump easy 2020!💩😈🖕

  • debby fronke
    debby fronke 27 days ago +1

    You Trump supporters.... Still believe in your man... Your response to shutting down our Goverment, and not paying city officials for a entire month, as ass wipe continues to pouts... Would you work for free... Come on... Waiting to hear your brilliant response to the man you put in office... What if there was a threat on our country, another 9-11, would it be Hell no, I won't take action, not till my wall is built.. This man, I won't say president, is a very demented individual 😤

  • Justin O.
    Justin O. 27 days ago

    I mean, a hostage negotiation is exactly what it is, even without the Dreamers. "Let us build our dumbass wall or all these hardworking government employees won't eat."

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson 27 days ago

    Wow, I could tell Colin was taking that first bit seriously. Props to Che for breaking the tension

  • getpumped87
    getpumped87 27 days ago

    4:20 Schumba

  • A Mashadi
    A Mashadi 27 days ago

    Wait, Muller is gonna eventually come with a report deeming trump innocent.... A game from the get go designed by putin himself. I sure hope I'm being delusional!

  • Jessica DeNittis
    Jessica DeNittis 27 days ago

    Ha. Sharon. She thought we got him. I wish so too, Sharon.

  • rob jones
    rob jones 27 days ago

    so is it me or does Robert Mueller look exactly like Robert deniro? i guess i know who's going to play Mueller in the movie lol

  • ClayDog
    ClayDog 27 days ago

    BuzzFeed. Fooled MSNBC and CNN

  • Marissa L. Campbell
    Marissa L. Campbell 27 days ago +1

    Trump seems to enjoy the misery of others. Does this shutdown reflect what the GOP really mean by “less government” as one of their mantras! #Deception is the art of GOP politics.

  • Dan Frank
    Dan Frank 27 days ago

    Sure do love a government "shutdown"

  • RJ L
    RJ L 27 days ago

    saturday night libtards

  • Chas Lewis
    Chas Lewis 27 days ago

    LOL, "you bring the ice"
    Wow, get wrecked Buzzfeed!

  • RJ L
    RJ L 27 days ago

    back-pay is not enough...back-pay with at least 10% interest...