A Game You Can Always Win

  • Published on May 14, 2018
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    The 100 game was created by the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson -- who you may know for writing Alice In Wonderland under the pen name Lewis Carroll.
    Carroll’s Oxford students were amazed. On February 5, 1856 he wrote in his diary: “... the trick of counting alternately up to 100, neither putting on more than 10 to the last number named, astonished them not a little.”
    The Universe in a Handkerchief: Lewis Carroll’s Mathematical Recreations, Games, Puzzles, and Word Plays, by Martin Gardiner
    The Diaries of Lewis Carroll Volume I
    Arithmetical Croquet

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  • Vsauce2
    Vsauce2  5 months ago +3045

    three curious bros

    • Bubba Dee
      Bubba Dee Day ago

      EnigmaNET I did too

    • Lincoln Svarc
      Lincoln Svarc 8 days ago

      What if two people do it

    • Jordan Diaz
      Jordan Diaz 10 days ago

      Iwant. A. Curios box. My address 800 wallace sherman st PA

    • Ign Gr8est_C8
      Ign Gr8est_C8 14 days ago

      I tried this on my friends and they never figured it out!

    • Emu The Emu
      Emu The Emu 14 days ago

      Vsauce2 does it work with 21 because I learned a game called 21.

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M. 9 hours ago

    *"I rule the world!"*

  • X Leshens
    X Leshens 19 hours ago +1

    I bet 12 bucks to my friend and i won, *THANKS*

  • steven wang
    steven wang 20 hours ago

    good video edit

  • Gg Daily
    Gg Daily 23 hours ago

    0:16 To demonstrate, let's have a friendly game between me and uhhh...

    I guess I will play with myself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 23 hours ago

    Why is the title in german

  • YoloDomo5307
    YoloDomo5307 23 hours ago

    That’s so cool!

  • rabid. rivas
    rabid. rivas Day ago

    These are variations on Nim

  • Jeppe Dalsgaard
    Jeppe Dalsgaard Day ago

    I just tried with my dad
    I won!
    now I'm cleaning my room...

  • Sr.Pat
    Sr.Pat Day ago

    TheXvid me está traduciendo los títulos de los videos y no me gusta :c

  • Jake Matthew Basa

    My Friend: Hey let's play a game
    Me: Ok
    My Friend: Ok, the game is the one who gets 1st to add to 100 wins, Ok?
    Me: Ok, You first
    My Friend: 6
    Me: 94, I win!
    My Friend: Hey that's cheating!
    Me: But you didn't say the rules

  • Ze Walruse
    Ze Walruse Day ago

    reminds me of that Yoshi game in New Super Mario Bros.

  • Newb Gamer
    Newb Gamer Day ago


    Hey I won :D

  • Drus 13
    Drus 13 Day ago


  • Ernad Šehić
    Ernad Šehić Day ago

    What if they choose 10 and the sum would be 11 so 11-11 is 0, do we just say zero?

  • Andres Felipe Beltran Sicua

    puedes hacer un canal en español

  • Molly Jones
    Molly Jones 2 days ago

    Oh your so good! I always lose to myself. :/

  • Morian Sim
    Morian Sim 2 days ago

    I've figured it out before the explanation!!! Whatever number the other person chooses, you must choose the number that will make its sum 11.

  • Akhriebu Peseyie
    Akhriebu Peseyie 2 days ago

    Was that your twin?

  • sunny sideup
    sunny sideup 2 days ago

    This is more effective,let your friend go first
    if your friend chose ten, you are lucky. this is the round
    you:10 :3
    you:10 (yasss I'm winning)
    friend: (huehue imma ruin your plan)9 :3
    you:(DANG IT! )10
    friend:9 :3
    you: 10
    friend:8 (YASS)
    you: (ugh) 10
    friend:10 (hmm. .)
    you:2 (:3)
    friend: (DANGIT) 5
    you: (YASSS) 6 a yayayayayaya
    SUM:100, YAY *YOU WON*

  • okay
    okay 2 days ago

    My science teacher plays this game with us. I can finally win

  • Dr. Cube
    Dr. Cube 2 days ago

    Now I need to find a friend to play a game of removing matches

    • martin corderoy
      martin corderoy Day ago

      You can always "Play with yourself" as the guy says .I sometimes do

  • J.C. Panda
    J.C. Panda 2 days ago

    This is like nim

  • Shathi Sharmin
    Shathi Sharmin 2 days ago

    Dud what is your IQ ?

  • Jessica Davies
    Jessica Davies 3 days ago


  • Exo Studios
    Exo Studios 3 days ago

    We learnt this in school. We were with Mr. C.
    Why did I bring up Mr c

  • Eddie Martin
    Eddie Martin 3 days ago

    what if the opponent puts 10 first do I say zero?

  • Raja
    Raja 3 days ago

    "I guess I'll just play with myself."

  • KrXza
    KrXza 3 days ago


  • Ali Mota
    Ali Mota 3 days ago +1

    I rule the world !!

  • Amirul daniel khoo
    Amirul daniel khoo 3 days ago

    I don care. If i lose. I beat my friends, SIMPLE

  • Tsumiki Miniwa
    Tsumiki Miniwa 3 days ago

    Am I the only one with the title of the video written in french?

  • Drakan
    Drakan 3 days ago

    As long as you start, you can always wim tic-tac-toe, no matter if the opponent knows the strategy.

  • Blazeheart x
    Blazeheart x 3 days ago

    Here is how you can remember the arithmetic series. Remember that the tens place is 1 more that the ones place until 100

  • XxRetardxX
    XxRetardxX 3 days ago

    But wait if your friend starts first you're screwed lol

  • Abhi Gamer
    Abhi Gamer 3 days ago +1


  • Tyler Chen
    Tyler Chen 3 days ago

    my parents say i think more *maturely* than other students

    then they see me dancing flopping my arms around singing *yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

  • FastMax
    FastMax 3 days ago

    Once at a school orientation I played the match game with my guide and accidentally won even though they rigged it.

  • ritvik sasi
    ritvik sasi 4 days ago

    I thought like this 1:10 2:9 3:8 4:7 5:6

  • Kaweh Haederli
    Kaweh Haederli 4 days ago

    Warum ist der Titel in deutsch?

  • JohnnoG
    JohnnoG 4 days ago

    You look like a cooler version of lester from gta v

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 4 days ago

    You don't need to subtract eleven because ever sum you use once you subtract eleven will add up with the other persons number to equal eleven!

  • The Wither Empire
    The Wither Empire 4 days ago

    I used this 2 times on my friend he said "I'm sorry I'm gonna win" I said "sure"

  • Lelouch VI Britannia VII

    Ill play with my self... Lmao. Is it just me dirty minded?

  • Yeet Nation
    Yeet Nation 4 days ago

    I guess I’ll play with myself😂😂

  • Angel Alberto Garcia Martínez

    A chingado porque el título está en español

  • Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik

    this is a click beight

  • Z Chow
    Z Chow 5 days ago

    Just add zero

  • YaboiiLouis
    YaboiiLouis 5 days ago

    this is one of the worst videos on youtube

  • Yow Theng Lim
    Yow Theng Lim 5 days ago

    Gf: Pick a number
    Me: 69
    Gf: I win

  • tilmaen
    tilmaen 5 days ago


  • Jakob Mertens
    Jakob Mertens 5 days ago

    Wait there is a german title and a german description on an english video?

  • Henry Ji
    Henry Ji 5 days ago

    what if you don't go first

  • Adyn Ryan
    Adyn Ryan 5 days ago

    Or say your friend said 4 can’t you say 96?

  • S400109gamer
    S400109gamer 5 days ago

    But if they’ve seen this video, pretty sure it doesn’t work

  • Loop Hole
    Loop Hole 5 days ago

    Vsauce Kevin here

  • RegulineMovie80 _
    RegulineMovie80 _ 5 days ago

    All of this requires maths, lots of...


  • Gabrielle Silva
    Gabrielle Silva 5 days ago

    Estou entendendo muuuuuuuuuito oque voce tá falando

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    I’ve been stuck in a vsauce videos loop for hours. I can’t get out, it’s all too interesting. Someone help.

  • clashgemhunter
    clashgemhunter 6 days ago


  • Warm milk 123
    Warm milk 123 6 days ago

    So fake:1+9. 4+6 do this with every one

  • Cheekati
    Cheekati 6 days ago +1

    Does anyone notice this? At 3:10 when he says 100 he sounds like Chris in family Guy

    • Cheekati
      Cheekati 5 days ago

      +Swe LowKey yeah..yeahh..yah.....

    • Swe LowKey
      Swe LowKey 6 days ago

      Cheekati holy guacamole we must tell lord matpat

  • Toto Plays
    Toto Plays 6 days ago +1

    There is actually alot easier way to win that everytime it goes like this
    You start the game and pick number 9 what ever he/she picks 1-10 example he/she picks 5 u pick 5 so its 10 then its his/her turn again and he/she picks for example 8 u pick 2 so its 10 and keep doing this until 89 and then what ever he picks u can win it

  • Bobddotcom Plays
    Bobddotcom Plays 6 days ago +1

    I used to do this with the game “21”

  • Bobddotcom Plays
    Bobddotcom Plays 6 days ago +1

    You are just going up by 11s basically.

  • gizi cz
    gizi cz 6 days ago

    Hello *me* it's good to see *me*

  • CrazyMangoz
    CrazyMangoz 6 days ago

    Poor skelator

  • Benizzor
    Benizzor 6 days ago +1

    *"I guess I'll just play with myself"*

  • Student Christopher Lomeli

    That’s cool your left handed 🤗🤩

  • Brain Blox
    Brain Blox 6 days ago

    Math, Matchstick Puzzles, Mr T, AND Skeletor...holy smokes this video is legit awesome!

  • Angela Nguyen
    Angela Nguyen 7 days ago

    I learmed to do this by myself with the game called 10, who ever says 10 is out and you start at 0 and you can only say 2 numbers. I came up with this type of method. But then we payed it more than 2 peole whihc is much harder, usually it was like with 6 people, and we increased it too like 21 or 100 instead of 10

  • StalePudding
    StalePudding 7 days ago

    0:21 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Cielrooo
    Cielrooo 7 days ago

    who is the other me

  • Nay Oo
    Nay Oo 7 days ago

    I love math

  • rumahhafidzah bekasi

    Its like the dr.nim game right?

  • Snehalata Jagati
    Snehalata Jagati 7 days ago



  • Ethan Erhardt
    Ethan Erhardt 7 days ago

    5:29 is me 24/7

  • Robbie Rotten
    Robbie Rotten 7 days ago

    Make them say 50 and you say 50

  • Chicken Eclipse
    Chicken Eclipse 7 days ago

    Or if you pick 7 I pick 4 that's 11 then you say 2 I say 9 I add the number you picked like you picked 2 I added 9 and then I got my answer because 2-11 still equals 9 well that's my way other than subtracting

  • Nicoa is a weirdo
    Nicoa is a weirdo 7 days ago +1

    Ya know just having a good game of *Nim*

  • Jaiden DRW
    Jaiden DRW 7 days ago


  • Ruined Props
    Ruined Props 7 days ago

    If you could make a match between you and you and the you wins
    THEN that you would lose
    Then you would lose too
    So the game... You'd lose

    MEME SUPREME 7 days ago +1

    *my friend left the chat*

  • LowQualityChannel
    LowQualityChannel 7 days ago

    What if you and your friend watch this videos

  • Dominik Johnson
    Dominik Johnson 8 days ago


  • DR. Inactive
    DR. Inactive 8 days ago

    0:05 thx genius I thought we counted with twinkies

  • NikName !
    NikName ! 8 days ago

    Who ever translated the title to german should be fired.

  • Oberon
    Oberon 8 days ago

    It’s 21 all over again

  • P0lyTechnical
    P0lyTechnical 8 days ago

    stic tac toe

  • Carlos THE Minecraf
    Carlos THE Minecraf 8 days ago

    Poor Skeletor.

  • Carlos THE Minecraf
    Carlos THE Minecraf 8 days ago

    We'll of course he can always win if he's playing against himself!

  • The Android Guy
    The Android Guy 8 days ago

    i see fork,grass oh i know its a *PIG MIGRATION*

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller 8 days ago

    Won $10 using this :)

  • Rigel Spradling
    Rigel Spradling 8 days ago +1

    You sound like hiccup from how to train your dragon

  • Kevin Scala
    Kevin Scala 8 days ago

    Why is the title in German?

  • codey lee
    codey lee 9 days ago

    Who figured it out way before he even explained

  • RedG
    RedG 9 days ago

    I S T H E R E A V S A U CE T R E S

  • Nuqik Komaeda
    Nuqik Komaeda 9 days ago

    Hey vsauce kevin is here