Kygo, Whitney Houston - Higher Love (Audio)

  • Published on Jun 28, 2019
  • “Higher Love” out now!
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  • Marinus Gozewinus
    Marinus Gozewinus 19 minutes ago

    She can be proud good song. Mix love it ✌️❤️👍🌈rip Whitney she should be proud

  • Renaud Villacis
    Renaud Villacis Hour ago

    I love whitney but this is garbage compared to the original . Steve winwood killed it u cant touch it foh

  • FANATIC PLANET Productions

    I have nothing personal against Whitney Houston. She is a talented singer who was taken away from us too early.
    This is not a bad cover by any means. However, I would've appreciated it more had BBC RADIO 1 NOT OVERPLAYED THIS SHIT THREE TIMES A DAY!!!
    I swear, those fuckers are just as bad as Heart FM.
    Just a bunch of uncool hacks playing the same creatively bankrupt, lousy modern pop trash day in and day night and ruining good songs for people by exploiting them to the point of unbearable!
    Whitney deserves better than to have some hipster DJs make people hate her through endless repetition.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Hour ago


  • Fut Miner
    Fut Miner Hour ago

    I dont know why, but im so fking enjoying first 5 seconds of song...❤

  • Nikolay soviet
    Nikolay soviet Hour ago

    95-106 capital fm london.!!!

  • Simon Waite
    Simon Waite 3 hours ago +2

    Shes gone up higher to number 4 on the official chart in UK ... boohoo we still loving it xxxx

  • Fruzsina Kincse
    Fruzsina Kincse 3 hours ago

    It's the best ever ♥

  • Gub Romanato
    Gub Romanato 3 hours ago

    you need to be a lover of music to truly appreciate this song

  • Bramblefurr Warrior Cats
    Bramblefurr Warrior Cats 4 hours ago +1

    Wow! Whitney Houston stood up out of the death just to collab with Kygo! :D

  • Deborah Dajan
    Deborah Dajan 5 hours ago

    My mother loves Whitney ❤

  • Kais Butt
    Kais Butt 5 hours ago

    Whitney and Kygo are in the Top 5 in the UK hats off to Kygo for reminding us why Whitney Houston is one of the most beloved artist of all time 🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖

  • Sean Sadler
    Sean Sadler 6 hours ago

    Not a fan of this one, Love Kygo but some remixes just can't beat the originals. and this is one of them.

  • Macro
    Macro 6 hours ago +1

    Legends never die

  • Bob Woodruff
    Bob Woodruff 7 hours ago +1

    Best song of 2019!

  • Karl Dyke
    Karl Dyke 7 hours ago

    Terrible version of the Steve Winwood classic.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 11 hours ago +1

    what a song
    bloddy amazing

  • PMC05
    PMC05 15 hours ago +1

    Dis majaaaam! on repeat 24/7 🎧

  • chuckles1972
    chuckles1972 15 hours ago

    They said they didn’t put this song on the uk or american albums because they didn’t want her to be a cover artist. Well All The Man That I Need was a re-make also.

  • Eric James
    Eric James 16 hours ago

    Pure gold! There is that unbelievable voice of Whitney Houston!

  • keith alan
    keith alan 18 hours ago

    I like the track but I like the original best....its amazing what a studio can do...

  • Frederic Daviault
    Frederic Daviault 18 hours ago

    Great tube

  • Grecoking 1337
    Grecoking 1337 19 hours ago

    Kygo has been a sellout loser for the most part but this bangs 😎

  • Music Mogul
    Music Mogul 19 hours ago

    Vocal Divinity

  • ivoryhhh
    ivoryhhh 20 hours ago +1

    #1 this week on the Dance Club Songs chart!

  • Vogtland TV
    Vogtland TV 22 hours ago


  • Sandra-Isabella Nicolaus


  • mo wagner
    mo wagner Day ago +2

    Whitney is an Angel ❤❤
    I love you from the heart Whitney ❤❤
    You're missed by so many fans around the world❣❣❣❣

  • #1 P
    #1 P Day ago +2

    Perfection 🙏🙏🙏

  • Nervoso BR
    Nervoso BR Day ago


  • TheGamingMelon JC is a MC

    My umm mother loved this song when she was alive 😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • be jason
    be jason Day ago +1

    wow wow wow - what a voice and sound - thank you Whitney

  • Nithushan xx
    Nithushan xx Day ago +2

    R.I.P Whitney Houston

  • GaëlB Galbar
    GaëlB Galbar Day ago +1

    Better and stronger than the old version song, Withney should be proud...

  • darren see
    darren see Day ago

    TBH i think the original higher love by steve winwood was better

  • Vlog with Andy
    Vlog with Andy Day ago

    they used pitch correction on Whitneys voice and it sounds a bit off/weird. Totally not needed. otherwise a geat track

  • Fut Miner
    Fut Miner Day ago


  • zNuF1
    zNuF1 Day ago

    Best Song this decade
    I’m calling it rn 👀

  • Simon Waite
    Simon Waite Day ago +1

    Theres a chance that this amazing song might go higher than 5th were it got Friday on the official chart in the UK.... it's the official were it counts on her records of achievements

  • Alex Parkes
    Alex Parkes Day ago

    i of the best songs by kygo i have heard song with someone else

  • lets do this
    lets do this Day ago

    Best song around

  • Rosanna Ståhl
    Rosanna Ståhl Day ago +3

    R.I.P Whitney Love u❤️ Will always be one of my favorites😭💗💗

  • Authentic Animations

    I really don't see the point in just remixing a song and making it worse in every way. It's literally jus the original but with a generic drum beat, less instruments and singing which is fine but not as good as the original in my opinion.

  • Its me Oxygen
    Its me Oxygen Day ago +1

    Kygo is a god of vocal chopping

  • NpmartT TuGa
    NpmartT TuGa Day ago +1

    That vocals at 2:39 eargasm🔥🔥 thanks for bring this majestic Godess back😍🤘😎 and rock it like no one

  • RaveTheFox
    RaveTheFox Day ago +2

    R.I.P Whitney Houston

  • Yolanda Sifuentes

    The OG Queen - Whitney!!

  • Didier Renteria
    Didier Renteria Day ago +1

    Alguien más no está sorprendido de lo imposible que es esto de creer

  • Shaheen Ashraf
    Shaheen Ashraf Day ago +1

    Can't get enough of this Genius from Kygo The Queen Lives on!! 👌

  • arwc67
    arwc67 Day ago

    This is the biggest chop job on a song there could ever be! It sucks ass

  • Yung ASH
    Yung ASH Day ago

    Nice Song, terrible cover editing

  • One Gaming Esport

    love the sidechain on the vocals

  • LevelD1985
    LevelD1985 Day ago

    .. when you feel really old cos you know the original version

  • Matty McCourt
    Matty McCourt Day ago


  • Bax
    Bax 2 days ago +13

    Damn, this man is just a genious. All his songs are amazing, thank you Kygo, now i'm dancing non stop !!

  • Tamara Estrada
    Tamara Estrada 2 days ago +2

    This song went in my head from the first time hearing it ! Wanna jump up and dance in the bus 😂😂😂

  • Alixxusa
    Alixxusa 2 days ago

    Nothinf Beats the magic that Steve was able to achieve. Positive vibes, love, excitement and energy. Its unbelievely lit

  • Vic Mwansa
    Vic Mwansa 2 days ago +1

    Whitney Houston love forever Highest love baby 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Cennet Matiske
    Cennet Matiske 2 days ago +44

    Heard it on the radio and was so shocked because from the first tone I knew it was her.... I had goosebumps everywhere... I love you Whitney. The greatest Singer on Earth as I think.

  • 1000 subs without a video !

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments

  • Skob1988
    Skob1988 2 days ago +1

    I wish she was still here to perform this live and shoot the music vídeo.

  • ghostmanromeo uk
    ghostmanromeo uk 2 days ago

    Love this song so upbeat. I didn't realise it's a 1986 remake. I guess because '86 was before my time 😜.
    The swedish & the Norwegians know how to mix tracks 👌

    • Nina Mo
      Nina Mo 2 days ago

      Whitney covered HL in 1989, so actually this is a remix of her 1989 recording. recording.
      Kygo interview about Higher Love (3:45 - 5:16).

    STRANGER THINGS 2 days ago


  • Meriem Diab
    Meriem Diab 2 days ago

    I love this song💗

  • RC lover
    RC lover 2 days ago

    This is music

  • Tanja Petties
    Tanja Petties 2 days ago

    👏👏👏 Thank you..for a moment and time I envision 👑 Whitney in concert 🙏 Rest In Heaven Whitney Elizabeth Houston 🙏

  • Michael Tapel
    Michael Tapel 2 days ago +1

    If I had a dollar for every repeat I made, I'd be rich.

  • abiudrn
    abiudrn 2 days ago

    I searched for this song using "Ah hah, Ah hah, Ah hah... bring me higher love"

  • jeff wright
    jeff wright 2 days ago

    This desperately needs a video!

  • Adriana Lombardi
    Adriana Lombardi 2 days ago +66

    #1 in the UK 🔥🔥 These two extraordinary artist really deserve it, who agrees?
    I hope you're having a great day and I wanna recommend you another great chill out song for your playlist: Benedict Ammann - Love ain't cheap
    This song always makes me feel good as well :)

    • Simon Waite
      Simon Waite Day ago

      On the big top 40 yeah not on the offical chart it was number 5 on Friday and that's what counts the most it getting to number on the offical chart.

  • Damon Gonzalez
    Damon Gonzalez 2 days ago +5

    Beautiful. Uplifting gem. God bless Whitney the voice of an angel.

  • Jules Beaulieu
    Jules Beaulieu 2 days ago


  • needyforgrandeee
    needyforgrandeee 2 days ago

    Thank uu so much Kygo!

  • Umesh Tamatta
    Umesh Tamatta 2 days ago

    I love song not OK or happy now

  • James Pena
    James Pena 2 days ago +1

    Heard this on the radio and thought to myself damn she can sing. Love how its our Whitney