Simples! Compare the Meerkat


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  • Darren Munsell
    Darren Munsell 7 months ago


  • Colina Knol
    Colina Knol 8 months ago


  • TheaAlexe27
    TheaAlexe27 Year ago

    Morgz FTW!

  • Oscar O'Brien
    Oscar O'Brien Year ago

    Anyone from MORGZ

  • quasarsphere
    quasarsphere 6 years ago +2

    Yay for the John Finnemore reference! :)

  • CinnAlla
    CinnAlla 8 years ago +1

    That is explained in the latest advert. Simples!

  • 08lufcjoe
    08lufcjoe 9 years ago

    i think it is pal

  • PhilK22
    PhilK22 9 years ago +2

    Not remotely similar
    It's not "like"at all.
    It's "like" saying a koala is really from Antarctica

  • 08lufcjoe
    08lufcjoe 9 years ago

    well its like i live in england, and my aunty lives in austrailia. so its like sayin what on earth is a brit doin in austrailia

  • Broken Circus
    Broken Circus 9 years ago

    The skveek?

  • Nicki Oates
    Nicki Oates 9 years ago

    Its actually "dont even sound same"

  • PhilK22
    PhilK22 9 years ago

    Eh ?

  • PhilK22
    PhilK22 9 years ago

    Best advert in the world.
    British advertising has been a huge disappointment for decades (so bloody politically correct) so this is a surprise.
    But - an African animal with an eastern european accent ?

    • hollsterr
      hollsterr 4 months ago

      *That’s Eastern European

    • Kris
      Kris Year ago

      PhilK22 *Russian

  • Timsalt3100
    Timsalt3100 9 years ago

    Not even sound alike ! , brillant it's close to the brillantly annoying hamster dance sometime ago