When you let kids have a youtube account

  • Published on May 27, 2019
  • Today we look at what happens when you give kids a youtube account by going on r/youngpeopleyoutube and looking at the top posts.
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  • MyAbsoluteFigz
    MyAbsoluteFigz Day ago

    Memeulous is 8ft and will is ripped
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  • Sanchay Saxena
    Sanchay Saxena Day ago

    Let’s try and get over 700 dislikes on this video

  • Eden
    Eden Day ago

    whats the outro song

  • ryan plonkaa
    ryan plonkaa Day ago

    So I'm not the only one who likes mc mental

  • 100,000 Subs without a video

    Who wants to have a Minecraft boyfriend. I need u for cliocbait plz have big bbbssoobs

  • AnimeFan 1
    AnimeFan 1 Day ago

    The thumbnail. The seven deadly sins is an anime.... not for kids. How did this twelve year old watch it ?

  • _funOsu
    _funOsu Day ago +2

    my school got burned down by a psychopath today and 26 kids died
    👇🏻make this blue if u agree 🤗🤪😁😁😁

  • BClan_EeMIiLIiO
    BClan_EeMIiLIiO 2 days ago

    I am ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━
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  • Johan Kielland
    Johan Kielland 3 days ago

    It’s just meant that it’s the real reason to say something to you

  • C Pustelnik
    C Pustelnik 3 days ago

    I am 104 and I believe that WW2 represents one of the 7 deadly sins

  • Jacob Cheadle
    Jacob Cheadle 3 days ago +1

    Will head square lol

  • CK 03
    CK 03 3 days ago

    extending the video to 10 minutes with music, exactly what everyone was bullying riceman for last year lmao

  • Frankie Elwill
    Frankie Elwill 4 days ago

    At least the kids telling the truth of fortnite

  • Matthew Berrilll
    Matthew Berrilll 6 days ago

    I have haven't dad like if u agree

  • SlaxFN
    SlaxFN 6 days ago

    If you can do the dab then agree if u like

  • Mechanical Berry
    Mechanical Berry 7 days ago

    6:35 I guess there is a free cremation then

  • Olivia Tepper
    Olivia Tepper 7 days ago


  • Just A Random StickMan
    Just A Random StickMan 7 days ago +1

    Outro song pls

  • Finn-flan
    Finn-flan 8 days ago

    My dad left me
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  • Trusk
    Trusk 8 days ago

    Hi guys back with a new ipad my stupid niece dropped it

  • 「Randomest 」
    「Randomest 」 8 days ago

    Hey guys, pyrocynical here.

  • Mocha the kitten
    Mocha the kitten 9 days ago

    I’m laughing and I’m 1 years old.

  • Terri Johns
    Terri Johns 9 days ago


  • SomethingOdd
    SomethingOdd 9 days ago


  • PikaRap Empire
    PikaRap Empire 10 days ago

    Memuless plz dont start world war 4 i dont wannna diie

  • PikaRap Empire
    PikaRap Empire 10 days ago +1

    I am 12 and i belive Fortnite represents all seven deadly sins

  • Scrim Maker
    Scrim Maker 10 days ago

    Just casually watching the minute ending for no reason

  • Ronin
    Ronin 11 days ago

    5:31 What the fūćk

  • Hello It’s Harper
    Hello It’s Harper 11 days ago

    omg im in 3 grde and woll knee is sew qute. luv u

  • Zachmartinsmusic
    Zachmartinsmusic 11 days ago +1

    im farding and pooping and shidding

  • Harvey Watson
    Harvey Watson 11 days ago

    i am 13 and i believe that walter

  • skelepanda CG
    skelepanda CG 11 days ago

    i agree with the boy in the thumbnail

  • Angel Bridle
    Angel Bridle 12 days ago


  • Sassy Ismename
    Sassy Ismename 12 days ago

    I don’t wash after pooping 🐜👬

  • • W i l l o w •
    • W i l l o w • 13 days ago

    ‘Maze bean’ lmao

  • Nicogre Cage
    Nicogre Cage 13 days ago

    Thia is diswespptful prprere foe streak

  • Cj Carpenter
    Cj Carpenter 13 days ago

    Knock Knock

  • LTMarkDay
    LTMarkDay 14 days ago

    7:39 look at the likes on that

  • Nala Stockwell
    Nala Stockwell 14 days ago

    I started a TheXvid account when I was 10 or 11 😂
    Well I actually got TheXvid when I was 6 but it was fine back then because that was in 2011 and I’d already watched TheXvid on my dads laptop when I was like 3 until I got my own iPad with the app.
    Nowadays they come out with stuff like ‘TheXvid kids’ I’m actually ashamed 😂

  • Heorge Garrison
    Heorge Garrison 14 days ago

    I just got an avert of a gang of Brussel sprouts threatening me....

  • the wither crew twc
    the wither crew twc 14 days ago

    Do I count as a kid
    Probably not

  • Inked Up
    Inked Up 14 days ago

    my grandma died 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones 15 days ago

    Im 11

    Like if u agree

  • Gabriell Tripp
    Gabriell Tripp 15 days ago

    Never say godee like that again Jesus, you were taken over by an 17 year old boy stuck in 2016

  • xDannyxo xo
    xDannyxo xo 15 days ago

    I too am homobe,elxual

  • Weasel 09
    Weasel 09 16 days ago

    Thank fuck someone else fancied Kim possible as well. Cannot anymore cause she’s ‘underage’?

  • Rat Queen Mizzagardia
    Rat Queen Mizzagardia 16 days ago

    Morgz mum is 4 deadly sins
    Morgz is the other three
    XD. Love your vids George

  • Excalium !
    Excalium ! 16 days ago +1

    When I was 6 I didn’t understand your pain but now I am 8 I understand it

  • ツYonimon
    ツYonimon 16 days ago

    Fortnite and Roblox are the 2 worst games ever. (Even Fortnite is better than Roblox, but they’re still both the worst)

  • Lord Mallard
    Lord Mallard 16 days ago +1

    Annoying orange is epic li;ke if u agre

  • The Real Zolqq
    The Real Zolqq 16 days ago

    U know what mate ur amazing and I hope u see this and if u do then thanks and ur so funny btw but why u look at a kid

  • Jesus Velazquez
    Jesus Velazquez 17 days ago

    I hope he doesn't think fortnite represents Meliodes

  • Trobanko
    Trobanko 17 days ago

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  • Sub or gay
    Sub or gay 18 days ago

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  • Gliz Lizard
    Gliz Lizard 18 days ago

    The person below me is now rich

  • CubingHistoric
    CubingHistoric 18 days ago

    Well.. fortnite is a deadly sin

  • kyle.
    kyle. 18 days ago

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  • Youva YT
    Youva YT 19 days ago

    I jesus spill mailk on carpaet

  • OneHappyPie
    OneHappyPie 19 days ago


  • Terranova
    Terranova 19 days ago

    What's that song at the end?
    I hear it everywhere but idk what it is.