• Published on Jun 18, 2019
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  • Roma Issa
    Roma Issa Day ago

    من قال لاخيه يا كافر او يا منافق باء بها احدهما .

  • Naz Rehman
    Naz Rehman 2 days ago +1

    Not one for back biting but have we moved on from these 2 frauds as people describe as I havent heard about the result or any formal action..what was the conclusion are they still around has the money been found what is the update ???? Jazakalla

  • Umi Sofiyah
    Umi Sofiyah 2 days ago

    The worst jinn acting in history

  • Sana Attar
    Sana Attar 5 days ago

    I wonder how these jinns speak hindi, english, turkish and other sorts of langauges without being schooled for it🤷‍♀

    • Amer Siraz
      Amer Siraz 5 days ago

      Sana Attar Jinns generally speaks Arabic

  • Elgun Jansin
    Elgun Jansin 6 days ago

    2 corrupted mhusrikn

  • Elgun Jansin
    Elgun Jansin 6 days ago

    They are both mhusrikn

  • Abu Sahal tube راقي

    i am raqi in Pakistan
    according to my experience this is totally dramatic

  • Yogi adityanath
    Yogi adityanath 8 days ago

    What she can do if she is jinn possessed?
    Jinn possession is not her fault

    • Yogi adityanath
      Yogi adityanath 7 days ago

      @Hibaq - attention to the parties involved!!!

    • Yogi adityanath
      Yogi adityanath 7 days ago

      @Hibaq - please please please can you explain clearly..
      This is very important for my imaan

  • Asharul Huq Asif
    Asharul Huq Asif 9 days ago +6

    Whether you like it or you dont like it. His army is preparing for his Arrival. The Arrival of Ad-Dajjjal.

  • IRL Amannoor
    IRL Amannoor 10 days ago +1

    Akhi I wish I could hug you again
    Akhi your talk is sooo dam true mashallah

  • Awil Abdi
    Awil Abdi 10 days ago +1

    Why people tolking umma abdullah and her husband.
    If they were good or not why we are toking to much. Allah knows eveything . If we are muslims we must hiding everything bad .

    • here now
      here now 7 days ago

      Stop posting hadith out of context. These people handstand wives conned people and stole charity money so they have to be exposed. Justice for the victims and to prevent the future victims

  • Claire The Muslim vlogs

    It’s such a fake video

  • Claire The Muslim vlogs
    Claire The Muslim vlogs 10 days ago +1

    He’s laugh Man U can hear in his voice he can’t keep straight face

  • Somali Director
    Somali Director 12 days ago

    allah guide us 🤲

  • umm maryam
    umm maryam 14 days ago

    When he recited the Quran it.also gave me the shivers

  • umm maryam
    umm maryam 14 days ago

    Im still in shock as they seemed so genuine

  • Catarina Gentil
    Catarina Gentil 14 days ago

    I also got shivers when he recited... how he does this and then recite the Quran !??
    In Christianity this type of things were created For money purposes, it’s a brainwash thing that they use parts of bible and add the rest of the story, put it together and get what they want from people, the fear of Jin’s or Shaitan. And people slowly start forgetting to fear Allah, and fear more this things..

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 15 days ago

    Dumb Pakistanis believe anything man you 2 tricksters are ded pork chops crazy fucks you both need help

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 15 days ago

    You Pakistanis are sick moneygrabbing demons devils man is this how you Rob Muslims with trickery n actors n lies

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 15 days ago

    AsalamiBacon my foe ded u ago ded you fed agents both of you

  • Sophie Hanna
    Sophie Hanna 15 days ago

    Came here for the tea but come on guys, that sign is the rock and roll sign, it's just something teens in the 80s did and it spread

  • Theophilus Nii Lamptey

    Mohammed hijab and Ali Dawa laughed at fake Christian pastor and now are serious about "Muslim jinn caster" Islam is waste of time dear Muslims. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Theophilus Nii Lamptey

    Ali Dawa please desist from this cult and give your life to Christ Jesus, Islam is demonic and will only lead you to Hell. Peace of Christ be with you!

  • Phil Roberts
    Phil Roberts 15 days ago

    Deceivers exposing deceivers

  • kaif dowlut
    kaif dowlut 15 days ago +1

    I HAVE COME HERE TO DESTROY...and he has come here to expose you ☺

  • Jacob Samuel
    Jacob Samuel 15 days ago

    Muham mad too behaved in the cave same like this!!!

  • Mirza Muhammad Iqbal
    Mirza Muhammad Iqbal 15 days ago


  • Imad Elnagdy
    Imad Elnagdy 16 days ago

    is a leseon to all muslims who are gullible by taking their knowledge from social media

  • Capone Noreage
    Capone Noreage 16 days ago

    Wow this guy with blue teskirt talks sooo much hhhhhh

  • Bahtois
    Bahtois 16 days ago

    He can mock the Quran because it is a mediocre poetry of the 7th century

  • Hulkster
    Hulkster 16 days ago +3

    Recite the full Qur'an every day so that Allah will protect you from the Fire.

  • دعولي بالهدايه

    ياريت ترجمو عربي 😭

  • lRichterl
    lRichterl 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who laughed at the lady LOL.

  • XxkillerslumberXx X
    XxkillerslumberXx X 17 days ago +1

    hi i am transgender FTM and when i grow up i want to be a paranormal investigator/exorcist due to my identity will i not be accepted in the job can someone reply to me

  • XxkillerslumberXx X
    XxkillerslumberXx X 17 days ago +1

    you do realize that the exorcist doesnt not even believe in ANY god !??

  • XxkillerslumberXx X
    XxkillerslumberXx X 17 days ago +1

    my german shepherd dog started growling and barking at nothing , as soon as i started to watch it he kept on barking what does this mean someone tell me ?!!! is he warning me of a entity/spirit

  • Abrek in Deutschland
    Abrek in Deutschland 17 days ago

    Это древнее видео с джимом , я его видел лет десять назад)

  • 24h on the beat 24hotB

    I got shivers too its a sing of something is wrong or dangerous

    ALLAAH AL-SHAYTAAN 17 days ago


  • Roble Muse
    Roble Muse 17 days ago

    Thanks bro

  • FreeSpeech TV82
    FreeSpeech TV82 18 days ago +1

    He was mocking the Koran...

  • FreeSpeech TV82
    FreeSpeech TV82 18 days ago +2

    This is a joke..the dude in the video was

  • Mupp Bert
    Mupp Bert 18 days ago +1

    my friends, false "allah" cant guide anyone because "allah" is written and created by false lunatic man mohammed who is no prophet at al. whole islam guide people to hell, that is a pagan religion to kiss a black pagan stone and belive it will remove sins and pray towards pagan black stone is shirk/sin. in order to be muslims you have to belive in 1 "allah"+1 quran+1 false prophet mohammed+ 1 black pagan stone=4 things= 1 muslim. islam is pagan religion with al respect, give up that false nonsens, "allah" in islam is created by mohammed or his friends. a pedofile "prophet" mohammed who belived himself that he met demon in that cave where he "received" quran and he delivered satanic verses to belivers/muslims and he tryed to do suicide 3 times, jump of a cliff, all of this is written in arabic hadith, read those so you get some real knowledge about this false manmade pagan/satanic religion islam my friends. do you really belive a pedofile "prophet" who delivered satanic verses is from true and real god? no thats nonsens, islam will only guide you to hell, 1 way ticket to hell unfortunately, give up that nonsens religion my friends. if you care about your soul then you should give up that islam false religion, peace

      ALLAAH AL-SHAYTAAN 14 days ago

      @Mupp Bert ,,,,,,,,,,,,,THANKS !!

    • Mupp Bert
      Mupp Bert 14 days ago +1

      ​@ALLAAH AL-SHAYTAAN thx, may God bless you too in the name of jesus^^ if you like to know about the wicked islam, there is 1 arab-christian who knows almost everything about islam, hes name is: The arabian prophet/ Christian prince on youtube. watch him, he speak arabic too and he have alll the references, proof, sources/evidence from quran&hadith that shows and expose islam^^ just search for christian prince/the arabian prophet on youtube^^
      Good luck in life and keep exposing islam so even muslims can be saved if they choose to follow jesus christ, the way, the truth, the life my friend,^^

      ALLAAH AL-SHAYTAAN 15 days ago

      @Mupp Bert ,,,,,,,,,,,,MAY THE LORD JESUS BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !!

    • Mupp Bert
      Mupp Bert 15 days ago +1

      @ALLAAH AL-SHAYTAAN well my english is not the best but good enough to understand in some way.. no problem if muslims hate me, that is their problem,i dont mind so long as i know that i speak the truth about their false cult religion. i dont hate muslims as people, i like al mankind as people^^

      in quran: jesus/isa is still alive, isa/jesus rose to heaven and in quran the oldest human on earth is Jesus/isa, around 2000 years old, still muslims belive jesus is a human prophet only, even if he is 2000 years old , lol :D

      ALLAAH AL-SHAYTAAN 15 days ago

      @Mupp Bert ,,,,,,,,,,,,,EXCELLENT AND ILLUMINATING !!,,,,,,,,,,THANK YOU !!,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE MUSLIMS SHALL COME TO FEAR AND HATE YOU !!

  • qamaria mohamed
    qamaria mohamed 18 days ago

    Astagfirulah May Allah forgive us and guide us

  • arrietty reese
    arrietty reese 18 days ago

    she's indeed possessed. No Muslim with a sound mind would do such. aztaghfirullah.

  • theory of life
    theory of life 18 days ago +2

    Please hear the male voice from 1.50 to 1.59 u can hear fluctuations of him trying to laugh

  • Joker 911
    Joker 911 19 days ago +1

    There is no such a thing as jinn. But there is a thing called brain washing which all Muslims have.

  • Ali La Pointe
    Ali La Pointe 19 days ago

    Ma Shaa Allah brother ✊✊
    *This is messed up*

  • Mohammed Mujeeb
    Mohammed Mujeeb 19 days ago

    That’s why don’t get so much involved in some drama of social media

  • Danny Vercetti
    Danny Vercetti 19 days ago

    haha Ali, maybe its not a devil sign but she is a BOZKURT ccc :D

  • Viva Palestina !
    Viva Palestina ! 19 days ago

    Bengali Bob

  • Syngates Avenge
    Syngates Avenge 20 days ago +5

    Firstly, I thought muslims wont get Jinns possession , since we have a strong imaan ..
    Secondly, I thought these type of so called "faith healers" are only found in southeast asia ..
    Hmmm just wondering ..

    • Yogi adityanath
      Yogi adityanath 8 days ago

      U mean India?

    • PHOENIX7474
      PHOENIX7474 10 days ago

      Just because you're a Muslim, doesn't mean you automatically have "high iman".
      And just because they are called "healers" doesn't mean they can actually heal. The only healers from demonic possession is Muslims

  • Elias Shaffer
    Elias Shaffer 20 days ago

    Good acting very Astonishing

  • Asso Asoh
    Asso Asoh 20 days ago

    mee don like dis 🤘🏿👻👎

  • Leroy Meridien
    Leroy Meridien 20 days ago

    I'm having doubts about my faith after following them blindly, thinking that every thing was for the sake of Islam 😥

    • Pie Face
      Pie Face 20 days ago

      Please dont have doubts , you just need to focus on the Quran and Sunnah you will have your doubts cleared up. These are young ignorant people with no real knowledge, who just walk the walk and talk the talk. Focus on increasing your own knowledge with the proper sheikhs like Fawzaan and Albaani. In sha Allah then you will be able to identify the rubbish fakes of today.

  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed 20 days ago

    why no one is referring this case to the police, funds aren't returned like that ?

  • Raffaele Demonte
    Raffaele Demonte 20 days ago

    Very comical that people in this day and age still believe in Jinns and possessions; either two things are taking place: She either had a psychotic break or schizophrenic and second pandering to those who believe in nonsense like demonic possessions in the 21st Century.

  • Sofia Sphumelele
    Sofia Sphumelele 21 day ago

    Assalamualaikum the problem is this western idea of moderate Islam no wonder in the west anyone who is Muslim and on TheXvid we start liking and following them , and turning them to our celebrities we are Muslims we don't have that world of the kufar where we have celebrities , any western illuminati celebrity lies and just says " I reverted to Islam" we quickly jump into congratulating them , not knowing that they don't even exist just a bunch of clones destroying the Muslim Ummah under the name of Islam , this is our problem as am Ummah we don't read , don't learn , and we have this idea " I don't want to judge" if something is not good it's not good don't doubt yourself that's why we easily fall into the lies , and trap of these people , this created western idea of moderate islam is destroying us as an Ummah , having the west create an ideal Islam for us and even naming or tittling " moderate Islam" let's go back to the Sunnah and what is now labelled as " extremists Islam is simply just Sunnah , we are making things seem alright and fine for ourselves because they fit perfectly into our lives that's the moderate islam , no wonder it was easy to fall for these scammers

  • Qadir Ahmed
    Qadir Ahmed 21 day ago +1

    People dont follow these bellends, Ali Dawah And Mohammed Hijab money grabbers and this ali dawah guy looks evil, hes probably shaiytan in disguise

  • A.N
    A.N 21 day ago

    Why is everyone making the same videos of Umm Abdullah & Hasanat? Stop jumping on the bandwagon and making money out of their lies. Unless you have new information & evidence. Get a life and forget about them. Please stop obsessing over TheXvidrs and social media people. Get a real life. The couple should have been honest right from the very beginning. I am sure they would’ve got tons of followers & made money from their vlogs if they were honest. I don’t get why they were leading a double life and why she hid her face under a black cloth which should be banned in the West. And why is polygamy allowed too? Also should be illegal. Finally, whether he was an atheist or agnostic is not important. He clearly still is a Muslim. Everyone at one point in their life has doubts. Why are Muslims making a big deal about that? I love Islam and I’ve never had doubts but I don’t care how others choose to live their life just as long as they are honest. Whether he is an atheist or not is irrelevant. What I don’t like about them is the polygamy, the exorcism they carried out on people, , the money they raised and was not spent on the poor and also the double life they led.

  • Hafsa Shariff
    Hafsa Shariff 21 day ago +13

    May Allah forgive them and guide them to the right path (Allahuma Ameen)

  • Mahmoud Ab
    Mahmoud Ab 21 day ago

    They don't even act like muslims they don't even think about allah they just have so much fun and forget about him

  • I see Fake ppl
    I see Fake ppl 21 day ago

    Allah samihkoon moe and Ali

  • El Khwaj
    El Khwaj 21 day ago

    Lmaooooo brothers please get a life and do something better with your time. This story is so stupid and annoying . Allah will deal with the wrongdoers. Your channel is becoming like the Muslim gossip talk show.

    AHMED ALYOUSIFY 22 days ago

    Have you guys seen shaytan to say that this is the shaytan symbol???

  • Sarah Habib
    Sarah Habib 22 days ago

    Talk one at a time I love this videos

  • Maryam Muhammad
    Maryam Muhammad 22 days ago


  • Didi Balqisjlhbc fsq wsz ,

    What happened when non muslim jinn refused to neutralise their black magic on human being.

  • Anatuly Al Maimany
    Anatuly Al Maimany 22 days ago +4

    Thank you very much for exposing them.I did never like their ways to preach islam.At last they are exposed

  • Max Meera
    Max Meera 22 days ago

    Religion tradors you two motherfuckers

  • WLL STRT11
    WLL STRT11 23 days ago +2


  • elj hajar
    elj hajar 23 days ago

    They should be sued as scammers and as con artists.

  • Yasmine
    Yasmine 23 days ago

    Just learning about these social media people through this scandal. Surprised anyone even “follows” them to be honest. Cannot understand why anyone would take them serious. A parody bunch of people Subhan’Allah. I pray for our youth. May Allāh guide them In’shaAllah, Ameen.

  • PhantomInside
    PhantomInside 23 days ago

    I got so scared😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭

  • magochiller
    magochiller 23 days ago +1


    • Iqra Islam
      Iqra Islam 21 day ago

      Recently 2 people who are a couple (ummxabdullah and Hasanat) have been outed in the Muslim Community for doing fake/insincere ruqyas (islamic exorcisms).
      This couple became Instagram famous in the Muslim Community and they would often upload couple posts alongside multiple videos of them doing exorcisms on people afflicted by Jinn possession, black magic, evil eye etc. The video above is the wife pretending to be someone who is possessed.
      The worst part is that the guy is not even a Muslim, and he forced his wife to leave Islam too. And the wife isn't even a religious niqabi like she pretends to be on ig. She was living a double life with two different accounts one where she would post her religious stuff and promote her ruqya business, and the other where she would go clubbing and wear inappropriate clothes Etc.

  • magochiller
    magochiller 23 days ago

    Please where can I find this Original Ruqya Video?? Whats the Name of it??
    Assalamu Aleykum ❤

    • safa
      safa 23 days ago

      Ruqaya al sharia

  • Tanveer Uddin
    Tanveer Uddin 23 days ago +3

    “Shes a Gucci Demon” 😂😭

  • Nafisa Nafisa
    Nafisa Nafisa 23 days ago

    اللهم يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك😭😢☝

  • Hero Uniq
    Hero Uniq 23 days ago +1

    Pxedophile Muhammad was possessed by Satan himself as mohmed did texxorist activity all life

  • melki malki malki
    melki malki malki 23 days ago

    2 clown with one fake video

    • melki malki malki
      melki malki malki 21 day ago

      @Mus thafa two clown with a fake video.

    • Mus thafa
      Mus thafa 21 day ago

      melki malki malki Khabib nurmagomedov are Reeal clown mans

  • Mustakim Ahmed
    Mustakim Ahmed 23 days ago

    If the illusion of their deception can be so much effective,how effective the fitna of dajjal would be!

  • Aisha Zeeshan
    Aisha Zeeshan 24 days ago

    What Surah is he reciting 3:24 ???

  • sylvia bannister
    sylvia bannister 24 days ago

    All those that follow islam need to see a psychiatrist.

  • no name H
    no name H 24 days ago

    Go Ali ! F these bitches

  • Aisha Seid
    Aisha Seid 24 days ago

    Allahuma ini asaluka sutrak fiduniya wal akhira

  • Nurul Miah
    Nurul Miah 24 days ago +9

    The girls are to blame as well, they think by crying 😭, they get away with it 😡
    All three are to blame, they need to ask Allah for forgiveness, forget what everyone thinks of you know.

  • 23MRA
    23MRA 24 days ago

    So many assumptions made in this video, it’s amazing how gullible so many Muslims are. He doesn’t know if it’s umm Abdullah, he can’t islamically prove it and we’re just gonna have to take his personal view as fact? Is he basing this on a simple hand gesture? 😂 coz she’s the only one that has ever done it, right? Friends have told me that crazy things are said during these sessions that can make people laugh or smirk, doesn’t mean it’s a mock, especially if u are easily humoured. It happens all the time!
    The money? They made estimations 😂😂. Who the flip said he has a client a day and charges the same each time and never has a single day off? Sorry, let’s give him 2 days off 😂. Lies, assumptions and the rest of the community just let’s it happen, amazing, well done us. No wonder we’re a laughing stock, putting our Deen in the hands of ignorant arrogant twats like these two. Is this our state now? These are our best representatives yh? Using amazing figures to shock ur audience into suspicion and hate, really classy lads. Assumption after assumption coz he had secret intel from a guy deep under cover...oh but Ali and co can’t tell us anything more coz we’re not qualified to look at the evidence and judge ourselves. Let these guys judge for all of us and find the best solution to the problem, and carry out that solution while we sit comfortably and watch (or hit our heads against a wall repeatedly). Well done us! No shame or guilt! Trying to make us look like fools, and the problem is Muslims just accept these guys talking like this and nothing is going to happen. Who the hell are these guys anyways, dawah police or what? Is there some undercover dawah election and whoever wins gets to investigate and report shocking exposing videos?
    All the money is being accounted for now, but no one will force these guys to retract their comments or apologise, close their accounts and sign themselves off of social media.
    And that end plug 😂 random guy talks and we don’t know the context. Listen to how righteous he sounds as well 😂😂. “We will come for you guys” - watch out everyone. They should wear capes to go along with their silly arrogant assumption filled gaggle.
    I’m not a fan of hasanat or these two, but it just seems that they want to be the big fish now and get those subs, and they’ve almost completely tarnished a guys’ family and personal life in the process. I bet everyone watching is loving the drama eh? Claps all around 👏🏼. Other videos here and their insta shows their complete arrogance and stupidity (their true nature as individuals possibly); Hijabs debate with a guy names Tye on TheXvid and Ali telling hasanat to meet him and go to the police station 😂. Who do these guys think they are? It’s hilarious and extremely upsetting at the same time, but who cares right? I’ve realised over my lifetime that Muslims seem to be the biggest enemies to other Muslims. In the end no one gives a shit, except only for their own asses. Once this is over, we’ll go back to our busy lives and wait for the next ‘entertaining’ controversy coming piping hot from our beloved specialist S.A.L.A.M team. Oh let’s not forget, hasanat and his wives can’t now. Well done everyone. May God show us kindness and mercy for our loathsome shortcomings.

  • Yasminb32 Yasminb32
    Yasminb32 Yasminb32 24 days ago

    Those who actually, paid and were influenced by these nonsense people
    They should demand the money back and get them in jail
    And prosecuted
    For blasphemy / theft/ and misleading people there are enough charges

  • Peachy Trash
    Peachy Trash 25 days ago


  • Justice Rahim
    Justice Rahim 25 days ago

    When possessed you don't move that quickly more do both hands move that way.

  • FeYeZma Biihi
    FeYeZma Biihi 25 days ago +20

    Aawe gabdhihi Somaliyed Ku washteen Ummul Abdilahi 😭😭

  • የወሎ ቆንጆ ነኝ የወረባቦ

    ኢናሊላህ ወኢና ኢለይሂ ራጅኡን ሸይጧኒን

  • የወሎ ቆንጆ ነኝ የወረባቦ

    Lahaw lewla Quwte Eilla bilah

  • N Abde
    N Abde 25 days ago

    Someone please explain what’s happening...

  • Genesis4:21
    Genesis4:21 25 days ago +2

    Ur Illuminati. To Team.with two fingers up is turkish grey wolves.

  • Assad Khalif
    Assad Khalif 25 days ago

    LMAO who else didn't know who hassanat was before Ali Dawah and everyone started talking about it LOOL

  • shabzana shabzana
    shabzana shabzana 25 days ago

    why though? If you believe in ALLAH and his messenger why?
    hypocrites, i hate them, i hate munafiqs!!
    If you're a sinner just be a sinner, don't pretend to believe, there is no compulsion in this deen, you're not forced to believe anything, it's a choice an they chose to deceive people....for what??
    For what??
    SubhanALLAH, may ALLAH guide us and help us all and make us amongst the muttaqeen and mumineen.

  • Osanay Renzo
    Osanay Renzo 26 days ago

    don't make stupid people famous

  • foisal hassan
    foisal hassan 26 days ago +10

    Bro Ali I request u to talk a little bit slower,iam having problem to understand ur words.

    • SZD
      SZD 24 days ago +1

      foisal hassan put it on 0,75x

  • Laik Ahmed
    Laik Ahmed 26 days ago

    How much are you guys earning on social media using the deen of Allah or do you donate it all to the poor?