Our vision of tomorrow's additive serial production 4.0

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • In the age of Industry 4.0, in which individual mass production is becoming more and more important, industrial 3D printing comes as it is called. Whether aerospace, automotive or architecture, additive manufacturing is establishing itself as a cost- and time-saving manufacturing technology in more and more industries.

    Our vision is to sustainably improve the production of tomorrow through technical innovations in additive manufacturing. Find out more about our industrial 3D printing systems and 3D printing solutions:


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Comments • 5

  • John Theux
    John Theux 3 years ago

    So your vx-iob printer is just a single pass head? Also 53l/h is for the VX1000 version? How fast will be the VX4000 version?

    • voxeljet
      voxeljet  3 years ago +1

      Hi John,

      many thanks for reaching out. As it is a quite early stage and first systems will be available in 2019, it is not planned to transfer the technology on the VX4000, yet.

      Best regards,
      you voxeljet-Team

  • John Theux
    John Theux 3 years ago

    Is the VXconcept ready? because it's 6 years old.

    • voxeljet
      voxeljet  3 years ago +2

      Hi John,

      please have in mind that this is a vision movie sharing ideas to be implemented within the next few years.
      We still believe that the VXconcept is a unique and game changing development if the application is right and do have customers manufacturing with these systems already.
      There´s always potential to push boundaries further - at the moment the focus is on box-based systems to receive parts asap.
      Stay tuned -further information on the IOB-printer and speed increase will follow.

      Best regards,
      your voxeljet-team