Martin Luther King Jr. vs. Malcolm X at the Theater - Key & Peele

  • Two amateur actors portraying major civil rights leaders battle for the affections of a community theater audience.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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Comments • 80

  • Chuck
    Chuck 4 hours ago

    I swear, the dead silence after the clip ended made the whole video feel like footage from a documentary.

    BEERFEST07 7 hours ago

    2:14 Shout out to Dave Chappelle in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. "We didn't land on Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest landed on us!"

  • zolamastrike
    zolamastrike 18 hours ago

    This demonstrates the average IQ of the black race very clearly.

  • scavengerAK47
    scavengerAK47 Day ago

    Ok I’m done 😑

  • vic lagina420
    vic lagina420 2 days ago

    shit covered pig got what he deserved

  • splitting monkey
    splitting monkey 2 days ago

    Sounds like kat!

  • Jebs Pacquiao
    Jebs Pacquiao 2 days ago

    " Aouh Hoho Ah wish one of you mothaFouckas would just start laughing because you all know think this kind of shit is funny, Malcolm of over here talking and blubbering about care bears, but chou no what, but chou..hrrmm Tose some many tears ok, Tous some manly ass tears right there that your lookin' at. Go Ahead Carlvel" ...oups wrong scene.

  • mohammad ghodrati
    mohammad ghodrati 3 days ago

    its not funny making joke about those Great men

  • BuffaloMafia716
    BuffaloMafia716 3 days ago

    *"You're not Martin Luther King! You're not!"*

  • William Bennett
    William Bennett 4 days ago

    Obama 2020? Now I know this is a joke. 😜🤣

  • cttmattchu69
    cttmattchu69 4 days ago

    We didn't land on Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Forest landed on us!

  • Bill Soon
    Bill Soon 6 days ago

    To me their ideologies represent today's current echoing battle minorities still face: Are Acts of kindness and Words full of Peace Enough? To me, to be able to March Peacefully without feelings of hate and embitterment, to not be afraid to assert that what someone did to you was wrong, despite social pressure to do otherwise, is more powerful than any form of verbal or physical revenge. To become aware that you are locked in a never-ending battle, and to be able to rise above it, and truly see everyone as equals is more powerful a statement than any form of violent revolution. As someone with Autism, ADHD, and severe social anxiety as both a Patient and a Healthcare Worker, surrounded by Ignorant coworkers, I have learned through years and years of pain and suffering, that the perfect solution to harassment is to speak sternly and abruptly. And most importantly, accept THEM for THEIR weaknesses, as THEY accept US. You cannot change other people. However, you can choose to focus on positive things they bring rather than their negatives. And as always, the important thing is that the work gets done without sacrificing quality care.

  • Muhammad Shuginubi
    Muhammad Shuginubi 6 days ago

    tbh, not to offence some of you, but if mlk and m x would live in our days, they would have to behave like this, because of public's degraded sense of admiration.

  • Pranav P S
    Pranav P S 6 days ago

    ...I have a dream that one day you'll take a shower...

  • Email Account
    Email Account 7 days ago

    Is that creepy gay ass commercial necessary

  • Joel Gregorio-Flores
    Joel Gregorio-Flores 8 days ago +1


  • GFish 17
    GFish 17 11 days ago

    MLK can Moon walk.Damn

  • Alan Johnson
    Alan Johnson 11 days ago

    This is great 💯 Done by people of color

  • Kervens Lasseur
    Kervens Lasseur 11 days ago

    #Geniuses. Theres nothing more to articulate about these two.

  • Mohammed Ghazzawi
    Mohammed Ghazzawi 11 days ago

    Why there are no men like these any more ?

  • Jeff Burkett
    Jeff Burkett 12 days ago +1

    A strong beautiful black womannnnnn!!!!!!! Lmfao 😂😂😂

  • Lavender Town
    Lavender Town 12 days ago


  • TraumaER
    TraumaER 13 days ago +1

    The moonwalk at the end was priceless. 🚶🏾‍♂️

  • Dean Riley
    Dean Riley 14 days ago

    Love the furtive glances at each other.

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony 14 days ago

    One of the darker sketches actually. It just shows that people prefer violence and catchy slogans over reasonable discussion.

  • Animerulespeople
    Animerulespeople 15 days ago

    Literally I can relate to this so much. I noticed that whenever I’m having a debate with someone, people react to the stupidest stuff that makes no logical sense in the debate but sounds “cool” or whatever. They have no interest in the actual discussion just stupid phrases or things

  • Failed_ K
    Failed_ K 16 days ago

    TheXvid comment arguments be like

  • Along Aier
    Along Aier 17 days ago

    Is it just me or Peele looks like Lionel Richie 🤔🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Lindersmith
    Adam Lindersmith 17 days ago

    Funny video. Hey. Wth is up with ads at the end of a video? The video is over. Why am I watching an ad for? TheXvid kind of sucks using it now. Too many freaking ads!

  • Adam Lindersmith
    Adam Lindersmith 17 days ago +1

    I’m sick of watching a video, it’s over, scrolling down and starting to read the comments, and an ad pops up! Rolls me up past the comment I was reading past the line of several videos and then im stuck watching some dumb ad until I can skip it or I shut of TheXvid entirely. Like wth. I finished a video!! Why am I even watching an ad? Also when I began another video , TheXvid is getting way too comfortable with these double ads, at the beginning of a video. Wth is happening to TheXvid? I’m watching 4-6 ads per 2 videos. All these ads are driving me insane!! If I watch an ad can’t I be spared for 30 minutes? But no. I must watch 6 ads for every few minutes of video!! Its making TheXvid not so fun anymore!! It’s freaking pissing me off!!

  • David O Brien
    David O Brien 17 days ago

    3:03 X: "OBAMA2020"

  • j borrego
    j borrego 18 days ago

    We should of followed Malcom x

  • FoodieGal 99
    FoodieGal 99 18 days ago

    Wow...actually pretty deep if you get it.

  • Glenn Matthews
    Glenn Matthews 18 days ago

    MLK > Nelson Mandela > Mr Smith, the black guy who helped me at Home Depot last week > that muslim guy who wanted some violent revolution or something

  • stranger2two
    stranger2two 20 days ago

    This is actually kind of dark, and terribly sad.

  • Ms Love
    Ms Love 21 day ago

    Why MLK sound like Kat Williams!??

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 21 day ago

    From equal to wanting to take over, a good representation of how every movement works, including unions.

  • Alchemical Architect
    Alchemical Architect 22 days ago

    Ya'll dont get it....Dr.King was peaceful assertion while Malcom X was about a physical revolution...this has been the debate for years amongst the black community....and the topic of discussion...

  • If you’re mad shut up and Go play Pokémon go

    This is how black people really get when black people preach these things because they are racist.

  • D L
    D L 26 days ago


  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 27 days ago

    And to think that both of them look like Malcolm and Luther.

  • Spencer for Hire
    Spencer for Hire 27 days ago

    This isn't far from the truth of what's really going on... Pretty words and group that falls for them every time.

  • Polo Lacrete
    Polo Lacrete Month ago

    You two fucking idiots, you two assholes.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    These guys are some serious talents.

  • BlasianGuy
    BlasianGuy Month ago

    They kinda look like Dr King and Malcolm...

  • Brislee Adams
    Brislee Adams Month ago

    That escalated quickly... at least the last 30 secs!

  • GreaterGood510
    GreaterGood510 Month ago

    Blacks fall for anything

  • RingKing
    RingKing Month ago

    it’s funny how they break the 4 th wall of their performance and just start dancing 😂😂

  • Luis San
    Luis San Month ago

    *SEPERATE BUT EQUAL* is better.

  • WackIt AllDay
    WackIt AllDay Month ago

    Obama 2020

  • smokey 55
    smokey 55 Month ago

    Who is malcolm x..?

  • Man in Town
    Man in Town Month ago

    Khalid Muhammad was better

  • John Rabson Jr
    John Rabson Jr Month ago

    This is beautiful. I’m not from this country and I don’t get the significance of this sketch. Given some of the comments below, I realize those two things go together. TheXvid, finally you did something useful.

  • KoivuTheHab
    KoivuTheHab Month ago

    I've never been to that zoo, how much is entrance?

  • Leo Yohansen
    Leo Yohansen Month ago

    What the hell was that?

  • _Vallee _
    _Vallee _ Month ago

    Although I support Malcolm's revolutionary spirit for a long period he was an Islamic fundamentalist, this was his official ideology for a long period before leaving it for general revolutionary ideology. He strangely believed that Arabs where black.

  • Celeste Walters
    Celeste Walters Month ago

    Martin wins
    Malcolm losses

  • Wrzeszcz100
    Wrzeszcz100 Month ago

    ... I don't get it...

  • YetiUprising
    YetiUprising Month ago +1

    1:27 is that Ruby Hayes in the audience from Elders React with the big striped hat on?

    • YetiUprising
      YetiUprising 29 days ago

      @negronm10 it is her. You can see her without a hat in another skit about a family learning how gay marriages work

    • negronm10
      negronm10 29 days ago

      That's what I was thinking lol. It's either her or someone that looks a lot like her.

  • isaac tariku
    isaac tariku Month ago


  • quincy robinson
    quincy robinson Month ago

    We need more malcom xs and alot less Martin Luther kings

  • mehhh.
    mehhh. Month ago

    Someone had a name with a just a X, that's cool

  • Sarus
    Sarus Month ago


  • Tim Fiero
    Tim Fiero Month ago

    Did the worm and moonwalked.

  • Christopher Beck
    Christopher Beck Month ago


  • ahniicha
    ahniicha Month ago

    That eye roll at 2:41 when he says I have a dream lol😂

  • Iwantjustice007
    Iwantjustice007 Month ago

    I kinda like the way they talk in those days...brothers were deep when they talk and inspirational but nowadays...some brothers are just a waste of space...

  • ReDalGo
    ReDalGo Month ago

    Wait shouldn't this be MLK vs Gandhi?

  • cheri618
    cheri618 Month ago +1

    the fact that some people in the comments are putting malcom and martin against each other like they both didn’t change things in their own ways. this is why the world still has hate because everyone wants to put everyone against each other instead of just working together. not everything has to be a competition. not everything has to be a hateful rivalry. it’s so annoying that people still think like this and we’re literally in 2020.

  • Premo King
    Premo King Month ago

    Hmmm that's odd...I didn't laugh 1 bit.

  • Ace
    Ace Month ago

    yo one of them was doing the moon walk lol

  • Spi2derman
    Spi2derman Month ago

    The audience is my family at church..

  • Soolking
    Soolking Month ago

    😥 Malcom X

  • SupaMan
    SupaMan Month ago

    Similar to the one where they one up each other on soul food

  • J Chapman
    J Chapman Month ago

    Hell naw... they did not go there

  • Philani Mbatha
    Philani Mbatha Month ago +1

    "The West side is the best Side" was real killer for me
    never laughed that HARD

  • Bitter Rabbit
    Bitter Rabbit Month ago

    3:03 Obama 2020 😂

  • Kit
    Kit Month ago

    Obama 2012😂

  • lynco
    lynco Month ago +1

    This is pretty much what happened to star wars.

  • Twaycaso Davinci
    Twaycaso Davinci Month ago

    anyone else sees meek mill in the straw hat?