• Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • Forging our version of Game of Thrones character Gendry's war hammer from 7x05! SHARE-SUBSCRIBE-ENJOY!
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 19 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2017
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  • Joanna Curiel
    Joanna Curiel 13 hours ago

    Nice Mig Welding dude! As the only girl in the Ag Mechanics team in my school, the guys always said welding wasn't a girl thing, I proved them wrong!! but I salute to your skills!

  • Keelan Giesinger
    Keelan Giesinger 16 hours ago

    Cool videos. Very interesting stuff.

  • Scrody McBoogerballs
    Scrody McBoogerballs 18 hours ago

    Justin Hammer

  • osrs krityaking
    osrs krityaking 21 hour ago

    Best yt recommendation ever! insta subbed :D

  • AgressiveRimJobs

    With a piece of steel that size how much material do you lose to scaling by the end of the repeated heat cycles?

  • The REAL Thief
    The REAL Thief Day ago

    Thank you TheXvid for recommending this video for me! Bro, amazing skill you have for creating usable works of art...your editing is awesome too...subbed, and hope to watch many more of your videos...very interesting.

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight Day ago

    I find this funny. You're one of the least manly looking men I've ever seen. You honestly to me look like a transgender lesbian. And yet you Ford medieval weapons. Don't judge a book by it's cover I guess. If I saw you on the streets I would assume you're into technology and comic books.

  • Dalton Humes
    Dalton Humes 4 days ago +1

    When are we getting a recreation of the Mjölnir of myth and legend???

  • Zak Le Sioux
    Zak Le Sioux 4 days ago

    Editing is so good dude !

  • Gery Sithis
    Gery Sithis 5 days ago

    3:58 yeah, safety first! hehe...

  • NotTavis
    NotTavis 5 days ago

    Hey i have a video idea for you. You could make the heirloom knife from apex legends.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 7 days ago

    Thanks for spoiling game of thrones

  • mmm nnbnn
    mmm nnbnn 7 days ago

    Make Thor's storm breaker I know you can do it man

  • Odin Veratyr
    Odin Veratyr 7 days ago

    This is going to be fucking sick

  • joe shmo
    joe shmo 8 days ago +3

    Nah I'm not clicking on part two. Shady for views.

  • Tyler Sinclair
    Tyler Sinclair 9 days ago +2

    Editing on point with this video though.

  • Kevin matthews
    Kevin matthews 9 days ago

    How posh is this wee guy lol

  • dmerritt4ever
    dmerritt4ever 10 days ago

    at the end it turned out to be a dildo

  • Greg Carroll
    Greg Carroll 11 days ago

    Beautiful work! Always love your videos.
    Stupid non-blacksmith question. Why so much scale? And can anything be done with that? (smelted?)

  • Sebastian Mayer
    Sebastian Mayer 11 days ago

    There Ladys and Gentlemen you see a man that can handle his huge hammer.

  • Dustinmaester
    Dustinmaester 12 days ago

    im wondering if I look at the flashes from the welding thing will it blind me? why does he need a darkening helmet but I dont? doesnt he care at all about his viewers eye sight?

    • Dustinmaester
      Dustinmaester 12 days ago

      +Wookie Productions I thought the mask was too protect eye sight. thats why is called a darkening mask... too make the bright lights darker. Im not a welder but my freind is, and he told me that he has too wear the mask other wise he would go blind. and he also told me not too stare at it when he is doing it and im watching. said it would blind me from 20 feet away. Guess im just gullible tho.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 12 days ago

      Because you can look at it irl and over video, he only needs that to see where he's welding and to protect his face

  • Leblanc Chris
    Leblanc Chris 14 days ago +4

    has this guy been on forged in fire? if not hes gotta try and get on the show

  • Darry Garry
    Darry Garry 15 days ago +1

    Like your 80s hairstyle😂👌🏼

  • T!.!.!T
    T!.!.!T 16 days ago

    It would be cool if this was in 4K.

  • Cam Walt.
    Cam Walt. 17 days ago

    y was it censored at the last part 😂

  • MSF NightHawk
    MSF NightHawk 17 days ago +1

    Make thanos’s gauntlet

  • Yep Tonight
    Yep Tonight 17 days ago +1

    I have a great idea for a video collect all the scales. Try to make sumthin with it

  • Join the oh yeah yeah army.

    Wasn't this guy on Forged in Fire?

    • Gavin Clark
      Gavin Clark 16 days ago

      Join the oh yeah yeah army.
      I wouldn’t be surprised

  • Joseph Fox
    Joseph Fox 21 day ago

    What is the diameter of that steel roll

  • BenevolenceGaming
    BenevolenceGaming 26 days ago

    SPOILER ALERT for any GoT fans. I told my roommate about this video and his eyes went wide because I've only seen up to S5E3 when j watched this so I didnt know that Gendry makes a reappearance until you gave a timestamp for when he comes back so thanks Alec

  • Haviar Merlos
    Haviar Merlos 27 days ago

    Donal Noye did this with one arm..

  • L P
    L P 29 days ago

    Could You make thors hammer?

  • Stefan
    Stefan Month ago

    Maby a id wy not plece jor Forge In The Middle Of Everything most used stuf and you don't have to move Around this much everything Closer les Moving Around More Time for everything

  • Greta Hovland
    Greta Hovland Month ago

    HAIR heh heh

  • David Walker
    David Walker Month ago

    Why did he not show finished product?

  • Samuel Etheridge
    Samuel Etheridge Month ago

    One of the best edited videos I have seen in a long time

  • It's Game Time Official

    I just realized that Alec looks like jonathan lipnicki from his preformance in jerry maguire

  • Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes Month ago

    Does youtube not let you show weapons now? :/

    NAMELESS Month ago

    shouldent you be on kings man 3 lmao

  • Noob Rekt
    Noob Rekt Month ago

    You should work with Man at Arms Reforged

  • Jack Westover
    Jack Westover Month ago

    Video quality like this is what we need in the Montana videos

  • David Ace
    David Ace Month ago


  • judia chan
    judia chan Month ago

    easier to cast it than to forge it ?

  • Chris Sav
    Chris Sav Month ago

    When mummy and daddy fund your entire existence and youtube channel. Jealous mafucker. Atleast you are doing something with your hands I guess.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 12 days ago

      His parents don't fund this, he's a company... Plus he lives on the other side of the planet than his prents

  • scott left
    scott left Month ago

    A beast of a thing.....and wood would surfice...wood would, even Edward Woodward agrees.

  • CallOfDutyChi
    CallOfDutyChi Month ago

    "There's the plug, there's the hole" -Alec Steele 2017

  • Dustin Whitesell
    Dustin Whitesell Month ago

    You look like a badass blacksmith version of Austin powers. Without the nasty teeth and body hair lol love your videos man!

  • nem mate
    nem mate Month ago

    i appreciate the craftsmanship, i despise the editing. but i think you have a big enough audience anyway :) keep up the good work tho! have a nice day

  • Human Bean
    Human Bean Month ago

    impressive... tools

  • Pstone
    Pstone Month ago

    I cant tell if I love this kid or hate him.

  • Pstone
    Pstone Month ago

    I cant tell if I love this kid or hate him.

  • Mark Bliss
    Mark Bliss Month ago +1

    Your editing is insane. Great, high quality videos unlike half the pooling filth on TheXvid

  • Bev Johnson
    Bev Johnson Month ago

    This dude looks like a huge nerd tryna act cool

  • leeloogalaxy
    leeloogalaxy Month ago

    This is so freaking hot! So hunkin' manly AF🙌💞

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson Month ago

    Omg u are awesome

  • Raw
    Raw Month ago

    At 3:40 it looks like you are makeing a huge metal butt plug.

  • Star Core
    Star Core Month ago

    This half hipster / half man style.

  • Blue White-Craber
    Blue White-Craber Month ago

    You should do StormBreaker

  • its all good Piru
    its all good Piru Month ago

    Have you ever tried entering the Forged in fire TV show you'd do great

  • Joseph LeBrun
    Joseph LeBrun Month ago


  • Me Yep
    Me Yep Month ago

    Beautiful work, but what kind of camera do you use?

  • Marco Avila
    Marco Avila Month ago

    Can u do thor ragnorak hammer

  • Marco Avila
    Marco Avila Month ago

    Alec u have way to much time on ur hands

  • thatone halofan117
    thatone halofan117 Month ago

    im the o.1 percent of people reminded of sigmars hammer :/

  • professional
    professional Month ago

    It is my dream to make stuff like this.

  • Michael Daniels
    Michael Daniels Month ago

    Im curious, how much material is lost from oxidation when you forge something?

  • mew time warps
    mew time warps Month ago

    is the angle grinder nine inch in diameter or radius

  • HellCrusher
    HellCrusher Month ago +1

    Dude you seem to be a son of fooking Hephaestus himself

  • Sam Danzer
    Sam Danzer Month ago

    Gave up on Game of Thrones a long time ago. Forging is much more interesting.

  • Lawless Gaming
    Lawless Gaming Month ago

    It looked like a metal butt plug, didn't it?

  • Philip Sandercock
    Philip Sandercock Month ago

    How do we send stuff to him I can't find an address

  • Mike Dockman
    Mike Dockman Month ago

    Why is the American flag smaller than the British flag?

  • sol chattaway
    sol chattaway Month ago

    Hes like a fun blacksmith

  • Tijmen Bassie
    Tijmen Bassie Month ago

    Are you ever gonna compete in fordged in fire

  • Luxurious llama
    Luxurious llama Month ago

    lol10:23 :) did anyone else see it too

  • RupertFoulmouth
    RupertFoulmouth Month ago

    Only wish you could go teach the writers the difference between casting and forging.

  • Paul Prior
    Paul Prior Month ago

    You got some serious kit man.

  • Dylan Murrell
    Dylan Murrell Month ago

    He should go on forged in fire

  • Brandon Fillpot
    Brandon Fillpot Month ago

    I live in China (no hbo)
    This came up in recommended videos.
    He said “last weeks episode”
    I nearly had a heart attack
    I checked the date
    Got super pissed that he made me believe season 8 had started.

  • Joshua Fisher
    Joshua Fisher Month ago

    By George! That hair! LOL awesome content though, enjoy all of it!

  • magnum 2394
    magnum 2394 Month ago

    THIS MANS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!

  • B Z
    B Z Month ago

    Real men, don't use power forge machines.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 12 days ago

      Well, considering that he has this, and he's making this to sell on a time limit he's going to use a power hammer, I'd like to see you try to make this by hand

  • Hunt Gaming/Productions

    tht hair jsut got u a new sub lol

  • Mathew
    Mathew Month ago

    you my good sir got your self just a new sub

  • Martin Komínek
    Martin Komínek Month ago

    I don´t know, how I ended up at this video, but I´m glad I did. You really are the master of forged steel.

  • skruss10
    skruss10 Month ago

    Gonna be power hammering some lady holes after they see this vid.

  • Alec_ Novac
    Alec_ Novac Month ago

    My names Alec as well

  • pun oof
    pun oof Month ago

    You look like one of the bullies from little rascals

  • Benedict Dela Cruz
    Benedict Dela Cruz Month ago

    that wouldn't hold, got to be METAL

  • Dan Witzke
    Dan Witzke Month ago

    Music around 5 minutes? Sounds like music from Hell on Wheels.

  • mr cubey97
    mr cubey97 Month ago

    I thought he had a dildo in his Hand XD

  • Abed Al-khatib
    Abed Al-khatib Month ago

    Im no blacksmith but the way u handeld that hot steel, u move way to fast with its accident waiting to happen, becarefull bro anything with fire please respect it.

  • Palms of Science
    Palms of Science Month ago

    I wish i could do this. Came here from mike boyds channel. New sub

  • adib chelly
    adib chelly Month ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Ewald roos
    Ewald roos Month ago

    That must have taken ages to make without modern day technology

    • Ewald roos
      Ewald roos 12 days ago

      +Wookie Productions Yea but I mean in game of thrones

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 12 days ago

      Warhammers like this didn't really exist

  • Mark Marashchuk
    Mark Marashchuk Month ago

    Would you consider making a viking war axe or battle axe for us fans to watch? Always a pleasure!

  • FromOnHigh
    FromOnHigh Month ago

    You need to put chains around those canisters. Not safe at all!

  • Paolo Gnazzo
    Paolo Gnazzo Month ago

    I was in a bad mood, then you made it good again with your great enthousiasm

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah Month ago

    Yeah ohhh yeah

  • Just a Mile a Day
    Just a Mile a Day Month ago

    you do a great job making these videos, great editing!!!