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  • Caden James
    Caden James 4 hours ago

    I love when people make real replica pieces from movies or tv shows truly amazing

  • cade
    cade 8 hours ago

    10:04 .25 apeed

  • cade
    cade 8 hours ago


  • cade
    cade 8 hours ago


  • cade
    cade 8 hours ago

    I turn my heater to max while waching

  • Gabriel Hamby
    Gabriel Hamby Day ago

    He has two flags, that is perfectly fine. But why is the American flag smaller?

  • Storme Brown
    Storme Brown 2 days ago

    Dude you're fucking amazing subscribed and clicked the bell

  • Paris Iorizzo
    Paris Iorizzo 5 days ago

    play roblox it is good

  • Paris Iorizzo
    Paris Iorizzo 5 days ago


  • Kvnashi
    Kvnashi 5 days ago

    Make the dragonslayer from berserk

  • FaSe 420
    FaSe 420 5 days ago

    1. Making a hammer with hammers
    2. How did they originally make the tolls to forge if they need to be forged

  • Matthew Roach
    Matthew Roach 5 days ago


  • Jack Bertenthal
    Jack Bertenthal 5 days ago

    love the cinimatic shots but i think that you should do one of the final product

  • robert branham
    robert branham 5 days ago

    Alec you my friend are exciting to watch I am going to start Blacksmithing I have been wanting to get started but have limited funds my friend gave me a anvil and I am a welder
    I will be making one of your forges I just wish I could afford a power hammer like one of yours
    Keep up the great videos
    And thank you JESUS CHRIST LOVES You.

  • Nicholas Helms
    Nicholas Helms 5 days ago

    Where did you get your tongs

  • Milo The Triple M
    Milo The Triple M 7 days ago

    Hi! im new to your channel! you have some absolutely beautiful pieces! do you operate your huge hammer thingys with a foot pedal? just wondering. ps I know nothing about blacksmithing.

  • krilp shwilpo
    krilp shwilpo 8 days ago

    Ayy it's the kid from meet the Robinsons

  • Lord Gimpsbury
    Lord Gimpsbury 8 days ago

    I subbed specifically for the beat drop hammer impact. Thats focus on quality. Thats what i like to see

  • Joshua Neihsial
    Joshua Neihsial 8 days ago

    You are a lott of fun bro

  • Luke Ludd
    Luke Ludd 9 days ago

    Why is this guy the coolest guy I know 😂

  • summitier
    summitier 9 days ago

    the forge scale makes the steel look like molten iron

  • Xavier Darling
    Xavier Darling 9 days ago

    No I am I never seen one

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison 10 days ago

    When he shouts he sounds like bear grylls

  • DT Skirmish
    DT Skirmish 10 days ago

    you are certainly an amazing blacksmith

  • Kamron Perez
    Kamron Perez 11 days ago

    This be my dream job man I hope I can do this when I'm older

  • Andrew Kapteyn
    Andrew Kapteyn 11 days ago

    You should go on forged and fire

  • Tomato Man
    Tomato Man 11 days ago

    How old is he?

  • Winters Tablet
    Winters Tablet 11 days ago

    From Wheel of Time books, make Parrin Aybara's bull horn axes or his war hammer. Please.

  • go home!
    go home! 11 days ago

    This is really cool

    *plus Your kinda cute* 😶

  • Jayhob Ackluhammad
    Jayhob Ackluhammad 12 days ago

    5:12 did that thing really just like push a whole through a solid block of steel. bruh.

  • Ultra_axe781
    Ultra_axe781 12 days ago

    Atleast 12

  • Mr lemon boi
    Mr lemon boi 13 days ago

    What the hell is the blur loser

    REVERSE PIXXEL 13 days ago

    I still wonder how much these thinks cost

  • The SuperScout
    The SuperScout 13 days ago

    This is Peter Parker off duty to make some upgrades

  • murun bat
    murun bat 13 days ago

    7:44 virginity GONE

  • Anne Frank
    Anne Frank 14 days ago +1


  • Connor Barr
    Connor Barr 14 days ago

    as a person who doesn't know anything about forging, can someone tell me what this flaky stuff is?

  • keanu deleon
    keanu deleon 14 days ago

    Why dise the hammer go a little and then when he stops talking it goes down

  • Dylin Marks
    Dylin Marks 14 days ago

    2:57 his face is so red

  • Stickfood
    Stickfood 14 days ago

    Guys check out ZNA Productions

  • ashton harris
    ashton harris 14 days ago

    What would happen if you need see 2different bits in the hydraulic press

  • Zenicle
    Zenicle 14 days ago

    Znaproductions brought me here

  • Tadashi 10
    Tadashi 10 15 days ago

    8:25 how that think works when you don't move it stops and when you love it moves

  • SCORPION Martial Artist

    Love ur videos

  • Theredmonkey YT
    Theredmonkey YT 15 days ago

    Pause at 10:18 to see te hammer

  • Chadwick Trickle
    Chadwick Trickle 15 days ago

    Im the same as Ethan date😂

  • the burner
    the burner 16 days ago

    Make rounding dies

  • Khiree Poole
    Khiree Poole 16 days ago

    U should make storm breaker from avengers infinity war

  • Riley Johnson
    Riley Johnson 16 days ago

    One of the most satisfying things ever is watching the flakes of metal fall off when being hit by the hammer

  • // DUNES \\
    // DUNES \\ 16 days ago

    Alec Steele the only truly honest and Awsome TheXvidd

  • Adler Vann
    Adler Vann 16 days ago

    The forging is incredible, but his music selection is AMAZING

  • Max Lovin
    Max Lovin 16 days ago

    How much do you make from welding and youtube

  • Suppie X
    Suppie X 16 days ago

    That is one fucking ugly hammer

  • Grace Warren
    Grace Warren 17 days ago

    sorry to say this but your private is sticking out and i am new to the channel so yeah and i really love and ill try to support you in any way

  • WJS51
    WJS51 17 days ago +2

    I would learn something in school if Alec would be my teacher

  • yellow snow
    yellow snow 18 days ago

    We know that you are just making a HUGE dildo

  • Bas van Brakel
    Bas van Brakel 18 days ago

    I love the edit. The video goes on the beat of the song in the background.

  • Jimboe Fisher
    Jimboe Fisher 19 days ago

    I absolutely love the music sync with the tools in all the vids

  • Everything guy 29
    Everything guy 29 19 days ago

    10:18 you can see end result

  • Colty Pranks
    Colty Pranks 19 days ago

    Ps I subbed and rang the bell!

  • Colty Pranks
    Colty Pranks 19 days ago

    I wish I could be like him👍🏼

  • conservat1vepatr1ot
    conservat1vepatr1ot 20 days ago

    Imagine how mindtroudly muscular this dude would be if not for all that dope tech. Not to say hes wal by any measure.

  • Paul Cox
    Paul Cox 20 days ago

    You made me blind

  • The 3D Printing Corner

    Love your videos, I would love to see you do something big like this by hand the way it would have been done 1000 years ago. I realize it works take a lot of time, but it would be a cool omage to the artisans of old.

  • Stephen Petersen
    Stephen Petersen 20 days ago

    How old is this guy, I feel like slacker when I see people like this have such a defined skill set by that age.

  • Ilixer TV
    Ilixer TV 21 day ago

    Be careful who you call "nerd" in highschool, they can make a war hammer and kill you the next day...

  • Cerceis
    Cerceis 21 day ago

    Game of thrones makes me feel like i am watching porn, and when i am watching porn, i always skip to the climax

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 22 days ago

    Can you make the staff of one

  • kungfooJOE
    kungfooJOE 22 days ago

    name of song at 5:16?

  • Joel Hogarth
    Joel Hogarth 23 days ago

    I hate him he is weird

  • Arceus 101
    Arceus 101 24 days ago

    You HAVE to do stormbreaker axe from avengers infinity war

  • Michael Ball
    Michael Ball 24 days ago

    This is so satisfying to watch while you’re high😎

  • evett jordan
    evett jordan 25 days ago

    10:18 play at 0.25 speed

  • Jack Heath
    Jack Heath 27 days ago

    7:44 my childhood

  • Chris Bath
    Chris Bath 27 days ago

    If Micheal Macintyre ever needed a voice over you'd have it covered!😂 Your skills are no joke, keep up the great work👌

  • SportsSpeak73
    SportsSpeak73 27 days ago

    Great build, but I would hate to have to fight with that thing. No way is balanced enough to battle with. Much like Gendry's in the show

  • Dallas Granger
    Dallas Granger 28 days ago

    First time watching and I loved it so much thankyou for the time and effort

  • David’s Weird
    David’s Weird 28 days ago


  • TheExtremeTeam
    TheExtremeTeam 28 days ago

    Name of song at 8:37 :)

  • B Boy
    B Boy 29 days ago

    Yes game I f through next but I wish most the Stark's weren't killed

  • Christian H
    Christian H Month ago +8

    Imagine the strength it would take to wield that for an entire battle

  • XYZ123
    XYZ123 Month ago

    What is that song at 8:30

  • E-Boy McGee
    E-Boy McGee Month ago

    Gets close to hot metal
    Gets burnt
    Does it again
    Gets burnt and drops it.
    I love this channel.

  • Fortnite PvE
    Fortnite PvE Month ago

    4:03 the machine sounds like him breathing heavily

  • Luna Da Cat
    Luna Da Cat Month ago

    You have to be in that new weapon show

  • S3 1775
    S3 1775 Month ago

    you are an insanely good youtuber man I watched this having never seen you or your stats before and when you inserted the plug and multiple social medias I was like this guys definitely 1m+. Sure enough, 1.4m today and this was a year ago. Outstanding A+ stuff this is what a successfull youtube channel looks & feels like.

  • Musclestache Powerlifting

    Super impressive for suck a young man. Well done.

  • Mickalin JezerX
    Mickalin JezerX Month ago

    I wanna become a blacksmith no to teach here.

  • Biker Bro
    Biker Bro Month ago

    HEY ALEC!i love your vids when i grow up i want to be a blacksmith like you

  • Tucker Deal
    Tucker Deal Month ago

    Me too bud me too

  • Tucker Deal
    Tucker Deal Month ago

    What do you do when it is heating up

  • Alfredo Garcia
    Alfredo Garcia Month ago

    You can kinda see the Hamer at 10:18

  • Shobna Govan
    Shobna Govan Month ago

    2:03 that swing was the sexiest thing ever

  • Antoine Cassang
    Antoine Cassang Month ago

    This man is good in everything, even is editing is insane

  • Anime Con
    Anime Con Month ago

    Good video i give u probes honestly that was a nice job

  • Levi Nagy
    Levi Nagy Month ago

    You're so goddamn flamboyant and I love it

  • Jerry The Mouse
    Jerry The Mouse 2 months ago

    You would win Forged in Fire

  • NyanCat Playz
    NyanCat Playz 2 months ago +1

    I’ve got no idea what he’s doing but it’s great anyway

  • Romas Toddy
    Romas Toddy 2 months ago

    Never seen game of thrones either

  • Nicola Jade
    Nicola Jade 2 months ago

    I’ve been looking for a game of thrones forge for years and I have finally found you YA BEAUTY