• Published on Jul 13, 2019
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  • Amber Diamond
    Amber Diamond 4 hours ago

    You should play mafia: it’s a game watch some videos on yt to see how it works

  • Frankie Littler
    Frankie Littler 9 hours ago

    JAJA seeks

  • Hunter Paige
    Hunter Paige 22 hours ago

    Ksi seeks

  • T Robbo
    T Robbo Day ago

    JJ ain't seeking

  • NathiienElisa
    NathiienElisa Day ago

    Was Ethan drunk or what? xD

  • Megan Macey
    Megan Macey Day ago

    I love charlton ❤️

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan Day ago +2

    Ay You Lot Need To Make A New Hide And Seek Innit💯

  • Explosions 21K
    Explosions 21K Day ago +1

    Simon’s a pedo, he pays on little girls while they’re on the toilet

    That’s a joke sry please no hate

  • Ace
    Ace 2 days ago

    So, technically vik and harry won.

  • Kili Photos
    Kili Photos 2 days ago

    JJ is lazy

  • Kili Photos
    Kili Photos 2 days ago

    MJ seek because you’re lazy

  • alisha
    alisha 3 days ago

    i need more ethan and tobi content😭

  • LaBelle424242
    LaBelle424242 3 days ago

    Just when I think Josh is cool for knowing about *42* he shows he's a dumbass on global warming. 🌎🕊🐱‍🏍🤺

  • ghostly22 Rozario
    ghostly22 Rozario 5 days ago

    ksi seeking

  • Harley Tonkin
    Harley Tonkin 6 days ago

    JJ no seek

  • Harley Tonkin
    Harley Tonkin 6 days ago

    Hi no seek

  • Th3 D1rt Frog
    Th3 D1rt Frog 6 days ago

    10:29 #ugliestangle

  • Reo Tomlinson
    Reo Tomlinson 6 days ago

    I think JJ should seek everyone because he puts no effort into it

  • Ben Marshall
    Ben Marshall 8 days ago

    6:57 good old zerka. NL is white

  • Cian Hurley
    Cian Hurley 8 days ago

    do more hide and seek videos in stadiums

  • AA plus Batteries
    AA plus Batteries 8 days ago

    Mini(Ladd)minter is seeker all time

  • Confuzzled doggo
    Confuzzled doggo 8 days ago +2



  • Shauna Yates
    Shauna Yates 8 days ago +10

    I would honestly listen to a josh and Jj podcast😂

  • Sahil Malik
    Sahil Malik 9 days ago

    Be quite josh arsnel good

  • Jek225 YT
    Jek225 YT 9 days ago

    Anyone else get the 42 refrences

  • Hen xo
    Hen xo 9 days ago +1

    I literally dropped my phone when Harry said to Vik shall we shag 😂😂😂

  • Shailyn Wall
    Shailyn Wall 10 days ago

    Simons dinosaur noises tho😂😂

  • Jamila Nazir
    Jamila Nazir 10 days ago


  • izzy king
    izzy king 11 days ago

    please go to a "haunted house" for a hide and seeeekkkk

  • izzy king
    izzy king 11 days ago

    JJ seeks

  • Sharpish Z
    Sharpish Z 11 days ago +1

    simon : DIET
    jj : *scared*
    simon: i shouted diet and you got scared

  • Alana Trotter
    Alana Trotter 11 days ago

    Wowww Ethan and Tobi were proper snaking Vik and Harry out like they were pointing out where they were wtf... u can’t do that in hide and seek u can’t help the person out🤣

  • Jamie Farndon
    Jamie Farndon 11 days ago

    JJ doesn’t put effort into hiding

  • Oscar Miltz
    Oscar Miltz 11 days ago +4

    Imagine being stuck for an hour with harry and his fart

  • Jakesawgamer64
    Jakesawgamer64 11 days ago


  • Jakesawgamer64
    Jakesawgamer64 11 days ago


  • Lking 22341
    Lking 22341 12 days ago

    Vik and harry totally won

  • UrbanPrinc3ss
    UrbanPrinc3ss 12 days ago +1

    JJ seaks

  • Luke Felton
    Luke Felton 12 days ago +1


  • cody king
    cody king 12 days ago

    17:12 what the fuck is on JJs feet they are descustang

  • Daniel Regan
    Daniel Regan 13 days ago +1

    11:16 why Lil Nas X is *gay*

  • Duxinf
    Duxinf 13 days ago

    I hate the fact the cheated

  • What ?
    What ? 13 days ago

    10:22 That's what she said

  • Cowee Powell
    Cowee Powell 14 days ago +1

    As Soon as Josh said Arsenal are Crap I Almost Cried XD 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • ESTIsLaced
    ESTIsLaced 15 days ago +1

    Did Josh say global warming is not real? I can't tell wether or not he is joking about that or being serious. 😳

    • Kamaz A
      Kamaz A 6 days ago

      ESTIsLaced it ain’t real

  • K.F.C U.T.D
    K.F.C U.T.D 15 days ago

    KSI Seeking and also F*** You Harry your packs are fake You twat

  • Callum Cole
    Callum Cole 16 days ago

    The number of subs the channel has as of now as I am watching this video is 1,996,696 lol

  • FaZe_nice_
    FaZe_nice_ 16 days ago

    I think Harry and vik should have won

  • behram khan
    behram khan 16 days ago


  • v Lumin_
    v Lumin_ 16 days ago +3

    Kk talking about the meaning of life and what would happen if the internet turns off. Jokes🤣🤣

  • iiSpy
    iiSpy 16 days ago

    13:37 that face

  • Viviacon
    Viviacon 17 days ago


  • Maze M
    Maze M 18 days ago

    When he started making dinosaur noises I was deaddddd 😂😂😂

  • Lil mulg
    Lil mulg 19 days ago +5

    15:00 Harry:ur mams a H-
    Josh: wat

  • Boomy bax
    Boomy bax 19 days ago

    At 14:54 I’m dead when he says ur moms a whore

  • Leah
    Leah 19 days ago

    Jj seeks

  • Vickstarr 123 curry
    Vickstarr 123 curry 19 days ago


  • _ ticketedcoma133
    _ ticketedcoma133 19 days ago

    Karen: oh my god i sooo cant believe you just said that, global warming is a serious issue

  • MarvelAvengers
    MarvelAvengers 20 days ago +43

    Simon: imma start making dinosaur noises if you're not careful.
    2 seconds later
    *high pitch screech noises*

  • Football_life1110
    Football_life1110 21 day ago +1

    Harry, Your so funny :)

  • willowbee
    willowbee 21 day ago

    Jj seeks 👍

  • YT_ Im_A_God
    YT_ Im_A_God 21 day ago

    JJ seeks

  • MM02
    MM02 21 day ago

    12:32 I laughed at this shit for so long

  • liz e
    liz e 21 day ago

    Yep jj must seek

  • Jdyknightsy 300
    Jdyknightsy 300 21 day ago +2

    Jj man put some more effort in, you alone could make the channel even better.

  • Vortex
    Vortex 21 day ago +2

    Play more H&S sidemen edition but play with Talia and Josh's girlfriend

  • Shahida [X]
    Shahida [X] 22 days ago

    This was great 😂😂 lmao JJ should always seek I agree!

  • JSN Productions
    JSN Productions 22 days ago

    Wtf, how is it even possible to believe global warmings a scam

  • Lily Does stuff 127
    Lily Does stuff 127 22 days ago

    JJ seeks

  • AbimTheMax
    AbimTheMax 23 days ago

    7:05 it's nigahiga's parkourse music!

  • Milla Smolarczyk
    Milla Smolarczyk 23 days ago

    13:39 thank me later 😂

  • Rodrigo Cabrera
    Rodrigo Cabrera 23 days ago +1

    Fuck you Simon go fuck yourself you were my favorite fifa player but now it's harry he was supposed to win fuck you

  • GhOsT Phantom
    GhOsT Phantom 23 days ago

    hay sidmen just saying this was published on my birthday i have been watchng for a decently long time i want to give back for my birthday so good luck keep u the good work luv the vids (esspecially football)

  • Riley Anderson
    Riley Anderson 24 days ago

    JJ counts next

  • Sebastian Berg
    Sebastian Berg 24 days ago

    Josh with the 42
    If you know, you know