Gordon Furious at Hotel's Moldy Fridge | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Apr 23, 2017
  • Whilst the owners have a party in the bar, Gordon finds something disgusting...
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  • John Skudris
    John Skudris 2 days ago

    Table of Karens: "Can we get something else?"

    Doesn't even say please. Gosh I HATE people like that.

  • American Dad
    American Dad 2 days ago

    Damn gentlemen, don’t y’all ever do an “owner/corporate” walkthrough inspection ?
    You boys had better check your smoke detectors, fire exits , liability insurance and the rest of the things that could take you down. Not just the freezer !
    Lucky no one has been poisoned 🤢
    MAGA 🇺🇸

    CHRIST IN ME 3 days ago

    In most kitchen nightmare episodes, Whenever Gordon checks the fridge,
    *it's always raw pork next to cooked chicken*
    Me: *what's the secret¿*

  • Average Meme
    Average Meme 3 days ago

    Mold 🤮

  • Derick K
    Derick K 4 days ago

    I fucking look up to you Gordon !!

  • Anne Bell
    Anne Bell 4 days ago

    OMG did these guys need that. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. Hahahahahaha. Love it 🌹💟🌹

  • Travis McCutchan
    Travis McCutchan 5 days ago +4

    Owner: *walks in on Gordon in the fridge* “um, Gordon, what are you doing?”
    Gordon: *spits out mold* “nothing.”

  • Disappointed Steve
    Disappointed Steve 5 days ago

    What a DISASTER!!! 🤣

  • White Rook
    White Rook 5 days ago

    After all the bad food Gordon has eaten he should live a thousand years from a built up immunity to everything including death.

  • ISAYWHATIWANTjackson jackson


  • Mc001Rem002
    Mc001Rem002 6 days ago

    2006 food chilling in walk in lmao

  • Hrushikesh Hasabnis
    Hrushikesh Hasabnis 6 days ago

    2 times/week... hmm, was that before the calendar was invented?

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod 6 days ago

    My mother in-law put raw chicken in a ziplock bag ontop of a potpie I had in the firdge. Possed me the fuck off and had to throw it out.

  • RouninPanda
    RouninPanda 8 days ago +1

    Are women capable of having a fun night out without screaming "woo!" at the top of their lungs every 5 seconds?

  • Yolarooz
    Yolarooz 8 days ago

    When he flicked the fucking tortillas I instinctively coughed along with him and my nose tickled just from looking at it. _DISGUSTANG_

  • Gothic Grandma
    Gothic Grandma 10 days ago +1

    Brian Goss. More like Brian GROSS!

  • TwistedClown912
    TwistedClown912 10 days ago

    Brian Goss

    More like Brian *GROSS*

  • caka endrit
    caka endrit 10 days ago

    Just payinf attention to what this guy says and does can train you to be a hotel/restaurant manager

  • Ilaha Alman
    Ilaha Alman 12 days ago

    This is barba :👱🏼‍♀️👚👖🧦🥿👝💍👓

  • Adrian _._
    Adrian _._ 12 days ago

    Dumb: *oh wow... OH wOW*
    Dumber: *fuckin moldy tortillas..*

  • Adrian _._
    Adrian _._ 12 days ago

    Word of Advice: if Gordon Ramsay eats food somewhere near you...
    *its shit and you should run*
    but instead
    everyone who goes to the restaurant @ the owner: *im about to ruin this mans whole career*

  • Madelyn Choumboua
    Madelyn Choumboua 12 days ago +1

    Bro the bartender needs to take off his spray tan lol 😂

  • Wolfy Longear
    Wolfy Longear 12 days ago

    He just snorted mold

  • Isabel Murphy
    Isabel Murphy 13 days ago

    2:20 fOkiNG diSguSTaNg🤣

  • CJ Ross
    CJ Ross 13 days ago

    Least ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️bad words more views

  • WatersideGnome7
    WatersideGnome7 13 days ago

    0:24 fuckin btec guy fierri

  • Daniel Stocker
    Daniel Stocker 14 days ago

    Gordon helping people check in, I'd feel honored if the Lamb sauce man himself helped me get a room in an hotel.. even if it's a hell hole like that one 😅

  • michelle salcedo
    michelle salcedo 14 days ago

    KeViN Is GetTtInG bUsY in the bar - kisses girl

    NICOLE LEWIS 18 days ago

    2006 or 2007?🙃

  • Meg Shallow
    Meg Shallow 18 days ago +1

    half the people are being too much of a critici and it’s just because that there are cameras or gordan ramsey’s there but ramsey’s opinions are ok but like some people are just faking it

  • Sam Vail
    Sam Vail 18 days ago

    I love these clips where Gordon goes into the freezers. He just looks around and is like:
    "Jesus Christ"
    "What the fuck is that?"
    "Holy shit"
    "Raw meat next to cooked meat"

  • Jacrispie Jackson
    Jacrispie Jackson 19 days ago


  • Dylan Antonacci
    Dylan Antonacci 19 days ago

    Love it when folks all of a sudden “know” something should be done when guilty lol

  • dls22000
    dls22000 21 day ago

    Almost did a LINE of mold

  • Netta2
    Netta2 21 day ago

    And they were feeding people that garbage, that no one would know about had it not been for this exposure. Wow.

  • Netta2
    Netta2 21 day ago +5

    “I’ve only stayed at hotels a total of 20 times in my whole life.”
    ...”And you are the hotel owner?!” 🥴

  • Fizzy Tablet
    Fizzy Tablet 21 day ago

    If the food is so disgusting why did he touch the moldy tortilla and snort it???? Gordon we need answers

  • Hartlei Stansbury
    Hartlei Stansbury 21 day ago

    "True story"💀

  • holdmebackbrah
    holdmebackbrah 21 day ago

    WHY WOULD YOU FLICK DRY MOLD? God he just inhaled so many spores

  • Eabha O Shea
    Eabha O Shea 21 day ago +1

    Sadly I’m eating right boe

  • El Gonquin
    El Gonquin 21 day ago

    These 3 guys are absolutely shocking. Its a miracle these 3 had money in the fucking first place.
    Like are there ANY regulations in America? DisFuckinGrace.

  • Tristyn Waldeinsamkeit
    Tristyn Waldeinsamkeit 22 days ago +1

    The veins in Gordon’s neck. 😂

  • XGamingNerdX
    XGamingNerdX 22 days ago

    4:30 my fav part! FUCK OFF! 😂😂

  • ElizaUK Samad
    ElizaUK Samad 24 days ago

    Disgusting food store facilities

  • b slim
    b slim 24 days ago +1

    If Gordon was yelling at me, I'd start laughing.

  • Mike Jakob
    Mike Jakob 25 days ago

    asthma gang rise up

  • N. J.
    N. J. 25 days ago +1

    Gordon secretly LOVES touching moldy food

  • Scarlett Louise
    Scarlett Louise 25 days ago +1

    "true story"
    "FUCK OFF"

  • TheSoulGlitch
    TheSoulGlitch 26 days ago

    The Chad is strong with this one.

  • cunty bollox
    cunty bollox 26 days ago

    Whats ya story.....fackoff!!

  • Yung Dimebag
    Yung Dimebag 28 days ago

    This nigga sniffed it 😷😷😷😷😂😂😂😂😂

  • divine
    divine Month ago +1

    Brian is such a fucking kiss ass. Like its cringey everytime he opens his fuckin pathetic mouth.

    "tRuE sToRy"

  • Leonardo Cucchiara
    Leonardo Cucchiara Month ago +1

    "Ugh thats disgusting! Look at the mold! I need to touch it and snip it around!"

  • jess lol
    jess lol Month ago +1

    4:00 his neck veins are literally popping out. he’s mad mad

  • Indira-Chan IC
    Indira-Chan IC Month ago

    Jeez. The tortillas was so moldy that it was also dust

    MONEYWAY TV Month ago

    How does he just Touch disgusting stuff with his head I would love him to be around with my kitchen drain is clogged

  • Stuart Edmondson
    Stuart Edmondson Month ago

    True story...

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    He touches literally anything lol

  • yelper 185 g
    yelper 185 g Month ago

    Did gordon have his face wrinkles face surgery done before this or after.

  • Chris Saindon
    Chris Saindon Month ago

    Gordon is in town, let's go get poisoned on the first night!