Unclaimed Lands You Can Actually Rule

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • There are unclaimed lands out there just waiting to be claimed by someone with a dream and ambition. Here are 10 unclaimed lands you could actually rule.
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Comments • 3 782

  • Herman Paraiso
    Herman Paraiso 9 hours ago

    Earth belong to god

  • Davis
    Davis Day ago +2

    Eastern checkoslovakia?... It's the Czech Republic

  • Mato Sevaljevic
    Mato Sevaljevic 2 days ago

    I will make my own little country of one square decimeter!

  • RN2007 YT
    RN2007 YT 2 days ago

    No offence to any Americans but why does everything have to do with America can’t you make a video without America in it you should do one of the uk eg the County/state’s or what’s most common there or anything else really.

  • RN2007 YT
    RN2007 YT 2 days ago +1

    I’m going for the one off the coast of Suffolk cause well I live in Suffolk on the border literally

  • Shadow Threat
    Shadow Threat 4 days ago

    What about claiming the whole planet?

  • GamePlayerDude ThE1
    GamePlayerDude ThE1 5 days ago +1

    I actually own the sun

  • Julie from the Jungles of Oomba Boomba

    Ailsa Crag, how beautiful!

  • The red diamond
    The red diamond 5 days ago

    I want to live in Marie Byrd land

  • The red diamond
    The red diamond 5 days ago +1

    When I get older I'm going to claim it's because I'm already working 8 years old Thunderbirds Are Missing I'm using the voice chat which also messes words up sometimes I'm the right what I am actually said when I get older I look for land I only 8 years old I'm making my own language

  • Pratik Sharma
    Pratik Sharma 5 days ago

    4:08 Art of narration 😂

  • machiato031
    machiato031 5 days ago +3

    Czechoslovakia in 2019. Fantastic hehehehehe Please before making video I don't know open wikipedia at least.

  • Ranko Vašek
    Ranko Vašek 5 days ago +3

    50% of all comments: "Czechoslovakia does not exist, it is Czech Republic and Slovakia!!"
    I am amazed that anyone today thinks that Czechoslovakia still exists...

  • Tomas Kerekes
    Tomas Kerekes 6 days ago

    Are you really that stupid? 3:40 You have it right there - CZECH REPUBLIC!!!!! NOT CZECHOSLOVAKIA!!!!!

  • Mikabaer40
    Mikabaer40 6 days ago

    I actually claimed the universe so I’m clearly universal

  • iiiGlamGames
    iiiGlamGames 6 days ago +2

    Omg!! Epic life hack! It worked!!
    (This is a joke)

  • DangerBronze
    DangerBronze 6 days ago +1

    i am present of my home
    like if u are

  • wtf kolektiv
    wtf kolektiv 7 days ago

    Little note to your number 9 and 7. ... Czechoslovakia does not exist for 26 years my USA friend.

  • The Console Fixer
    The Console Fixer 7 days ago

    Let me help the American narrator, it’s pronounced “Suffook “

  • Joshua Ounesy
    Joshua Ounesy 7 days ago

    North sentinnel island one death by gun they fear me as a god

  • NLife
    NLife 7 days ago +8

    Czech Republic not even more Czechoslovakia!!!!!

  • Diana21692
    Diana21692 7 days ago

    Some russian will claim marie byrd land

  • Mia Urban
    Mia Urban 7 days ago

    How do you claim a land I'm only 11 but ill think I'll try to own a land

  • Tmaee
    Tmaee 7 days ago

    The past is the past.

  • daniel paul zucchi
    daniel paul zucchi 8 days ago

    No you cant

  • Simon Peter
    Simon Peter 8 days ago

    Croatia hella butthurt

  • Zack Amilee
    Zack Amilee 8 days ago

    Actually there’s you missed North/ south Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, and Montana, where you can’t find intelligent life for miles!

  • skull beck
    skull beck 8 days ago

    That puts a brake on elon's plan with Mars

  • John Thick
    John Thick 8 days ago

    north sentinel island: *exists*
    My brain:get an armored boat and wipe out a species,I mean how often do you get to make a species go extinct

    • Hargrove 001
      Hargrove 001 5 days ago

      John Thick my brain: this whiteguy wants to colonize an untouched tribe. Death to the mumakhle

  • Lord Nick 119
    Lord Nick 119 8 days ago

    I want a own country, i need to become a very very very rich man

  • xXfeed masterXx
    xXfeed masterXx 8 days ago

    0:05 that's not Cleopatra that's the start of the X men movie from 2016

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 9 days ago

    ***CLICKBAIT BULLSHIT*** So, basically you are saying is there is no unclaimed land left on our planet? Jesus, there’s 10 minutes I’ll never get back. ***CLICKBAIT BULLSHIT***

  • Luuk Leunissen
    Luuk Leunissen 9 days ago

    Stop calling Czechia Czechoslovakia that state doesn't exist anymore

  • Mr. Bonkers
    Mr. Bonkers 9 days ago +2

    Or you can do it the Dutch way:
    William VI of Orange-Nassau, 1815: "I am king now"
    Netherlands: "K. Guess you are."
    Arjen Lubach, 2015: "Then I am now pharaoh"
    Crowd: "K"

  • Jeff Killer
    Jeff Killer 9 days ago

    I lay claim to the milky way aside our solar system now who wants some space

  • シロ
    シロ 9 days ago

    Liberland doesnt exist

  • Saphogames Saph
    Saphogames Saph 10 days ago

    You can't claim Antarctica, the reason there is an unclaimed part because of political planning, and either way the Antarctica treaty ban anyone on claiming Antarctica land so a bit of research doesn't hurt

  • MOHtube everyday
    MOHtube everyday 10 days ago

    I am claiming the seas so .. now l am the Queen of the seas

  • Les Rosin
    Les Rosin 10 days ago

    I HEREBY DO CLAIM BY MY OWN ROYAL AMBITIONS AND HEREBY MY OWN ROYAL DREAMS: uuuhhhhhh,,,, how bout,,,, let`s see. Nothing World. Meaning everywhere where there is nothing. I NOW RULE NOTHING. As such, YOU owe me EVERYTHING! By My Royal Decree. Send everything to Nothing. I command this. MOVE IT! I now command some barbecue ribs,,, hurry up! Wash your hands!

  • Michael Golden
    Michael Golden 10 days ago

    I will probably just settle for a civil war in a random nation and opt to promote capitalism

  • young drunk
    young drunk 10 days ago

    South Sentinel island

  • 0 subscribers and no vids keep it like that

    Well people already watched it before me so I guess am not claiming SHIIIIII

  • Ludwig van Beethoven
    Ludwig van Beethoven 11 days ago

    who wanna start an empire with me? COME


    Its not checkov Slovakia anymore it is slovakia since the late 1900's,and you used the wrong flag of Slovakia it's 🇸🇰I know this Becuase my mom is from Slovakia and I have been there more than 20 times.

  • gaming with wolf legjeond

    If all the ice in Antarctica melted I would choose Antarctica and why because Antarctica is amazing and huge

  • Diego Meneses
    Diego Meneses 11 days ago +1

    I claim IC 1101 galaxy. I now have the largest piece of claimed land. Any objections?

  • Dalton King
    Dalton King 12 days ago

    Other World Kingdom...please tell me more....

  • Félix De Portu
    Félix De Portu 12 days ago

    Stop shaking the damn image.

  • ThisIsAveryLongName
    ThisIsAveryLongName 12 days ago

    I will go and claim the first one, climate change gonna make that place tropical

  • The Red Devil
    The Red Devil 12 days ago +1

    I claim my room as a sovreign nation

  • yoshy 262
    yoshy 262 13 days ago

    I want to claim mount Venus. The coolest climb ever.

  • WesleyAPEX
    WesleyAPEX 13 days ago +2

    @1:51 burdens of taxes
    “Shows Bernie Sanders”..... really? That guy wants a 80% flat tax rate..... he’s the opposite of a freedom loving small government leader.

  • Ants-In-My-Eyes Johnson

    disliking for the insufferable camera shaking

  • BluePanther3000
    BluePanther3000 14 days ago

    Who really wants all that responsibility?
    I will just stay king of My Arse. Thanks.

  • Xromata Diakonikolaou
    Xromata Diakonikolaou 15 days ago

    the moon because I want to see the earth

  • Kris Chillinsky
    Kris Chillinsky 15 days ago

    Axzidland for sure

  • OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

    Screw you Vit Jedlicka you suck ! You're a selfish greedy jerk !

  • Onddu22
    Onddu22 15 days ago

    I'll probably go and claim betelgeuse tomorrow.

  • Daesarul Plays
    Daesarul Plays 15 days ago +1

    Elon Musk is gonna claim Mars. What a genius!

  • Lone Gamer89
    Lone Gamer89 16 days ago

    Who knows Alisa Craig isle I don't mind owning it I will be known as Lord of Isle of Alisa Craig 😁

  • snow
    snow 16 days ago

    Im too lazy...

  • Osawedge
    Osawedge 16 days ago

    The one in Antarctica. Why. Paguns. Goff ads big birds. Good chance of being better conversation than many humans.

  • piotr kolczyk
    piotr kolczyk 16 days ago

    Eastern Czechoslovakia? Where is that? Where is this country named Czechoslovakia?

  • Defeated Shadows
    Defeated Shadows 17 days ago

    I could inhabit the side of the south sentilenese island not facing the crazy spear chucking people who are angry about not getting a wifi signal

  • Cooker U
    Cooker U 17 days ago

    *great Britain has entered the chat*

  • screm like flem
    screm like flem 17 days ago

    The US could invade most places except some nuclear countries

  • Robertas Klemanskis
    Robertas Klemanskis 17 days ago

    King of the friend zone

  • Amdidry Ibrahim
    Amdidry Ibrahim 18 days ago +2

    i should by an isolated place and become king of somewhere

  • SuchtiXD24 Yolo
    SuchtiXD24 Yolo 18 days ago

    That shaking makes me sick

  • Mo'men Younis
    Mo'men Younis 18 days ago

    I love how Israel, an illegal state, arrested that guy for attempting to create his own imaginary country too. Ironic!

    • Jamie joe
      Jamie joe 17 days ago

      Mo'men Younis Israel is not illegel. Lol. Are you muslim palestine or something?

  • Mc Foxiii
    Mc Foxiii 18 days ago

    Greenland? Greenland is Owned by nNorway...

  • Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics

    Half of these are just properties... I'll just say the house for sale next to me is unclaimed.

    I ATE A RABBIT 19 days ago

    What about the sun? :)

  • leonkennedy74
    leonkennedy74 21 day ago

    Whatever the fuck this video effect is that makes it shake is nauseating as shit.

  • Gary Honey
    Gary Honey 21 day ago +1

    Dennis Hope, a screwball in my opinion. There is a reason he was ignored. Lol

  • Bloodshark202
    Bloodshark202 23 days ago

    South sentinel island. I could easily fortify the northern coastline and attempt peace with the Sentinnalese

  • Blak Pather
    Blak Pather 23 days ago

    Y teh fak is teh muun 4 sal

  • multibot ʇoqıʇlnɯ
    multibot ʇoqıʇlnɯ 23 days ago +1

    _when ur playing on a minecraft server and you find a spot to make your land claim_

  • Diamond mapping And Others ATTUP

    Im going to claim mars

  • LDG 508
    LDG 508 24 days ago

    I would go to sentinel Island in a helicopter with a flamethrower strapped to my back, they would think I was a god. To top it off I would go the day of a solar eclipse and tell them I was going to make the sun disappear and fool them like Christopher Columbus did to the natives of Dominican Republic

  • Robert R
    Robert R 24 days ago

    I claim this motion sickness in the name of terrible video editing.

  • Kishore Gurudasani
    Kishore Gurudasani 24 days ago

    I live in India

  • j4 c9
    j4 c9 24 days ago

    Just get into the musical businesse and then buy a unclaimed land

  • Soviet Animates
    Soviet Animates 25 days ago

    I'm taking a plane to England then.

  • Fox Ity
    Fox Ity 25 days ago

    I live in the South Pole dude it’s chilly 🥶

  • Crveni Limun
    Crveni Limun 25 days ago

    i was in liweuland

  • Zombie aerospace
    Zombie aerospace 25 days ago +5

    The guy who claimed Liberland is Czech, not Czechoslovakian!

  • MysticNoivern
    MysticNoivern 26 days ago

    I claim the cactus 🌵

  • DaGrimBoi Gamer
    DaGrimBoi Gamer 26 days ago

    Naaaa, how about i rule

    *T H E M I L K Y W A Y G A L A X Y ?*

  • Uusimaa Mapper without vids

    Finnish airports

  • Changbin's Flow
    Changbin's Flow 26 days ago +1

    Mars is unclaimed. Just saiyan

  • me and my brother
    me and my brother 26 days ago

    Let's crowdfund a country based on purely on science-based, anti-trust and anti-corruption laws where the president has no actual power except power within loophole proof laws that limit the entire leadership's decisions and severely punishing going against the country's interest and legally allowing citizens to lynch politicians that can't be arrested.

  • chaosqueen01
    chaosqueen01 26 days ago +1

    I'll claim Ailsa Craig. No inhabitants but thousands of birds sounds perfect to me.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 26 days ago +7

    *what #1 should be:*
    *a minecraft world*

  • Nobody Nothing
    Nobody Nothing 27 days ago +1

    Just to let you know... there is no "Czechoslovakia" anymore... and if it is, that "kingdom" in 3:40, certainly would not be in eastern part of it. Get your facts straight.

  • Phillip
    Phillip 27 days ago

    it litterary live in slovakia

  • awookieandagerman
    awookieandagerman 27 days ago

    I'd like to get the exact odds on being killed by North Sentinel Islanders if you decide to live on the South side of South Sentinel Island (where I presume they can't see you)

  • Home Sea360
    Home Sea360 27 days ago

    now that you showed that somone will claim them all

  • Leon Howarth
    Leon Howarth 27 days ago

    I claim the sun

  • larden Friund
    larden Friund 27 days ago

    I claim Marie Byrd land.